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        128 N. Main St, Mansfield, TX 76063
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              Fussy Monkey Designs
Fussy Monkey Designs / One Call PC Solutions, based out of downtown Mansfield,
would like to help build your company a professional website. We are extending our
services to all small and medium sized businesses by offering reasonable rates, excellent
service and avoiding “cookie cutter” website templates. If you have any questions or wish
to obtain an estimate please do not hesitate in contacting us by phone or email.

Hosting: ($120/year, this includes the optional Reflexion Spam Control Program)

   •   1000 MB Web Space
   •   20 GB Monthly Transfer
   •   Unlimited Email Addresses
   •   Unlimited Parked Domains
   •   Unlimited Sub-Domains
   •   Spam Protection (Spam Assassin)
   •   Webmail Access
   •   Password Protected Folders
   •   URL Redirects
   •   Reliable Dual-Server Clusters
   •   E-Commerce and Shopping Carts

Live Stats:

The server uses AWStats to keep track of website traffic. AWStats is a web analytics
reporting tool, meaning that it creates reports, tables and bar graphs to keep you informed
about your website. It will tell you the number of hits you get, where your website hits
are coming from and what searches are getting people to your site so we can tailor your
tags for better results.


We offer several choices for E-Commerce and web based sales. We can meet with you
and demonstrate the different, highly customizable options for shopping carts and web
sales. All of the e-commerce systems we offer can be integrated with your existing credit
card system or through providers such as PayPal Merchant Services to accept payments
on-line. All of our carts are very user friendly for end users of all skill levels. Notes and
personal training are also available to assist you.
Additional Features:

Search Engine Optimization
Secure Email with use of a Contact Form
Handwritten HTML code (no cookie cutter websites)
Local support

Professional and permanent email addresses are one of the best reasons to establish your
own domain. Addresses at yahoo.com will not demand the same respect as addresses at
yourcompany.com. Your customers demand professional results, show them you've got
what it takes.

Your clients are shopping around on the internet and that makes having a clean, clear,
professional website vital to business. Easy to remember email addresses and a strong
web presence combined with email based newsletters and customer follow-ups will grow
your business.

We can quickly design matching letterhead, fax coversheets, post cards, emailed
newsletters and more to tie together your company's identity. Please contact us for more
information; it's far more affordable than you might think. In today's business
environment can you really afford to be without it?

For more information please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Thanks for your time and
please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in your decision making

Thanks Again!
Fussy Monkey Designs / One Call PC Solutions
Shopping Cart Examples:

Picture Gallery Example:
Website Examples:
Simple Sites:


1. What is the main purpose for your Internet presence?
      Advertise Your Company
      Distribute Information
      Provide a Resource
      Sell Products Directly Online

2. How many web pages do you think you will need?
      5-10 10-20 20-30 30-50 50-100 100+

Does not increase or decrease price in most cases. We just need an honest assessment of
large the site will be.

3. What kind of promotional materials do you have available (or need us to develop?)
[Logo, photos, business cards, brochures, promotional text, publications, etc.]

4. What features are you interested in?
      E-mail response form[s]
      Shopping cart (E-Commerce)
      Custom graphics
      Stock Photography
      Logo design


5. Approximately how many items are you planning to sell on-line

  none    5-50    50-100     100-500      500-1000    1000 +

6. Please list a few web sites that might influence your design: (optional)

              Fussy Monkey Designs

Information Only site: This consists of registering a domain and setting up hosting for 1
year and creating a site with your contact information and a map to your property (if
desired). Also includes setting up email on the domain.
Cost: $95 for web design $80 for hosting and domain registration

Bronze Package: This would be a site that may have a couple of simple pages with a few
pictures and a contact form. You also receive everything listed in the Information Site.
Cost: $400-$800 web design $80 hosting and domain registration.

Silver Package: A site with more information. It may have a few items for sale with a
shopping cart setup. This site would have several pages of text, more pictures, a contact
form and a newsletter if desired. You also receive everything listed in the Information
Cost: $800-$1,200 web design $80 hosting and domain registration

Gold Package: This site would have many items in a shopping cart or several pictures
and text. Examples may include a Real Estate site with properties for sale using listing
software. You would have a newsletter or blog site, a contact form and many pages.
Search Engine Submissions done for 1 year. You also receive everything listed in the
Information Site.
Cost: $1,200 & up web design $80 hosting and domain registration

Additional Cost:

Reflexion Spam Control: $60-$84 per year
Updates to the site: Billed at $65/hour in 15 minute increments

-Rates are listed as guidelines only and subject to change at anytime without notice. After
     initial consultation an estimate will be provided for your custom design work.-

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