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Data Extraction_ Web Screen Scraping Tool_ Mozenda Scraper


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									Web scraping, also known as Web data extraction or Web harvesting, is a software
method of extracting data from websites. Web scraping is closely related and similar
to Web indexing, which indexes Web content. Web indexing is the method used by
most search engines. The difference with Web scraping is that it focuses more on the
translation of unstructured content on the Web, characteristically in rich text format
like that of HTML, into controlled data that can be analyzed stored and in a
spreadsheet or database. Web scraping also makes Web browsing more efficient and
productive for users. For example, Web scraping automates weather data monitoring,
online price comparison, and website change recognition and data integration.
  This clever method that uses specially coded software programs is also used by
public agencies. Government operations and Law enforcement authorities use data
scrape methods to develop information files useful against crime and evaluation of
criminal behaviors. Medical industry researchers get the benefit and use of Web
scraping to gather up data and analyze statistics concerning diseases such as AIDS
and the most recent strain of influenza like the recent swine flu H1N1 epidemic.
  Data scraping is an automatic task performed by a software program that extracts
data output from another program, one that is more individual friendly. Data scraping
is a helpful device for programmers who have to generate a line through a legacy
system when it is no longer reachable with up to date hardware. The data generated
with the use of data scraping takes information from something that was planned for
use by an end user.
  One of the top providers of Web Scraping software, Mozenda, is a Software as a
Service company that provides many kinds of users the ability to affordably and
simply extract and administer web data. Using Mozenda, individuals will be able to
set up agents that regularly extract data then store this data and finally publish the data
to numerous locations. Once data is in the Mozenda system, individuals may format
and repurpose data and use it in other applications or just use it as intelligence. All
data in the Mozenda system is safe and sound and is hosted in a class A data
warehouses and may be accessed by users over the internet safely through the
Mozenda Web Console.
  One other comparative software is called the Djuggler. The Djuggler is used for
creating web scrapers and harvesting competitive intelligence and marketing data
sought out on the web. With Dijuggles, scripts from a Web scraper may be stored in a
format ready for quick use. The adaptable actions supported by the Djuggler software
allows for data extraction from all kinds of webpages including dynamic AJAX, pages
tucked behind a login, complicated unstructured HTML pages, and much more. This
software can also export the information to a variety of formats including Excel and
other database programs.
  Web scraping software is a ground-breaking device that makes gathering a large
amount of information fairly trouble free. The program has many implications for any
person or companies who have the need to search for comparable information from a
variety of places on the web and place the data into a usable context. This method of
finding widespread data in a short amount of time is relatively easy and very cost
effective. Web scraping software is used every day for business applications, in the
medical industry, for meteorology purposes, law enforcement, and government

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