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cover faxback form - Canvas Cover Faxback Form.pub


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									             Our Made To Order Quote
            Service For Industrial Covers
              Fax to: +61 3 9571 7344
Mulders canvas equipment covers can protect expensive equipment and machines exposed to outdoor,
factory or harsh environments. Our covers protect from UV, knocks, dust, wind, liquids, damage etc.
We can include windows, flaps, apertures, d-rings, zips or velcro for ease of access and fixing.
Padded for extra protection, we offer a rapid design and quote service plus competitive prices. Our are
designed to suit the exact dimensions of your equipment but are easy to fit and remove. To quote for your
cover we need the lengths below. We will work out a suitable cover design and price plus make
necessary spacing allowances for ease of removal. Our covers are normally black in colour, other
colours may incur a surcharge.

Can you draw your equipment here with all dimensions:

                                                                                                Example of
                                                                                                We Need

Your Contact Details                             Other Requirements i.e—needs to be transparent in parts, requires
                                                 flaps for access, padding etc.


Tel/ no or email

                                                 Number of covers required of the same design

                                                 Number of covers required unique designs

                                           Mulders Canvas Factory And Showroom
                             825 Dandenong Road, Malvern East , Melbourne, Victoria , Australia, 3145
                                          Tel: +61 3 9571 7544, Fax: +61 3 9571 7344
                                               email: mulders@mulders.com.au

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