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Insurance tips and news from a Michigan-based company serving the educational community for 60 years 1

      Your Agent
                                        Paperless billing options
                                        save time, money, and the
                                        MEEMIC offers several convenient paperless payment
                                        options, using your credit card, 24/7 online payments,
                                        as well as our popular Automatic Payment Plan.

                                        What is the Automatic Payment Plan (APP)?

                                        APP is an efficient electronic alternative to paper checks.
      Fisk Insurance Agency             By choosing APP, your premiums are automatically transferred
                                        from your checking or savings account each month. There are
        240 N. Cochran Ave              no checks to write – your bank or credit union will automatically
        Charlotte, MI 48813             make the payment on the date that you choose.

           517-541-3390                 Why use APP?

                                        Your life is busy enough without having to spend a lot of time
                                        paying bills. Why not let someone else take care of
                                        the paperwork for you and be environmentally

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                                       Accidents Can Happen…
                                       Be Prepared!
                                       We’ve all heard the famous Boy Scouts motto – be prepared.
                                       Although you hope it never happens, you need to be prepared for
                                       an accident to help stay calm and make the best of a challenging
                                       situation. Here are some important points to remember in case of
                                       an accident in your vehicle or at home:

                                       Auto Accident
                                       • If there are any injuries, be sure to get medical help immediately
                                       • Call the police

Convenient                             • Collect information from people involved in the accident.

Claim Filing
                                         This should include names, addresses, telephone numbers,
                                         driver license numbers, names of their insurance companies

                                         and policy numbers. If possible, obtain the names and phone
                                         numbers of any witnesses.
                                       • Record information about the accident
When you have a claim to make,              • Make, model and license plate numbers of all vehicles involved
we want to be sure the process is           • Street/intersection where accident occurred
as fast and convenient as possible.         • Name of police department that reported to the scene,
So we offer you several options:              plus the report number
                                            • As many details as possible about the events leading up
Web                                           to the accident
If you have a non-serious claim you         • DO NOT discuss details of the accident with the other parties
can file it quickly and conveniently          involved, although you should fully cooperate with the police
by visiting
                                       Home Accident
                                       • If there are any injuries, be sure to get medical help immediately
To report a new claim or
                                       • If necessary, call your police or fire department immediately
inquire on an existing claim
                                       • Take steps to protect your property from further damage or loss,
                                         including making any temporary repairs

To report an auto glass only claim

  Book to the Future!
  The MEEMIC Foundation is accepting applications for book grants!
  Any Michigan educational employee is eligible to apply for up to
  $500 to purchase new books for their school. Every book grant
  application will be carefully reviewed and considered based on the
  following criteria:

  • The potential to influence a school or district improvement goal
  • Number of students impacted
  • How it relates to classroom instruction
  • Cost effectiveness

  To receive more information on this, please visit my website.


continued from page 1                                        calling MEEMIC’s toll-free automated phone
                                                             service at 800-231-5744 or online at
friendly at the same time? With MEEMIC’s            This is available 24/7 and
Automatic Payment Plan, there’s no gathering                 the system will walk you through the quick and
up policies and paperwork, writing out checks,               simple process. Payments authorized before
stuffing envelopes, paying for postage or trips to           7:00 pm EST will be posted to your account
the post office. Best of all, with the deductions            the same day. Be sure to have the following
already scheduled, you’ll never have to worry                information ready:
about a late or missed payment.

How can you get started with APP?                            • Your MEEMIC policy number
                                                             • The amount you wish to pay
All you need to do is to fill out the APP
                                                             • Your method of payment
Authorization Form, which is on
                                                               • Debit card
under Policyholder Services. You can scan and email
the completed form to, or                 • VISA
fax the form to 248-375-7523. The form needs to                • MasterCard
be sent at least 60 days before the policy renewal             • Electronic check (you’ll need your account
date to be effective on your renewal.                            number and the 9-digit routing number, both
                                                                 listed on your checks)
24-hour Automated Pay-by-Phone and Web

You can also make your premium payments by
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Announcing New Auto Insurance                                                     accident. It also provides you with
                                                                                  legal defense if a lawsuit is filed
Coverage Enhancements!                                                            against you. Below is an overview
                                                                                  of the current and new Property
As a member of the educational           “Uninsured” or “Underinsured.”
                                                                                  Damage limits:
community, MEEMIC offers you             To give you better protection,
many advantages and unique               we have added increased                       $10,000
benefits to meet your specific           limits of $250,000/$500,000 and               $50,000
insurance needs. We’re always            $500,000/$500,000. The first                  $100,000
working hard to improve on those         number is the bodily liability           NEW! $250,000
benefits. As part of that                maximum damage for one driver            NEW! $500,000
commitment, we are pleased to            insured in an accident. The second
offer enhanced Uninsured Motorist,       number is the bodily injury liability
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Underinsured Motorist and                maximum for all injuries in one
Property Damage coverage.                accident. Below is a summary of

New Uninsured and Underinsured
                                         the limits of liability that are now
                                         available to you!
Motorist Coverage Limits
                                         Uninsured Motorist
Uninsured and Underinsured
Motorist coverage can protect you
if you’re in an accident and the other                                              MEEMIC offers a Full Pay Plan,
driver has either no auto insurance                                                 meaning your total insurance
on inadequate coverage. You might                                                   policy premium is paid by the
                                         NEW! $250,000/$500,000
think that because the state requires                                               policy due date. MEEMIC’s
                                         NEW! $500,000/$500,000
insurance, most people have it.                                                     Three Pay Plan divides your
However, according to the Insurance                                                 insurance premium into three
                                         Underinsured Motorist
Research Council, the estimated                                                     payments -- 40% on the
number of uninsured drivers can                                                     renewal date, 30% thirty days
reach 25% in some states.                                                           later and the remaining 30% 60
                                         NEW! $250,000/$500,000
                                         NEW! $500,000/$500,000                     days from the renewal date.
What is Uninsured and
Underinsured Motorist coverage?                                                     For more information or to take
                                         New Property Damage Limits
Uninsured or Underinsured motorist                                                  advantage of these convenient
                                         This is to help protect you in case        payment options, you can
coverage can pay for injuries to you
                                         your car damages someone else’s            contact my Agency directly
and your passengers when there is
                                         property. Usually it is their vehicle,     through any of the methods
an accident and the other driver is
                                         but it could be a fence, a house or        listed on the first page of this
both legally responsible for the
                                         any other property damaged in an           newsletter.
accident and considered
We Learn From You!
It’s been said you learn much more by listening than talking (it’s
probably why we have two ears and one mouth). We know we
can learn a lot by listening to you, our policyholders. We value your
opinion and would love to hear from you – the good news, as well
as areas we could improve.

I encourage you to contact my Agency directly through any of
the methods listed on the first page of this newsletter or visit
MEEMIC on the web anytime at


                               We Love Referrals!
                               For the past 60 years, satisfied customers have been referring their friends,
                               family members, and colleagues to MEEMIC. These satisfied customers
                               and referrals are the driving force behind MEEMIC’s business. We want
                               to thank you for your referrals and look forward to continuing to serve you
                               and others in the educational field.

                               “ I think MEEMIC is wonderful.”
                                                         - Michael B.
                                      MEEMIC policyholder since 1998

                               “It was smooth. They took care of
                               all the arrangements. I’m a happy
                                                             - Eric B.
                                      MEEMIC policyholder since 2005

                               “MEEMIC was good from the
                               bottom to top. I’ve been with
                               them for 40-50 years and always
                               enjoyed them.”
                                                            - Allen H.
                                       Longtime MEEMIC policyholder

Help Us Welcome New Teachers!
New career, new school year, and now…. A New Teacher Network from MEEMIC!

We’re proud to announce the launch of The New               If you would like to be a part of the New Teacher
Teacher Network, a resource designed to support             Network as a veteran teacher offering your support
teachers in their first few critical years. Did you know    to new teachers, or if you are a new teacher or know
that half of all new teachers leave the profession within   of a new teacher in your school that would benefit
their first five years? When asked, most teachers cite      from our new site, please check out
a lack of connection as the main reason. New Teachers
can feel overwhelmed or even scared and often have
no one to turn to. Now they do.                             MEEMIC also offers a discount of up to 10% for
                                                            any teacher newly certified within the past five
The New Teacher Network was designed to provide             years…it’s just one more reason why MEEMIC
a safe environment for new teachers to connect and          is The Educated Choice®!
bond online. This site allows new teachers to:

     • Create a profile
     • Communicate with other new teachers
     • Post questions and get answers
       from new and veteran teachers
     • Explore resources designed for
       the first few years of teaching

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