Creating a Bodybuilding Supplement Schedule

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					When is the most effective time to take bodybuilding supplements? Some experts will
offer different answers to this question. Some health and fitness experts think that
bodybuilding supplements aren't needed, while other people think they are beneficial.
Perhaps the key in answering this question is to ask what kind of supplements is the
athlete or fitness enthusiast interested in taking.
  There are a huge number of different kinds of bodybuilding supplements and there
are literally 1000's of different sources of bodybuilding supplement information. If a
bodybuilder wishes to take a supplement bad enough, that athlete can keep studying
and eventually find something to justify the supplement they are using. That's
obviously not the appropriate way to make that type of choice.
  So what should a bodybuilder do? The first thing to realize is that supplements will
not deliver dramatic results. Supplement companies do occasionally make outlandish
claims to try and get you to purchase the product. Muscletech does this with their
creatine, Celltech. On the product label it claims that you can gain a number of
pounds in a 7 days. What they don't tell you is that the weight you gain is fluid from
the creatine, not muscle tissue. You won't be able to gain substantial amounts of
muscle tissue in a short time frame, your body just doesn't work like that.
  The biggest component in your training progress will be your nutrition. I say that
bodybuilding supplements are totally worth using, that is, only if your nutrition plan is
in place. If the diet is not in order, then the supplements will be less effective. I feel
the very best way to begin taking supplements is to begin with the basics then get
more detailed as your training age increases.
  Multivitamins are normally the starting point with any supplement plan, regardless
of the training or nutrition plan. Then protein powders can be added. Whey protein
powder or meal replacements are a excellent foundation for your supplement
  Next up could possibly be a number of things. We aren't talking just muscle building
supplements either. Fish Oil or fatty acid products would be a must for most everyone.
If the eating plan isn't as good as it should be, probiotics would be a good supplement
to use. Creatine would be next in line. Creatine is one of the very few bodybuilding
supplements on the market that actually works. It has many scientific studies proving
how useful it is. After those supplements are being utilized, you could then get more
specific. You could try a pre workout and post workout supplement. Specific amino
acids such as glutamine, leucine, and arginine are especially popular nowadays. Fat
burners and hormone related formulas are other beneficial bodybuilding supplements.
  A last thing to think about prior to beginning a supplement strategy is to not go
insane and take several supplements at one time. Using supplements in stages or
bringing them in slowly will help you better judge how effective a individual
supplement is. Otherwise, if you take 15 different types of supplements and are
getting gains, you won't know which of those products is the most effective.

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