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Investor Deck for Open Angel Forum

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									Investor Deck

The Problem
Brands needs a better way to engage Gen Y consumers across the
social web

Our Solution
Campus Sponsorship is an engagement platform where brands and
Gen Y consumers interact through social media and both sides win.


How it Works: Passion MarketingTM
Communities of Gen-Y users engage with brands in exchange for
donations to the activities and interests they are passionate about.

1.   Users create a page for a club,
     sports team, charity, event, etc.

2.   Users invite friends and                 Click Here to Help Us!
     members through social media

3.   Page is populated with activities
     centered around a brand.

4.   For each activity completed a
     donation is made.

How it works
Users are further incentivized
to share the brands activity
across their social networks,
creating a viral loop that
drives more users back to
engage with the brand.

                                 Actual screenshot of Campus Sponsorship client brand messaging shared by
                                 student. The brand has effectively joined in the conversation among friends.

Social Engagements
Typical Social Engagements:
•Video with polls
•“Liking” a Facebook page
•Direct response such as
product sign ups or purchase

                               Social Engagement created for Zoomerang Surveys and Polls. In this
                               instance, brand awareness is built by learning about the brand and answering
                               a relevant question.                                                        6

 •110 Universities
 •275 groups
 •In 3 months with
 no ad spend
 •100% WOM

Brands – Proven Results
Zoomerang desired a custom-built
national campaign designed to create
awareness among college students,
penetrate social media, and drive sign
ups for their free account.

Total Engagements

Facebook Shares

Premium “In-Feed” Impressions

                                         Examples of premium “In-Feed” branding generated by students   8
Our Team
 Dan Levin – Founder, CEO
 •Two time entrepreneur
 •7 years experience in the college market working with brands including
 Citgo, Clear Channel, and Comcast.

 Rob Falcone – Founder, COO
 •Drexel MBA 2011

 Chris Myers – Director of Business Development
 •7 time founding entrepreneur in online advertising with multiple exits
 •Former accounts include Best Buy, Gateway, HP, Mac Mall & PC Mall,
 Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, and Yahoo!

 Philip Ives – Director of Technology
 • 3 time CTO and technology entrepreneur of venture-backed companies

 Sunny Patel – Lead Developer

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