CRAFT - Acetate Balloons Balsa Wood Beads Calendars Candle Wicking

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Balsa Wood
Candle Wicking and supplies
Ceramic - Clay and tools
Clock Making Supplies
Copper Shim
Dyes - Liquid and Powder
Fabric - Lawn
Foam Cutters
Foam Sheets - Shapes
Glass & Ceramic Paints
Glitters - Dust, Paint
Modelling Clay
Moving Eyes
Paper Fasteners
Patty Pans
Pipe Cleaners
Poly Balls
Pom Poms
Stars -cardboard, adhesive, scatters
Wire Products
Wood Products - Match Sticks, Pop Sticks, Pegs etc.

ACETATE                           510x625mm      .005mm         AB102               sht
                                  625x1020mm     .005mm         AB101               sht

                 (51cmx3.65mt)    20" x 12'      .005mm         AB104               Roll
                 (102cmx6.1mt)    40" x 20'      .005mm         AB106               Roll
                 (51cmx6.1mt)     20"x 20'       .005mm         AB105               Roll
                                  61cm x 1mt     Heavy Weight   AB100               Roll
                                  61cm x 1mt     Light Weight   AB109               Roll

BALSA WOOD               75x915mm                100x915mm      915 SQUARE
         1mm     BA110      $2.07         3mm    BA123 $3.33    2.5mm   BA118       each
       1.5mm     BA111      $2.18         5mm    BA117 $4.19    3mm     BA119       each
       2.5mm     BA112      $2.25                               5mm     BA120       each
         3mm     BA113      $2.75                               6.5mm   BA121       each
       6.5mm     BA114      $3.51                               9.5mm   BA122       each
       9.5mm     BA115      $5.03
      12.5mm     BA116      $5.49

BEESWAX                  Used in Dyeing, Candles, Batik Work    MD430   500gm       each
                                                                MD431      1kg      each

CLAY             Unfiltered hand building        Stoneware      MD317        20kg   each
                                                 Terra Cotta    MD435        20kg   each
                 Filtered throwing clay          Stoneware      MD316        15kg   each
                                                 Terra Cotta    MD434        15kg   each
CLAY TILES       15cmx15cmx12mm                                 MD315               each

                                  CERAMIC - POTTERY TOOLS
       Clay Cutter Wire P44                                     MD200               each
       Clay Gun P27                                             MD201               each
       Clean up Brush CS480-10                                  MD202               each
       Clean up Brush Wire CS480-11                             MD203               each
       Clean Up Tools 480 No. 6, 7,8,                           MD204               each
       Hardwood Callipers 10" P35                               MD205               each
       Hardwood Throwing Stick 12"                              MD214               each
       Hole Cutter C21 7mm diameter                             MD216               each
       Hydra Sponge C29                                         MD208               each
       Loop Tools       CS204                         204       MD218               each
       Loop Tools       CS202   202                             MD219               each
       Loop Tools       CS205                                   MD220               each
       Metal End Turning Tools                                  MD226               each
       Modelling Tools Wooden 6" Set 10                         MD210        10pc    set

       Pottery Tool Kit - Basic                                 MD257                set
       Pro Needle T133                                          MD229               each
       Ribbon Tools C1                                          MD230               each
       Ribbon Tools C2                                          MD231               each
       Ribbon Tools C3                                          MD232               each
       Ribbon Tools C4                                          MD233               each
       Ribbon Tools C5                                          MD234               each
       Ribbon Tools C6                                          MD235               each
       Ribbon Tools C7                                          MD236               each
       Rubber Kidney P13                                        MD267               each
       Sculpture Thumbs 5" S1                                   MD238               each

      Throwing Fettling/Knife. Blade 122mm. No. 97                                 MD206                          each

      Wire End Model Tools          CS804                                          MD222                          each
      Wire End Model Tools          CS805                                          MD223                          each
      Wire End Model Tools          CS806                                          MD224                          each
      Wire End Model Tools          CS808                                          MD225                          each
      Wire End Model Tools          CS801                                          MD240                          each
      Wire End Model Tools          CS802                                          MD241                          each
      Wire End Model Tools          CS803                                          MD242                          each
      Wire End Model Tools          CS807                                          MD254                          each
      Wire End Model Tools          CS809                                          MD244                          each
      Wood Throw Ribs               T101                                           MD245                          each
      Wood Throw Ribs               T102                                           MD246                          each
      Wood Throw Ribs               T103                                           MD247                          each
      Wood Throw Ribs               T104       101    102                  104     MD248                          each
      Wood Throw Ribs               T105                                           MD249                          each
      Steel Scraper P5              ******
                                    P5                               P6            MD211                          each
      Steel Scraper P6              ******                                         MD212                          each

                  CLAY TOOLS
                        Boxwood Modelling Tools                                    MD255         Set 12            set

                          Clay Gun - For different clay shapes                     MD201                          each

                          Pottery Tool Kit                                         MD257                           kit

                                    Wooden Hammers                                 MD256         Set/5             set
Boxwood Modelling Tools

CALENDARS                                                                  Illustrated to show
                                                                           what the calandar will look like
                  Blank with S.A. school terms.                                     BD714                         each
                  Size: 31cmx 44cm                           2010

CANDLEWICK                                   40 Metre Roll                         CR401                          roll

CELLOPHANE                900x1000mm         Pkt 12 assorted                       PS573                          pkt
                                             Clear                                 PS582         25sht            pkt
                                                                                 Single Col      25sht            pkt

                  Blue PS574                 Orange PS576                 Purple PS578                    Yellow PS580
                  Green PS575                Pink   PS577                 Red     PS579
Metallics         Silver PS581               Gold     PS585
                  Red PS583                  Green    PS584                                      25sht            pkt

CLOCK MOVEMENTS                   9mm Shaft                         CR300             each
                                  15mm Shaft                        CR301             each

CLOCK HAND        50-80mm         Various styles   Gold                               each
                  180mm           Various Styles   Black                              each
CLOCK NUMERALS                    (Gold)           Roman           Arabic
                                                   CR410           CR309 10mm         each
                                                   CR415           CR315 15mm         each
                                                   CR420           CR320 30mm         each

                            Plaster modelling material              MD409      2kg    box

             BALLOONS        assorted or single colours     Round 30cm       100pc    pkt
                  Black     CR901                   Pink        CR187
                  White     CR902                   Red         CR915
                  Green     CR903                   Orange      CR916
                  Yellow    CR904                   Assorted    CR917
                  Blue      CR905

BEADS             WOOD
                  12mm Round.     Assort colours Wood              CR118     100pc    bag
                  16mm Round.     Assort colours Wood              CR119     100pc    bag
                  25mm Round.     Assort colours Wood              CR120     100pc    bag


 PONY                                                 Pet          CR122      60pc    bag
                                                   Marine          CR123      60pc    bag
                                                    Safari         CR124      60pc    bag

                  ALPHA           Letters                          CR125     350pc    bag

NEON MULTI MIX              Assorted Round                         CR126 1600pc       bag
                            Metallic Christmas                     CR1098 1000pc      bag

                  BOWLS     Coloured
                                            Set of 6 assorted       PT100     Set 6   set
                                            150mm diameter

                  SPONGE BOWL INSERTS       assort colours          PT121     Set 6   set

BRAID METALLIC                                                Gold CR1103    100mt    pkt
                                                             Silver CR1104   100mt    pkt

                      CANE         2mm      Bundle              MD306    500gm          each
                                   3mm                          MD307    500gm          each
                                   4mm                          MD308    500gm          each
                                   5mm                          MD310    500gm          each


                   Boxed                                        CR200    15grm          box

                   Bulk Pack                                    CR201      1kg          bag

                   CARDBOARD ROLLS
                   Craft Rolls Hygienic 110x338mm tubes         CR1118   110pc          box

                   CARDBOARD STARS
                   Metallic assort cols 65mm                    CR990     50pc           pkt
                   Metallic assort cols 75mm                    CR991     50pc           pkt
                   CORK BOARDS 300 x 255mm                      ST310                   each

COOKIE CUTTERS                     Australian Animals           CR130    Sets   4       set
                                   Jungle Animals               CR433    Sets   4       set
                                   Garden                       CR432    Sets   4       set
                                   Dinosaurs                    CR434    Sets   4       set

                                   Fruit                        CR1283    Set 6         set
                                   Vegetables                   CR1284    Set 6         set

COPPER SHIM                                 60cm x .1mm         CR102                   mt

SILVER                                      45cm x 1mt          CR103                   roll

COTTON BALLS                       Bulk - Small White           M3141    4000pc         ctn

COTTON LAWN        100% cotton.    90cm width                   CR179                   mt

CREAM OF TARTAR    For making Play Dough                        CR1450     1kg          each
                                                                CR1400   2.5kg          each
                                                                CR1401     5kg          each

FOOD DYE Powder     25grm      Food & finger painting           (Concentrated Powder)
(Commision Dyes)
Black    CR600     $11.97          Brown CR602          $8.75   Red    CR606            each
Blue     CR601     $11.97          Orange CR604         $8.75   Yellow CR609            each
Green    CR603     $11.97          Pink   CR605         $8.75   Violet CR608            each

FOOD DYE POWDER          100gm                             500gm
EC                      Red               CR512            Red              CR421
                        Blue              CR511            Blue             CR520
                        Yellow            CR413            Yellow           CR422
                        Green             CR515            Green            CR424
                        Orange            CR414            Orange           CR423     100gm      each
                        Purple            CR416            Purple           CR425     500gm      each
                        Turquoise         CR418            Turquoise        CR427
                        Brown             CR417            Brown            CR426
                        Black             CR510            Black            CR419

FOOD DYES LIQUID         8 bright colours Concentrated

                        Brilliant Red     CR407            Brown        CR409
                        BrilliantYellow   CR408            Orange       CR411
                        Brilliant Blue    CR405            Purple       CR412
                        Brilliant Green   CR406            Black        CR404         500ml      each

CRAFT DYES Liquid       E.C. concentrated     9 colours                               500ml      each
                        Fixing agent                                                  500ml      each
                Black            SF615            Lemon             SF619
                Blue             SF618            Orange            SF622
                Bt Sienna        SF621            Purple            SF617
                Green            SF616            Red               SF620
                Yellow           SF623

PROCION                 Reactive Cold Water Dyes                                     50g         each
Brill Blue      SF632             Orange          SF629 Black               SF626
Brill Purple    SF637             Yellow          SF631 Green               SF635
Turquoise       SF630             Pink            SF633 Brown               SF636
Red             SF628                   (fix with salt and urea)

TIE & BATIK DYE         50grm to make 5 litres             To dye:- Cotton, Wool, Nylon, Silk.
Black      SF607        Lime    SF610         Red                           SF601
Blue       SF602        Navy    SF612         Turquoise                     SF600
Brown      SF605        Orange SF608          Yellow                        SF603
Green      SF604        Pink    SF644
Grey       SF609        Purple SF606
           Fixing agent 50grm -for 50gm Dye To fix material                 SF613                each
           Fixing agent 500grm -for 50gm Dye To fix material                SF614                each

FEATHERS                Bag assorted colours
                                  Bright, large                              CR256     30gm      bag
                                  Natural or Coloured, large                 CR257     60gm      bag
                                  Cocktail                                  CR1115     10gm      bag

  Lengths              Assorted range of colours      180cm wide              CR261                       mtr
                                       Adhesive       90cm width                                          mtr
                 Black CR918     Green CR922     Blue CR919 Red               CR921 White         CR920

  Felt Squares   Wool               10 x 12" (25x30cm)           Assorted     CR260     12pc               pkt
  Felt Squares   Acrylic            25cmx30cm                                 CR499     24pc               pkt

  Clothes                             Children                                CR266     50pc               pkt
  FELT PEOPLE                         FBP/2            Adults 21cm            CR263     20pc               pkt
                                      FBP/3            Children 16cm          CR262     20pc               pkt
                                      FBP/4            Infant 12cm            CR264     30pc               pkt

  FILTERS COTTON                    Suitable for Dot Painting                 CV258     100pc             bag

  FOAM SHAPES              Multi coloured assort shapes                        CR295   250pc               pkt
                           Dinosaurs                                          CR1082    60pc               pkt
                           Australian Animals                                 CR1081    60pc               pkt

                        Farm Yard Animals                                     CR1083    60pc               pkt
                        Jungle Animals                                        CR1106    60pc              pkt
                        Sealife                                               CR1105    60pc              pkt
                        Christmas Shapes                                      CR1099    60pc              pkt
                        Crazy Bugs                                            CR272     60pc              pkt
                        Transport                                             CR1107    60pc              pkt
                        Alphabet (Lower Case)                                 CR296    300pc              bag
                        Numbers                                               CR297    100pc              bag
FOAM SHEETS      400 x 300 x 2mm        Assorted
                 (5 sheets ea Red, Yellow, Blue, Green).                      CR294     20sht             17.19
                 White only                                                   CR270     20sht              pkt

  GLASS & CERAMIC COLOURS                                                               45ml              each
  VITRAIL            (Air Dry 28 Transparent Decorative Colours Non Toxic)

  Black          CR660        Crimson         CR664         Grey      CR668     Purple          CR672
  Brown          CR661        Deep Blue       CR665         Lemon     CR669     Red Violet      CR673
  Burnt Umber    CR662        Emerald         CR666         Orange    CR670     Turquoise       CR674
  Chartreuse     CR663        Green Gold      CR667         Pink      CR671     Violet          CR675
  White          CR676        Yellow          CR677         Sand      CR752     Sky Blue        CR755
  Apple Green    CR750        Old Pink        CR1280        Parma     CR753     Dark Green      CR756
  Cobalt Blue    CR751        Salmon          CR1281        Gold      CR754     Pearl           CR757

  VITRAIL        Outliners 20ml Tubes
                 Copper          CR758                      Lead      CR680    Black   CR684
                 Vermeil Gold    CR678                      Gold      CR681
                 King Gold       CR683                      Silver    CR682             20ml               ea

VITREA 160     GLOSS 45ml    (Heat Set in any domestic Oven at 160º Non Toxic Dish Washer Safe)
Sun Yellow        CR627 Bengal Pink       CR612 Turquoise            CR628    Crimson         CR613
Saffron Yell      CR623 Amaranthine       CR610 Emerald              CR615    Amber Brown CR611
Paprika           CR620 Lazuli            CR619 Oriental Green       CR622    Earth Brown     CR614
Pepper Red        CR621 Saphire Blue      CR625 Sandalwood           CR624    Ink Black       CR617
Indian Red        CR616 Lacquer Blue      CR618 Tea Green            CR626    Veil White      CR629
VITREA 160     FROSTED 45ml
Lemon            CR1500 Pink           CR1503     Azure     CR1506    Cloud CR1509
Orange           CR1501 Purple         CR1504     Mint      CR1507
Grenadine        CR1502 Gitane Blue CR1505        Aniseed CR1508         all    45ml            each
VITREA 160     OUTLINER 20ml
Sun Yellow        CR698 Lazuli           CR651 Ink Black CR650 Pewter CR697
Paprika           CR652 Turquoise        CR699 Pearl         CR653
Pepper Red        CR696 Emerald          CR648 Gold          CR649              20ml            each
VITREA 160     MARKERS            GLOSS
Sun Yellow        CR630 Bengal Pink CR631        Sandalwood Green CR632
Amber            CR1275 Turquoise      CR634     Brown               CR1276
Pepper Red        CR636 Emerald        CR637     Ink Black            CR638                     each
VITREA 160     MARKERS            FROSTED
Lemon             CR639    Violet      CR1277        Mint             CR641
Orange            CR642    Gitane      CR1278        Aniseed          CR644
Pink              CR645    Azure       CR646         Neutral          CR647                     each

PORCELAINE 150 45ml      (Heat Set in any domestic Oven at 150º Non Toxic Dish Washer Safe)
Citrine Yellow      CR1201         Lapis Blue           CR1216     Dune Yellow            CR1231
Marseilles Yellow   CR1202         Ming Blue            CR1217     Lt Scale Brown         CR1232
Saffron Orange      CR1203         Sapphire Blue        CR1218     Calcite Brown          CR1233
Agate Orange        CR1204         Emerald              CR1219     Amber Brown            CR1234
Coral Red           CR1205         Turquoise            CR1220     Esterel Brown          CR1235
Scarlet Red         CR1206         Peacock Blue         CR1221     Tapaz Red              CR1236
Ruby Red            CR1207         Opaline Blue         CR1222     Mummy Brown            CR1237
Opaline Pink        CR1208         Opaline Green        CR1223     Haematite Grey         CR1238
Fushia              CR1209         Clay Green           CR1224     Abyss Black            CR1239
Tourmaline Red      CR1210         Malachite Green      CR1225     Anthracite Black       CR1240
Garnet Red          CR1211         Oliveine Green       CR1226     Ivory                  CR1241
Etrescan Red        CR1212         Bronze Green         CR1227     Gold                   CR1242
Amethyst Purple     CR1213         Amazonite Green      CR1228     Vermeil Gold           CR1243
Parma Violet        CR1214         Peridot Green        CR1229     Copper                 CR1244
Azurite Violet      CR1215         Greengold            CR1230     Pewter                 CR1245
                                                                                       45ml            each
Marseilles Yellow  CR1247            Bronze Green          CR1251        Copper CR1255
Coral Red          CR1248            Anthracite Black      CR1252        Pewter CR1256
Tourmaline Red     CR1249            Gold                  CR1253                      20ml            each
Ming Blue          CR1250            Vermeil Gold          CR1254

PORCELAINE 150 MARKERS            Broad                                                                each
Marseilles Yellow  CR1257         Lapis Blue      CR1260            Amazonite Green           CR1263
Agate Orange       CR1258         Peacock Blue    CR1261            Earth Brown               CR1264
Scarlet Red        CR1259         Peridot Green   CR1262            Anthracite Black          CR1265
PORCELAINE 150 MARKERS            Fine                                                                 each
Marseilles Yellow  CR1266         Lapis Blue      CR1269            Amazonite Green           CR1272
Agate Orange       CR1267         Peacock Blue    CR1270            Earth Brown               CR1273
Scarlet Red        CR1268         Peridot Green   CR1271            Anthracite Black          CR1274

SETACOLOUR 45ml                            all Fluorescent, Opaque,Pearl               45ml               each
Non toxic easy to fix with an Iron         all Transparent                             45ml               each
Fluorescent Blue        SF484        Opaque Sienna           SF480         Transparent Bengal Pink      SF503
Fluorescent Green       SF485        Opaque Titanium White   SF481         Transparent Black Lake       SF504
Fluorescent Orange      SF486        Opaque Velvet Brown     SF482         Transparent Bright Orange    SF505
Fluorescent Pink        SF487        Opaque Vermilion        SF483         Transparent Buttercup        SF506
Fluorescent Yellow      SF488        Opaque Kit              SF523         Transparent Cardinal Red     SF507
Opaque Bengal Pink      SF464        Opaque Mini Kit         SF524         Transparent Cobalt Blue      SF508
Opaque Black Lake       SF465        Opaque Set              SF525         Transparent Emerald Green    SF522
Opaque Buttercup        SF466        Pearl Amethyst Purple   SF489         Transparent Fuchsia          SF509
Opaque Chamois          SF467        Pearl Aquamarine        SF490         Transparent lemon Yellow     SF510
Opaque Cherry           SF468        Pearl Cherry Red        SF491         Transparent Light Green      SF511
Opaque Cobalt Blue      SF469        Pearl Citrine           SF492         Transparent Moss Green       SF512
Opaque Cornflower       SF470        Pearl Coal              SF493         Transparent Oriental Red     SF513
Opaque Duck Blue        SF471        Pearl Dark Copper       SF494         Transparent Parma Violet     SF514
Opaque Fawn             SF472        Pearl Gold              SF495         Transparent Pernod Yellow    SF515
Opaque Green Gold       SF473        Pearl Jade              SF496         Transparent Raw Sienna       SF516
Opaque Lemon Yellow     SF474        Pearl                   SF497         Transparent Red Ochre        SF517
Opaque Light Green      SF475        Pearl Light Copper
                                     Lapis-                  SF498         Transparent Turquoise        SF518
Opaque Mouse Grey       SF476        Pearl Pearl             SF499         Transparent Ultramarine Blue SF519
Opaque Oriental Blue    SF477        Pearl Peridot Green     SF500         Transparent Velvet Brown     SF520
Opaque Parma Violet     SF478        Pearl Silver            SF501         Transparent Vermilion        SF521
Opaque Sanguine         SF479        Pearl Tourmaline        SF502         Transparent Set              SF526

SETASILK 45ml           Non toxic easy to fix with an Iron                             45ml              each
Azure Blue              SF400     Green Bronze             SF411           Poppy Red                   SF422
Beaver Brown            SF401     Hermes Red               SF412           Primary Yellow              SF423
Buttercup               SF402     Iris Violet              SF413           Raspberry                   SF424
Caramel                 SF403     Magenta                  SF414           Salmon                      SF425
Chestnut                SF404     Meadow Green             SF415           Silver Grey                 SF426
Cinnamon                SF405     Moss Green               SF416           Tangerine                   SF427
Coral                   SF406     Navy Blue                SF417           Turquoise                   SF428
Cyan                    SF407     Old Gold                 SF418           Setasilk Dilutant           SF545
Ebony                   SF408     Onyx                     SF419           Setasilk Starter Kit        SF463
Emerald                 SF409     Oriental Green           SF420           Setasilk Thinner            SF462
Gitane Blue             SF410     Plum                     SF421

SETASILK GUTTA - Solvent base 120ml                                  Colour           120ml              each
Black                   SF458              Gold      SF460           Metallic         120ml              each
Clear                   SF459              Silver    SF461

SETASILK GUTTA          20ml         (water based)                                     20ml              each
Azure Blue              SF429              Gitane Blue       SF439         Oriental Green     SF449
Beaver Brown            SF430              Green Bronze      SF440         Plum               SF450
Buttercup               SF431              Hermes Red        SF441         Poppy Red          SF451
Caramel                 SF432              Iris Violet       SF442         Primary Yellow     SF452
Chestnut                SF433              Magenta           SF443         Raspberry          SF453
Cinnamon                SF434              Meadow Green      SF444         Salmon             SF454
Coral                   SF435              Moss Green        SF445         Silver Grey        SF455
Cyan                    SF436              Navy Blue         SF446         Tangerine          SF456
Ebony                   SF437              Old Gold          SF447         Turquoise          SF457
Emerald                 SF438              Onyx              SF448

 HONEYCOMB MESH             METALLIC rolls                   10cm width by 10mt long
                            STD Round
                       Gold  CR762         Red               CR759
                       Green CR761         Silver            CR763

 HESSIAN               Coloured          Bright colours 182cm width                      SF701                    mt
                       Raw               Undyed Hessian 182cm width                      SF700                    mt

 JIG SAW BLANKS               Pkt 20 pieces                                              CR175                    pkt

 Make your own jigsaw puzzles

 MAGNETS                                 Round               15mm                        CR193     Pkt 10         pkt
                                         Round               20mm                        CR194     Pkt 10         pkt

                                         Sheets (100 pre-cut)                            CR195                    sht
 MAGNETIC STRIP                          19mmx90cm                                       CR526                    pkt

 MASKS         Paper Mache               Child Face Mask Pk10                            CR514      13cm           pkt
sample of child mask                     Adult Face Mask                                 CR516      17cm          each

              Biodegradable Cane Fibre
                                   Full Face Mask Bulk Pack                             CR1119       24pc         pkt
                                   Half Face Mask Bulk Pack                             CR1120       24pc         pkt

 MASKS/MOULDS                 Plain Face Mask - White plastic, light weight              CR868                    each
                              Eye Mask Plain Card - to decorate                          CR861       50pc          pkt
                              Large Face Mask Mould - Clear Male                        CR851M                    each
                              Large Face Mask Mould - Clear Female                      CR851F                    each
                              Face Mask Mould 9 Face Shapes                              CR854                    each

 MESH ROLLS            Natural Fibre                         45cm x 9mt                  ME001                    roll
                       Natural Fibre Metallic                50cm x 10mt                 ME002                    roll
                       Plastic Decorative Netting            60cm x 10mt                 ME003                    roll
                       Metallic Silver Fabric Netting        28cmx5mt                    ME004                    sht
                       Metallic Gold Fabric Netting          28cmx5mt                    ME005                    sht
              Natural                                        Natural &Metallic Thread            Metallic
                                                   Plastic                                       Fabric Netting

 MIX IT          Paper Mache Material                                                   MD411         2kg         box

                       Paper Magiclay White                                             MD503      200gm          pkt
                       A Lightweight, soft and elastic modelling compound which resembles a paper like texture
                       when dry. Will bond wet to dry. No adhesives or tools are required

CONTENTS: Shredded Foil, Joggle eyes,Chenille
Stems, Foam Sheets, Shredded Coloured Paper,                                     CR188                                 box
Pom Poms, Feathers, Sequins, assort Shape
Collage Boards.

 DAS Air drying clay White           MD404                                                  500gm                     each
                     Terra Cotta     MD406                                                  500gm                     each
                     White           MD405                                                     1kg                    each
                     Terra Cotta     MD407                                                     1kg                    each
 MODEL MAGIC                   Light weight compound for modelling
                     Class Pack               75x1oz White       MD322W                          75pc                 each
                     Class Pack               75x1oz Coloured    MD322C                          75pc                 each
                     Single Sachet 1oz                            MD708                           1pc                 each

                         Bucket                                White            MD326       907gm                     each
                                                    4 Colour Assorted           MD324       907gm                     each


 CRAFT PLAY TOOLS        assort colours & shapes                        135mm    MD551           set4                  set
                         assort colours & shapes                        182mm    MD552           pk12                  set

 FUN DOUGH ACCESSORIES          assort colours & shapes                          MD553           set5                  set
 FUN DOUGH ROUND PIZZA CUTTER          assort colours                   181mm    MD554           pk12                  pkt
 FUN DOUGH ZIG ZAG PIZZA CUTTER        assort colours                   185mm    MD555           pk12                  pkt
 FUN DOUGH TOOL      Assort colours                                     200mm    MD556           pk12                  pkt
 DOUGH CLAY CUTTER                                                      100mm    MD557            pk6                  pkt

 Fun Dough Accessories         Round Pizza Cutter     Zig Zag Pizza Cutter      Fun Dough Tool          Dough Clay Cutter

 MODROC                    Plaster impregnated cloth                             MD320        5kg                      bag
                           Ideal for masks                                       MD321       10kg                      bag

 SCULPT-IT                E.C. Modelling compound                                MD410           10kg                  box
 Plaster base

 PREMIX 500grm                      Instant paper Mache                          MD319                                 bag
                                    Non toxic. Safe, easy to use

 MODELLING ALGINATE                                                             MD1265 500gm                           box
 SILIGUM MOULDING MATERIAL                                                      MD1266 100gm                           pkt

MODELLING CLAY        500grm (like Plasticine) 14 different colours. Soft, kneadable

White      MD091                Grey             MD093                                 Orange   MD092
Red        MD089                Pink             MD094                                 Black    MD090
Green      MD088                Purple           MD095                                 Olive    MD085
Yellow     MD087                Terra Cotta      MD096                                 Ivory    MD084
Blue       MD086                Flesh            MD097                           all             each
Lt Green   MD750                Sky Blue         MD098

SCULPEY 111           Modelling clay in brilliant colours. Can be hardened in the oven.
                      All colours                                                56gm            each
                      Beige            MD336 Atomic Orange            MD354 Elephant Grey       MD361
                      Black            MD331 Ballerina                MD343 French Blue         MD329
                      Blue             MD333 Hazel Nut                MD754 Hot Pink            MD348
Gold      MD362       Blue Pearl       MD358 Just Orange              MD357 Pearl               MD363
Ivory     MD347       Chocolate        MD332 Leaf Green               MD341 Pottery             MD344
Lemon     MD355       Dusty Rose       MD338 Lt Blue Pearl            MD365 Purple              MD350
Lime      MD352       Emerald          MD342 Lt Pink Pearl            MD364 Red Hot             MD356
Moss      MD353       Granny Smith MD339 Pale Pistachio               MD340 Silver              MD366
Red       MD335       Green Pearl      MD359 Spring Lilac             MD751 Sunset              MD755
Tan       MD337       Stonewash        MD752 Tomato Red               MD345 Sweet Potato        MD330
Violet    MD351       String Bean      MD753 Turquoise                MD349 Translucent         MD328
Yellow    MD334       Sunshine         MD346 White                    MD327 Vanilla Crème       MD360
LARGE BLOCKS          White      MD756                          Black MD757     453gm            each
SUPER SCULPEY         Soft                                            MD403     450gm            each
LIVING DOLL skin tones                 Lt Beige MD416          Beige MD428      454gm            each

SCULPEY SOFTENER                                                   MD408      30ml               each

MOVING EYES     4mm Round                                          CR332      100pc              bag
                7mm Round                                          CR333      100pc              bag
               10mm Round                                          CR335      100pc              bag
               12mm Round                                          CR337      100pc              bag
               15mm Round                                          CR339      100pc              bag
               20mm Round                                          CR342      100pc              bag
               25mm Round                                          CR343      100pc              bag
               15mm Oval                                           CR340      100pc              bag


               10mm Round                                          CR336      100pc              bag

               Assorted Sizes                                      CR344      100pc              bag

               15mm Round       with Eyelashes                     CR775      100pc              bag

 MATCHSTICKS                            Plain                     3000        MD313               bag
                                        Coloured                  3000        MD314               bag

                                         40mm   Round                         CR321              each
                                         50mm   Round                         CR322              each
                                         60mm   Round                         CR323              each
                                         75mm   Round                         CR324              each
                                        100mm   Round                         CR325              each
                                        125mm   Round                         CR326              each
                                        150mm   Round                         CR327              each

 PUNCHES Decorative              Craft                                           Small – CP1     each
 (Many of these have been deleted please                                         Large – CP2     each
 check for availability)

 POLYSTYRENE FOAM CUTTER                     Safe – Easy to use               CR305              each
                                        Replacement Wire                      CR306              each

Now anything is possible, three metre high sculptures, life-like architectural models, landscapes,
custom made moulds, relief (3-D) murals and much more! Makes Styrofoam cutting fast and easy – if
you can imagine can make it! These revolutionary foam sculpting tools helped create the 1.83
metre high, life sized Oscar to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the USA Academy Awards and were
also used in the recent Disney films ‘The Haunted Mansion’ and ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’.
Styrofoam or ESP (Expanded Poly Styrene) foam blocks can be glued together with ‘Foam Fusion’
adhesive to make a parent block as large as your imagination and the completed work smoothed and
hardened with ‘Foam Coat’ for a lasting, durable finish. The range of starter kits comes complete
with a plug-in-the-wall power supply transformer to reduce the voltage to a safe 6 volts, a long 3.6
metre (12’) power cord and easy hold handles complete with on/off power switch. Individual tools

 HOT WIRE FOAM FACTORY DVD (90 MINUTES)                                       CR1601             each
 HOT WIRE SCULPTING TOOL KIT                                                  CR1602             each
 HOT WIRE SCULPTING TOOL & WIRES (TOOL & WIRES ONLY)                          CR1603              set
 REPLACEMENT WIRES                                                            CR1604     6pc      pkt
 HOT WIRE HOT KNIFE KIT                                                       CR1605              ea
 HOT WIRE HOT KNIFE (KNIFE ONLY)                                              CR1606              ea
 Excludes power supply and instructional DVD
 HOT WIRE ENGRAVING TOOL                                                      CR1607              ea
 HOT WIRE 2-IN-ONE CRAFTERS KIT                                               CR1608              set
 HOT WIRE 3-IN-ONE CRAFTERS KIT                                               CR1609              set

 FOAM                       Sheets assorted             400x300x2mm           CR294     20sht     pkt
                            Shapes assorted                                   CR295     250pc     pkt
 PRINTING FOAM              (Scratch Art Foam)                    A4 Sheets   CR391    15shts     pkt
                                                                  A3 Sheets   CR392    10shts     pkt

FUNKY FILM                  Self adhesive sheets of sparkling or holographic colours.
                                                      15x20cm               CR504                                sht
                            3D Pkt 2                  15x25cm               CR503                                pkt

FILM           Clear film for Photocopiers Box 100                  A4                PS831    100sht            box
                                                                                      PS832        A3            sht
                   Clear                                                              PS830        A4            sht
Red PSP1010        Green PSP1011                 Blue PSP1012       Yellow          PSP1013       A4             sht

GOLD LEAF                   Antiquing Kit                                             GL100                       kit
                            Sealer/Glaze                                              GL101                      each
                            Books of leafing                        Silver            GL102     25sht            book
                            Gold      GL103                         Copper            GL104     25sht            book
                            Gold      GL110                         Silver            GL111    100sht            book

IDEA LEAF             Variegated Sunshine GL105                          Assorted     GL106                      box
                           Gold Size Adhesive                                         GL107    250ml             ea

RUB 'n' BUFF                                              Tube
          Antique Gold                   CR104            Ebony               CR105
          Silver Leaf                    CR107                                                  15ml             each
          Grecian Gold                   CR106
          Gold Leaf                      CR1033

GLITTER                     Shaker Jar           Empty                                CR167      6pc             pkt

                            Red          CR145            Green CR148 Silver CR149               25g             jar
                            Blue         CR146            Gold CR147 Multi CR150

Laser Glitter Shakers                                               Silver          CR1294      50gm             jar
(a very fine rectangular shaped Glitter looks great!)

BULK                                    100gm                 1kg                     100gm    1kg
                            Red          CR151            CR157              Silver CR155 CR161
                            Blue         CR152            CR158               Gold CR153 CR159
                            Green        CR154            CR160                                100gm             bag
                            Violet       CR156            CR162                                   1kg            bag

GLITTER GLUE                KINDYGLITZ           set 5 colours      Standard      CR168                           pkt
                                                                    Fluoro        CR169                           pkt
                                                                    Crystallina   CR170                           pkt
                                                                    Standard            Single                   each
                                                                    3D Kindyglitz       Single                   each
Copper     CR1036           Antique Silver CR1042 Rainbow                           CR1048    Purple    CR1054
Aqua       CR1037           Crystallina      CR1043 Purple Blaze                    CR1049    Lime      CR1055
Pink       CR1038           Dusty Rose       CR1044 Majestic Purple                 CR1050    Lilac     CR1056
Black      CR1039           Black Opal       CR1045 Orange                          CR1051    Red       CR1057
Gold       CR1040           Green            CR1046 Pacific Blue                    CR1052    Silver    CR1058
Blue       CR1041           Hot Pink         CR1047 Aztec Gold                      CR1053    Yellow    CR1059
see following page for     full range of 3D Kindyglitz

3D KINDYGLIZ (These are still Acid Free and Non Toxic although they are paint based rather than glue based)
                                                                                              36ml             each
SLICK                      GLITTER                      GLITTER                           GLITTER
White       CR1300         Crystalina         CR1310    Majestic Purple         CR1320    Rainbow             CR1330
Lemon       CR1301         Yellow             CR1311    Blue                    CR1321    Antique Silver      CR1331
Yellow      CR1302         Orange             CR1312    Lime                    CR1322    Black Opal          CR1332
Orange      CR1303         Red                CR1313    Green                   CR1323    Black               CR1333
Red         CR1304         Pink               CR1314    Aqua                    CR1324
Purple      CR1305         Hot Pink           CR1315    Pacific Blue            CR1325    METALLIC
Navy        CR1306         Dusty Rose         CR1316    Copper                  CR1326    Gold                CR1334
Dk Green    CR1307         Lilac              CR1317    Aztec Gold              CR1327    Silver              CR1335
Brown       CR1308         Purple             CR1318    Gold                    CR1328    Copper              CR1336
Black       CR1309         Purple Blaze       CR1319    Silver                  CR1329
GEM                        FLUORO                                 PUFF
Blue        CR1344         Yellow             CR1339              White          CR1337
Yellow      CR1345         Orange             CR1340              Black          CR1338
Red         CR1346         Pink               CR1341
Clear       CR1347         Blue               CR1342
                           Green              CR1343

GLITTER PAINT              8 Metallic colours           500ml                                                  each
         Red               CR115     Fairy Purple       CR111             Blue            CR108
         Green             CR113     Fairy Krystal      CR109             Fairy Pink      CR110
         Turquoise         CR117     Gold               CR112             Magenta         CR114 Silver        CR116

JO SONJA OPAL DUST (large and small "shimmery" particles)                        CR710        60ml             each
                                                                                 CR711       250ml             each
            GOLD DUST                                                            CR712        60ml             each
                                                                                 CR713       250ml             each

GLITTER SHAPES             Assorted Glitter shapes                (scatters)      CR163      40pks              set

GLITTER STARS              Metallic Stars Assorted Colours                        CR558      25gm               pkt
                           Gold                                                   CR165      25gm               pkt
                           Silver                                                 CR166      25gm               pkt
                           Sequin Stars and other sequin shapes see page 39

STARS       (Adhesive)                         Gold          ST135   Red    ST138                               pkt
                                               Silver        ST136 Green ST139                                  pkt
                                               Orange        ST137 Blue ST140                                   pkt
                                               Multi Col     ST150                                              pkt
3D RENOIR STICKERS              Large choice of design:Letters, Numbers, Themes eg.
         Christmas in. Gold, Silver, Red, Green & multiple colours                                              pkt
                   to see the full range of stickers go to

LAWN                  100% cotton       (90cm)              36 " wide    CR179              mt
                                                            Bolt        CR1060      38mt    roll

LEATHER THONGING                                                                            hank
                      Black     CR180              Tan      CR186       Green      CR183
                      Brown     CR182              Red      CR185       White     CR1061
                      Natural   CR184              Blue     CR181

LEATHER Maun Rotary Leather             Multi Hole for board as well     ST908              each

Wooden Models         Male      CR853M Deluxe (30cm) Female             CR853F       12"    each
Variegated            Male      CR862M        (30cm) Female             CR862F       12"    each
                      Male      CR863M        (40cm) Female             CR863F       16"    each
                      Male      CR864M        (65cm) Female             CR864F       26"    each
                      Male      CR865M        (105cm)                                42"    each
                                                      Hand              CR525R         8"   each

ANIMAL MANIKINS                         Horse               CR1063       (40cm)      16"    each
                                        Elephant            CR1064       (25cm)      10"    each
                                        Elephant            CR593        (50cm)      20"    each

Magnetic 2D Plastic                     Fully adjustable                 CR592              each

PAINTED MANIKINS                12" (30cm)                                                  each
Blue     CR855        Red       CR856              Silver   CR857       Yellow CR858

MOULDS                Clear Plastic Clay/Plaster/Dough
                      Dinosaur - Farm Animals – Fish - Bear             CR852       Set 4   set

                      Face mask mould Clear Male                        CR851M              each
                      Face mask mould Clear Female                      CR851F              each
                      Face mask mould 9 faces                           CR854               each

NAILS           Flat Head       30mm x    2mm                           MD412      500gm    pkt
                                40mm x    2mm                           MD413      500gm    pkt
                                50mm x    2mm                           MD414      500gm    pkt
                Bullet Head     40mm x    2mm                           MD415      500gm    pkt

NEEDLES               Tapestry           Large Eye                       CR346     24pc   pkt
                      Plastic            Large Eye                       CR1110    32pc   pkt

NYLON LINE      8lb x 100 metres                                         CR347            reel
                15lb x 100 metres                                        CR349            reel
                23lb x 100 metres                                        CR350            reel
                30lb x 100 metres                                        CR352            reel

Decorative            Small Round, Heart, Stars, Diamonds Squares,                100pc   pkt
                      Triangles      approx 14 different colours                  100pc   pkt
                      Large Round, Heart, Stars, Diamonds Squares,                100pc   pkt
                      Triangles      approx 14 different colours                  100pc   pkt
                      Xmas Trees Red, Green

PAPER DOYLEYS             No.   5                            140mm        CR202    250    pkt
                          No.   6                            165mm        CR203    250    pkt
                          No.   7                            190mm        CR204    250    pkt
                          No.   8                            215mm        CR205    250    pkt
METALLIC              Gold                                   190mm        CR206     15    pkt
                      Silver                                 190mm        CR209     15    pkt
                      Gold                                   215mm        CR207     15    pkt
                      Silver                                 215mm        CR210     15    pkt
                      Gold                                   265mm        CR208     10    pkt
                      Silver                                 265mm        CR211     10    pkt

PAPER PLATES                        Uncoated       Dessert      175mm     CR213    125    pkt
                                    Uncoated       Dinner       225mm     CR214     50    pkt

PAPER FACE SHAPES (approx) 80gsm weight paper                             CR860    50pc   pkt

PAPER DOLL SHAPES                                            27cm         CR001    50pc   pkt

PAPER HAND SHAPES                                            12cm         CR002    50pc   pkt

PAPER SHAPES "CUTOUT" 300gsm weight card (can be used as paper shape or stencil)
Boys     CR1525    130x150mm       Hands CR1527           140x310mm        24pc
Girls    CR1526    130x150mm       Feet CR1528            95x60mm          24pc           pkt

Boats       CR1529    220x200mm          Dinosaurs CR1533            245X200mm     24pc   pkt
Butterflies CR1530    130x150mm          Fairies   CR1534            160X220mm     24pc   pkt
Cars        CR1531    270x140mm          Fish      CR1535            225X200mm     24pc   pkt
Chickens CR1532       220x205mm          Piglets   CR1536            229X179mm     24pc   pkt

PATTY PANS                  Assorted Colours                               CR237    1000pc   pkt
                            Assorted colours Mini                          CR238     500pc   pkt
                            White                                          CR239    1000pc   pkt

            MINI METALLIC                   Assorted                       CR1001    100pc   pkt

PEGS               Half Peg Segments                                       CR197     200pc   bag
                   Dolly                                                   CR196      24pc   bag

PIPE CLEANERS               30cm bundles Assorted Bright                    CR241  100pc     pkt
(Chenille stems)            30cm White                                      CR248  100pc     pkt
                            30cm Neon Assorted Colours                      CR244  100pc     pkt
                            30cm Tinsel Stems Assorted Colours              CR246  100pc     pkt
                            30cm Tinsel Stems Silver                       CR1072 100pc      pkt
                            30cm Tinsel Stems Gold                         CR1073 100pc      pkt
                            30cm Striped Stems                             CR1291 100pc      pkt
                            30cm Christmas Red, Green & White               CR242 100pc      pkt
                            15cm Cotton Pipe cleaners Assort Colours       CR1075 1000pc     pkt
            Includes an
                            Brain Noodles 31mmx450mm                       CR1286   12pc     pkt
            Activity Book   Brain Noodles 31mmx450mm                       CR1285   50pc     pkt

POM POMS                Standard                            Assorted        CR370    150pc   bag
                        Neon                                Assorted       CR1003    150pc   bag
                        Glitter colours                     Assorted       CR1004    200pc   bag
                        Christmas Glitter                   Assorted        CR371    140pc   bag
                        Animal Colour                       Assorted        CR528    300pc   bag
                        Animal Stripe                       Assorted        CR527    100pc   bag
                        Animal Print                        Assorted       CR1290    100pc   bag
       Red, Green White Christmas Colours                   Assort sizes   CR1190    150pc   bag

POPSTICKS                             Plain                                 CR373 1000pc     bag
                                      Assorted Colours                      CR374 500pc      bag

ROLLING PINS                          4 Pattern Surface 210mm               CR127      4pc    set
                                      Std Round 210mm       Wooden         CR1113            each

SEQUINS        Assorted Colours                 Flat Round                 CR529     25gm    pkt
               Star Sequins w/hole              Assorted colours           CR552     25gm    pkt
               Multi Xmas mix                   Assort Christmas           CR541     25gm    pkt
               Stars Assort Sizes               Assorted colours           CR551     50gm    jar
               Large Stars                      Assorted colours           CR555     50gm    jar
               Christmas mix                    Assorted colours           CR546     50gm    jar
               Christmas Sequins Assort Col & sizes (bulk)                 CR544    100gm    jar
               Hologram gold/silver Round       Assorted colours           CR556     50gm    jar
               Animals & Birds                  Assorted colours           CR545     50gm    jar
               Sea Creatures                    Assorted colours           CR557     50gm    jar
               Embossed Round                   Assorted colours           CR549     50gm    jar
               Diamonds                         Assorted colours           CR547     50gm    jar
               Diamonds                         Gold & Silver mix          CR548     50gm    jar
               Hearts                           Assorted colours           CR560     50gm    jar

SHAPES    Scatter Metallic Shapes                         (Scatters)   CR163      40pk   set
          Scatters stars Gold                                          CR165     25gm    bag
          Scatters Stars Silver                                        CR166     25gm    bag
          Scatters Stars Assort Colours                                CR164     25gm    bag

SMOCKS                Fully stitched with sleeves and stretchy neckband
                      NEW - IMPROVED!                                SM001               each

STOCKING PIECES                  assorted colours                      CR596    100gm    pkt
                                 Assort Colours Glitter                CR1292     10pc   pkt

SPONGES               Cellulose
                      Very absorbent               Square (thick)      PT515             each

SEA SPONGES           Natural             21/2" - 3"                   PT520             each
                                          31/2" - 4"                   PT521             each
                                          4" - 41/2"                   PT518             each

SPONGE BOWLS        Set of 6 assorted Colours (well balanced, strong) PT100              set
SPONGE BOWL INSERTS            Set 6 colours to match the bowls       PT121              set

SPONGE PAINT ROLLERS          Foam - Creative
                    Roller with handle                                  PT503   60mm     each
                                                                       PT1000   85mm     each
                      Cover only                                  60mm  PT505   pk5      pkt
                                                                  85mm  PT506   pk5      pkt
                      Baby Roller Kit with tray (rota-cota)       60mm  PT508            set

FOAM ROLLERS          No. 202                                           ET800 50mm       set
With extra cover      No. 303                                           ET801 75mm       set
                      No. 404                                           ET802 100mm      set

FOAM ROLLER           902-1                                             ET820   25mm     set
                      902-2                                             ET803   50mm     set

STARS     Non adhesive           Small Metallic assorted               CR558     25gm    bag
                                 Gold CR165              Silver        CR166     25gm    bag
          Cardboard Foil Stars Assorted Colours          65mm          CR990      50pc   pkt
                                                         75mm          CR991      50pc   pkt

          Adhesive               Gold CR006               Assorted     CR176             pkt
          Quik Stik              Silver CR007             Green        CR009
                                 Red CR008                Blue         CR010

SKELETON LEAVES       Natural                                          CR1096   100pc    pkt

              Gold   CR1295             Silver   CR1296           20gm   pkt

STENCILS LETTERING            RADIANT                     ST946   13mm   each
                                                          ST947   19mm   each
                                                          ST948   25mm   each
                                                          ST949   40mm   each
                                                          ST950   51mm   each
                                                          ST951   75mm   each

                               HELIX    Standard          ST926    5mm   each
                                                          ST927   10mm   each
                                                          ST928   20mm   each
                                                          ST929   30mm   each
                                                          ST930   50mm   each

                                        Italic            ST923   20mm   set
                                        Old English       ST924   30mm   set

  FRAME IT STENCIL SET                   Assorted Borders                   Set 4         CR1007                              set

  MASK STENCIL SET                       Fairy                              Set 4         CR1008                              set
                                         Animals                            Set 4         CR1006

  E.C JUMBO STENCILS                     Australian Animals                 Set 1          CR132          6pc                 set
                                         Australian Animals                 Set 2         CR1009          6pc                 set
                                         Sea life                                          CR133          6pc                 set
                                         Australian Map                                    CR128          8pc                 set
                                         Dinosaur Animals                                  CR134          6pc                 set

  Alphabet SAL Lower Case A-Z                        90x110mm         CR1012L      52pc                                       set
  Alphabet SAL Upper Case A-Z                        90x110mm         CR1012U      52pc                                       set
  Please note
  All lower case stencils are the approved typeface of the respective state of Australia

  Numbers                                         0-9           150x200mm                 CR1013         10pc                 set
  Numbers Small                                   0-9           90x110mm                  CR1018         10pc                 set
  Geometric    Geometric shapes                                 90x110mm                  CR1014         12pc                 set
  Fruit          CR1016                                                Vegetables         CR1017          6pc                 set
  Jungle Animals                                                                          CR1031          6pc                 set
  Transport                                                                               CR1011          6pc                 set
  Farm Yard Animals                                                                       CR1090          6pc                 set
  Fairy                                                                                   CR1089          6pc                 set
  Christmas                                       Not all stencils illustrated            CR1088          6pc                 set

                                                                     RUBBING PLATES                RUBBING PLATES
Contains a combination of     Contains Cat, Cow, Dog,                Australian Animals Set1       Australian Animals set 2
Transport, Dinosaurs &        Elephant, Giraffe, Hippo, Lion,        Wombat, Cockatoo,             Emu, Kookaburra, Koala,
Sealife                       Fish, Frog, Snail & Caterpillar        Echidna & Kangaroo            Platypus

  Kinder Rubs Rubbing Plates Set1           130x130mm                                     CR1015         12pc                 set
  Kinder Rubs Rubbing Plates Set2           130x130mm                                     CR1030         12pc                 set
  Fairy Set - Fairy, Unicorn, Mermaid, Pixie                                              CR2002          4pc                 set
  Fruit Set - Banana, Apple, Pineapple & Pear                                             CR2005          4pc                 set
  Vegetable Set - Pumpkin, Peas, Carrot &Tomatoe                                          CR2006          4pc                 set
  Leaves Set - Maple, Birch, Oak & Elm                                                    CR2003          4pc                 set
  Australian Animals Set 1                                                                CR1086          4pc                 set
  Australian Animals Set2                                                                 CR1087          4pc                 set
  Christmas     RUBBING PLATES Xmas Contains a                                            CR1085          4pc                 set
                 combination of Santa, Xmas Tree, Xmas
                 Stocking, Reindeer

  STRING                   75m roll fine string cotton                                         CR446                          roll
                           70m roll fine jute                                                  CR442                          roll
               Fine Cotton           CR456 $22.74                           Fine Jute          CR443                          roll
               Medium Cotton         CR457 $18.03                        Medium Jute           CR448                          roll
               Heavy Cotton          CR458 $21.33                         Heavy Jute           CR447                          roll

                            Boat streamers assort colours                                  CR395       12rolls                pkt
                            Crepe Streamers. Asst. Bright Colours                          CR396        6rolls                pkt
                            Also Xmas (2 Red, 2 White, 2 Green)                           CR1100        6rolls                pkt

STEARINE            Additive to Candle Wax. Assists in removal from mould
                    Clean burning and even colouring
                    Use 500grm to 5kg candle wax                          CR402                        each

SCRATCH ART                Board                                                CR388   10sht          pkt
                           Paper - Coloured                                     CR390   12sht          pkt
                           Film for Stain Glass Effect                          CR389   10sht          pkt
                           Scratch Art Sticks                                   CR393   100pc          pkt

SCRAPE-IT                  Pattern makers
                                    140mm                                      CR1019     4pc          set

STRAWS              Single colours    Plastic
                           Red                  CR1020            White        CR1024
                           Blue                 CR1021            Black        CR1025
                           Green                CR1022            Pink         CR1026
                           Yellow               CR1023                                  1000           bag

PAINT STAMPERS             Set assorted shapes per theme
                           Aust Animals                                         ST250    set 6         set
                           Christmas                                            ST251    set 6         set
 Made of robust            Dinosours                                            ST252    set 6         set
plastic great for          Farm Animals                                         ST253    set 6         set
  small hands.             Jungle Animals                                       ST254    set 6         set
Stands 8cm tall,
   the stamp               Fruit                                                ST269    set 6         set
 diameter 6cm              Vegetables                                           ST270    set 6         set
                           Fairies                                              ST255    set 6         set
                           Sealife                                              ST256    set 6         set
                           Aust Coins                                           ST257    set 6         set
                           Math Symbols                                         ST258    set 6         set
                           Geometric shapes                                     ST259    set 6         set
                           Blue       ST265                           Green     ST266
                           Orange     ST260                           Purple    ST262
                           Red        ST261                           Yellow    ST263
                           Pink       ST267                                             single         each
                           Assorted                                             ST264    set 6          set

TUBING                     Plastic (soft) P.V.C.
            1mm                            4mm
            Red            CR467     Red                 CR481
            Yellow         CR469     Yellow              CR483
            White          CR468     White               CR482
            Blue           CR464     Blue                CR478
            Lt Blue        CR1140 Lt Blue                CR1146
            Dk Blue        CR1141 Dk Blue                CR1147
            Green          CR466     Green               CR480
            Lt Green       CR1142 Lt Green               CR1149                              Glitter
            Black          CR463     Black               CR477                               Stretch
            Clear          CR465     Clear               CR479
            Pink           CR1143 Pink                   CR1148           1mm x 80 meters               roll
            Cream          CR1145 Cream                  CR1150           4mm x 20 metres               roll
GLITTER STRETCH TUBING                Pack Assort Colours                      CR1293   180mt           pkt

TABLE TENNIS BALLS                    For puppet making                              CR450                doz

TJANTINGS          Small MD500                Medium MD501                 Large MD502                    each

TOOTHPICKS               Plain                                                      CR398        500pc    box

WOOD CARVING TOOLS                                                                  MD258          6pc    set

WOODEN PEGS              Dolly pegs                                                 CR196         24pc    bag
                         Half pegs                                                  CR197        200pc    bag

BEESWAX                                                                             MD430        500gm    each
                                                                                    MD431           1kg   each

CANDLE WAX               (Paraffin)                                                 CR400          5kg    each

CANDLEWICK               Large reels                                                CR401                 reel

STEARINE WAX                                                                        CR402        500gm    each

WAX DYES           Red                SF050                        Brown            SF055
                   Blue               SF051                        Purple           SF056
                   Yellow             SF052                        Black            SF057
                   Green              SF053                        Orange           SF058
                   Turquoise          SF054                                                       10gm    each
WAX MODELLING            Low melting, kneadable - Suitable for Modelling and/or Casting
                                                                      MD429      5kg                      slab

WIRE       Wireform      (sheets to be discontinued by supplier only available until sold out)
           Sheet         16"x20"              Fine 1/16"                            MD419          3sht   pkt
                                              Fine/Medium1/8"                       MD420          3sht   pkt
                                              Medium 1/4"                           MD421          3sht   pkt

           Rolls         20"x10’              Fine 1/16"                           MD422                  roll
                                              Fine/Medium1/8"                      MD423                  roll
                                              Medium 1/4"                          MD424                  roll
                                              Coarse 1/2"                          MD450                  roll
           Bendable                           3mm x 70m      approx                MD157           1kg    roll
                                              1.6mm x 200m approx                  MD158           1kg    roll
CRAFT ALUMINIUM WIRE COLOURED                 2mm x 10mts
                                              Blue                                 CR1091         10mt    roll
                    Can be cut with an        Green                                CR1093         10mt    roll
                     ordinary pair of         Red                                  CR1095         10mt    roll
                                              Purple                               CR1094         10mt    roll
                                              Gold                                 CR1092         10mt    roll
WIRE METALLIC CORD                            Silver                               CR291          25mt    roll
                                              Gold                                 CR523          25mt    roll

WIRE MESH SHAPES                              Trees                         10cm MD159            10pc    pkt
                                              Stars                         10cm MD160            10pc    pkt

FLORIST Silver       18" lengths              20 gauge             Bundle          CR1080        500gm    each
        with green coating
        Metallic Rainbow assort                                                    CR1131          1kg    each


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