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                                             December ‘09
 owne Ted

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                                                                                                                  and G yer
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Tokuyama Bond Force                                                   $154.00 kiT $143.00 reFill
Tokuyama Bond Force is a 7th generation single component, self-etching, fluoride releasing bonding agent. Tokuyama Bond
Force creates a 3-D link to the tooth generating an extremely strong bond to enamel and dentin. Tokuyama Bond Force requires
only 1 application, and is designed to be used on both cut/uncut enamel and dentin. Tokuyama Bond Force is available in
bottle or unit dose.
•		 utstanding	bond	strength	                    D
                                             •	 	 esigned	for	cut/uncut	enamel	and	dentine
•		 nly	1	application	required	                  N
                                             •	 	 o	etching,	No	rinsing
•		 o	mixing	                                    F
                                             •	 	 luoride	releasing
•		 hin	film	thickness	                          L
                                             •	 	ess	technique	sensitive
•		 vailable	in	both	bottle	and	unit	dose	
  A                                          																																								Buy 3 get 1 free

esTeliTe® siGma Quick                                             esTeliTe posTerior
ESTELITE 	SIGMA	QUICK	utilises	Tokuyama’s	
         ®                                                        A	high	strength	posterior	restorative,	offers	excellent	physical	
patented	innovative	system	“Radical	Amplified	                    properties	ideal	for	direct	Class	I	&	II	restoration	along	with	short	
Photopolymerisation	Technology”	(RAP),	to	offer	                  curing	time(10	sec),	less	color/transparency	changing	before	&	
reduced curing time and excellent stability to                    after polymerisation and optimised handling properties.
ambient light while maintaining the superior esthetic             inDiCAtiOns Of esteLite POsteriOr
and physical properties of Estelite Sigma.                        • Direct posterior restorations
                                                                    including occlusal surface
Benefits                                                          • Repair of porcelain/composite
•		 uick	curing	time	-	10	sec.	
                                                                  MAin feAtures
  with a halogen light (≥400mW/cm2)
•		 xtended	working	time	-	90	sec.	
  E                                                               short Curing time & sufficient Working time
  under	ambient	light	(10,000	lx)                                   C
                                                                  •		 uring	time:	10	sec	with	normal	halogen	light	(>=400mW/cm2)
•	Outstanding	polishability                                         W
                                                                  •		 orking	time:	50	sec	under	dental	light	(10,000lx)
•	High	gloss	retention	over	time                                  superb Physical Properties
•		 ide	shade	matching	range	
  W                                                                 F
                                                                  •		 lexural	Strength	(209MPa)
  (chameleon	effect)                                              • Compressive	Strength	(443MPa)
•	High	wear	resistance                                              F
                                                                  •		 racture	Toughness	(2.46MPam1/2	)
•	Less	wear	to	opposing	teeth                                       E
                                                                  •		 xcellent	Radiopacity	(290%Al)
•	Good	radiopacity	&	available	in	20	shades                         L
                                                                  •		ow	Shrinkage	(1.5%)
                                                                  excellent Aesthetics
                                                                  •		 inimum	Colour/Transparency	
•		 nterior	and	posterior	
                                                                    Change	before	and	after	Light	Curing
•	Composite	veneer                                                shADe
•	Diastema	closure                                                • Every shade provided for Estelite Posterior has adequate
•	Composite/porcelain	repair                                        translucency designed for posterior restoration.
$66.00 ea syrinGe Buy 4 get 1 free
                                                                  $66.00 ea syrinGe
$88.00 ea plT Buy 4 get 1 free

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          clinpro TooTh crème
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          clinproTm whiTe Varnish/XT Varnish
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          12245	   	 linpro	White	Varnish	
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          12248		     Clinpro	XT	Varnish	(10g	clicker)	                 $210.00 ea

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          clinpro selanT ( Vial / syrinGe)                                                        uc
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          12642	   3M	ESPE	clinpro	sealant	vial	refill	                 $90.00 ea
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          FilTek™ Family composiTe uniVersal soluTions
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3m espe

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          31765	   Impregum	Penta	Soft	MB	Quickstep	Refill	                    $448.00     ea
          31740	   Impregum	Penta	DuoSoft	HB	Refill	                           $448.00     ea
          31769	   Impregum	Penta	Soft	HB	Quickstep	Refill	                    $448.00     ea
          10771PH	 Imprint	3	Penta	Refill	                                     $332.00     ea
          10971PH	 Imprint	3	Penta	Quickstep	Refill	                           $332.00     ea
          10771PP	 Imprint	3	Penta	Putty	Refill	                               $332.00     ea
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Glass ionomer resToraTiVes
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Various	      Photac	Fil	Quick	Aplicap	-	50	caps	                                          $220.00        ea
Various	      Ketac	Molar	/	Ketac	Molar	Quick	Aplicap	-	50	caps	                           $178.00        ea
Various	      Ketac	Fil	Plus	Aplicap	-	50	caps	                                            $198.00        ea
Various	      Ketac	Silver	Aplicap	-	50	caps	                                              $270.00        ea
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relyX™ cemenTs & FiBre posT
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Various	      RelyX™	Unicem	Cement	Clicker	                                                $206.00        ea
Various	      RelyX™	Unicem	Cement	Aplicap	refills	-	50	caps	                              $280.00        ea
Various	      RelyX™	Unicem	Cement	Maxicap	refills	-	20	caps	                              $242.00        ea
56860	        RelyX™	Fibre	Post	Intro	Kit		                                                $260.00        ea
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selF-eTch adhesiVes
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41245	        Adper	Easy	Bond	Self-Etch	Vial	Intro.	Kit	                                                                $125.00 ea
41249	        Adper	Easy	Bond	Giant	Pack	(100	unit	dose)	                                                               $245.00 ea
51202	        Adper™	Single	bond	2	Vial	Refill	(6mls)	                                                                  $144.00 ea
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eQuipmenT special
tAke ADvAntAge Of the gOvernMent’s 50% Business investMent ALLOWAnCe*
Buy            76953 eLiPAr s10 LeD Curing Light                          $2400.00 ea
get            1x tDk iWave speaker system for iPod
Buy            76304 rOtOMix CAPsuLe Mixing unit                          $1660.00 ea
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               1x relyx unicem Aplicap (50 caps - A2)”
Buy            77874 PentAMix 3 AutOMAtiC Mixer                           $3660.00 ea
get            1x imprint 3 / impregum starter kit plus
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               1x protemp 4 intro kit
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proTemp 4/proTemp crown
                                                                                                                          end $ spe
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5600TK	       Protemp	Crown	Trial	Kit	                                                     $184.00 ea                   sp      e
46953	        Protemp	4	Intro	Kit		                                                        $260.00 ea                    on 3m eT a
                                                                                                                          and G yer
Various       Protemp 4 Refills                                                            $165.00 ea

                                                                                                                           $50 m rd
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                                                                                                                           GiFT c
To Claim your Bonus, please send a copy of your distributor invoice dated Dec 2009 or Jan 2010, along with the
Bonus Claim Form to 3M ESPE promotion, PO Box 256, Eastern Suburbs MC, NSW 2004, showing the purchase of the
relevant products in the required quantities. All claims must be received by last mail on February, 2010. Claims received
after this date will not be honoured. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

fax 1300 659 051                                                                                                  3
             elemenTs oBTuraTion uniT™                                                                                         $3950.00 ea
             When	you’re	obturating	a	root	canal	system,	you	want	to	ensure	the	fill	is	accomplished	predictably,	efficiently	and	
             accurately.	The	newly	designed	Elements	Obturation	unit	incorporates	advanced	technologies	involving	software,	metallurgy,	
             electronics and industrial design with the best elements of System B and a patent-pending motorized extruder. From down-
             pack	to	backfill,	from	filling	lateral	canals	to	creating	post	spaces,	the	Elements	Obturation	unit	puts	the	Continuous	Wave	of	
             Condensation	technique	in	one	simple-to-operate	device.	Consistent,	reliable	results	made	easy	–	all	from	a	unit	that	takes	up	
             only 1/3 the space of two separate machines.

             feAtures AnD Benefits
             system B
             •	One-touch	controls	for	downpack,	backfill	and	hot	pulp	testing
             •	Each	function	has	preset	temperature	and	duration
             •	Tip	temperature	is	continuously	maintained	and	displayed
             •	Time-out	feature	prevents	overheating
             •	Automatic	shut-off	precludes	using	wrong	or	worn-out	tip
             •	Plugger	heats	instantly	for	immediate	use
             extruder                                                                             handpieces
             •	Motorised	handpiece	eliminates	hand	fatigue	and	precludes	voids                      P
                                                                                                  •		 lugger	and	extruder	handpieces	are	
             •	Pencil-grip	handpiece	enhances	control	and	fits	standard	handpiece	holders           lightweight, strong and durable
             •	Precise	temperature	control	for	consistency                                          I
                                                                                                  •		nsulation	technology	keeps	handpieces	
             •	Extra-long	prebent	needles	offer	convenience	and	unprecedented	visibility            cool for you and the patient
             •	Heats	quickly	and	shuts	off	automatically                                            A
                                                                                                  •		 luminium	shields	minimize	downtime	–	
             •	Handpiece	shows	remaining	material                                                   use one while autoclaving the other

             elemenTs diaGnosTic                                                       unidenT sucTion
             uniT and apeX locaTor                                                     TuBes (100)
             $2370.00 ea                                                               $8.80 ea Buy 6 get 2 free

             When	you’re	doing	a	root	canal,	you	need	to	get	to	the	point	–	
             the	apex	–	predictably,	efficiently	and	accurately.	SybronEndo’s	
             proprietary	4th	generation	Elements	Apex	Locator	offers	a	major	
             breakthrough	in	software	and	hardware	technology	–	the	first	in	          kc4440 kimsoFT
             ten years. This technology optimizes earlier engineering to give          paper Towel (22)
             you	 the	 most	 precise	 readings	 available	 today.	 What’s	 more,	
             the Satellite Display, which you can place on the instrument tray,        $55.00 ea sAve $15.00
             the	microscope,	the	patient’s	bib	or	anywhere	else	you	choose,	
             brings critical data into your field of vision. See how we can

             advance	your	diagnosis	with	SybronEndo’s	Elements	Diagnostic	
             Unit	and	Apex	Locator.                                                    sTainless sTeel posTs
             feAtures AnD Benefits                                                     refiLL eP-744 rAnge (12)
             •	Auto-power	off	conserves	battery	life
                                                                                       •		 izes	3,	4,	4.5,	5,	6,	7	
             •	Full-range	audio	speakers	eliminate	annoying	beeps
             •	Nonglare	tilt	screen	with	digital	and	graphical	feedback                $74.00 ea sAve $10
             •		 utoclavable	medical-grade	cords	
               and connectors
             •		 robes	are	gold	plated	to	resist	
             •		 utomatic	calibration	for	a	
               A                                                                       dyna k-Files & h-Files
               more accurate diagnosis                                                 •	Available	in	21mm,	25mm	&	31mm.
             •		 dvanced	battery	technology	for	                                       •	Sizes	06-80	individually.
               longest life between charges                                            •	Sizes	15-40	&	45-80	assorted.
             •		 itality	Scanner	provides	                                             •	6	in	a	packet.
               pain-free electric pulp testing                                         •	With	rubber	stops.
               and accurate analysis in the
               presence	of	EDTA,	sodium	                                               $11.00 ea
               hypochlorite, blood, saline,                                            Buy 4 get 1 free
               water and hydrogen peroxide

   4                                                           3/10 anella avenue castle hill nsw 2154 tollfree 1800 806 640
TwisTed Files                                         $92.00 ea
A QuAntuM LeAP in fiLe Design AnD MAnufACturing
The Twisted File is the first and only file to combine three unique
and proprietary processes to deliver unsurpassed strength
and	flexibility:                                                                        p
r-PhAse heAt treAtMent teChnOLOgy
This proprietary technology is used to optimise the molecular phase
and	properties	of	nickel	titanium	(NiTi).	The	resulting	finer	crystalline	
structure modification maximises flexibility and resistance to breakage.
tWisteD Design, nOt grOunD
Unlike	the	grinding	process	used	by	other	endodontic	companies,	twisting	optimises	
grain structure and eliminates formation of microfractures, making the file even more
durable.	TF	is	70%	more	flexible	than	other	rotary	NiTi	files.*
ADvAnCeD surfACe treAtMent
The	Twisted	File’s	special	surface	finishing	maintains	the	hardness	of	the	file	and	sharpness	of	the	cutting	edges	while	
maintaining the integrity of underlying grain structure.

                                                                                                                                            syBronendo & eQuipmenT
*Data on file, Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc. Data from Gambarini G., Garala M. Cyclic fatique and flexibility testing.

mini apeX locaTor™                                                                                                             $980.00 ea
SybronEndo’s	new	Mini	Apex	Locator™	delivers	the	power	of	apex	location	in	the	palm	of	your	hand	and	offers	a	new	level	
of	accuracy	at	an	affordable	price.	Despite	its	compact	size,	the	Mini	is	rugged	and	durable.	It	utilizes	a	sophisticated,	
multifrequency	measurement	system,	an	all-digital	signal	and	an	80%	shorter	cable	than	other	apex	locators.	This	all	adds	up	
to increased signal integrity, easy operation and consistently reliable measurements.
feAtures                                             Benefits
•	Digital	signal	processing	                         •	New	levels	of	accuracy
•	Compact	size	                                      •	No	counter	space	required
•		 reat	technology	and	value	                       •	A	powerful	apex	locator	at	an	affordable	price

diaTech                                  Biosonic® uc125                                                        $1100.00 ea
diamonds                                 teChniCAL infOrMAtiOn
                                         •	 Tank	capacity	                              4.8	liters
•		 ulti	layered	diamonds	
                                         •	 Fill	capacity	                              3.8	liters
  give	you	faster	cutting	&	             •	 Overall	Dimensions	(l	×	w	×	h)	             42	×	26.7	×	35	cm
  longer life for each bur               •	 Tank	Dimensions	(l	×	w	×	d)	                28.6	×	14.3	×	12.7	cm
•		 ore	 than	 400	 sizes	               •	 Output	                                     100	watts
  and styles                             •	 Operating	Frequencies	                      55	kHz*
•		 iatech	diamond	chart	                * C-Power – power is automatically adjusted in the tank based on load requirements.
  available on request
$44.00 ea Buy 6
get 2 MOvie tiCkets
                                         Biosonic® ulTrasonic scaler sysTem
                                         $1700 ea
                                         BiOsOniC® MAgnetOstriCtive uLtrAsOniC sCALer systeM
                                         •		 ioSonic®	magnetostrictive	Ultrasonic	Scaler	System	automatically	adjusts	to	
                                           work	with	any	manufacturer’s	25	kHz	or	30	kHz	inserts	
swan                                       F
                                         •		 aster	hard	calculus	removal	with	on-demand	maximum	power	turbo	boost	button	
                                         •		 rgonomic	handpiece	improves	operator’s	comfort	during	extended	scaling	
Tissues              (32)                  S
                                         •		 mall	footprint	minimizes	counter	space	requirements	
                                         •		 ioSonic®	Inserts	-	variety	of	most	popular	tip	designs	in	both	25	kHz	and	30	kHz	
$38.50 ea                                  B
                                         •		 etter	performance	reliability	and	longevity	through	patented	manufacturing	process	
sAve $12.50                                E
                                         •		 rgonomically	designed	grip	for	operator’s	comfort	and	reduced	hand	stress	
                                         •		 ioSonic®	Inserts	and	SuperSoft™	Inserts
                                         •		 uperSoft™	cushioned	non-slip	silicone	grip	
                                         •		 reater	tactile	sensitivity	and	rotational	control	

fax 1300 659 051                                                                                                            5
           Volume impression                                           kerr composiTes
           maTerials                                                   Buy 4x kerr COMPOsites
                                                                           (herculite ultra, Premise, Point 4,
           Buy      4x tAke 1 ADvAnCeD tWin PACks                          herculite xrv or revolution 2)
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                    1x unidose free
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           get      1x iPod shuffle 2gB free                                x $100 Myer gift Card free

           Buy      3x tAke 1 ADvAnCeD vOLuMe                          Buy 15x kerr COMPOsites
           get      1x free or                                             (herculite ultra, Premise, Point 4,
                    1x $50 Myer gift voucher                               herculite xrv or revolution 2)
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           Take	1	Advanced	Volume             $250.00 ea               Point 4                    $72.00    ea
           Take	1	Advanced	Bite               $55.00 ea
           Alginot	Fast	Set	Volume            $420.00 reFills
           Alginot	Cartridges                 $360.00 ea
           Alginot	Value	Pack	(24)            $390.00 ea

                                                                       nX3 neXus Third
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                                                                       NX3	Kit                                   $250.00 ea
           FinishinG & polishinG                                       NX3	Dual	Cure	Refills                     $72.00 ea

           Buy      3x OPtiDisC refiLLs
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sds kerr

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           Optishine	Polishers        $115.00 ea
           Hi-Luster	Polishing	Kit    $110.00 ea

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Bonds                                                        kerr ToTalcare
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Optibond	Solo	Plus                        $136.00   ea
Optibond	Solo	Plus	Unidose	(100)          $266.00   ea
Optibond	Aio	Refills                      $136.00   ea
Optibond	Aio	Unidose	(100)                $266.00   ea
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kerr comBinaTion deals                                       Buy        3x PinnACLe COver ALL
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                                                             Pinnacle	Cover	All	Clear               $35.00 ea
Buy     $1500 Of kerr BOnDs, CeMents,
                                                             Pinnacle	Cover	All	Blue                $35.00 ea
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Buy     $3000 Of kerr BOnD, COMPOsite,
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        iMPressiOn MAteriAL or CeMents
                                                             Unit 10, 112-118 Talavera Road North Ryde NSW 2113) the dealer
        4x MAxCeM eLite refiLLs                              invoice, Please Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, The required purchase
get     1x APPLe iPod touch 64gB free                        must be reflected on one preferred Kerr dealer invoice dated between
                                                             November 1st - December 31st. Valid until 31st December 2009.
                                                                                                                                         sds kerr

demi curinG liGhT
Buy   1x DeMi LeD Curing Light or OPtiLux 501 Curing Light
get   1x Apple iPod shuffle 2gB or
      1x 8mm or 11mm turbo Light guide free

Buy   1x DeMi neW DuAL Cure PACk
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Demi Dual Pack                                          $2850.00 ea
Demi	Curing	Light                                       $1790.00 ea

fax 1300 659 051                                                                                                    7
         cross acTion TooThBrush                                        mepiVicaine 3% plain (100)
         OnLy $1.99 Per Brush! (normally $2.62 per brush)               •	   Rapid	onset		-	1.5	–	2	minutes
         No Limit                                                       •	   Safe	for	pediatric	patients
         $11.94 pack                                                    •	   Safe	for	geriatric	patients	
                                                                        •	   Neutral	glass
                                                                        •	   Preservative	free
                                                                        •	   Double	sterilised
                                                                        •	   Long	shelf	life
                                                                        •	   No	latex	in	contact	with	the	solution
         special oFFer                                                  •	   L
                                                                             	onger	duration	of	pulpal	anaesthesia	than	
                                                                             other locals without a vasoconstrictor
         reCeive 1x OrAL-B envirO BAg free With eACh
                                                                        •	   	 ecommended	for	use	in	patients	where	a	
         PrOfessiOnAL CAre/triuMPh Brush PurChAseD.
                                                                             vasoconstrictor	is	not	indicated	(at	risk	patients)
         While Stock Lasts.
                                                                        •	   	 ecommended	for	use	in	patients	where	
                                                                             lengthy pulpal anaesthesia is not required
                                                                        •	   D
                                                                             	 PA		Infiltration	–	20-30	minutes			
                                                                             Block	–	45-60	minutes
         power TooThBrushes                                             •	     h
                                                                             S	 ort	post	anaesthetic	period	–	approx	2	hours
         •		 rofessional	Care	8850	is	now	known	as	                     Mepivicaine	has	an	inherent	vasoconstrictor	effect,	unlike	
           Professional Care 3000                 $103.97 ea            other anaesthetics. This will cause mepivicaine to remain
         •		 rofessional	Care	7400	is	now	known	as	
           P                                                            at	the	injection	area	and	control	bleeding	adequately	for	
           Professional Care 1000                 $84.47 ea             most dental procedures. Documented allergic reactions
                                                                        are virtually non existent.
         •		 riumph	with	Smart	Guide	is	now	known	as                    $99.00 ea sAve $20
           triumph 5000 Wireless smart guide $129.99 ea

                                                                        ace round slow
                                                                        speed Burs (6)
                                                                        •	Sizes	1-8	        $4.40 ea
                                                                        •	Sizes	9-12	       $8.80 ea

           PC3000                  PC1000        Triumph 5000           monojecT 412 curVed
                                                                        syrinGe Tip
         Triumph 5000 wireless                                          $55.00 ea
                                                                        sAve $20.00
         smarT Guide
         Buy        5x triuMPh 5000 WireLess sMArt guiDe
         get        1x free
         Limit of 15 free units per account                             auToclaVe BaGs
         $129.99 ea                                                     •	21/4 x	4	/	57 x	133	(200)	                  $7.70 ea
                                                                        •	23/4 x	9	/	70 x	257	(200)	                  $10.50 ea
                                                                        •	3 / x	5 / 	/	90 x	156	(200)	
                                                                             1 2    1 4
                                                                                                                      $9.90 ea
                                                                        •	31/2 x	9	/	90 x	257	(200)	                  $11.00 ea

                                                                        Buy 10 get 3 free

         Brushes & saTin Floss deal
         Buy        144x Brushes and 1x BOx Of sAtin fLOss 5M (144)
         get        192x 60ml sample size tooth and gum Care rinse* plus 150x Bags (Available only by request)* free!
         *While Stocks Last. Eligible for PPP.

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