Starburst Auditions for “Fame The Musical” 2010

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					                    Production of “Fame The Musical” in 2010

                                  List of characters

                                     The Actors
                                     Nick Piazza
                                     Serena Katz
                                   Joe (Jose) Vegas

                                    The Dancers
                                   Tyrone Jackson
                                    Carmen Diaz
                                     Iris Kelly
                                  Mabel Washington

                                 The Musicians
                       Schlomo Metzenbaum (Violin / Piano
                        Grace “Lambchops” Lamb (Drums)
                     Goodman “Goody” King (Trumpet or Sax)

                                   The Teachers
                           Miss Esther Sherman (English)
                              Ms. Greta Bell (Dance)
                                Mr Myers (Acting)
                               Mr Sheinkopf (Music)

                             Other Students (Ensemble)
                                Singing and dancing


                           More detail on the characters

Nick Piazza - Ambitious, enthusiastic, classical actor who is very serious about acting.
Has hidden romantic interest for Serena.

Serena Katz - A shy, timid yet keen and enthusiastic actress. Develops returned
romantic feelings for Nick.

Jose 'Joe' Vegas - Spanish acting student. Loud, funny and the comic of the show.
Develops an unreturned crush on Carmen.
Carmen Diaz - A sexy, confident but cocky dancer with a big ego. Carmen is
determined to make it big and is obsessed with fame, she believes she has what it
takes to achieve this. Has returned romantic feelings for Schlomo.

Tyrone Jackson - A dyslexic hip hop dancer who comes from a lower income
background. Shares a love-hate relationship with Iris whom he constantly argues with.

Mabel Washington- A loud and chubby dancer who is desperate to lose weight but
can't resist food. Often speaks her mind and gives out advice to other characters in
their times of trouble.

Iris Kelly - A very talented, graceful ballet dancer who is believed to be extremely
wealthy although it is later revealed that she is not. She often comes across as stuck
up or even bitchy but she reveals that she is not as wealthy as people assume to
Tyrone, her boyfriend. Iris is insecure with herself and afraid people do not like her.
She shares a love-hate relationship with Tyrone whom she constantly argues with.

Schlomo Metzenbaum - Shy classical violinist in a rock band he set up. Schlomo
comes from a musical background and his father is a famous violinist. Schlomo is fed
up from the strain of being expected to do well and wishes to rebel. He is rather a
geek and is very insecure, but he is also very wise and academicly clever. Has a
returned romantic interest in Carmen.

Grace 'Lambchops' Lamb - A loud, confrontational rock chick and tomboy who
plays the drums for Schlomo's band. She often loses her temper and it is implied that
she does not take school seriously.

Goodman 'Goody' King - A trumpet/saxophone musician who is in Schlomo's band.
Is believed to be Schlomo's best friend.

Miss Esther Sherman - A strict, old-fashioned and academic English teacher who
loves her students despite the fact that she comes down hard on them.

Ms. Greta Bell - Dance teacher with a big passion for different styles of dance.
Believes that dance is a way of life.

Mr. Myers - A laid back drama teacher with an obsession for human psychology.

Mr. Shienkopf - European Music tutor with a love for classical music and hatred for
all things rock and roll.

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