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					Aerobics                                                       S/F-S    Mind/Body                                              S/F-S    Cycle                                                                     S/F-S
Monday       Zumba®                  4:10pm     1/31-4/25     $38/48    M&W             Yoga            6:45am     1/31-4/27   $78/88   Monday          RPM™        12:10pm        1/31-4/25     $53/63
Monday       Zumba®                  5:10pm     1/31-4/25     $38/48    M&W            Vinyasa           8:00am    1/31-4/27   $78/88   Monday          RPM™        5:10pm         1/31-4/25     $53/63
M&W       Hip Hop Hustle             11:10am    1/31-4/27     $53/63    Monday        Yoga Fit®         11:10am    1/31-4/25   $53/63   Tuesday         FS          6:45am         2/1-4/26      $53/63
T & Th     Turbo Kick®               12:10pm     2/1-4/28     $53/63    Monday         Yoga II           6:00pm    1/31-4/25   $53/63   Tuesday         FS            5:10pm       2/1-4/26      $53/63
Wednesday   Zumba®                   5:10pm     2/2-4/27      $38/48    M&W          Mat Pilates        10:00am    1/31-4/27   $78/88   Wednesday       RPM™          9:10am       2/2-4/27      $53/63
Thursday    Zumba®                   5:10pm     2/3-4/28      $38/48    M&W           Yoga’lates        11:00am    1/31-4/27   $78/88   Wednesday       RPM™         12:10pm       2/2-4/27      $53/63
Thursday     Hip Hop                 5:10pm    2/3-4/28       $38/48    Monday          Yoga            4:10pm     1/31-4/25   $53/63   Wednesday       RPM™          5:30pm       2/2-4/27      $53/63
                                                                                                                                        Thursday        FS            6:45am       2/3-4/28      $53/63
Friday       *Ballet II              5:00pm     2/4-4/29      $38/48    T & Th          Pi Yo®          11:10am     2/1-4/28   $78/88
                                                                                                                                        Thursday        FS            5:10pm       2/3-4/28      $53/63
Sunday       Zumba®                  4:10pm    1/30-4/24      $38/48    T & Th       Mat Pilates        4:10pm     2/1-4/28    $78/88
                                                                                                                                        Friday          RPM™         12:10pm       2/4-4/29      $53/63
Sunday       Hip Hop                 5:10pm    1/30-4/24      $38/48    Tuesday      Power Yoga          5:10pm     2/1-4/26   $53/63
Sunday        *Ballet I              4:00pm    1/30-4/24      $38/48    Tuesday        Tai Chi          6:00pm     2/1-4/26    $53/63
*Ballet I & II run for 1hr 15min                                        Wednesday      Yoga II          4:10pm     2/2-4/27    $53/63   RAD (Self Defense for Women)                                       *FREE*
                                                                        Wednesday     Yoga Fit®         11:10am    2/2-4/27    $53/63
                                                                                                                                          Tuesday          4 week class         6-9pm          3/22-4/12           Free
                                                                        Thursday        Yoga            4:10pm     2/3-4/28    $53/63
Adult Swim Lessons                                             S/F-S    Thursday      Yoga Flow         6:10pm     2/3-4/28    $53/63
                                                                                                                                        *Contact Public Safety for more information:
                                                                                                                                        *All RAD classes take place in Archbold Gym Fencing
Monday         Beginner            7:00pm       1/31-4/25      $55/65   Sunday        Yoga Flow         5:30pm     1/30-4/24   $53/63   Room
Wednesday      Beginner            7:00pm       2/1-4/26       $55/65
Sunday         Beginner            1:00pm       1/30-4/24      $55/65   Aqua Fitness                                            S/F-S
Sunday         Beginner            2:00pm       1/30-4/24      $55/65
                                                                        M&W         Shallow          12:05pm       1/31-4/27   $48/58
                                                                                                                                        Move it Monday                                                  *FREE*
                                                                        T & Th      Shallow          12:05pm        2/1-4/28   $48/58
                                                                        Sunday       Deep            12:00pm       1/30-4/24   $38/48   Monday                      1:00pm                                       FREE
Sculpt                                                         S/F-S
Monday        Orange Pack          6:10pm      1/31-4/25       $25/35                                                                   Move it Monday is a part of the Healthy Campus Initiative. This is a program
                  Abs               ½ hour                                                                                              that focuses on participation in activities that promote the various components of
Tuesday       Orange Pack          6:10pm       2/1-4/26       $25/35   Cross Training                                         S/F-S    wellness on campus at little or no cost to the user. Various fitness classes will
                  Abs              ½ hour                               M/W/F        Tae Kwon Do        12:00pm    1/31-4/29   $48/58   be offered for FREE every Monday from 1:00pm-1:50pm in the Flanagan
T & Th        Power Hour           8:00am       2/1-4/28       $78/88                                                                   Exercise Room on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum enrollment for
                                                                        T & Th       Core N’ More       12:10pm    2/1-4/28    $48/58
T & Th        Orange Pack          9:00am       2/3-4/28       $32/42                                                                   each class will vary based on the activity. Please arrive early for each class:
                                                                        Wednesday     Boot Camp          4:10pm    2/2-4/27    $38/48
                 Abs               ½ hour                               Wednesday     Martial Arts       4:00pm    2/2-4/27    $10/20
Wednesday     Power Hour           5:10pm       2/2-4/27       $53/63                                   1 ½ hour                        January 31 – Core N’More                  March 21 – Abs
                                                                        Thursday      Boot Camp          5:10pm     2/3-4/28   $38/48   February 7 - Boot Camp                    March 28 - Step
                                                                        Friday        Boot Camp         11:10am     2/4-4/29   $38/48   February 14 – Yoga’lates                  April 4 - Yoga
Fencing                                                       S/F-S                                                                     February 21 - Kickboxing                  April 11 - Zumba
                                                                                                                                        February 28 – Fitness 411                 April 18 – Power Hour
Wednesday           Fencing           5:10pm       2/2-4/27   $40/50          **NEW THIS SPRING**                                       March 7 – Mat Pilates                     April 25 - Pilates

                                                                                    Hip Hop Hustle®
                         Fitness Class Descriptions                                                                                Payment

Adult Swim Lessons: Beginner: participant has little or no swimming skills. American Red            Registration and credit card payments can be made online at:
Cross (ARC) level 1-3. Advanced: Must be able to swim 25 yards on front and 25 yards back 
with a flutter kick. ARC 4-6
Aqua Fitness: A challenging water workout with little impact on the joints. Using all major         The online registration will enable you to:
muscle groups to enhance total body fitness in the aquatic environment. Water shoes are             › View a list of and descriptions of both open and closed fitness classes
required for shallow. Flotation belts provided for deep.                                            › Enroll for a fitness class and securely pay with your credit card
Ballet: Ballet I (beginner) focuses on basic positions and fundamental techniques of stretching
and strengthening. Ballet II: this class will follow a ballet format while focusing on more
                                                                                                    › Receive an e-mail receipt to bring on the first day of class (no office
difficult turns and jumps.                                                                          visit required!)
Boot Camp: jump up the intensity with strength, power, cardio and flexibility. This classes         If you are paying by check, please print and bring the enrollment
mixes weights, Pilates, cardio and more!                                                            confirmation to our main office at 241 Archbold Gym. Do this ASAP
Core N’More: A body strengthening and sculpting workout designed to target your core
muscles using varied equipment.                                                                     as your spot is not guaranteed until we have payment.
Freestyle Cycle (FS):As close to outdoor cycle as it gets inside. Participants will burn calories
and have fun with instructor driven music and drills.                                               Registration ends by 5:00 p.m. Thursday, January 27. If you do not pay
Hip Hop: Be ready to break a sweat with this high energy class that uses the latest sounds in
rap, R&B, and pop music.                                                                                      by the deadline, you will be dropped from the class.
Hip Hop Hustle®: A pre-designed hip hop hustle dance class that is easy to learn and easy to
follow. Which makes it even better because anyone can do the moves and make them their
own! Hip Hop Hustle takes the fun factor up a notch with super hot moves that will have
                                                                                                                         There will be a $20 charge on
everyone wanting more. So you think you can't dance? NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.                                                 all returned checks.
Mat Pilates: Mat-based strength, flexibility, and total body conditioning. Works core stability
and elongating the muscles.
Orange Pack Abs: 25 minutes of the best abdominal exercises!
                                                                                                        There is a 12 person minimum on all classes; classes below the
Pi Yo®: This unique format combines Pilates, Yoga, strength conditioning, flexibility,                                   minimum will NOT be held.
and dynamic balance. All levels welcome.
Power Hour: A simple, highly effective variable weight program designed to increase total                                   Move It Monday
body muscle tone. Uses barbells, dumbbells and more! You will NOT bulk up in this class.
Power Yoga: Traditional yoga postures with emphasis on strength.                                                        Move it Monday is a part of the
RPM™: is the indoor cycling workout where you take on the terrain with your inspiring team                       Healthy Campus Initiative, Healthy Monday.
coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, and interval training. Discover
your athlete within – sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high.                                              This program focuses on participation in activities
Tai Chi: An ancient moving art as well as martial art. Practicing slow, even continuous                        that promote the various components of wellness.
movements helps to release parts of the body from lifelong patterns of tension.
                                                                                                                        Please see the attached schedule
Tae Kwon Do: Promotes strength and coordination of the whole body as well as aerobic fitness
and flexibility.                                                                                                           of FREE fitness classes.
Turbokick Box®: Turbo kick is like no other. It is a unique blend of martial arts and dance
moves set to the hottest music. It is a high energy kickboxing class that will have you hooked
and punching for more. All levels welcome.
Vinyasa: The body is warmed, toned and energized with a continuous flow of basic                                           Class price rates
standing postures. Emphasis on the core and proper alignment.
Yoga and Yoga II: This class will include classical yoga postures, warm ups, breathing                                        S = Students

                                                                                                                                                                                 Online Registration
techniques, and relaxation methods. Yoga II is an intermediate class, some experience                                  F-S = Faculty/Staff/Spouses
Yoga Fit®: Blends balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format. Great for all
                                                                                                                           Dropping a Class
                                                                                                                                                                                Begins Friday, January 21st at 8 a.m.
Yoga Flow: This class combines modern Yoga Flow methods with classical Hatha Yoga
methods. Challenges endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.
Yoga’lates: Half the class focuses on core training with Pilates exercises while the second half                      The last day to drop a class will be
focuses on stretching with yoga postures.
Zumba®: Combines hip shaking Latin Dance moves with high energy aerobics. This workout
                                                                                                                         Friday, February 11, by 5pm.
                                                                                                                    Before this deadline, you will receive a            
will blow you away!
                                                                                                                       full refund minus a $5 surcharge.

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Description: Preliminary study hip-hop, must not suddenly increase the amount of exercise, should be gradual. Warm up activities are usually, all the body joints, ligaments. Especially the knee and ankle joint opening to full activity, so beating injury; then enter a certain intensity and duration of practice, it is best not to less than 30 minutes; final thrust by a variety of exercises to relax the body. The following three steps to achieve better weight-loss results.