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					Custom lapel pins in the business world can be used for multiple purposes. Employers
can use them to recognize outstanding achievement, commemorate years of service,
designate elite teams or promote the company logo. The versatility of custom lapel
pins allows the same pins to serve many uses.
 Some businesses, particularly in the retail trade, use custom lapel pins with the
company name or logo to identify sales staff to customers. The pins help customers
quickly identify staff members who can help them.
 It’s small wonder custom lapel pins are popular in the business world. Studies have
shown that employees who leave their jobs don’t generally do so because of money.
Instead, they leave because they don’t believe their employer values their
contributions. Something as small as custom lapel pins can boost employee morale
and maintain loyalty to the organization.
 Many companies reward outstanding achievement by presenting workers with
custom lapel pins. These are often given for reaching or exceeding tangible goals such
as sales or revenue projections, production quotas or quality reviews.
 Special project teams also can be designated by custom lapel pins. These could be
given to people working on the development of a new product, the creators of a new
inventory tracking system, or other special groups within the organization.
 One of the most popular uses for custom lapel pins is as rewards to employees who
have completed a specified number of years of service with the company. These are
typically presented at specific intervals, most commonly for every five years of
employment. When presented at a company-wide ceremony, these custom lapel pins
show employees that management values their contributions to the organization.
Many employees choose to wear their custom lapel pins with pride as part of their
 For sales representatives or company executives, custom lapel pins can be a subtle
way of promoting the company when meeting with clients. Some companies also use
custom pins to designate their top-performing sales staff. Especially at trade shows,
custom lapel pins are an understated way to promote the brand without being pushy.
 Custom lapel pins are available in several styles, sizes and price levels. The right pin
for a specific company depends on the design you want to reproduce, the size of the
pins and the budget you have available for them.
 Cloisonné lapel pins are the finest quality custom lapel pins made. The pins are
die-struck to create raised and recessed areas, then filled with a glass-like mixture of
hard enamel. Each color is individually fired at high temperatures to ensure durability.
The result is a fine jewelry quality finish.
 Soft enamel custom lapel pins offer an appearance similar to that of cloisonné pins.
Because they are made using a less complex process, however, they are more
affordable than cloisonné pins.
 Offset digital custom lapel pins are ideal for accurately reproducing photographs,
gradients and drop shadows. Silk screen printed custom lapel pins are perfect if you
need to accurately reproduce an exact replica of a corporate logo, text or drawing.
 The right choice for your custom lapel pins depends on your intended use and design
requirements. Graphic artists at any reputable custom lapel pins provider can help you
decide which style is right for your company.

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