Danny Magoo Chandler - A Hero to Motocross

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					Danny "Magoo" Chandler was known as one of the toughest charging riders of
motocross history. Chandler won a lot of races; however, he openly admitted he had
too many crashes during his career. Fans were surprised and saddened when they
heard of his recent death at the age of 50. The Hall of Fame rider died from illnesses
related to paralysis.
  Chandler passed away at his home in Yuba City, CA. He was born in 1959 - by the
late seventies, he erupted on the AMA circuit. He seemed to be fearless when it came
to riding. During his career he had a number of spectacular crashes as well as some
spectacular wins. His greatest triumph may have been for the Team USA in the 1982
Motorcorss and Trophee des Nations. He swept all four motos over the two week
period in West Germany and Switzerland. This was the first time in history that one
rider took every moto in the two races.
  Chandler moved to Europe for a number of years. There he added the 500cc Grand
Prix to his AMA 500cc National wins. However, during one of the supercross races in
Europe, which has become a part of moto videos, Chandler had a horrific crash in the
mid 1980's. This crash ended his career after he suffered a number of injuries to his
body - the most significant being a broken neck. The accident not only ended his
career but it also left him in a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. This left a
significant loss to his fans and to everyone involved in motocross.
  The ill-fated crash, which left him paralyzed. Still he became a strong advocate to
young people, following his crash, when he talked with thousands and thousands of
people. He told about his life story - not only at schools, but also at hospitals and
other assemblies. During his talks he always included things for the people to
remember which left the audience with a great deal of admiration for the motocross
  Many fans new Chandler simply as "Magoo." He earned the nickname from the
cartoon character who constantly ran into things. Initially the motocross rider hated
the name; however, it stuck and he would hear the chanting from his fans yelling,
"Magoo, Magoo," when he rode past them. He was very popular with the fans. Most
likely this was due to his approachability. He was loaded with charisma and had great
rapport with his fans.

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