Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses by hkksew3563rd


									Coloured Contact lenses have become the fashion statement of the trendy,
high-spirited Generation-X. Crazy coloured contact lenses are the new entrants in the
band wagon of contact lenses. These Coloured contact lenses are available in
numerous wild colours and fabulous designs such as Cat eyes, Jaguar eyes, Colourful
spirals and much, much more! Mostly used for novelty purposes or during Halloween
parties, these special effect contact lenses are, essentially, funny or scary. So, put on
red or white contact lenses and turn yourself in to a fierce, blood-sucking vampire or a
fire-spitting dragon!
  If you would like to buy a pair of Coloured Contact lenses, do consult an optometrist
and obtain a prescription from him. Using the wrong contact lens could cause harmful
eye disorders. An ophthalmologist will provide you the necessary guidance regarding
the purchase of crazy colored contact lenses, its proper care and use. Always buy a
pair of FDA-approved contact lenses from an authorized and reputed dealer.
  Here are a few helpful tips to follow before you plan to buy crazy contact lenses:
  鈥?Ensure that your crazy contact lenses are properly sterilized and hygienic. 鈥?If
you want to use your crazy contact lenses over a longer period of time, you must
make sure to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. 鈥?Wild eyes contacts are
soft opaque lenses that are to be worn for not more than 8 hours. Coloured contact
lenses are comparatively thicker than most daily disposables or bi-monthly lenses and
allow less oxygen to permeate through the lens. This could, in turn, cause eye
irritation and infection to some wearers. Therefore, it is advised to wear the lenses
only for a few hours a day just before the Halloween party.
  How to take proper care of your Crazy Contact Lenses :
  鈥?Always make sure that Coloured contact lenses are clean and hygienic before
you insert them into your eyes. 鈥?Never wear coloured contacts for longer periods
of time. 鈥?Do not share or exchange lenses with friends. 鈥?Disinfect and store
your contact lenses in the contact lens solution recommended by your optometrist.

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