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					Getting Cubs tickets means going to one of the most Historic ballparks to see one of
American' sports oldest teams. The beloved "Cubbies" are a tradition for the north
side of Chicago, and you do not even have to know a thing about baseball to have a
great day at Wrigley Field. If you are a fan of baseball then catching a game should be
looked at somewhat like a religious journey. For the fans of the ball club, nothing is
more exciting than seeing the team take to the field. While Cubs fans have endured
years of pain they always know that "this could be the year."
  Brief History
  The original Cubs franchise started out as the "White Stockings" back on April 29,
1870. Baseball was starting to take off in America with the success of baseball's first
professional team the " Cincinnati Red Stockings." The White Stockings went pro and
were financially backed by a Chicago businessman named businessman William
Hulbert. During these years Hulbert helped form the National League of baseball as
the original National Association of Professional Base Ball Players encouraged
unethical contract problems. Today the Cubs as well as the Atlanta Braves are the only
two charter members of the National League.
  The team enjoyed many great years under Hulbert, including the back-to-back
pennant wins of 1880-1881. Soon after Hulbert passes way and Al Spalding (Spalding
Sporting Goods) took over the ownership of the club. Spadling would sell the team in
1902 to Jim Hart, who would rename the team as the "Chicago Cubs." Cubs tickets
would sell like crazy for many years during this time. From 1905 to 1912 the team
was extremely successful and in a five year run won four pennants and two World
Series titles with Frank Chance as acting player-manager.
  In 1916 and advertising executive named Albert Lasker became the majority owner
of the Cubs after increasing shares over a two year period. Lasker brought in the
wealthy Charles Weeghman as acting partner and the two moved the team from the
West Side Grounds to the new Weeghman Park. Over the next years, a minority share
holder named William Wrigley Jr would begin accumulating larger positions of shares.
By 1921 Wrigley had bought out Weegham and by 1925 had bought up most all of
Lakser's shares. Weeghman Park was quickly and obviously changed to its current
name "Wrigley Field" where Cubs tickets are still sold today.
  Getting Tickets
  Buying Cubs tickets and going to a game at the historic "Wrigley Field" is always
fun and exciting. Being in a place which holds such history and culture give goose
bumps to any fans of baseball. However, if you are a die hard Cubs fans the
excitement only intensifies. If you are just a visitor to the great city of Chicago try
catching a game, it will be a memorable experience for a lifetime. Go get your Cubs
tickets and head on out to the park, you won't be disappointed! The author is the
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