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					                          TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2010
The Board of Commissioners of Marshall County, Indiana, met in the Commissioners
Room, in the City of Plymouth, Indiana at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, January 19, 2010, for a
regular meeting. Present were Kevin Overmyer, President; Jack Roose, Vice President;
and Tom Chamberlin, member. Also present were County Attorney James Clevenger and
County Auditor Penny Lukenbill. The meeting was opened in due form and the business
before it heard.

                                2009 YEAR-END REPORT
Mr. Elliott reported that 369 building permits were issued in 2009 with a total valuation of
$13,069,572, compared to 374 permits valued at $19,394,139 for 2008. He noted that the
construction consists largely of accessory structures such as garages and sheds, rather than
new home construction. The largest change came in commercial construction at
$1,954,693, down from $5,294,200 in 2008, even with the LaPaz Garden Courts project
included in the 4th quarter. He also noted that West and North Townships had the most
permits issued, while Tippecanoe Township had the least. Total Building Department
income for 2009 was $36,333, all of which is receipted in to the General Fund. He
reported that the department has issued seven permits so far in January, which is more than
the entire month of January, 2009.

                            CLYDE AVERY – EMA DIRECTOR
                            TRAVEL ADVISORY ORDINANCE
Mr. Avery requested that the commissioners again consider an amendment to the county’s
travel advisory ordinance to incorporate standardized criteria for road closures established
by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. The matter was considered in March,
2009, but action was delayed until the state could issue specific guidelines. The state still
has not completed their recommendations, but Mr. Avery recommended that the
commissioners proceed with establishing the following four color-coded levels:
Level 1 - Red - Emergency: A State of Emergency has been declared by the
        Commissioners, and travel is restricted to emergency
        personnel only – e.g.: blizzard conditions;
Level 2 - Orange – Warning: Conditions are threatening to public safety, and only
        essential travel is recommended – e.g.: an ice storm.
Level 3 – Yellow – Watch: Routine travel is restricted in areas because of a hazardous
        situation, e.g.: a haz-mat spill
Level 4 - White – Caution: A condition may develop limiting or hindering travel in
        certain areas, e.g.: flooding
The commissioners would decide the level to issue based on input from the Highway,
EMA and Sheriff’s Departments. Mr. Chamberlin noted that the ordinance would provide
more direction to citizens and remove confusion especially during hazardous weather.
Tom Chamberlin moved, seconded by Jack Roose, to amend the current emergency
travel ordinance to include the four new levels. Motion carried 3-0.
The county attorney will draft the ordinance and present it at the next meeting.
                            MULTI-HAZARD MITIGATION PLAN
Mr. Avery reported that the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan has been accepted by FEMA
and must now be adopted by each jurisdiction, as well as the county, making us eligible for
federal disaster aid. The plan identifies six likely hazards: Thunderstorms, winter storms,
tornadoes, hazardous material spills, floods and earthquakes, and identifies steps to
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minimize their impact, such as public education and storm-safety awareness, and adopting
ordinances prohibiting construction in flood-plain areas.
Jack Roose moved, seconded by Tom Chamberlin, to adopt Resolution 2010-02 to
adopt the Hazard Mitigation Plan. Motion carried 3-0.

                          NEAL HAECK – HIGHWAY REPORT
Neal Haeck, Highway Superintendent appeared before the Board and presented the
Pine Road update: Mr. Haeck attended a meeting on January 7 with DLZ and Reith-Reilly
to review the construction timeline. Reith-Riley has now received the notice to proceed,
and a representative from DLZ will attend the first commissioners meeting each month to
provide construction updates. Mr. Haeck stated that the cost of moving utilities will cost
an additional $93,000, and he is investigating whether this qualifies for 80/20 federal
reimbursement. DLZ will also continue to check on the relocation and cost factors.
Bridge #89 – 13th Road: There is still no word from the State on the selection of the
construction engineer. The project was not bid in January and is not listed on the February
10 bid letting. Mr. Haeck will investigate the reason the project is being delayed.
Bridge #81 – Hickory Road: He has submitted an FA3 funding request for the replacement
of the bridge across Hickory Road north of 8th Road, and should know by mid-summer
whether funding is available. Mr. Haeck noted that the 2008 bridge inspection report
recommended replacement.
The board expressed concern about funding another large project, especially in light of the
number of current pending projects. Mr. Haeck stated that it will take several years to get
the projects to bid letting and actual funding, and he does not anticipate a substantial
reduction in the amount of available funding.
7th Road construction engineer selection: The selection criteria have been submitted to
Miscellaneous: Mr. Haeck reported that the Bonar Group, who has performed the county’s
bridge inspections for the past a several years, has been purchased by GAI Consultants.

The Town of Culver will be changing the outlet pipes and has contacted him to request a
preliminary detour route. Mr. Clevenger advised that Culver is still looking for available
funds for the project, and it will be some time before work begins.

                         RICK GAUL – CITY OF PLYMOUTH
On behalf of the City of Plymouth, requested that the board appoint a representative to the
city’s common construction wage committee for their annual projects.
Tom Chamberlin moved, seconded by Jack Roose, to appoint Tom Flynn as their
representative to the City of Plymouth common construction wage committee for
2010. Motion carried 3-0.
Mr. Overmyer asked that the City take a look at the handicapped accessible points near the
county buildings.

                              COUNTY ATTORNEY REPORT
County attorney Jim Clevenger presented his monthly report:
Old Business:
Pioneer Road: Reith-Riley has received the official Notice to Proceed from INDOT, and it
was noted that the revised completion date is September 14, 2011.
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Jail: The Surveyor will provide the description for the parcel occupied by the lift station to
the City of Plymouth.
New Business:
EMA Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan: Mr. Clevenger has reviewed the plan, addressing
weather-related hazards, and it appears comprehensive. A resolution has been prepared
and presented for adoption.
Assessor matters: Debbie Dunning has requested assistance on two assessment matters
involving landowners on Lake Maxinkuckee. She has been represented by the Attorney
General’s office, but now must conclude one matter by herself, and Mr. Clevenger will assist
her. She has secured substitute counsel on a second matter and, provided that the Tax Court
judge grants new counsel an extension, she will have competent legal assistance.

                                  AUDITOR’S REPORT
Auditor Penny Lukenbill presented the following:
Minutes of the January 4, 2010 meeting: Jack Roose moved, seconded by Tom Chamberlin,
to approve the minutes of the January 4, 2010 meeting. Motion carried 3-0.
January Mid-month Claims: Jack Roose moved, seconded by Tom Chamberlin, to
approve the January mid-month claims as presented. Motion carried 3-0.
Covered Bridge certification: The Auditor presented the 2010 Covered Bridge
certification required by the Auditor of State, indicating the county has no covered bridges.
Jack Roose moved, seconded by Tom Chamberlin, to approve the 2010 Covered Bridge
Certification, indicating the county has no covered bridges. Motion carried 3-0.

                              COMMISSIONER ITEMS
Embarq/Century Link PRI system contract: The current contract with Embarq for PRI
service expires January 31. The county has the option of renewing the contract for 24
months at a 10% savings, or for 36 months at a 15% savings. Communications consultant
Steve Kasper has recommended renewing for 36 months to maximize our savings, but
Commissioner Overmyer recommended renewing for 24 months, in the event the Metronet
application is approved.
Tom Chamberlin moved, seconded by Jack Roose, to approve a 24-month contract with
Embarq/Century Link for PRI service at $767.00 per month. Motion carried 3-0.

With no further business to come before the Board, Jack Roose moved, seconded by
Tom Chamberlin, to adjourn the meeting at 10:30 a.m. Motion carried 3-0.

                                        Kevin Overmyer, President

                                        Jack Roose, Vice President
                                        Tom Chamberlin, Member

       Penny Lukenbill, Auditor

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