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Annual Congregation Meeting

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									June/July 2010 | 19 Sivan - 20 Av 5770


                         A Publication of Mosaic Law Congregation

     Annual Congregation Meeting
    Election & Installation of Officers and                  Nominated for Two-Year Term
    Board of Trustees                                        Bruce Anapolsky
    Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 7:00pm                        Steve Leibovitz
    Dinner at 6:30pm in the Social Hall                      Lynn Temple
                                                             Daniel Ott
    REPORT OF THE NOMINATING                                 Baryohay Davidoff
    COMMITTEE                                                Jonathan Lightman
    The Nominating Committee, chaired by Michael             Rob Spector
    Opper, and members Deborah Gonzalez, Mitchell            Hilda Harouni
    Ostwald, Jack Harouni, Andrew D’Souza, Caren
    Zorman, Roz Levy-Weintraub, Randy Pollack, and           Nominated for One-Year Term
    Mark Cohn has recommended the following officers         Larry Saltzman
    and trustees for the board year 2010-2011:
                                                             President of Sisterhood
    OFFICERS:                                                Carol Loew
    President                            Deborah Gonzalez
                                                             President of Men’s Club
    First Vice-President                 Arlen Opper
                                                             Erich Olson
    Second Vice-President                Caren Zorman
    Treasurer                            David Long          Nomination by Petition
    Secretary                            Pia Spector         According to the by-laws of Mosaic Law Congrega-
                                                             tion, additional nominations for officers may be made
    Immediate Past President             Michael Opper       by petition over the signature of at least twenty-five
                                                             (25) members of the congregation submitted to the
    BOARD OF TRUSTEES :                                      President with a copy to the Secretary of the congrega-
                                                             tion not later than ten (10) days prior to the Annual
    One Year Remaining
                                                             Meeting. Only those members nominated by the
    Randy Pollack
                                                             Nominating Committee and those persons proposed by
    Karl Zeff
                                                             timely submitted written petition shall be presented to
    Gerald Schwarz
                                                             the congregation for election. (Article XIII, Section
    Art Terner
                                                             13.2). Past Presidents are permanent members of the
    Moshe Rosenberg
                                                             Board of Trustees.
    Larry Mozes

                          From the President ……....4 From the Sisterhood …….10 Birthdays &
                                                                               Anniversaries …………...14
                          From the Program
                                                     New Center / K-O-H
                          Director ………………….5                                   Donations ……………….16
Services & Festivals …….2                            Library News ...………....11
                          From the Education
From the Rabbi’s Study….3                            Board Notes …………….12
                          Director ………………….6

        2300 Sierra Boulevard | Sacramento, CA 95825 | (916) 488-1122 | Fax: (916) 488-1165 |
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The Scroll

                         June                                        July
             Services & Festivals                        Services & Festivals
                     Shabbat                                     Shabbat
                  Candle Lighting                             Candle Lighting
                      Times                                       Times

                    June 4 - 8:08pm                              July 2 - 8:17pm
                    June 11 - 8:12pm                             July 9 - 8:15pm
                    June 18 - 8:14pm                             July 16 - 8:12pm
                    June 25 - 8:16pm                             July 23 - 8:08pm
                                                                 July 30 - 8:02pm

                      Shabbat                                      Shabbat

             Shabbat Morning Service - 9:00am            Shabbat Morning Service - 9:00am

                                                              July 3 - Parashat Pinhas
                 June 5 - Parashat Shelach                      Havdalah - 9:20pm
                    Havdalah - 9:11pm
                                                          July 10 - Parashat Mattot-Mase
                 June 12 - Parashat Korah                       Havdalah - 9:18pm
                    Havdalah - 9:15pm
                                                            July 17 - Parashat Devaarim
                                                                 Havdalah - 9:15pm
                 June 19 - Parashat Chukat
                    Havdalah - 9:18pm                     July 24 - Parashat Va’etchanan
                                                                Havdalah - 9:10pm
                 June 26 - Parashat Balak
                   Havdalah - 9:19pm                          July 31 - Parashat Ekev
                                                                Havdalah - 9:04pm

               Minyan Schedule                             Minyan Schedule

                      Mornings                                    Mornings
                    Sunday – 8:30am                             Sunday – 8:30am
                  Monday, Thursday &                          Monday, Thursday &
                 Rosh Chodesh – 7:15am                       Rosh Chodesh – 7:15am
                Federal Holidays – 8:30am                   Federal Holidays – 8:30am

                     Afternoons                                  Afternoons
               Monday – Thursday – 5:45pm                  Monday – Thursday – 5:45pm
             Friday Kabbalat Shabbat – 5:45pm            Friday Kabbalat Shabbat – 5:45pm

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                                                                                                             The Scroll

                    From the Rabbi’s Study
                    “…Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you
                    knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be...Close your eyes, let your spirit start to
                    soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before…”                            Erich Fromm

I have attended many commencement          a difference as they begin the next        with Shabbat and holidays and lots of
exercises over the years. From kinder-     phase of their journey. Her concluding     love (not to mention a weekly Shabbat
garten to sixth grade to high school       remarks reminded the graduates to          basketball game). Amy, who is a social
senior graduations. All of them are        thank those who made it possible for       worker, is the sweetest, and I know that
touching ceremonies, which recognize       them to have a college education, end-     she and Avi will have a wonderful life
the accomplishments of the students        ing her talk with the words, ―and          together. And one year from now (G-d
who are now prepared to enter the next     remember to text your parents daily.‖      willing) Avi will be ordained as a
chapter of their lives. But one com-       Marcy recognized her loving husband        Rabbi from the Ziegler School of
mencement that will be indelibly           in the many projects and good causes,      Rabbinic Studies, and I will have the
etched in my memory is the California      for Mort and Marcy have always been        additional honor of calling my son, my
State University Spring Commence-          a team when it comes to Ma’asim            colleague.
ment held on Friday, May 21st at           Tovim, good deeds. With humility, she
                                                                                      To all of our Mosaic Law family who
ARCO Arena. What made this one spe-        told everyone that the Honorary Doc-
                                                                                      are graduating high school and college,
cial is that an Honorary Doctorate from    torate is shared with her dear husband,
                                                                                      to those graduating the sixth grade and
the College of Arts and Letters was        Mort. On behalf of our entire congre-
                                                                                      to those whose children are getting
presented to Marcy Friedman. I am not      gation, we extend a heartfelt Mazel
                                                                                      married over the next few months, let
surprised that the Trustees of CSUS        Tov to Dr. Marcy Lichter Friedman.
                                                                                      me just conclude with a thought
decided to confer this great honor upon
                                           On June 3rd I will (please G-d) have       inspired from the Book of Exodus.
Marcy. We all know how Marcy has
                                           the honor of officiating at my eldest      The idea of journeying from place to
contributed to our community over
                                           son Avi’s wedding to Amy Altman in         place or from stage to stage should
these past four decades. Her volunteer
                                           Los Angeles. Many of you who joined        bring all of us a sense of comfort.
efforts to transform the Crocker Art
                                           together for Avi and Amy’s Ufruf and       Let’s remember that where we are now
Museum into a world-class institution,
                                           special Kiddush Luncheon on April          is not our final stage in the journey, but
her support of scholarships for college
                                           10th could sense the joy that the Taff     rather one step along a path that will
students and her ―Magic of Reading
                                           and Altman families are feeling with       continue to guide us throughout our
Program‖ to foster a love of reading in
                                           this wonderful Shidduch. Amy’s par-        lifetime. Sometimes the stage may
elementary schools are just a few of the
                                           ents belong to Valley Beth Shalom          require a lengthy stay, and at other
ways in which she has made a differ-
                                           Congregation in Encino and Amy’s           times it may be a quick stop. But each
ence in our community. And how
                                           dad, Mike, spent some time years ago       stage is designed to equip and prepare
blessed we at Mosaic Law have been
                                           in Sacramento conducting fundraising       us for whatever step lays next. Whether
for the generosity over the years as
                                           workshops for our Jewish Federation        we move forward, backward or lat-
Mort and Marcy have always stepped
                                           Young Leadership Division. Avi’s           eral…that really does not matter. What
up to help make our campus not just
                                           mom, Judy, and I will walk him down        matters is that stages are just steps
functional, but beautiful.
                                           the aisle as Avi and Amy begin their       along the way in our larger journey.
After CSUS President Alexander             new journey together as husband and
                                                                                      May all of you be blessed for a won-
Gonzalez placed the hood designating       wife. And how lucky we are to wel-
                                                                                      derful summer and let us remember to
her as Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts,       come Amy’s five-year old son Ethan
Marcy gave the commencement                into the family - instant grandparents!    be grateful to G-d for every single day.
address. How proud I was that she          It seems like yesterday when Avi had       B’shalom,
spoke so eloquently of four Jewish par-    his Bris, his Bar Mitzvah, graduated
ents who followed their dream to come      from Rio Americano High School and
to America. She talked to the thou-        the University of Arizona and then
sands of graduates and their parents       served in the Israel Defense Forces as a
and friends about the Mitzvah of Tik-      Sanchan (paratrooper). And now he          Rabbi Reuven H. Taff
kun Olam and charged every single          settles down and builds his own Jewish
graduate with inspiring words to make      home, one that I know will be filled

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                           Reflections from the President

                           AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE

 I can’t believe it’s been a year since I took office. Boy,    Anachnu lach, ―We are thankful to you, O G-d.‖ (Said
 how the time flies when you’re having fun! If there’s         three times per day). Believe me, I express my gratitude
 one thing a Jew can’t seem to resist, it’s sharing a per-     toward G-d FREQUENTLY, especially when the roller
 sonal opinion. I receive a lot of feedback from congre-       coaster dips, but even more so when it rides high.
 gants; everything from ―it’s too hot/cold in the sanctu-
 ary‖ to ―the light bulbs aren’t bright enough‖ to ―we’ll      I look forward to the Annual Meeting on Wednesday,
 give more money when you can convince us that the             June 9th, as an opportunity to express that Attitude of
 board is being responsible with the money!‖ Thank-            Gratitude towards all of you. In particular, I would like
 fully, I occasionally receive heartfelt sympathies from       to thank the outgoing board members who have served
 both friends as well as congregants: ―We thank you for        this congregation over the past year, or much longer:
 the hard work that you and the board do.‖                     Terry Kaufman, Roz Levy-Weintraub, Eliot Reiner. I
                                                               would like to thank the incoming board members who
 Gratitude. What a difference it makes to have An              are joining the leadership team: Baryohay Davidoff,
 Attitude of Gratitude. But please don’t misunderstand         Hilda Harouni, Jonathan Lightman and Carol Loew.
 me. I’m not talking about the people who express grati-       The Annual Meeting is an opportunity to thank the Vol-
 tude to me. I’m thinking about all of YOU for whom I          unteer of the Year and the Key Board Member of the
 feel a great sense of gratitude. For me, the presidency of    Year. It is a time to celebrate scholarships, fundraising
 the synagogue has been one roller coaster ride. A fam-        efforts, and programming. It is a time to be thankful
 ily is upset about something we did—down. The issue           that our kehillah still cares enough for each other that
 gets resolved—up. We experience cash flow problems            we are there in times of need (e.g., serving as shomrim
 at payroll time—down. A generous congregant steps up          after a death, preparing a meal for the sick, forming a
 to help—up. These are all things over which I have no         minyan to allow others to say Kaddish). It is a time to
 control. I just go along for the ride, and I’m convinced I    be thankful that our kehillah was able to raise enough
 am taking a few years off my life for it! However, I DO       funds through the special assessment, coupled with dis-
 have control over one thing—AN ATTITUDE OF                    cretionary reductions in the budget, that we could retain
 GRATITUDE. I find that if I can focus on the things           important aspects of programming and still have a bal-
 that I am thankful for, those dips don’t seem to go as far    anced budget!
                                                               I hope to see you in the Social Hall on the 9th at
 During the lowest of times, when I want to hang up my         6:30pm, and am grateful to Yair Luria for donating a
 presidential kippah, I start to think about all of the rea-   delicious dinner. From the bottom of my heart, THANK
 sons I am thankful. I have my health, and my family’s         YOU.
 health. I am close with my family and friends. I can still
 work as a professional (part time) and get satisfaction
 from a job well done. I have a roof over my head and
 food in my pantry. We have several prayers that are
 said each day that express our gratitude to G-d: Modeh
 Ani l’fanecha, ―O G-d, I am thankful to you….‖ (said
 every morning, even before we brush our teeth); Modim         Deborah Hoffman Gonzalez

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                                                                                                             The Scroll

                                      From the Programs and
                                         Youth Director
                                                Youth Group Registration
                    Registration forms are being accepted for all Mosaic Law members, grades 3 – 12, in both Shalom
Rina Racket         School and Mosaic Law Religious School. Contact for registration forms.

                                   Live Your Best Life Series #6
 Thursday, June 10th from 7pm - 8:30pm                          A secure retirement includes protecting your assets from
 Guest Speaker: Glen Cheron                                     being depleted and avoiding the loss of your independ-
 Financial Planner, Financial Network                           ence in the event of a long-term care need. Long-term
                                                                care insurance may help your assets from being depleted
 Topic: What Is Long-term Care Insurance?
                                                                from the cost of a devastating illness or disabling injury.
 Long-term care insurance is a product providing benefits       People protect their houses with homeowner’s insurance
 that cover a wide range of services including: nursing         and their cars with auto insurance. Protecting your self,
 facilities, assisted living facilities, in-home health care,   your family and your assets are equally important Secu-
 adult day care and more. Long-term care insurance can          rities and Investment Advisory Services offered through
 protect a family’s assets and provide the freedom to           Financial Network Investment
 choose the type of care appropriate for their needs and
 circumstances. Like any insurance product, long-term           Corporation, member SIPC. Financial Network is not related
 care insurance allows the insured to pay an affordable         to any other entities mentioned in this article.
 premium to protect from an unaffordable catastrophic

                      Save the Date! Havurah Picnic in the Park
                              Sunday, September 19th from 3pm-6:30pm
                      For all of those who are in a Havurah, who would like to be in a Havurah,
             or who want to know more about what a Havurah is! Our new brochure will be available soon.
                                  Contact if you have questions.

                                           The Beshert Project
An exciting opportunity to expand relationships with            played in all of our celebrations and rituals. Each pro-
other vibrant single Jews, ages 40 and over, in Northern        gram will be held in the K-O-H Library and Cultural
California through a series of creative, fun activities in a    Center from 3pm-5pm. The cost of the program will be
safe and welcoming atmosphere.                                  $8.00 and will include wine, juice, soda, and nosh. There
                                                                will also be a program on Sunday, July 27th.
Here are our planned summer activities:
                                                                Save These Dates!
Sunday, June 8th, from 6pm-9pm at Pita Kitchen. Join
us for an amazing eight course extravaganza. Delicious          Tuesday, July 13th - 6pm Dinner at Tower Cafe fol-
home made vegetarian middle eastern buffet. Cost is             lowed by Israeli dancing at 7pm at Congregation B’nai
$10.00 for everything. (subsidized and such a deal!)            Israel, 3600 Riverside Blvd.
Conveniently located at 2989 Arden Way, with plenty of
                                                                Wednesday, August 11th - Movie night. Movie TBD.
parking. Bring your single friends. Come for the food,
stay for the company. Plan on having a very satisfying          Sunday, August 29th - Music in the Park and BBQ.
experience. Please RSVP to                  Details to follow.
Beginning Sunday, June 27th, Rabbi David White,                 For more information please visit our website:
renowned author of Wine Spirit will discuss the essen-
tials of Sippin’ on Top of the World, a book that explains
                                                                These events are made possible in part by a grant from the
why it takes 88 ’sips’ to explore living spiritually, build-
                                                                Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region.
ing relationships and the role wine has historically
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The Scroll

                     From the Education Director

                     2010-2011 Religious School
                     and Yachad Registration

                                                                                      It’s Summer!!!

    Don’t forget to send in your school registration forms
    for next year’s classes! If you haven’t received them
                                                             Have a safe and happy summer. We will see you back
    yet, please let us know right away so we can send
                                                             at Religious School on Sunday, October 3rd!
    them to you.
    Don’t miss out on all the fun things we have planned     B’Shalom,
    for next year!!
    All High School Registrations (Grades 8 – 12), for
    2010-2011 are now being accepted for Yachad, the
    Community Wide High School. If you haven’t regis-        Orit Morgenshtern
    tered yet, please contact Yachad Directors, Ricki        Director of Education
    Lobel or Amina Harris, at (916) 486-0906 or for a registration form.

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                                                                                                          The Scroll

  Membership Update
  Congregation Survey
By Robert Spector                                               Anapolsky)
Based on the findings from the congregational survey, the       Improve Membership and Havurah Coordination – Improve
MLC Board and the Survey Committee have narrowed down           our processes for establishing new connections and Havurot
the recommendations from the focus groups and identified        throughout the congregation (Led by Rob Spector & Rina
the following items to address:                                 Racket)
Bring more Ruach to Services by experimenting with Friday       As these projects stem from your survey feedback, we’d like
Night Services – We hope to make Friday evening services        your help to make sure we get them done right. Look for
more uplifting, bright, welcoming and meaningful, ulti-         upcoming details about each of these projects and please
mately reaching out to a wider audience of congregants. By      consider helping out. In the mean time, please feel free to
using Friday as a vehicle for experimentation, we will enter-   contact Rob Spector ( for
tain new formats, such as introducing alternative prayers,      more information.
Israeli dancing, music, services starting after dinner, or
Shabbaton themes. (Led by the Rritual Committee & Karl          MLC Survey Committee
Leverage the Kitchen and Cooking as a Social & Community
Activity – For most of our members, important bonds and
friendships happen while enjoying a Kiddush lunch or a
catered social event. We found that those volunteers who
have helped prepare and support these events have formed
incredible friendships and lasting memories working
together in our MLC kitchen. To encourage large groups of
congregants to help out during events, we will be offering
cooking classes and organizing group baking for the holi-
days or other special events, with the goal of making our
kitchen a social hub of our congregation – just how the
kitchen is often the social hub of the home. (Led by Frank
Publish our Financial Statements in a regular, easy to
understand Format – We will produce quarterly financial
statements, clearly explaining the current status of our
budget, the fund balances and general overview of our
finances, including membership dues. We will communicate
when major items affecting budget are on the agenda to
encourage participation at board meetings. (Led by David
Create a More Efficient Shabbat Service – There is tremen-
dous enthusiasm for maintaining the spirit and warmth of
our Shabbat Services, but we also understand the importance
of keeping the service on track and on time. Our Ritual
Committee will evaluate how we can have a shorter, more
efficient service, while building on the warmth, spirit and
ruach that characterizes our congregation. (Led by the Ritual
Committee & Karl Zeff)
Increase Hebrew Training in Religious School – Our Educa-
tion Committee will focus on improving our Bat/Bar Mitz-
vah preparation and Torah Hebrew as part of the religious
school curriculum. (Led by Education Committee & Bruce

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The Scroll

                  Israel Trips for Mosaic Law Congregation
                                       Led By Rabbi Reuven Taff
  Anyone who has participated in a trip to Israel led by Rabbi Taff can attest to the work and effort to make these trips
  educational, unique and fun. All trips to Israel led by Rabbi Taff are for Members of Mosaic Law Congregation and
                 their relatives, friends and anyone in the greater community that is interested in going.
                                            Registration is first-come, first-serve.
  Information about land/air Packages can be found at If you would like to be placed on a list of
   interested participants, please email Mary Blumenstein at or call her at (916) 488-1122 x19.

         Mosaic Law Congregation and ITC Tours Present Two Exciting and Different Tours of Israel

                                      Mosaic Law Special Adult Trip to Israel
                                 Monday, October 25th through Thursday Nov. 4th, 2010

   This trip is specially designed for adults. Highlights will include two days in Eilat on the Red Sea and a tour of the
                 magnificent ancient city of Petra, Jordan. Hotels will be five-star deluxe accommodations.

                                          Mosaic Law Family Trip to Israel
                                  Monday, June 27th through Thursday, July 7th, 2011

             This intensive 10-day trip is for families with children. Hotels will be four-star accommodations.

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                                                                                                    The Scroll

                        From The Sisterhood

                                 Thank You and Welcome!

It is with sincere appreciation that   many years. We will do all that we      and worked with Jody, you know
we thank Pia Spector for her two       can to continue that tradition. We      how lucky I am to have her.
years of service as the Sisterhood     still have many wonderful volun-
President. It is due to her inspira-   teer opportunities available so         The Sisterhood is always available
tion that I stepped up to assume the   please feel free to contact us with     to you and I want to share my con-
role of president for 2010-2011. I     your special skills. We look for-       tact information with you. Please
look forward to her guidance as I      ward to your participation and hope     keep my number and email close
move forward to the next term. I       that you will say ―YES‖ when            and feel free to contact me at any
am honored to follow in her foot-      asked.                                  time. I am looking forward to a
steps.                                                                         wonderful year of serving our con-
                                       No one is successful without the        gregation.
This coming year, expect to see the    support of a great team. While we
―tried and true‖ projects like Pasta   are still putting that group together   Carol Loew
in the Hut and the Torah Fund and      and will announce the entire board      MLC Sisterhood President
Terumah Luncheon. It is our hope       at the next meeting, I want to intro-   916-927-5220
to add many more wonderful pro-        duce my right hand support system,
grams during the next year. To that    Jody Wickham. Jody has agreed
end, we will be hosting a series of    to take the position of First Vice
focus groups so that we can listen     President. If you have already met
to your voices as you share your
vision for all that you would like
your Sisterhood to be. Watch your
mailbox for the dates and times of
these focus groups.

Our business, the Mosaic Law Gift
Shop, will continue to bring you
the latest and greatest in Judaica
items. Finding wonderful Judaica
items is difficult in Sacramento,
and Janie Gumpert works hard to
bring you the best selection. Feel
free to contact Janie at (916) 483-
2596 for an appointment to shop or
browse. The Gift Shop is also open
during Religious School hours. Our
other dedicated volunteers, Goldie
Block and Judy Prohofsky, are
also there to serve you.

It is the women that are the driving
force of volunteerism. At Mosaic
Law, our Sisterhood has repre-
sented itself in grand manner for

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The Scroll

                          KOH Library and Cultural Center
                             Books For Israel Project
                                              by Arlene Pearl

The KOH Library is proud to announce its new project -         We hope that we will be able to collect enough books to
Books for Israel.                                              send our first shipment in time for Chanukah. The schools
                                                               are Kindergarten through 8th grade. Only paperback books
The Library will be joining a national group called the        are acceptable since the children have to carry them home
Jade Bar Shalom Books for Israel. The project was started      from school.
by two sisters, one in the United States and one in Israel.
The purpose of the Books for Israel Project is to provide      We hope to set up a drop off at Mosaic Law Congregation
children's books in English to schools in Israel which can-    and Shalom School. Books can also be picked up at your
not afford to purchase English books. Due to the high cost     home.
of Israel's defense, there are insufficient funds to provide
books in English for school children to read. The children     Please help us enrich the lives of these students by donat-
learn English in school but then have no books to read to      ing books. We are the people of the Book so this should be
help them improve their language skills and English flu-       a very important project for our entire community.
ency. The schools, which have been selected by the com-
mittee, are both in our Partnership 2000 Region - Hof          For more information call Arlene Pearl (916) 487-7023 or
Askelon and Kiryat Malachi. One is a secular school and        Julie Lavine (916)485-7406.
one religious. This community does not have the financial
resources to provide books without help.

         Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento
                 Monday, June 21, 2010, 7PM
             “Digging It. Researching Genealogy Out of the Box.”

Marilyn Ulbricht will connect our                                                  By using more than just genealogy to
family history and genealogy with                                                  do research, Marilyn says one can
archeology and anthropology.                                                       arrive at other conclusive evidence by
Marilyn is the current president of                                                researching outside the box and may
Root Cellar, the Sacramento Genea-                                                 just help you get through that brick
logical Society. She has a degree in                                               wall.
anthropology with a subspecialty in
                                                                                   The June 21 meeting will be held at
archeology and history. Marilyn often
                                                                                   7pm at the Albert Einstein Residence
combined both disciplines when she
                                                                                   Center, 1935 Wright St., Sacramento.
worked on historical archeology sites
                                                                                   For more information about the Jew-
or conducted research in Sacramento
                                                                                   ish Genealogical Society of Sacra-
and the surrounding counties.
                                                                                   mento, visit, e-mail the
                                                                                   JGSS at
                                                                                   or leave a message at 916-486-0906
                                                                                   ext. 361.

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                                                                                                               The Scroll

It has been little more than six months since The Center’s     Library Summer Hours
Grand Hall has had its first event and there is much to be     (May 16 through September)
excited about. The Grand Hall’s calendar has been              Monday, Thursday, and Friday 10:00am - 1:00pm
increasingly busy with a great array of activities. Two full
                                                               Also opened during library sponsored events and by appointment.
production Galas have been the highlights. The Galaxy          We are closed on all holidays, when there is no Religious School,
Gala honoring Mort and Marcy Friedman and Shalom               and Sundays.
School’s Celebrating the Extraordinary to honor Nancy
and Alan Brodovsky were both successful and unforgetta-        Phone: (916) 485-4143 Address: 2300 Sierra Boulevard
ble evenings that highlighted many of the amazing ameni-                                      Sacramento, CA 95825
ties the Grand Hall has to offer.                            The KOH Library and Cultural Center has continued to
Some of the other events that have taken place in the        expand and has just been awarded accreditation with the
Grand Hall have been the Shalom School Torah Dedica-         internationally prestigious Association of Jewish Libraries.
tion, Schlock Rock Concert, author Jodi Picoult lecture      The library’s book and film collection is growing and a
and book signing sponsored by Borders Books, The Latke       wide variety of enriching and stimulating cultural programs
Cup Basketball Tournament, Lior Suchard, Jewish Federa-      are provided to the entire community on an ongoing basis.
tion Connections Plus! Dinner, the Sacramento Opera          The KOH Library and Cultural Center has been proud to
Annual Dinner Event, Bar and Bat Mitzvah Resource Fair       sponsor the Martin London Lifelong Learning Lecture
and Meeting Professionals International Dinner Auction.      Series, Central Valley Holocaust Educator’s Workshops, a
                                                             revolving Art Gallery featuring Jewish artists in our area, a
This wonderful new facility sparkles with already Jewish Film Club, Fiction Book Club and two Torah Study
achieved success and unlimited possibilities for the future. Groups.
If you are interested in The Center for an event contact
Laurie Schmalzel at (916) 488-4902 or email her at The MLC Study Group discussions begin approximately Laurie has an office in The 45 minutes after the end of Shabbat services. The Shabbat
Center and is available by appointment Monday through Torah Study Group, led by Ricki Lobel, meets on the first
Friday.                                                      and third Saturdays of the month. The Psalms Study
                                                             Group, led by Dr. Daniel Khazzoom, meets on the alternat-
                                                             ing second and fourth Saturdays in the Chapel.
                                                               Torah Meditation & Study meets the first Shabbat of
                                                               each month and is led by Debbie Azer Brown, MSW, Jew-
                                                               ish Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Director. Please feel
                                                               free to spread the word. Newcomers are always welcome.
                                                               We look forward to seeing you!
                                                               K-O-H Art Gallery currently features the work of Israeli
                                                               sculptor, Bar Shacterman, through June 30, 2010.
                                                               K-O-H Fiction Book Club’s June book will be This is
                                                               Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. Discussion will
                                                               be led by Lloyd and Sharyn Rich.
                                                               Used Books for Sale any time the library is open. They are
                                                               $1 for hardbacks and 2/$1 for soft cover. To search and see
                                                               what used books are available, go to

                                                         Page 11
The Scroll

Board Notes from May Board Meeting
The Board of Trustees met on May12th, and the follow-           Fundraising
ing reports were presented to the board.                        The board was advised that the fundraising target for the
                                                                year was $20,000 and that three events were planned that
KOH Library
                                                                should raise about $18,000. Additional events being con-
It was announced that the library had received accredita-
                                                                sidered are a golf tournament, a speaker series, a comedy
tion from the Association of Jewish Libraries. Summer
                                                                night, and a scrip program. Sponsors are needed to pro-
hours for the library will be Monday, Thursday, and
                                                                vide the $5,000 seed money for the scrip program but
Friday from 10am to 1pm The book club has been doing
                                                                they would be reimbursed once the program was bringing
well, and films are being shown at the library on a regular
                                                                in money.
                                                                Budget and Finance
Education                                                       The final budget was distributed to the board; it was, in
The last Shabbat school was May 8; next year the plan is
                                                                fact, a balanced budget. The board was told that some
to open it to members whose children are at Shalom
                                                                $30,000 in pledges was anticipated from the assessment
School and to open it to families.                              calls, about $7,500 was projected to be collected in past
Ritual Committee                                                dues, and additional money was saved through scaling
A plan will be worked on to implement changes to ser-           back Kiddush lunches, making personnel cuts, and mov-
vices that were identified in the surveys. Because of dif-      ing to a different security vendor.
ficulty filling slots for Torah readings and services on
                                                                The Mosaic Law Board of Trustees meets the second
Saturday mornings, it was suggested that certain desig-
                                                                Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Youth Lounge.
nated individuals be on standby to fill in at the last minute
                                                                Meetings are open to the congregation except when in
and be paid if they were required to cover missing slots.
                                                                executive session.
There was discussion about whether this might discour-
age people from volunteering or might create ill will
among volunteers. It was noted that people used to be
called and asked to participate, and that former b’nai
mitzvah students were not being utilized as they should
be in services. The board failed to pass a motion that
would create a program under which certain individuals
would be paid for last-minute coverage of services and
Torah readings.
Programs and Youth
The Beshert program for singles ages 40 and over was
launched at the Jewish Heritage Festival and received a
$1,000 grant from the Federation. Several Beshert events
have been planned, and rabbis from all synagogues have
been invited to participate. The program is intended to be
community-wide, not specifically tied to Mosaic Law.

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                                                                                              The Scroll

Community News
                                                                            Mosaic Law
92nd Street Y “Lectures & Conversations”
Simulcast Program at Einstein Center                                        Congregation
Tickets are $15 (a discount of $10 from the regular $25                 Board of Trustees
price) and includes a kosher dinner prepared by Chef Yair
Luria.                                                                      For 2009-2010
To order tickets call the Albert Einstein Residence Center
at (916) 972-9555. Or go to for
                                                                          Executive Board
credit card orders. The broadcasts are live and begin at             President - Deborah Gonzalez
5:00pm, so please arrive promptly. The next two programs
                                                                     First Vice Pres - Arlen Opper
                                                                   Second Vice Pres - Caren Zorman
Food on the Tube: How TV Shapes the Way We Think
About Food - Tuesday, June 1st, 2010, 5:00pm                              Treasurer - David Long

Christopher Hitchens in Conversation with Salman                        Secretary - Terry Kaufman
Rushdie - Tuesday, June 8th , 2010, 5:00pm.                             Immediate Past President -
                                                                              Michael Opper

Mosaic Law Leisure League Luncheon                                        Board of Trustees
Thursday, June 3rd at 12pm in the Social Hall. Performing
                                                             Bruce Anapolsky        Moshe Rosenberg, PhD
that day will be the ever-popular ―Country Club Aires‖
complete with instrumentals and vocals. They are always a    Steve Lebovitz         Larry Saltzman
crowd pleaser.                                               Roz Levy-Weintraub Gerald Schwarz, MD
The cost is $5 per person for those checks received by the   Larry Mozes MD         Lynn Temple
deadline of May 29th. Make your check payable to MLC
                                                             Daniel Ott             Art Terner
Leisure League and mail or deliver to the MLC office.
Payment at the door of $10 will be accepted only if you      Randy Pollack          Karl Zeff, MD
have called in your name to Lloyd or Sandy at (916) 332-     Eliot Reiner
                                                             Pia Spector - Sisterhood President
Help is needed to set tables and serve food. If you can
                                                             Erich Olson - Men’s Club President
help, contact Lloyd or Sandy. See you there!
                                                                            Past Presidents
                                                             Alan Brodovsky           Charles Nadler
                                                             Mark Cohn                Steven Mopsick
                                                             Alan Edelstein           Mitchell Ostwald
                                                             Morton Erlich, MD        Arlene Pearl
                                                             Leo Fahn                 Elliott Pearl
                                                             Steven Polansky, MD      Sid Rosenberg
                                                             Morton Friedman          Marc Sussman
                                                             Kenneth Goore            Robert Zeff, MD
                                                             Frank Gumpert
                                                             Marvin Kamras, MD

                                                  Page 13
The Scroll

             Birthday Wishes for June                                       June
1 Alice Cartwright
1 Dillon Gold
                       10 Nathan Goore
                       10 Leslie Kuperstein
                                                    Scott Dosick
                                                    Shira Gilbert
1 Donald Heller        10 Judith Lewis         20   Samantha Greenspan
                                                                         3 Miles & Clara Miller
1 Ayala Luria          10 Larry Lieb           20   Joshua Kravitz
                                                                         3 Eric & Patrice Ratinoff
1 Aron Olson           10 Bert Polan           20   Josh Kutler          5 David Asch & Wendy Phoenix
2 Joshua DePeel        11 Howard Futerman      20   Yael Rosenberg       5 Jerry & Leslie Kuperstein
2 Susie Herberholz     11 Esther Schuman       21   Nancy Bernheimer     7 Chuck & Susanne Brabec
2 Simone Naftulin      11 Ella Sharg           21   Viva Ettin           9 Ashley & Jennifer Keating
2 Daniel Roth          11 Ruth Winnick         21   Sylvia Greenstein    10 John & Debbie Lewis
2 Susan Sperber        12 Zachary Baron        21   Rachel Holland       10 Eliot Reiner & Debbie Metzger
                                                                         11 Philip & Shelly Crane
3 Bernie Goldberg      12 Avi Shapiro          21   Senesh Magill
                                                                         11 Micah & Becky Rosenheim
3 Shara Schuman        13 Irwin Herman         21   Zachary Witter       12 Larry & Evie Lieb
3 Ilana Weisberg       13 Michael Opper        22   Nina Goldberg        13 Abe & Mimi Siegel
3 Danny Zeff           13 Rita Swedlow         23   Alexandra Barth      14 Bert & Alice Polan
4 Maya Fishbein        14 Marcia Goldmark      23   Jamie Lerner         15 Andy & Ruth Baron
4 Jonathan Gutmann     14 Wendy Hoffman-       23   Lloyd Rich           15 Roger & Richelle Cochran
4 Lydia Inghram        Blank                   24   Nina Kovacs          15 Art & Julie Terner
                       14 Meredith Howe                                  16 Leslie & Enid Malkin
4 Zachary Ott                                  25   Stanley Berrin
                                                                         16 David & Linda Poisner
4 Zoey Ott             14 J. Daniel Khazzoom   26   Jonah Howe           16 Malcolm & Melanie Segal
5 Dianna Oglethorpe    14 Michelle Ortego      26   Elayne Metzger       17 Gene & Eleanor Elzufon
5 Joe Samuel           14 Linda Prusak         27   Gail Rubin           17 Oded & Orit Morgenshtern
5 Shir Toledano        14 Isaac Simons         27   Richard Weisberg     17 Steve & Karen Polansky
6 Rachel Adelman       15 Joyce Weinberg       28   Michael Greenspan    18 Charles & Goldie Block
6 Aaron Fishbein       16 Larry Brownston      28   Abbie Lewis          18 Yoav & Orna Harel
                       16 Valerie DePeel                                 18 Bob & Loretta Lentzner
6 Stanley Greenberg                            28   Leo Liberman
                                                                         19 Peter & Sylvia Greenstein
6 Irving Herman        16 Naomi Holland        28   Jeffrey Schmelter    19 Stephen & Mehrnaz Waks
6 Ro'e Kuperstein      16 Steven Merksamer     28   Beverly Zimmerman    20 Frank & Janie Gumpert
6 Yuval Luria          16 Larry Mozes          29   Evelyn Bigelyaizen   20 Harry & Susan Sperber
6 Kylie Miller         17 Andy Baron           29   Bernice Bromberg     21 Bob & Rosalie Mazur
7 Talia Spector        17 Darci Naftulin       29   Devorah Samuels      21 Allen & Judy Prohofsky
                       17 Daniel Ott                                     22 Joe & Harriette Schwartz
7 Nathan Weisberg                              29   Patricia Scharlach
                       18 Karen Gray                                     23 Steven & Cheryl Block
7 Karl Zeff                                    29   Keith Schwarz
                                                                         23 Joe & Teresa Green
8 Abigail Edber        18 Hester Joelson       29   Rebeka Shapiro       23 Eric & Susie Herberholz
8 Jesse Simons         18 Sophie Rubin         30   Robert Brown         23 Marvin & Linda Kamras
8 Daniel Sokoler       18 Harriet Ruderman     30   Bari Gregory         23 Daniel Weitzman & Jill Stecher
9 Sean Arenson         18 Aviva Spector        30   Eric Ratinoff        24 Eva Teilmann & Ron Dworitz
9 Joshua Frost         19 Steve Kutler         30   Rachel Sussman       25 Ed & Rita Abbott
                       19 Rita Lipsitz                                   25 Lew & Toni Rosenberg
9 Aiden Moseley
                       19 Maddy Marks                                    26 Larry & Jan Highman
9 Stacey Stauber                                                         26 Karl & Sheri Zeff
9 Susan Weinstein      19 Bernice Schumer
                                                                         27 Jeff & Randy Goldstein
10 Michael Brodovsky   19 Omer Shenhar                                   28 Bob & Tamra Ruxin
10 Rita Frumberg       19 Danny Weiss                                    28 Mark & Dee Tannenbaum
                       20 Chuck Adelman
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                                                                                         The Scroll

           Birthday Wishes for July                                         July
1 Lindy Asch
1 Claudia Breglia
                        13 Jessie Yurman
                        14 Abi Erle
                                                24 Noa Elliot
                                                24 Edward Kobrin
1 Benjamin Gordon       14 Steven Gregory       24 Stacy Spector
                                                                        1 Hanoch & Melodee McCarty
1 Juliana Weinstein     15 Robin Berrin         25 Jill Abramson
                                                                        1 Philip & Roxanne Stanger
2 Gisela Spigel         15 Marcy Friedmen       25 Anjanette Grossman
                                                                        2 Chuck Adelman & Anna Joy
2 Carl Stein            16 Jessica Mador        25 Alan Mayer
                                                                        2 Alan & Nancy Brodovsky
3 Leor Thomas           16 Bebe Pollack         25 Maya Moseley
                                                                        4 Mitch & Teri Ostwald
4 Ellen King            16 Martin Strasser      25 Aaron Tomiyama
                                                                        5 Bill Blank & Wendy Hoffman-
4 Enid Malkin           16 Joseph Winston       25 Eli Wolf               Blank
4 Devyn Swift           17 Scott DePeel         26 Yumiko Carsel        5 Mark & Debi Gold
5 Phil Fine             17 Jeffery Morris       26 Adam Davis           5 Arkady & Sofia Komsky
6 Jennifer Klein        17 Sheila Varshawsky    26 Hellan Dowden        6 Steve Gregory & Melinda Yaffee
6 Tita Nazarian         17 Alex Verpukhovsky    26 Rachel Miller        6 Fred & Meredith Howe
6 Benjamin Rubin        17 Rebecca Yaghoubian   26 Josiah Ortego        8 Steven & Linda Merksamer
6 Robert Spector        18 Ruthie Edelstein     26 Judah Ortego         11 Todd & Jennifer Barth
7 Gabriel Liberman      18 Amanda Gourley       26 Phil Reiser          11 Ken & Annette Davis
7 Victor Strasser       18 Lauren Lafferty      26 Pat Thaler           11 Chuck & Barbara Spooner
8 Leslie Malkin         18 Sheryl Long          27 Gus Ballis           13 Matt & Mary Friedman
8 Norman Weiner         18 David O’Riva         28 Fred Gardon          15 David & Bobbette Moravi
9 Anat Buniak           18 Tali Shenhar         28 Amy Merksamer        15 Mike & Betsy Singer
9 Blanche Levy          19 Isaac BarShahar      28 Linda Merksamer      22 Bradley & Hellan Dowden
10 Joe Cohan            19 Annette Davis        28 Hannah Poisner       24 Murray & Gail Haberman
10 Adam Kincaid         19 Jeremy Futerman      28 Eliot Reiner         24 Donald & Lesley Heller
10 Phyllis Needelman    19 Irene Green          28 Boris Rozenberg      25 Sy & Beverly Karfiol
10 Naomi Villanueva     19 Sandy Shaffer        28 Ally Wickham         25 Jordan & Kari Magill
11 Bruce Anapolsky      19 Marc Sussman         29 Marilyn Bargman      25 Dan & Melinda Ott
12 Deborah Frost        20 Lisa Breslau         29 Julia Saunders       26 Craig & Ezilda Samoville
12 Joshua Heller        20 Diane Dulberg        29 Laura Saunders       27 Rick Gould & Michelle Masoner
12 Yair Luria           20 Cynthia Goldberg     29 Lauren Weil          28 Eric & Leyne Milstein
12 Linda Reitzenstein   21 Rick Cohen           30 Stephen Opper
12 Daniel Salman        21 Ava Miller           31 Yehonatan
12 Jonathan Salman      21 Sophia Samuel           Morgenshtern
12 Nathan Samuel        21 Marjorie Swartz      31 Estelle Opper
12 Esti Shapiro         21 Devan Varshawsky     31 Eva Revesz
12 Mimi Siegel          22 Samantha Epworth     31 Janet Solomon
12 Zoey Wittlake        22 Morgan Haberman      31 Amanda Wolf
13 Loretta Lentzner     22 Dana Long
13 Debbie Metzger       22 Michelle Masoner
13 Carole Sussman       23 Diane Mozes
13 Linda Yassinger      24 Susanne Brabec

                                                 Page 15
The Scroll

        Generous Gifts From Thoughtful People
                 Donations Made Between April 12 and May 18
613 - Education Fundraiser              In memory of Bebe Rothenberg, Dear       Judah Jacobson Mitzvah
In honor of Rachel Adelman on her       mother of Gay Tanner
Bat Mitzvah                                    Shirley Cohodes
                                                                                 In memory of Marilyn Stecher, her
        Jenny & Steve Jeffrey &                Eva Teilman & Ron Dworitz
        Family                                                                          Jill Stecher
                                        In memory of Emil Berger
Aliyah Fund                                   Shirley Cohodes
In memory of Martin Jacobson, her             Sylvia Wechsler                    KOH Library
father                                                                           In memory of Bebe Rothenberg
       Gayle & Ed Fishkin               In memory of Louis Winnick, Father       Ronald Gutmann, brother of Sidney
                                        of Judy Baker                                   Jolie Baron
Art Fund                                        Therese Guinn
In memory of Bebe Rothenberg,                                                    In memory of Bill Appelbaum
beloved mother of Gay Tanner            Wishing good health to Rabbi Taff,             Sharyn & Lloyd Rich
       Linda & Harvey Matlof            with wished for a speedy & complete
                                        recovery                                 In honor of Jolie Baron’s work on
Education Fundraising/                          Sandy & Lloyd Shaffer            acquiring certification for the KOH
Programming                             In honor of Talia Gonzalez on her Bat            Charlotte Ballard & Bob Zeff
In honor of their granddaughter,        Mitzvah
Andrea, being inducted into the Honor           Sharyn & Lloyd Rich              In honor of Rita & Arnie Stone on
Society, Phi Kappa Phi, at CSUS                 Pia, David, Ari & Talia          their 60th wedding anniversary
        Sandy & Lloyd Shaffer                   Spector                                   Enid & Les Malkin
                                                Shirley Cohodes
Ernest & Sylvia Fahn Israel
Scholarship Fund                                                                 Mark Cohn New
                                        In honor of their daughter, Carol, on
In memory of Hillard Fahn               her job advancement                      Leadership Fund
      Betty & Gershon Salomon                   Sandy & Lloyd Shaffer            In memory of Margie Bender, dear
      Cecelia & Bruno Linder                                                     sister of Mark Cohn
      Shirley Cohodes                   In appreciation of using facilities at            Shirley Cohodes
Feder Music/Choir Fund                          Al Anon                          Mazon Food Closet
In memroy of Bebe Rothenberg, Gay                                                In memory of Hillard Fahn
Tanner’s mother                         Israel & Sarah Kamil                           Marsha Shumer
       Linda & Mike Prusak              Scholar-in-Residence Fund
                                                                                 Speedy recovery to Ruth Levin
                                        Speedy recovery to Gehard Salomon
In memory of Hillaard Fahn                                                              Sheila Swift
                                        In memory of Hillard Fahn
      Linda & Steve Merksamer
                                        Wishing good health to Marcy & Mort
                                        Friedman                                 Mishebayrach Fund
                                        Speedy recovery to Marvin Freedman       Speedy recovery to Albert Cohodes
General Synagogue Fund                         Clara & Miles Miller                     Shirley Cohodes & family
In honor of Avi & Amy’s Ufruf
        Enid & Leslie Malkin

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                                                                                                      The Scroll

Mitzvah Committee Fund               Past Presidents' Youth                    In memory of Emil Berger
In memory of Bebe Rothenberg,        Fund                                            Betty & Gershon Salomon
beloved mother of Gay Tanner                                                         Dorothy Weisberg & family
                                     In memory of Samuel Thaler
       Soni & Ron Meyer                                                              Yvette & Steven Fishbein
                                     In memory Bebe Rothenberg
       Maddy & Herb Marks            Speedy recovery to Elliot Pearl
                                                                               In appreciation of her Aliyah
                                            Linda & Sid Yassinger
In memory of Emil Berger                                                               Joyce Berger
      Charlotte Ballard & Bob Zeff   In honor of Avi Taff’s Ufruf
                                     In honor of Rebecca Merksamer’s           In honor of Liz Igra’s 75th birthday
                                     forthcoming college graduation                    Misha Igra & Joel Tillman
Mosaic Law Capital
                                     In honor of Stan Berrin’s forthcoming
Campaign                             college graduation                        In honor of Rabbi Bobby Taff
Speedy Recovery to Bud Morris                Louise & Michael Caplan                   Jeff Altman
       Sharon & Sam Anapolsky                                                          Judy & Mike Altman
                                     Prayer Book Fund
                                                                               Mazal Tov! Rabbi Taff & family on
Mosaic Law Foundation                In memory of Henry Herskovic, her
                                                                               the coming marriage of Avi & Amy
Mazel Tov! Avi & Amy on their up-    husband
                                                                                      Betty & Gershon Salomon
coming wedding                              Esther Herskovic
In memory of Emil Berger                                                       Mazal Tov! Rabbi Taff on the Aufruf
       Sharyn & Lloyd Rich           Rabbi Ehrenkrantz Library                 of son Avi and bride Amy
                                     Fund                                              Rita & Ed Abbott
                                     In meory of Hillard Fahn
Murray Bachman Minyan                                                          In appreciation of Rabbi Taff, Dr.
                                            Yvette & Steven Fishbein
Fund                                                                           Block and Mr. Zuckerman for the
In memory of Chuck Lyons’ brother                                              mitzvah they performed for her
      Joyce Berger                   Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                        Ellyn Rosenthal
                                     In memory of Alan Soskin, father of
In memory of Elaine Bailin, Iris’    Neil Soskin                               In appreciation of Rabbi Taff’s
sister-in-law                                The Aizenberg Family              beautiful service for the unveiling for
         Iris & Ron Bachman                                                    her mother, Sybil Breslauer
                                     Mazel Tov! Avi Taff & Amy Altman                  Judy Breslau Pollard
In memory of Emil Berger                    Sandra Bear
      Mitzi & Norman Davis                  Gayle & Ed Fishkin

In memory of Joe Blackstead, her     Mazel Tov Avi Taff & Amy Altman
brother-in-law                       on their Ufruf
        Davina Dubnick                        Dorothy Weisberg & family

In memory of Joe Blackstead, her     In honor of Brett Polan on his Bar
husband                              Mitzvah
       Barbara Dubnick               In honor of Ethan Brown on his Bar
In memory of Zoe Berkowitz, his              Joi Barrett & Seth Rosenthal
       Al Berkowitz                  Mazal Tov Debbie & Mark Aizenberg
                                     on the birth of their and her grandson,
                                     Nathan Elkan
                                             Lenore Aizenberg

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The Scroll

Donations                                 In memory of Dave Rosenberg, Lew’s      In memory of Lina Kraus, her grand-
Continued from page 19                    father                                  mother
                                          In memory of Esther Feinberg, Lew’s     In memory of Gretl Neuwald, her
                                          aunt                                    mother
                                          In memory of Irving (Bill) Freeden-             Karen Neuwald
Yahrzeit                                  berg, Toni’s father                     In memory of Herbert Spitzer, his
In memory of Ada Goldberg, his mother
                                          In memory of Pauline Freedenberg,       brother
      Bernie Goldberg                     Toni’s grandmother                              David Spitzer
In memory of Arlee Wener, Barry’s                 Toni & Lew Rosenberg
                                                                                  In memory of Jacqueline Edelstein-
                                          In memory of Edwin Mozes, his fa-       Evans, her beloved daughter
       Judy & Barry Weiner                ther                                            Lilyan Edelstein
In memory of Bella Zimmerman, his               Larry Mozes
                                                                                  In memory of Keith Swift, her son
                                          In memory of Sonia Grinberg, his              Sheila Swift
       Art Zimmerman                      sister
                                          In memory of Eva Gandelman, his         In memory of Morris Freedman, his
In memory of Ben Zuckerman, his
                                          mother                                  father
                                                 Raul Gandelman                          Abraham Freedman
       Arnold Zuckerman
                                          In memory of Fannie Davidson, her       In memory of Nate Long, his father
In memory of Brenda Spector, his
                                          mother                                        Larry Long
       David Spector                             Martha Limberg                   In memory of Raymond Marks, her
                                                                                         Terry Marks

             April Condolences                                          May Condolences
Terry Marks on the loss of her dear uncle, Will Frankel      Neil Soskin on the death of his dear father, Alan Soskin
                   of blessed memory                                           of blessed memory
 Joyce Berger Miller & the Berger Family on the loss          Gay Tanner on the death of her dear mother and our
    of her dear brother-in-law and our dear member,            dear member, Bebe Rothenberg of blessed memory
            Emil Berger of blessed memory                    Dr. Robert & Loretta Lentzner on the loss of Robert’s
Pat Thaler on the loss of her dear father, Samuel Thaler         dear mother, Shirley Shapiro of blessed memory
                   of blessed memory                         Dr. Sidney & Sheryl Gutmann on the loss of Sidney’s
Lev & Michael Schwartz on the loss of Lev’s dear wife          dear brother, Ronald Gutmann of blessed memory
               and Michael’s dear mother,                    Mark Cohn on the loss of his dear sister, Margie Bender
           Fanya Schwartz of blessed memory                                    of blessed memory
 Roger Cochran on the loss of his dear uncle, Dr. Saul       Gregory Sharg & Vladimir Sharg on the loss of their
              Goldberg of blessed memory                              wife/mother, Katerina Goldstein Sharg
Judy Baker on the loss of her dear father and our former                       of blessed memory
       member, Louis Winick of blessed memory                     Norm Weiner on the loss of his dear mother,
                                                                         Sue Weiner of blessed memory
                                                              Dr. Richard Gould on the loss of his dear father, Saul
                                                                            Gould of blessed memory

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                                                                                              The Scroll

                          New Members - Welcome!
                                      George Rawitscher
                                    Janice & Gilbert Linver
                       Marlo & Mason Dewing and daughters, Ellis & Delilah

     April Kiddush Sponsors, Hosts and Co-Sponsors
                   Marlene & Mel Chernev in honor of Marlene’s birthday
              Rabbi Taff in honor of the Ufruf of his son Avi Taff and Amy Altman
               Alice & Bert Polan in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Brett
         Susanne & Chuck Brabec in honor of the naming of their daughter, Miriam Beth
                                 Tamsen & Andrew D’Souza

      May Kiddush Sponsors, Hosts and Co-Sponsors
                  Harriet & Ben Schuster in honor of their 64th anniversary
                                Tamsen & Andrew D’Souza
                Davina Dubnick in honor of her sister, Barbara, on her birthday
    Sharon & Larry Saltzman in honor of the Ufruf of their daughter, Jennifer & Russell Phillips
        Anna Joy & Chuck Adelman in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Talia
    Arlene & Edward Cohen in honor of the naming of their granddaughter, Bonnie Resi Cohen
                  Judy Lawson in honor of the birthday of her husband, Jim

                                 April Mazel Tov!
                    Rabbi Taff on the Ufruf of his son Avi Taff to Amy Altman

                                  May Mazel Tov!
     Beryl Michaels & John Bach on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Devorah Bach
             Sara & Steven Brass on the birth of their son, Harris Benjamin Brass
           Tasha & Niel Hausmann on the birth of their son Ezekiel Leo Hausmann
Marcy Friedman for receiving an Honorary Doctorate from California State University at Sacramento
               at the 2010 Commencement Ceremony held on Friday, May 21st

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                      Published monthly by:
                      Mosaic Law Congregation
                      2300 Sierra Boulevard
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                      A member congregation of United
                      Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Scroll Deadline
Submissions for the August issue are
due by July 15th. Items received
after that date will be held until the
June issue. Send Scroll submissions

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