Cures For Acne - Discover Some Of The Top Natural Remedies For Acne

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					When it comes to cures for acne, we're all pretty much conditioned to reach for or do
some research on the typical acne treatments that we see from advertisements on TV.
Proactiv, Murad, Max Clarity, Neutrogena, etc are all typical products that people will
turn to if they have acne and breakouts that they want to disappear once and for all.
The biggest problem, however, when it comes to these products is that they don't do a
single thing to treat what's really causing your acne.
  To explain, let's investigate acne itself a little more. We see pimples and breakouts
on our skin, so it's a pretty natural conclusion to think "Acne's on my skin; obviously,
I have a skin problem." But this is so far from the truth that it's not even funny. While
oil, dead skin and bacteria do exist on your skin and get clogged in your pores, these
problems are in turn caused by something else.
  For instance, when there is to much insulin in our blood streams, this causes our
sebum glands under our skin to produce to much oil. On top of this, to much insulin
also causes our skin cells to dry up, die and flake off far faster than they typically
should. To add insult to injury, the excess insulin causes a low grade inflammation
within our bodies, weakening our immune systems and allowing the naturally
occurring acne causing bacteria to multiply out of control on our skin. When it comes
to cures for acne, absolutely nothing will get rid of the pimples if you don't take care
of these problems!
  Think about it like this: imagine you happen to have a hole in your roof. Every time
it rains or snows, you wind up with a big mess on the floor. Now would you throw a
bucket under the hole and say the problem is fixed? Of course not! You haven't done
anything to address the real problem; there's still a big hole and water is still going to
come in every time it rains.
  It's the same exact thing with our bodies and acne. When we try external cures for
acne, we haven't done anything to address those real problems inside of our bodies. In
other words, our acne will just keep coming back over and over again because our
bodies have become a place where it's easy for acne to exist. We have to take care of
those problems within that are actually causing the external problems. Once this is
taken care of, the dead skin, the oil and bacteria will all cease to get clogged in pores.
Naturally, when that happens, our acne will simply go away once and for all.
  If you're sick and tired of dealing with acne and want some real cures for acne, then
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