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Once function is booked ‘The Food Fairy’ will guarantee the price therein for a period of six

The menu is prepared on the basis of specified numbers at time of booking.

On booking ‘The Food Fairy’ a non-refundable deposit of £20 will be made. The Balance will be
due 7 days prior to the event.

The Food Fairy cannot prepare or serve any perishables supplied by the client. This includes
drinks other than squash supplied by the ‘The Food Fairy’.
Please be advised that ‘The Food Fairy’ does not hold a licence to serve or supply any alcoholic

All food catered will only be a cold buffet. See menu for details.
All foods will be delivered on serving trays that are disposable. Prices quoted are for food and
squash only. We can supply themed tableware ie tablecloth, cups and plates but this will be an
added cost.

All foods may contain traces of nut, wheat, gluten and dairy products. Please discuss
any concerns with the ‘The Food Fairy’

‘The Food Fairy’ will require access to the area of the event in order to park and unload, ie
parking adjacent to the kitchen door.

‘The Food Fairy’ will not be held responsible for any damage, breakages or loss encountered at
the venue by the client and its guests.

‘The Food Fairy’ family understand what it’s like trying to arrange a child’s birthday party, it can
be very stressful especially if you need to cancel due to illness etc at short notice so we have
made it very simple for you and adopted the following policy.

    (1) Let ‘The Food Fairy’ know of a cancellation 7 days before the event and we will return
        the deposit of £20 and any balance paid.
    (2) Or 7 days before the event simply transfer to another date subject to availability.
    (3) 2 days before and we will refund 50% of the total including the deposit.
Unfortunately we will be unable to return the £20 deposit and balance if the venue is cancelled or
if numbers reduce on that day as all food is freshly prepared.

If due to unfortunate circumstances the ‘The Food Fairy’ has to cancel we will return all monies
paid in full and another date offered, with a goodwill 10% discount.

‘The Food Fairy’ reserves the right to change the menu and prices at any time but will not make
changes to any parties booked.

Additional party items can be added and costed accordingly.

I confirm that I wish ‘The Food Fairy’ to cater for my childs party event and I have read and
understood the Term and conditions and accept the costings in conjunction with the conditions.

If you wish ‘The Food Fairy’ to stay at the party to serve and tidy food up afterwards then there
will be a charge of £10.
If parties are outside the Medway Towns there will be a £5 delivery charge.


Print Name


Event Date

Event Time (What time you want us to deliver food)

Event Address

Please enclose £20 with this form to secure your booking. Your booking will only be booked once
we have this form along with the deposit.
The ‘Food Fairy will not be held responsible if any monies get lost in the post.
We will send you a confirmation letter once we receive the deposit and signed form.
Thank you for choosing ‘The Food Fairy’ to cater for your childs party.

Kind regards,

Fiona Playle

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