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					    Exploring for Iron Oxide Copper-Gold                                                     Topics
            (Ag-Bi-Co-U) deposits:                                                The extraordinary range of iron
   A practical course on alteration mapping                                       oxide copper-gold (Ag-Bi-Co-
                                                                                  U) deposits and a Canadian
   and vectoring tools for the extraordinary                                      perspective
     range of IOCG and affiliated deposits
                                                                                  The need for case studies,
                                                                                  classifications and vectors to
CIM Toronto 2009 Conference and Exhibition                                        explore      Canada’s      virgin
                                                                                  territories and global analogs
Geological Association of Canada
Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum                            Giant magmatic-hydrothermal
Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists                                    systems in the Great Bear
Inaugural Professional Development Short Course Series                            Magmatic Zone, NT
May 10th, 2009
                                                                                  The IOCG – Porphyry (Cu) –
                                                                                  Epithermal Continuum
                                                                                  Alteration vectors to IOCGs
Louise Corriveau Research scientist, Natural Resources Canada,
Geological Survey of Canada;; Adjunct professor,
                                                                                  The alteration and ore lab!
INRS Eau-Terre-Environnement
Dr. Corriveau has recently authored a synthesis on IOCG deposits in a
Canadian perspective and is now researching field vectors to IOCG                 Who should attend?
mineralization and the nuclear energy potential of IOCG systems.
                                                                                   •   Geoscientists
Hamid Mumin Professor, Brandon University, mumin@BrandonU.CA
                                                                                   •   Explorationists
Dr. Mumin has managed major exploration projects in the Ashanti Gold
Belt, the Great Bear Magmatic Zone (NWT) and elsewhere, and                        •   Managers
participated in the discovery and development of several deposits.                 •   Students
                                                                                   •   Professors
                                                                                  and those who wish to learn more
Overview                                                                          about IOCG deposits and their
                                                                                  hydrothermal systems for more
The iron oxide copper-gold (IOCG) deposit type comprises an extraordinary
                                                                                  effective exploration, mapping,
range of polymetallic deposits that defy simple classification and genetic        research, sustainable economic
models, and challenge the mineral resources community with their oxide-           development, government policy
rich rather than sulphide-rich ore zones and their atypical combination of        and land-use planning.
commodities (base, precious, rare, strategic and/or nuclear metals, and
industrial minerals). Commonalities in regional- to deposit-scale Na, Ca, K,      Earn PD Credits!
Fe alteration, breccias, sequence of alteration, zoning patterns and clustering
of deposits single out IOCG systems worldwide and provide practical               This one day short course
vectors and guides for exploration. Such characteristics also provide means       consists of talks devoted to key
to reassess seemingly disparate Au, Cu, U, Ag, Co, REE showings and               characteristics     of    IOCG
Kiruna-type alteration as parts of polymetallic IOCG systems, facilitating        deposits, exploration vectors,
identification of potential IOCG targets in under-explored areas of Canada        exploration challenges and
and global analogues. The short course addresses critical issues in exploring     field exploration methods in a
for IOCG deposits, emphasizes the importance of alteration mapping to             Canadian perspective.
validate the IOCG model and discover mineralization in under-explored
terrains and describes giant metasomatic systems. Representative photos           As there is no better way to
and rock samples from the stunning cross-sectional exposures of the Great         enrich      our    geoscience
Bear Magmatic Zone (Northwest Territories) will also be available for             knowledge than with hands-on
participants to examine and discuss.                                              experience, participants will
A contribution of                                                                 conclude the course with an
                                                                                  alteration and ore lab that
• Geological Association of Canada and its Mineral Deposit Division
                                                                                  introduces the extraordinary
• Targeted Geoscience Initiative 3, Secure Canadian Energy Supply
                                                                                  range of IOCG deposits and
    and Geo-Mapping for Energy and Minerals programs, NRCan
                                                                                  their hydrothermal alteration,
• Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development program,                 breccias and ores.
    INAC, Northwest Territories Geoscience Office
• The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
                                                                                  Share your own rock
• Brandon University                                                              samples and experiences
                                                                                  with us!