Custom Dress Shirts by hkksew3563rd


									Custom dress shirts once used to be available only to the wealthy, or to those people
whose jobs provided a very generous clothing allowance or expense account.
 Not anymore. All this changed in 2009, with the creation of the Singapore and
Switzerland based company Solosso, whose business is the design and manufacture of
custom dress shirts for clients all over the world; businessmen in the United States,
Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, as well as many other locations, and also for
clients that just want to look and feel good in something that was designed and made
specifically for them.
 Luxury designer clothes and custom made clothes, handmade clothes and one off
designs have long been out of reach for the average 鈥榞 uy on the street 鈥? but have embraced modern technology and combined it with the skill of the
craftsmen and women that have long been tailoring made to measure clothing.
 The company understands the need for sustainable growth, environmentally friendly
practices, and for a socially aware and responsible approach, not just to its work force,
but also to the local population as a whole.
 All materials used in the manufacture of custom, handmade shirts are sourced from
sustainable sources if possible. The type of cotton used is what is known as 鈥榣 ong
stable cotton 鈥? the ideal cotton type to make the best custom shirts possible.
 All of the packaging is recycled material, and the company operates a policy of
using 鈥渁 bout 95% recycled materials and 100% recyclable materials 鈥?as stated
on their web site. Combining all of these, specializes in made to measure
dress shirts, at affordable prices for a worldwide market, while sticking to ethical,
eco-friendly and sustainable production practices.
 Their environmentally aware and ethical approach to business, and the company 鈥
檚 dedication to providing a quality, traditionally hand crafted product combined
with modern business practices means the company is building on its 2009 inception.
 Ordering made to measure dress shirts, as seen on the company 鈥檚 website has
never been easier, and it is now affordable for many more people to have the luxury of
a fine, hand crafted and made to measure custom made dress shirt.
 Solosso ship their quality products all over the world, from a single shirt to an order
of many. Clients can order formal or informal styles, with a myriad of design and
color options.
 By combining an ecological, sustainable and ethical approach to the business, whilst
using the skills and qualities of an era that seemed to have been long gone, Solosso
bring a timeless, handmade quality product to a demanding 21st century consumer.
 To order your custom dress shirts and to read about their ethical policies and
commitment to the environment, go to the website today.

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