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					                             Lori P. Augustyniak’s                                            November/December 2009

                                Good News!
President, Author, Speaker
                             Insurance Insider
                                             FOR FRIENDS AND CLIENTS OF HORIZON INSURANCE

     Save Up To                                     CommunIty news
  37% MORE!                  Our very own Tiffany Chamberlain donates her hair to LOCkS OF LOve!
 By combining all of
  YOUR Insurance                                                         Tiffany Chamberlain, Accounting Assistant,
                                                                         decided to get a “little” haircut. Well, actually they
we offer the following                                                   cut 14 inches. It was for a good cause of course.
Insurance services                                                       Tiffany donated her hair to Locks of Love. This is a
                                                                         non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to
• Home Insurance
                                                                         financially disadvantaged children under the age of
• Auto Insurance                                                         21 suffering from various medical conditions.
• Motorcycle Insurance
                                                                         Nice job Tiffany! – What a way to give back to the
• Personal Umbrella                                                      community!
• Boat Insurance                 before                After
• Landlords Insurance                                                          AugustynIAk gIrLs wIn bIg At tHe
• Renters Insurance               “t-sHIrts for turkeys”                        CommunIty HAven JIngLe & Jog
• Condo Insurance
• Motor Home Insurance
• Flood Insurance
• Secondary Residence
• ATV Insurance
• Antique Vehicles
• Commercial Auto
• Business Insurance
• Health Insurance                 Horizon Insurance donated                Congratulations to Taylor (left), Lexii (middle) and Jordan
• Life Insurance                  25 turkeys this Thanksgiving at            (right) despite pouring rain and a muddy course the girls
                                                                           endured and completed their first 5k in record time to boot.
                               “T-Shirts for Turkeys” with JOY-FM             Taylor and Jordan finished first and second consecu-
                                   Morning Cruise in Sarasota.               tively for the 10-12 age group and Lexii finished fifth in
In this issue:                                                              the 13-15 age group. Great job to all and it was for a great
Community                                                                   cause, Community Haven, a place where they empower
News–                 1                                                       the lives of Children, Teens and Adults with Disabilities.
                                                   “We don’t wear costumes, but just want-
New Employee          2                            ed to say....We hope you all had a great      Horizon Group makes a donation
Spotlight                                          Trick or Treat Day!” – Trinket & velvet        to Lee’s National Denim Day –
                                                                                                      Breast Cancer Research
Starting the                                       D. kyler, a valued Horizon Insurance
                                                                                                 We’re mailing a check for $675 to
                                                   client owns these beautiful Maltese,
New Year              3                            Trinket & velvet. They missed out on
                                                                                                 help find a cure for breast cancer.
                                                                                                     Thanks to all of you who
Goldie’s Corner                                    our October issue so we wanted to
                                                                                                         made donations.
                                                   share this cute shot with you!
Special Event
                                 Lori P. Augustyniak CPA, CIC - Horizon Insurance
Jewelry Insurance     5       Phone: (941) 755-9500           Fax: (941) 753-9472 or
Referral Winners      6       Toll Free: (800) 424-3782       (866) 925-3650
                 Horizon Insurance employee spotlight
               We would like to spotlight our newest employees here at Horizon Insurance.

           Vicki DeWitt                                Nancy Schaum                              Karen L. Epperly
  I was born in Pensacola, Florida. I moved            I moved to Florida in 1968.         I was born and raised in Port Charlotte,
 to Bradenton with my family at the age of         I have two daughters, Ashley and          Fl, I am married with 2 children and
  nine. My husband Dave and I have been             Stacey and three grandchildren,        currently reside in Fort Ogden, Florida.
    married for sixteen years. We have two        Braydon, Brelle, and Emma. I have          I have been in the Insurance Industry
  beautiful children, Jordan 13 and Victoria     been in insurance since October 1995         since 1994, employed previously for
10. For the past 14 years I have had the priv-    with the Don McMillen Agency and           15 yrs with Purpose Insurance Group
 ilege of working for my father’s Non-Profit
                                                   now with Horizon Insurance. I like          (Brent A. Pinkerton Agency) which
 Organization, Loving Hands Ministries, Inc.
 Loving Hands is a residential rehabilitation         to read and watch movies in             was ground zero and home base for
  center for men with life controlling prob-              my spare time. To our             former agent Don McMillen’s Agency
lems, i.e. drugs, alcohol etc. They have been         clients from Don McMillen’s              for over 10 months after hurricane
   serving our local community for over 25             Agency - YES, I’m still here!            Charley in 2004. I look foward to
  years now. I started with Horizon in mid                                                     reconnecting with the clients from
October as the Director of First Impressions.                                                        Don McMillens’s office.

                              Avoiding Holiday travel stress
 The holidays can be stressful even in the best                     • Check your flights for delays and cancellations
 scenarios, but add some long distance travel in to                 before you leave for the airport.
 the mix and things can become overwhelming.                        • Remember to arrive at the airport early. Check
 Use some of these stress busters below to keep you                 with your local airport to see how early they suggest
 cheerful and in the holiday spirit.                                travelers should arrive.
 • Book in advance. Beat the rush and avoid the                     • There are new regulations regarding carry one
 headache of last minute bookings. There are many                   luggage so it’s a good idea to check before you pack.
 online travel services, but sometimes a travel agent
 can save you time and energy.                                      Holiday should be fun. Keep things in perspective
 • Get plenty of rest. Travel can be exhausting so get              and remind yourself why you are making the journey.
 a good night sleep before you leave.                               If you keep your
 • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is the number                 head so will the rest
 one cause of jet lag! Drink plenty of water before,                of your party.
 during and after your flight.
 • If you are traveling with youngsters it’s a good                 Stay calm, breath
 idea to bring along some small surprises for them.                 deep, and enjoy
 Word games, books, and drawing supplies are quiet                  yourself.
 and don’t take up much space.                                      For more
 • keep all of your travel documents together and                   helpful travel
 easy to access.                                                    information visit:

 2                               Phone: 941-755-9500 • Toll Free 800-424-3782
Didy know?
    ou                                                                                  A COUPLe USeFUL THINGS
                                                                                      YOU MIGHT WANT TO kNOW.

                  thoughts on which to start the new year!
DO NOT make resolutions on January 1!! (Chances                   • Losing a little bit of weight (and inches)
are, all your good intentions will evaporate by the               • Quiet time for yourself
middle of the month.) Instead, be realistic about your            • Breaking an unhealthy habit
goals and the things you would like to achieve during             • Reward yourself when you meet a goal!
the coming week, month, year.                                     • Start each day with a good positive thought – the sun
In addition to your house calendar, have one just for             is shining, you feel great, you are thankful for the day
your ‘personal schedule.’ And write things down!                  and what you have (family, friends, health, job).
                                                                  • Learn something new, or get better at something
• A walk several times during the week?                           you already know.
• Saving a little bit in a rainy day fund                         And SMILE often!!

                                                                             A not-so-trivial Pursuit
                     Goldie’s Corner                                        This month HORIZON INSURANCE
                                       By Goldie Augustyniak                is sponsoring a Trivia Contest and
                                                                             offering you a chance to win $5 Gift
    the Holidays Are Here Again!                                            Card. Test your knowledge! Just one
                                                                            correct (or nearly correct) answer and
                                     It’ll be 2010 before you know          you could be this month’s winner. The
                                     it. Quick update on my “green          entry that comes closest to the correct
                                     bean” diet; I am loving it!! I’ve      answer to the following question will
                                     lost 5 pounds and have a lot           be the winner. If more than one person
                                     more energy. I can hang with the       has the exact answer, the winner will
                                     young pups now and actually
                                                                            be the person whose entry reached our
                                                                            office first. Write down your name and
                                     finish the walks with my human
                                                                            answer, and then fax -941-753-9472 or
                                     Dad, Coda and Jackie.
                                                                            email - this page.
                                     I really enjoy all the Christmas       Good luck!
                                     lights and decorations-jury is still
                                     out on the life size singing Grinch.   This Month’s Question-
                                     My Mom says it was Dad’s idea!         What is the one food that does not spoil?
                                     Us dogs have been pretty good
about staying out of the wrapped presents. Well, I’ve been pretty           Your Name __________________________
good about staying out of the wrapped presents. As my human
                                                                            Your Answer_________________________
sisters were wrapping gifts and placing them under the tree, Jackie
had to sniff each one to make sure there was no food. All was good
until last night. Last night my human sister, Lexii, noticed that one       Last Month’s Winner:
of my dad’s presents was missing! We found the wrapping paper               Barbara Feeney
and chewed up gift card out on the lanai and the “present” out in
the yard. Fortunately, the gift was in a hard plastic case so it stayed     Last month’s question was: What is unique
intact. No solid proof but we think the culprit                             about the playing card King of Hearts?
was Coda. No one will know for sure!
                                                                            Answer: The king of Hearts is the only
Well, I hope everyone enjoys the holiday
see you again in 2010!
                                                  Goldie                    king without a moustache on a
                                                                            standard playing card.

             visit us on the web at • email:                                    3
                    wedding and special event Insurance
           e are heading into the busy holiday season with              Do you have coverage elsewhere – payments for services
           many special events – weddings, company events,              made with your credit cards, homeowner or renter policy.
           family gatherings. There is a lot of expense                 What coverage do your providers (professional event plan-
involved in presenting a first class happening. And                     ner, caterer, photographer, florist, etc) have that protects you.
then….. there is that possibility of something going wrong.             There is a variety of prices for riders depending on the
Inclement weather, illness, vendor failure, military duty,              amount of coverage you need. These are some actual
accident. Most of this can be covered with what is becoming             wedding situations you might need to consider:
known as “wedding insurance.” You can purchase insurance                Military Service – in case a bride or groom is suddenly called
riders for just about any possibility (but not cold feet).              to duty.
Special event insurance is designed to provide financial                Gowns and tuxedos – includes stores going out of business,
protection in case you have to postpone or cancel an event              damage to clothing being rented.
due to inclement weather or a natural disaster. Some of these           Gifts – if these are not covered by your homeowners or rent-
policies also provide coverage for cancellation due to death,           ers insurance, it will provide protection against damage to
illness or serious injury of key participants in the event. And,        gifts or theft.
in case the person officiating at a ceremony, the caterer, florist      Honeymoon – cancellation due to illness, adverse weather or
or photographer, does not show up, some of the costs may be             other circumstances.
recovered. If you are renting a facility for an event, in all likeli-   Professional counseling – cancellation or postponement
hood, they will have liability insurance to cover many of               causes severe emotional distress (must be doctor prescribed)
the negative possibilities. However, if you are hosting this            Cold feet/change of heart – sorry…. this is not covered.
event in your home, then by all means, call us so we can help           There are a number of Internet websites that have all this
you decide how much “wedding insurance” you might need.                 information and forms and costs and everything else (and
We can help you with the following:                                     more). But, you are already in event mode and don’t need to
How much extra coverage will you need – cost of the policy              be doing this yourself. Please call us and we can do this for
and amount of reimbursement                                             you. We also want your event to be special and perfect.
What, specifically, is and is not covered by the policy

                                                                                                Thanks to YOU, our goals are being met
                                                                                                        for our Local Charities!
                                                                                                  250           $
                                                                                                                 250           $
                                                                                                 219           $
                                                                                                                219           $
        Thanks to all our clients who graciously referred their                                Collected
                                                                                                Through        Through
        family, friends and associates to our agency. We build                                 November       November       November

       our agency on your positive comments. We couldn’t do
                          it without your help!

Bill Jones (2)                   Toni Minev                      Mike Grados                    Food Bank          Humane         Breast
Orlando Gonzalez                 Brian Cameron                   Greg Claxton                                      Society        Cancer
Tracy Smith                      Paul Griffith                   Darshna Parikh                               Because of your
                                                                                                              referrals we’ve
Colette Jay                      Bill Journey                    Dorinda Schutte                  $
                                                                                                   250       raised $1095
Harshen Patel                    Fred Fliss                      ed & Dorothy Geisel            $
                                                                                                 219            for our local    $
Bianca Imperato                  Roger Clyne (3)                 Barbara Welson                Collected       charities Food Collected
                                                                                                Through                          Through
                                                                                               November       Bank, Humane November
Michael Hazeltine                Geri Custer                     Jennifer volpe                               Society, Breast
Sherry Clarry                    kathe Owens                     Ron Rutledge                               Cancer, Habitat for
                                                                                                               Humanity and
Rick Irias                       Tom Mumea                       Sherry Weyhrauch                           Juvenile Diabetes.
                                                                                                   Juvenile See our referral Habitat for
                                                                                                   Diabetes flyer (gold insert) Humanity
                                                                                                            for all the details!

                               Phone: 941-755-9500 • Toll Free 800-424-3782                                                              4
     making Certain your Jewelry Is Properly Insured
Did you know that your expensive jewelry may not be                   has achieved a high level of professionalism with an education
properly insured?                                                     backed by a respected nonprofit organization.
Many homeowners assume that their jewelry is adequately
                                                                      Make sure the appraisal has a description of the diamond’s four C’s:
covered under their homeowner’s policy but you may be
                                                                      Carat - The “carat” refers to the weight of the diamond.
surprised to learn the facts...
                                                                      Cut - The quality of the “cut” of the diamond results from the way
While homeowner’s policies do cover jewelry, this insurance
                                                                      light enters the stone and is reflected back. “Cut” is also used to
usually is subject to a much lower limit than the overall contents
                                                                      refer to the diamond’s shape, such as round or pear-shaped.
coverage. This reduced limit is called a “sublimit”. A typical
                                                                      Clarity - The “clarity” refers to the prevalence of minor spots,
sublimit is $1,500 for loss by theft of jewelry, watches and
                                                                      lines, bubbles, or other natural imperfections within the dia-
precious and semiprecious stones.
If your jewelry is worth more than the sublimit in your hom-
                                                                      Color - The “color” denotes the tint a diamond may possess.
eowner’s policy, you should consider purchasing specific insur-
                                                                      Remember that the better the appraisal, the fewer problems you
ance to cover it.
                                                                      will encounter with the insurer if you ever have to make a claim.
The following is a good process to follow:
                                                                      Purchase inland marine coverage that can be added via an
Schedule an appointment with us to review your jewelry
                                                                      endorsement onto your homeowner’s policy. This endorsement
coverage. Bring as much information about your jewelry
                                                                      (also available as a separate policy) provides much broader
portfolio as possible, including any appraisals.
                                                                      coverage than the limited protection found on the un-endorsed
If your high-valued jewelry has not been appraised within the
                                                                      homeowners’ policy.
last 3 years, consider obtaining an appraisal from a reputable
                                                                      Consider keeping any valuable jewelry you rarely wear in a
jeweler. Insurance companies often require more expensive jew-
                                                                      safety deposit box at your bank.
elry to be appraised by a graduate of the Gemological Institute
of America (GIA). The Institute’s G.G., G.J. or A.J.P. designations   Review your jewelry protection with us at least every 2 years or
at the end of an individual’s name indicate that the jeweler          whenever you sell or purchase high-value jewelry.

                        Protect yourself from ID theft
We have all read about the nightmare stories of the                   Here are a few ways you can prevent ID theft:
growing problem of identity theft...
You’ve probably even seen one of the many commer-                     buy a shredder: Shred all financial documents and
cials from credit card companies or software made to                  paperwork with sensitive personal data.
help deter identity theft.
                                                                      Don’t give out personal information using an email
so how do you protect yourself?                                       or over the phone.
The most common ways that your information is
stolen according to the Federal Trade Commission are:                 keep sensitive data out of your passwords so that it
                                                                      is not something others might guess or see.
Dumpster Diving: Thieves sift through your trash to
find personal information such as credit cards or social              Also, look for the bills you should be getting. Credit
security numbers.                                                     cards don’t miss sending out a bill so if you don’t get
                                                                      one be on the lookout.
skimming: They grab your credit card information
when you swipe it at a store using special software.                  make sure you scan each item shown as a charge on
                                                                      your bank and credit cards accounts--some thieves
Change your Address: They divert your billing to a                    use small charges frequently to keep the fraud ongo-
new address so you are unaware of the fraudulent                      ing.
charges being made in your name.
                                                                      report any suspected fraud immediately to the FTC:
Phishing: They use fraudulent emails and pop-ups on                   call or visit
the internet to get you to disclose private information.
                                                                      All of us here at Horizon Insurance hope all of your
You may be surprised to find out that only one of                     private information stays secure.
these methods is online and that all but one is pre-

5            visit us on the web at • email:
Horizon Insurance
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                     Lori P. Augustyniak’s                              November/December 2009

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