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									APPLACHIAN STATE SHADOW                                                 Save the Date –
    The Chapter will be conducting Shadow Day for students at
Appalachian State on Wednesday, November 10. This is an
                                                                        Risk Forum ‘99
opportunity for students at App States Insurance and Risk
Management program to spend a day with an insurance
professional to get a “real-world” look at our industry. It’s also an
opportunity for member employers to meet a possible future
employee or intern. We estimate about 20 students will be
participating and are seeking sponsors for this event. If you are
interested in helping make this event the success that it has been
                                                                        ENTERPRISE RISK
the past few years, please call Jeff Stengel at 536-6230 extension
6415 or Tim Gray at the same number extension 6517.
                                                                        Come hear key industry professionals
“Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity at    discuss how leading edge companies are
progrress.” –Thomas Eawon                                               changing the way they view and manage
                                                                        financial, operational, hazardous and
“If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were           strategic risks!
worrying about one year ago today.”, –Rotarian

“Everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else.”
                                                                            November 16, 8:30 - 1:30
–Will Rogers                                                               Charlotte Convention Center
                                                                        Enrollment information (704) 343-4753
                                                                        Sponsorship information (704) 343-4753

                                                                                                      BULK RATE
                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                    CHARLOTTE, NC
                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 137

Charlotte Chapter of CPCU
P.O. Box 560743
Charlotte, NC 28256-0743
                                                          OCTOBER 1999

                                 P     R E S I D E N T                    ’   S        C    O R N E R

                              A WINNING                              Kristen Smith (State Farm), Tom Snider (Liberty Mutual), and
                                                                     Karen Taylor (Hartford). We recently honored this group with a
                                                                     luncheon at Myers Park Country Club. I thank Ray Tedder,
                              TRADITION                              CPCU, Liz Boulware, CPCU, and Penelope Alford, CPCU for
                                                                     coordinating the successful event. Like any organization, new
                                                                     talent is critical to continuing our winning ways. I urge each of
 Taishen (Tosh) Siao, CPCU                                           you to stay involved. We need the contributions of each new
                                                                     designee more than ever.

                                                                     Looking towards November, the BIG event is the Risk Forum
As I write this column, the CPCU Society’s 1999 Meeting and
                                                                     ‘99. This year’s event (normally name the Insurance Forum)
Seminars is coming up next week in Boston. having spent several
                                                                     examines the topic of Enterprise Risk. Enterprise Risk is a hot
school years in New England, fall is one of my favorite times of
                                                                     topic amongst not only insurance and risk management
the year. The leaves turn into a sea of bright colors and the cool
                                                                     practitioners, but also the financial and legal areas. Dan
weather make it a welcome change from the hot summer. This
                                                                     McGarvey, CPCU, our Risk Forum Committee Chair, has
year is especially notable because my favorite baseball team, the
                                                                     assembled an outstanding schedule of presentations. The Risk
New York Mets, has finally made the National League playoffs.
                                                                     Forum ‘99 is a rare opportunity to interact with these leading
I am sure that Boston will also be buzzing with excitement since
                                                                     experts in an emerging field. Because of the multi-disciplinary
the Red Sox are making a run of their own in the American
                                                                     nature of Enterprise Risk, we expect to have a significant number
League playoffs.
                                                                     of attendees who are outside of the insurance industry. Dan’s
                                                                     efforts in publicizing the Forum have been extensive. You should
Although the Mets and the Sox have not won much until
                                                                     have received several mailings announcing the event. Please help
recently, the Charlotte Chapter has always enjoyed a winning
                                                                     us prepare for the event by registering now. You can register by
tradition. This is particularly true at the Annual Meeting and
                                                                     mail or go to our Chapter website, www.cpcucharlotte.com On
Seminars (the annual “Convention”). Throughout the three-day
                                                                     the website, simply click on the calender button and click again
convention, numerous activities are planned to exchange ideas
                                                                     on the Risk Forum ‘99 date of November 16, 1999. The
and compare notes with other CPCUs. Other chapters look to
                                                                     registration fee is only $35, which is a terrific buy for the
Charlotte for suggestions and recommendation. On the final day,
                                                                     educational and networking opportunities. If your company has
when the Gala Awards Banquet is held, Charlotte is always
                                                                     sponsored the Insurance Forum before, please renew that pledge
recognized as one the top Chapters. Last year, Charlotte was a
                                                                     quickly by calling (704) 343-7371.
finalist in the President’s Award in the “Large Chapter” category.
I know that we will maintain our winning tradition when the
                                                                     Lastly, in September’s President corner, I touted the capabilities
1999 Society’s Awards are handed out. While the Society’s
                                                                     of our new website. I apologize that the site address was omitted,
Awards are given out only once a year, we need to remind
                                                                     which is www.cpcucharlotte.com. Over the next few months, I
ourselves of the team effort from our local chapter members who
                                                                     will provide more tips on how to use your website more
make us stand out year after year.
                                                                     efficiently. Our website has already drawn the attention of other
In Boston, the Society will also hold the official conferment for
the seven new designees in the Charlotte Chapter. Our new
                                                                     P.S. As of 10/20/99, both the Mets and the Red Sox have lost, but
designees for 1999 are as follows: Ronald Hart (Ohio Casualty
                                                                     our chapter won several Awards in 1999. Details next issue. Let’s
Group), Donna Herrington (Employers Reinsurance), Sam
                                                                     make the Risk Forum ‘99 our latest winner!
McKnight (Liberty Mutual), Dale Phinney (Auto-Owners),

1999 - 2000
                              CHAPTER CALENDAR
                              Please mark these dates on your calendar:
  Taishen (Tosh) Siao, CPCU    November 16, 1999             Risk Forum – Charlotte Convention Center
         916-1246              December 7, 1999              Luncheon Meeting – Holiday Inn Center City
                               January 11, 2000              Luncehon Meeting – Holiday Inn Center City
     PRESIDENT ELECT &         February 1, 2000              Satellite Broadcast – Location TBD
      VICE PRESIDENT                                         “Hidden Liabilities from Mergers and Acquisitions”
   Julie Westhofen, CPCU       February 8, 2000              Luncheon Meeting – Holiday Inn Center City
          947-8301             March 7, 2000                 Luncheon Meeting – Holiday Inn Center City
                               May, 2000                     Annual Dinner Meeting – Date TBA
      Hal White, CPCU
         540-4084             WEBSITE FOR CHARLOTTE
         TREASURER               Please sign in using your correct contact information. Information on our chapter activites, committees,
    Bill Harraman, CPCU       and useful links can be found on our website. The site is updated often, so check it out!

     Ray Tedder, CPCU             Our luncheon meetings of the new, Chapter year have got off to a good start, with the
        954-3049              general concensus that our new meeting location was an inspired choice.
                                  At our September luncheon meeting the Chapter broke with longstanding tradition and
         PROGRAMS             served something other than chicken!
           Open                   September speaker, Emily Huling of Selling Strategies, Inc. gave a timely presentation on self
                              development as a means of remaining marketable in an uncertain and changing job market. Her
      RISK FORUM ’99          Resurce List of Recommendations is reprinted below for those who missed the meeting.
    Dan McGarvey, CPCU            October’s speaker, Dr. Claude Lilly, CPCU, James J. Harris Chair of Risk Management and
        343-4753              Insurance, Unitversity of North Carolina, Charlotte, also dealt with the changes we face as
                              educators, emphasizing the need to stay focussed on fundamentals. Dr. Lilly is one of our current
     COMMUNICATIONS           directors and is profiled later in this Chaptergram.
   Nicholas Empson, CPCU
         554-4281                                                             Resource List
                                                                    Emily Huling, Selling Strategies, Inc.
                                        Personal Development
        EDUCATION                       Lions Don’t Need to Roar (book)                   Deborah Benton
   Wendy Boman, CPCU                    A Whack on the Side of the Head (book)            Roger von Oech
       540-3209                         Creative Whack Pack (deck of cards)               Roger vong Oech
                                        The Artist’s Way at Work (book                    Julia Cameron
                                        Half Time (book)                                  Bob Buford
                                        7 Habits of Highly Effective People (book)        Stephen Covey
    Roger Robison, CPCU                 Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work (book)        Richard Carlson
                                        Professional Development
         RESEARCH                       Fast Company (magazine)                           www.fastcompany.com 800-688-1545
  David Wood, Ph. D, CPCU               Kiplinger Washington Letter                       www.kiplinger.com 800-544-0155
                                        Executive Book Summaries                          www.summary.com 800-521-1227
                                        Wired (magazie)                                   www.wired.com 800-769-4733
                                        Permission Marketing (book)                       Seth Godin
  CANDIDATE DEVELOPMENT                 GenderSell (book)                                 Judith Tingley
     Jeff Stengel, CPCU                 Rethinking the Sales Force (book)                 Neil Rackham
          336-6230                      The One to One Future (book)                      Donald Peppers & Martha Rogers
                                        Thinkertoys (book)                                Michael Michalko
                                        Rocking the Ages (book)                           J. Walker Smith & Ann Clurman
  IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT              Toastmasters International                        www.toastmasters.org
     Steve Santee, CPCU
FEBRUARY 1ST SATELLITE                                                    Rob joined Marsh & McLennan, Inc. in 1980 after four years
                                                                      as an independent Risk Management consultant, and since that
BROADCAST                                                             time has served in numerous capacities ranging from Account
                                                                      Executive to Sales Manager, as well as Managing Director for the
    The Charlotte Chapter of the CPCU Society will be sponsoring      Atlanta Insurance Brokerage Division. He currently serves in
a live satellite broadcast on February 1st, 2000 on Hidden            Charlotte as Managing Director and Head of Office for Charlotte
Liabilities From Mergers and Acquisitions                             and Raleigh, NC.
    Effective due diligence to a merger or acquisition can affect a   ELIZABETH J. MCLAUGHLIN, CPCU
potential transaction, uncovering minor items leading to
                                                                      CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS EXECUTIVE, ROYAL AND SUN ALLIANCE
adjustments in negotiations to discoveries that eventually become
deal-breakers. Given the number and impact of mergers and                 As corporate communications executive for Royal & Sun
acquisitions we are seeing – both inside and outside our industry –   Alliance, Libby McLaughlin is responsible for directing the
it is important that all risk and insurance management                company’s corporate communications, public relations,
professionals understand the loss exposures arising out of            multimedia, internet and videoconferencing functions. Libby
prospective M & A activites, and the techniques that may be used      joined Royal & Sun Alliance in 1985 as manager of state filings
to control and finance the exposures. Liabilities assumed under       and was named vice president in 1992. She was elected to her
prior purchase and sales agreements, as well as liabilities not       current position in 1996.
properly transferred, can be hidden time bombs that must be               Prior to joining Royal & Sun Alliance, Ms. McLaughlin held a
recognized and treated!                                               number of positions with Metropolitan and Liability Insurance
EARN CE CREDITS WHILE YOUR LEARN                                          Libby lives in Charlotte where she is active in a number of civic
    The CPCU Society will file this broadcast for 3 CE credits in     and community projects and serves as Board member, Education
most states that have a CE requirement. Attendees can also expect     Committee Chair of Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, member of
to earn CPD credits, and the Society will file for CLE credits upon   the Board of Directors of the Mint Musem of Art, and Central
request.                                                              Piedmont Community College Foundation, Inc. In addition, she is
COST                                                                  a member of the Leadership Charlotte – Class XI.
    CPCU Society members qualify for a special rate of just $85 to
attend this broadcast, and those who are CPD qualified may
register for just $75. The broadcast is also open to non-members
at $109. The registration fee includes all handout materials and
                                                                      PROFITS SLIDE 3.5 PERCENT
refreshments.                                                         FOR U.S. PROPERTY/CASUALITY
   Eastern - 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Location to be announced.            INSURERS
                                                                           The Hartford Courant recently reported that profits for U.S.
OUR DIRECTORS                                                         property/casualty insurers fell 3.5 percent, to $15.1 billion, in the
                                                                      first half of the year. They said the reason for the slide was that
    This year our Chapter is particulary fortunate to have three      premium growth failed to keep up with claim expenses and
unusually distinguised directors. Despite having great demands        investment results deteriorated.
placed on their time by their professional positions, they have            In the report, Insurance Information Institute vice president
chosen to support our Chapter generously with their time, their       and chief economist Robet Hartwig notes that price cutting in
presence and counsel. Their profiles appear below.                    commercial insurance has been reduced. But aggressive pricing in
                                                                      auto insurance “may replace commercial lines as the major
DR. CLAUDE LILLY, CPCU                                                impediment to sigificant premium growth for the remainder of
    Dr. Lilly has so many accomplishments to his credit that his
                                                                      1999,” he said.
resume is literally ten pages long! He is currently the James J.
                                                                           The New York-based institute has estimated that auto rates will
Harris Chair of Insurance and Risk Management at UNCC. He has
                                                                      drop 4.5 percent on average this year after falling 2.8 percent last
held many distinguised academic positions and has served the
CPCU Society in a number of capacities over the years. He is a
prolific author.
ROBERT L. HUNTER, CPCU                                                ON THE MOVE
MANAGING DIRECTOR /HEAD OF NC OPERATIONS MARSH USA, INC.                 We welcome two new transfers to our Chapter: Faye
    Rob Hunter is a graduate of the University of Georgia where       Thompson, CPCU of Allstate Insurance in Rock Hill and Stephen
he received his BBA in Finance and MBA in Risk Management and         Montgomery, CPCU of AON Risk Services, Inc in Charlotte.
Insurance. Rob holds CPDU, CLU and ARM industry

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