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How to complete this assignment by smythesteven


									You can do it!
Think  of something you know
 how to do. It could be
 making cookies, telling a
 joke, scaring your sister,
 creating a PowerPoint,
 looking cool, etc.
Think  about the process you
 complete each time you do
 that thing.
Break    up the process into 10
Number  each step and write
out the step in one or two
Create a Powerpoint slide for
 each step
Set the slides to
 automatically transition after
 10 seconds. In other words,
 make it so it will go to the
 next slide automatically after
 waiting 10 seconds.
Download  a one-minute clip
of music from Soundzabound.
It can be anything you like.
Add that clip to the first
slide of your presentation.
Set the music to play
 continuously throughout the
Make   your slides awesome.
slides awesome.

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