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									Eyewitness travel guides family holiday activities for Walt Disney
World and Orlando

            Eyewitness travel guide quizzes are ideal for keeping the whole
            family entertained and can provide useful preparation for your
            trip. All the questions can be answered by looking in the index,
            reading the introductory section (pages 10–11), or using the
            phrasebook at the back of each guide.

Finding out about…Walt Disney World and Orlando
 In which US state is Orlando?
 How many lands of fantasy and adventure encircle Cinderella’s Castle?
   Clue: look on page 30.
 Where would you go to find out all about animals? Clue: look on page 30
   and find out more on pages 64–67.
 What are the Top 10 Attractions at Magic Kingdom? Clue: look on page
 Find the names of four other theme parks in Orlando. Clue: look at the
   map on pages 80–81.
 Where can you go to see a real rocket launch into space? Clue: look on
   pages 126–127.
 What is ‘Wet ‘n’ Wild’?
 What are the top ten attractions at Disney’s-MGM Studios?
 What is ‘Fastpass’?
Florida Wordsearch
Look in the grid to find the words in this list. Words go forwards, backwards,
up, down and diagonally. Remember to put a ring round each word in the grid
and cross it off the list as you find it.
  F       L         O         R        I       D      A       X       D     O
  B       Q         X         S       A        A      Y       T       R     O
  D        I        S         N        E       Y      M       N       R      L
  S       T         M         K       R        T      Z       L       O      C
  K       P         W         B        T      O       A       E       C     M
  H       O         A         S       A        N      R       Q       K     K
  Q        J        L         C       D        A      D       O       E      S
  H       T         H         O        E       P      L       M       T      P
  S       E         A        W        O        R      L       D       S      A
  W       A         T         E       R        P      A       R       K      S
  A       L         L         I       G        A      T       O       R     W

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