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                  February 22nd 2008                                                              Fortnightly Issue #: 36

                              Steamships Eda Sivarai
                                          ANOTHER K50,000 TO SUSU MAMAS
   Steamships being the platinum sponsor of Susu Mamas since last year continued its status by donating another
 K50,000.00 this week adding the total to K100,000.00 in two years. The donation was made possible through Steam-
 ships Shipping, Steamships Hardware and Corporate Office.
 Susu Mamas is the only non-governmental organization in PNG dedi-
 cated to reducing high infant mortality rate for more than 30 years in
 the country.
 Children are important part of nation building and Steamships is
 happy to support a worthy cause in helping to educate PNG mothers
 on the health and nutrition of their babies.
 Susu Mamas sponsorships coordinator, Kylie Mead, thanked Steam-
 ships saying: “This donation will go along way in assisting Susu Ma-
 mas’ work and we are very grateful for this wonderful sponsorship
 last year and this year. I
 look forward to a long     From left: Hardware General Manager, Alan Bruce, Susu Mamas
                            Sponsorship Coordinator, Kylie Mead, Shipping Commercial Man-
 term partnership.”         ager, Gary Seddon and General Manager Finance, Eddie Ruha.

                               PIPI OF HIGHLANDER HOTEL TO REPRESENT PNG
For those of you who have telephoned the Highlander Hotel, you will remember the polite answering of the phone “Welcome, High-
lander Hotel, Pipi speaking.” What you may not know is that Pipi Olho is blind.
Pipi is a very active participant in the community in helping other disabled people and is a founding member and chief instigator in
setting up the Highlands Disability Foundation. In recognition of his community work, Pipi has been chosen to represent PNG at an
international seminar in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for “Persons With Disabilities Initiatives In Development”. Pipi is travelling with James
Aiwa, the second PNG Delegate, who is a lecturer for Special Education at Goroka University.
On Pipi’s return we will hear more as he will write of his adventures in Bangladesh. There will
                                       no doubt be plenty for him to write about as Bangla-
                                         desh is only one third the size of PNG but has an
     STEAMSHIPS IS PROUD SPONSOR OF: incredible population of over 150 million people. If
                                         you’re wondering how Pipi will write, he can use a
                                        typewriter and computer.

                                                                                                        Above: Pipi being farewelled at
                                                                                                        Kagamuga Airport by his wife
                                                                                                        Anna, and son Bonny (fondly
                                                                                                        known by the Hotel staff as
                                                                                                        “Young Pipi”).
                                                                                                        Left: Pipi boarding the F100 for
                                                                                                        POM with the Captain, Flight
                                                                                                        Attendant, Brian Foremat (PX
                                                                                                        Manager) and Colin Burdett.
                                                                                                        Many thanks go to Brian for his
                                                                                                        help in getting airfares sorted and
                                                                                                        upgrading Pipi to Business Class.

                           Steamships Trading Company Limited - Fortnightly Newsletter
                                              DIVISIONAL NEWS

                 CORAL SEA HOTELS                                               SHIPPING DIVISION
        Renovations at Ela Beach Hotel’s                            Konedobu Kanu Klab Paddler’s Clinic
                Beachside Brasserie                             With Shipping’s sponsorship to Konedobu Kanu Klab late
                                                                last year, below is an article on their recent canoe clinic.
Development at the Ela Beach Hotel’s Brasserie contin-
ues.                                                            The Konedobu Kanu Klab (3K) held a Paddlers' Clinic,
                                                                over the weekend at Fairfax Harbour from 1st -4th Feb-
The Hotel’s Beachside Brasserie is now possibly the             ruary 2008. As you would know, 3K hosted Fiji's National
busiest restaurant in downtown, Port Moresby. The               Va'a coach, Mr. Colin Philps, for an intense weekend of
“new look” restaurant has been opened since 11th De-            on- and off-water activities.
cember 2007 and booked out most evenings since the
middle of January 2008.
Meanwhile, work continues on the level above which will
be completed in March. This new level will have two
function rooms and two balconies - one looking out to
the poolside and the other balcony facing the beach.
There will also be a private dining room upstairs facing
Ela Beach.
The function rooms above will cater for functions, con-
ferences, theme nights and corporate lunches and din-
ners.                                                           Saturday morning saw us rise early for a 6am paddle to
                                                                Gemo Island, where we practiced turning canoes around
                                                                buoys and did further work on our kalo.
                                                                Sunday morning saw another 6am push-off, this time to
                                                                Manubada Island, where we practiced pacing ourselves
                                                                in a marathon, steering and change-over races. The
                                                                change-overs were in anticipation of 3K, one day, partici-
                                                                pating in one of these epic races which can cover a dis-
                                                                tance of ocean as far as 72km (eg. the Hawaiian islands
                                                                The idea is that crews change over, while the canoe
                                                                never stops. Its a technical race for the paddlers and the
                                                                steerers but its well worth the effort. The afternoon saw
                                                                us come together in a classroom setting, learning about
                                                                the technicalities involved in lining up canoes at race
                                                                starts, race rules, setting up buoys and steering in vary-
        Above: Front entrance of the Beachside Brasserie.       ing weather conditions.
        Below: Beachside Brasserie Interior.
                                                                On Monday we conducted two sessions (one at 5am and
                                                                the other at 5:30pm) where we went through some drills
                                                                that we should be doing during practice.
                                                                The overwhelming feeling of success and accomplish-
                                                                ment was felt by most, if not all, participants. It truly was
                                                                an invaluable opportunity, considering the fact that Papua
                                                                New Guinea does not have anyone of Colin's calibre and
                                                                I take this opportunity to remind you of our upcoming
                                                                Corporate Va'a Challenge on Saturday 15th March at Ela
                                                                Beach. We hope to see you and your team on the day.
                                                                Other Steamships Divisions are also welcome and can
                                                                contact us for further information on kone-
                                                                3K's warmest "Thank You" to Steamships Shipping for
                                                                their support to date.

                                                                                            By Konedobu Kanu Klub.

                       Steamships Trading Company Limited - Fortnightly Newsletter
                                          DIVISIONAL NEWS
                                                   HARDWARE DIVISION
                                       Hardware Launches Anti-Flame paint
These days property business or just owning a house can be an expensive exercise yet rewarding. In maintaining
properties, it is imperative, to purchase the right products to keep it in a good condition for a longer period of time.
This week, Steamships Hardware launched a new flame retardant paint, called Anti-Flame. During the week they
held launches in POM, Lae and Madang for all industry personnel including Architects, Engineers, Builders, Busi-
ness Operators and Property Owners to witness the product’s unique qualities first-hand.
The launches attracted a great response and guests were amazed by the demonstrations which compared the
burning rate of 2 model houses, one coated in Anti-Flame paint and the other with an alternative paint. In a matter
of minutes the model houses without the Anti-Flame paint soon burned to ashes, whereas the one coated with Anti-
Flame paint proved resistant to flames.
The Anti-Flame paint prevents fire through a process known as intumescence, whereby the paint foams and bub-
bles under high temperatures to create a protective cushion. This prevents fire from penetrating the coated surface
and flames from spreading.
Steamships Hardware is the exclusive distributor of
Anti-Flame paint in PNG and great things are expected
from the new range.

                                                     Demonstration on Ani-
                                                     flame paint. Two model
                                                     houses, coated with alter-
                                                     native paint and one
                                                     (centre) coated in Anti-
                                                     flame paint.

       Above: Few of the Sup-
       pliers & distributors during
       the Anti-flame paint
       launch. Above right:
       Steamships Hardware
       General Manager, Alan
       Bruce with Mick Finn
       (left), Dennis Murdoch,
       (right), Ed Scott and Mick
       Hardy from Pacific Island
         Right: Mick Finn of Pa-
        cific Islands International,
        the producers of the Anti-
                 flame paint.

                            Steamships Trading Company Limited - Fortnightly Newsletter
                                                    DIVISIONAL NEWS
                 TRANSPORT DIVISION                                                                Datec to provide first-ever
  The Transport depot in Lae has changed shape considerably                                            ICT Scholarship
over the past few months. After the new offices were occupied in
late July 2007, the old office in the center of the yard was demol-                              In a ground-breaking joint venture with the
ished in last November.                                                                       Department of Education, Datec has initiated a unique
                                                                                              educational scholarship programme specifically for uni-
                                                                                              versity students entering the field of IT, networks &
                                                                                              computing, hardware & software development and com-
                                                                                              What is the Datec ICT scholarship programme?
                                                                                              Datec believes that information communication technol-
                                                                                              ogy underpins the development of a modern society
                                                                                              and the emerging business in PNG. To encourage the
                                                                                              ongoing training and development in these key areas,
                                                                                              Datec is offering two (2) scholarships intended to pro-
                                                                                              vide funds for tuition, accommodation and educational
                                                                                              supplies for a term of 4 consecutive years of study,
                                                                                              commencing in 2008. The scholarships will be awarded
                                                                                              to one male and one female in either urban or rural ar-
                                                                                              eas of PNG according to individual merit and so as to
                                                                                              maintain a balance of opportunity between the genders
                                                                                              and regions.
                                                                                              The successful candidates will also be eligible for
                                                                                              work experience and work-place training at Datec or
                                                                                              one of its associated companies at different times
                                                                                              during the course of the scholarship term.
Removal of the old office and the repositioning of a big portion of                           All residents of PNG who have completed year 12 at a
containers down to Sletjford Street yard were necessary to make                               recognised PNG High School in 2007, and hold a letter
way for laydown area for Harmony’s Hidden Valley mine process-                                of university acceptance for 2008 into an approved
ing equipment.                                                                                course, are eligible.
NiuTrans started to receive and transport Harmony’s equipment in                              Applications will be assessed according to the course of
September, with the major movement activity expected to ramp                                  study; the combined grading of the year 12 results in
up in February-March this year. Harmony are hoping to have the                                Mathematics, English and Science, followed by an inter-
mine construction phase completed by June 2009, which means                                   view process.
the Lae operations will be extremely busy throughout 2008.
                                                                                              Cheques will be made payable to the educational insti-
To assist with the increased movement and transport activity, Lae                             tution upon receipt of an itemised invoice for eligible
operations have ordered seven additional prime movers and a                                   expenses such as tuition fees, on-campus accommoda-
replacement forklift with 20’/40’ spreader attachment.                                        tion and meals, text books and other essential educa-
                                                                                                  tional supplies.

 Top: Lae base lay down with DHL Pro-
 ject cargo for Hidden Valley Gold Mine,
 the bulk of this cargo will be moved to
 site over the next 3 to 4 weeks. The
 project is starting to ramp up with con-
 tinuos shipments expected to arrive Lae
 PNG from now through to the end of         Top right: This picture shows lay down one (1)
 2008. Right: The shed showing at the       on site at Hamata (Hidden Valley).
 rear of this photo is where all cargo      Bottom right: This picture shows lay down two
 required to be stored under cover is       (2), the tailings dam wall is being utilised during
 placed.                                    the construction phase.

                          Steamships Trading Company Limited - Fortnightly Newsletter
          HEALTHY LIFESTYLE                                                          SAFETY TOK
        Maintain a Healthy Immune System                                                Fire Extinguishers
                                                                      In our last issue of the newsletter we learned the impor-
Last issue we looked at tips for boosting the Immune
                                                                      tance of fire extinguishers and continue with this.
System. We will now look at 12 tips on maintaining a
Healthy Immune System.                                                Do you know how to use one? Take time to read the
                                                                      instructions on the fire extinguisher. There are different
Most healthcare professionals agree that a healthy life-              types of fire extinguishers however, all operate in a simi-
style promotes a healthy system - and keeps infections                lar way.
at bay.
                                                                      A quick reference on the use of fire extinguishers is
1.      Eat a healthy and well balanced diet                          “P A S S” You may want to print this and pin it next to the
2.      Exercise the infection away                                   fire extinguisher.

3.      Get plenty of restful sleep                                       P     A     S      S
4.      Wash your hands regularly                                     Pull the pin at the top of the extinguisher. The pin
5.      Build up healthy intestinal bacteria                          releases the locking mechanism and allows you to dis-
                                                                      charge the fire extinguisher.
6.      Add quality herbs and antioxidants to your diet
7.      Detoxify your liver several times a year                      Aim at the base of the fire, not the flames. This is im-
                                                                      portant – in order to put out the fire, you must extinguish
8.      Consider breast feeding or supplementing with                 the fuel.
                                                                      Squeeze the lever slowly. This
9.      Try colloidal silver                                          will release the extinguisher
10.     Practice safe sex                                             agent/chemical in the fire extin-
                                                                      guisher. Once you release the
11.     Protect yourself from cold                                    handle, the discharge will stop.
12.     Be careful when handling and preparing food
                                                                      Sweep from side to side. Using
      Build up your immune system and protecting it                   the sweeping motion, move the
                 should be a daily priority.                          fire extinguisher back and forth
              Without it, you cannot survive.                         until the fire is completely out.

          HARDWARE TO FAREWELL MATT                                        AJB’s Quote of the Week
                                                                                  "DYB ,DYB, DYB"
     Sadly Hardware will farewell Matt
     Stoeckel next week, Matt is re-
                                                                      These are old Boy Scout chants which
     turning to Sydney to take up a
                                                                      were used at bush camps meetings etc.
     role with Swire Shipping at
                                                                      This year 2008 is the 100th birthday of the Scout move-
     Swires Head office.
                                                                      ment world wide.
     Matt has been in PNG for almost                                  Scouts started here in PNG in 1926 at the Hanuabada
     12 months and has made an                                        village in Port Moresby and there are now over 5500
     impression on everyone with his                                  members in PNG.
     energy and drive.
                                                                      Some prominent Papua New Guineans who have been
     He will be missed by not only his                                members of Scouts include:-
     work colleagues but by other                                     Mr Wandi Yamuna, Major Sere Kala, Mr Micheal Pear-
     divisions, suppliers and custom-     Matt at Kokoda Track.       son, Mr Bonner Tito, Prof.Winston Jacob, Lt. Col.Verave
     ers (and ladies !!).                                             Mae and Governor General Sir Paulias Matane.
                                                                      "DYB" is an acronym for DO YOUR BEST
     Matt’s last day in PNG will be the 28th of February              "DOB" is an acronym for DO OUR BEST
     2008. Before his departure, there will be a farewell at
     the RPYC on the 27th commencing at 6.30pm.                       So come on Steamships let us DYB, DYB, DYB ,and
                                                                      DOB, DOB, DOB,
                     Lukim yu gen Matt.
                                                                                          Until next issue AJB

                        Steamships Trading Company Limited - Fortnightly Newsletter
•   Hewis Wayanori Hotels - 37yrs on 10th February                               WHEN TO INTRODUCE SOLIDS
•   Gabe Gurame of Shipping - 30yrs on 19th February                 Solid introduction usually starts at 6 months.
•   Serah Kave of Hotels - 27yrs on 16th February                    Some signs of readiness solids:
•   Berthrom Baiwap of MES - 23yrs on 18th February
                                                                      •   Baby has good head control.
•   Talu Kunika of Hotels - 21yrs on 11th February                    •   Try to reach for food when other family mem-
•   Melke Tetenge of Shipping - 20yrs on 17th February                    bers eat.
•   Pollie Togarewa of Finance - 20yrs on 23rd February               •   Shows signs of readiness to chew.
•   Andrew Here of Transport - 18yrs on 14th February                1. Introduce one food at a time, like pumpkin, kau-
•   Kid Katama of Hotels - 18yrs on 21st February                       kau or pawpaw.
                                                                     2. Start with ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon then gradu-
•   Paul Wama of Hotels - 16yrs on 17th February
                                                                        ally increase to 2 teaspoon per day.
•   Heni Igo of Transport - 14yrs on 14th February                   3. Place a teaspoon full into baby’s mouth on the
•   Manasseh Galama of Transport - 12yrs on 12th February               middle of his tongue so that he learns to swallow.
•   Stanley Tamo of Transport - 12yrs on 26th February               4. Do not worry if baby spits it out at first. Try again
                                                                        another time.
•   Stewart Pokuoen of Shipping - 12yrs on 21st February
                                                                     5. Never force your baby to eat more than what he
•   Aser Waira of Shipping - 11yrs on 13th February                     takes willingly.
•   Alex Mula of Hardware - 11yrs on 17th February                   6. Let your baby become used to one food before
                                                                        starting another.
    BIRTHDAY GREETINGS                                               Information provided by the Susu Mamas Inc Port
                                                                     Moresby. Contact Susu Mamas on ph: 325 2528
We wish the following staff whose birth dates have                   should you require further information or assistance
fallen between the 10th - 24th Feb 2008, a Happy                     on the above.
Birthday & may you all live another 100 years.
                                                                William Luke                                      Lynskey Yamuna
                              s         Moses Wemo                                                 epra
Bofeng Giling             ada                                                             Paul T
                     Pos                Steven Tanda            Daniel Tounei                                     Christine Kuar
Eliuda Ulur     Nilo
                                    es                          Paul Geita                         Boi            David Maba
                             Jon Stewart Mandoni                                             Peter
David Kipok           mas                                       Basa Dau                                          James Pee
                 Tho                  a Gibson Kagu
David Kamiong                  evu
                           eS           Max Pokia
Poppy Koivi           elin                                             COOKING WITH LAGA
                 Ang                 o John Maka
Jimmy Taimbari               Nag                                   This is a quick and easy cake to make before the kids
                       h ael            Namos Madom
Trevor Mare       Mic                                            come back from school. It is full of fibre and the kids love it
                               wa Sebby Alo                              with a bit of majesty and jam spread over it.
Gabe Gurame             e Sa
                   Ros                  Lui Jora            Healthy eating everyone!!
Jonathan Silmal                                             Chef Mai and the Laga Industries Team
                             k  ina James Botas
                       a Su
Brian David      Ruid                   Roy Boga                                 COCONUT BUTTER CAKE
Donald Pomat             rd Ani         Sigi Kombukon
                 Richa                                         Ingredients
Paul Wangi                              Andrew Auka
                          uwei                              1/2 Cup Caster Sugar
Peter Wasi     M  eah L                 Simon Pune          1 Cup Markham Farm desiccated coconut
Sam Wange                               Gary Leisfield      2 Eggs
                         Gumin                              1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Junior Kisson S  tanis                  Oswald Kundumia     125 grams Majesty, melted
Nelson Amoko son Fo         re          Joe Rodney          1 cup self raising flour
               Ja                                           1/3 cup milk
Nai Sammy                               Jeffrey Selon
                                                            2 tablespoons of brown sugar
                           n a          Joe Monti
Tau Tau              Robu                                   Beat eggs in a large bowl until thick add vanilla, majesty, castor
              Dara                      Luisa Ari
Lui Igoan                  onda Sam Kaiya
                                                            sugar and flour mix until just smooth.
Rarua Ovia     R eg ina P                                   Gently add coconut and fold into the cake mixture, brush a cake tin
                            aimu Randa Rupuna
Evelyn Warangu Andy P
                                                            with majesty and add the cake mixture sprinkle the top with brown
                                        Eunice Joe          sugar.
Fulbert Saona
                           amb    i     Safo Kila           Bake for 45mins in a pre-heated oven (180 º). Leave to cool in tin for
Bernedett Kavu Iso Un                                         five minutes before turning on to a wire rack to cool completely.
                                        Francis Augi

                        Steamships Trading Company Limited - Fortnightly Newsletter

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