; Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead Marketing Two Easy Ways To Make Money.
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Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead Marketing Two Easy Ways To Make Money.


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									Cost Per Action, sometimes referred to as "CPA" is a form of online marketing that
request a consumer to complete a specific action. This usually entails filling out a
form and requesting a free product sample, signing up for a free trial or in some cases
request the consumer to try a new product by making a minor purchase.

CPL or Cost Per Lead is anothe rgreat way to start with making money online,
perhaps even better than CPA. As the name suggests this type of internet marketing is
where you get paid for just providing a sales lead and not an actual sale. Normally
Cost Per lead marketing campaigns generate a lot more volume than CPA but the
payout per lead is lower. CPL campaigns request consumers submit only basic contact
information like filling in a Zip code..

In contrast, CPA campaigns are usually low volume and complex. Typically,
consumer has to submit credit card and other detailed information. Obviously passing
over this kind of information reduces the amount of actions completed by users in
CPA than CPL campaigns.

Consumers need to do more than just clicking a link in both CPA and CPL which
makes them both differ from Pay Per Click Once the reader performs the required
action the originating marketer or advertisement publisher is paid a small fee for
advertising the offer. CPA offers tend to pay a slightly higher commission to the
advertiser than CPL offers due to the additional effort required by the consumer.

Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead are both much more easier ways for you to earn
money than the traditional campaigns where you only get paid for an actual sale. . The
easiest campiagns to get people to complete are the Zip code and Email submit
campaigns. One of the best converters are the "Freebie" campaigns where the user
signs up for a free trial or service.

You must keep track of the math behind the campaigns to see what is best for you. For
instance is it better to get 3 people who pass over full personal details for $5 each or
25 people passing a Zip code for $1.

Sometimes the Cost Per Action or Cost Per Lead campaigns that pay out the least
money are the ones people ignore for the bigger payouts. I suggest you do not ignore
the lower commission campaigns as they are lower for 1 of 2 reasons. They are
normally better conversions (so higher volume of people paying) and they are
generally easier for the consumer to fill in. Lets face it, passing over your Zip code is
a lot more appealing than passing over your credit card details.

It is very simple to get started with CPA and CPL offers as the resources that are
provided by the advertiser normally provides you with email creatives, suggest
keywords for search and even graphic designs to use. Begginers to online marketing
will like the fact that you need very little technical skills to get one of these campaigns
up and running The method is generally copy, paste then launch campaign, but do not
leave out testing your aff link.

Starting to make money online could not be more easy than copy/paste CPL
campaigns Both types of campaign are easy and will provide you with a quick start
that will give you the confidence to go on to more demanding campaigns.

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