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					guide to indigenous art centres 2010 • far north queensLand & torres strait

Lockhart river arts centre
Under the banner “Puuya Kuntha – Strong Heart,” the artists          current artists:
at Lockhart River Arts Centre create a contemporary response         Cheryl Accoom, Patrick Butcher, Adrian King, Irene
to the environment, culture and traditions of this isolated          Namok, Fiona Omeenyo, Josiah Omeenyo, Lawrence
Aboriginal community through their artwork, expressing some          Omeenyo, Sue Pascoe, Doris Platt, Elizabeth Queenie
of the realities of being Indigenous and the strong influences       Giblet.
of traditional culture and values. The artists have developed
their own forms of expression which are very different from
the art of Central Australia and other parts of Australia. The art   commerciaL gaLLery partners:
from Lockhart River promotes the identity of Aboriginal people       Emerge Art Space (Perth), Alcaston Gallery (Melbourne),
in contemporary Australian culture and is unique to Lockhart         Birrung Gallery (Sydney), KickArts Contemporary
River Arts Centre.                                                   Gallery (Cairns), Australian & Oceanic Art (Port
   Lockhart River Aboriginal Community is 850 km north of            Douglas), Booker-Lowe Gallery (Houston, Texas).
Cairns and is nestled between Quintell Beach and nearby lush
lowland rainforest which boasts bird life that draws watchers
from across the world. The beach is dramatic and spectacular         access:
and features as a common thread in the artists’ work.                Lockhart River Arts Centre is open to the public
   Many of the clans from this area have traditionally lived         from 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Friday. Other times by
close to the beach which has provided, and still does provide,       arrangement.
an excellent source of foods. Fishing is still the most popular
pastime in Lockhart River.
   The arts centre is an incorporated not-for-profit body
managed by a small team of staff. From the sale of each
painting, 65 per cent is paid directly to the artist who then
shares their funds with the rest of their community and family.
Thirty-five per cent is put back into supporting artists through
the arts centre. The centre provides artists with canvas, paints,
brushes, exhibitions, travel and workshops as well as a yummy
hot meal prepared each day by the centre’s cook.

                                                                     Top row: Patrick Butcher, Yiiyal – shower rain drizzle. Acrylic on
                                                                     canvas, 103 x 190cm.
                                                                     Centre row, left to right:
                                                                     Irene Namok, Full moon on night sea. Acrylic on canvas, 94 x 105cm.
Lockhart river arts centre                                           Adrian King, Them times coming, Acrylic on canvas, 73 x 98.
1 Piiramo Street                                                     Cheryl Accoom, Times with Nan. Acrylic on canvas, 90 x 93cm.
Lockhart QLD 4871                                                    Sue Pascoe, Them grass skirts we make. Acrylic on Belgium linen,
Phone: (07) 4060 7341                                                79 x 95cm.
Email:                               Bottom row: Josiah Omeenyo, My mother’s country is good fishing
Web:                                     place, Acrylic on Belgium Linen, 88 x 145.

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