Coral Bells Cultivars for Floral Displays

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					Some Coral Bells cultivars provide a great flower show in addition to their charming
foliage. The following cultivars make great cut flowers in addition to great garden
subjects. Check out other articles in our Heuchera series for the description of other
Heuchera groups such as yellow or ruffled varieites.
  Heuchera 'Checkers': From Pennsylvania's Charles Oliver, comes this new breeding
breakthrough in Heuchera. The silver leaves are overlain with a veined pattern of
dusty purple. The flowering stems, in mid-spring are adorned with more cutleaf
purple foliage and a dazzling array of large (for a Heuchera) white flowers.... a
splendid show! (Part Sun to Light Shade, Zone 4-9, Ht. 15 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Coral Bouquet': Large bright coral flowers are many times larger than the
typical Heuchera flower. Green foliage with some mottled silver patterning. A hybrid
between the western Heuchera cylindrica and the garden Heuchera 脳 brizoides (Ht.
20 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Hollywood' PPAF, PVR: This new Terra Nova hybrid boasts dark purple
ruffled foliage highlighted by silver veins and topped in spring with dense spikes of
coral red flowers...a stunning contrast. Each 1' wide clump reblooms well in some
climates, making a stunning show all summer. (Part Sun to Light Shade, Zone 4-7, Ht.
8 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Jade Gloss' PPAF: This Charles Oliver hybrid make a small compact
clump of slightly cupped stunning silvery foliage, highlighted by dramatic dark purple
veins. Heuchera 'Jade Gloss' is a heavy flowering variety compared to most of the
coral bells that we have grown. In late spring the clumps are topped with 18" tall
stalks of white flowers that open from light pink buds--a real winner! (Part Sun to
Light Shade, Zone 4-9, Ht. 8 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Marmalade' PP 15,945, PVR: Heuchera 'Marmalade' is a unique new
hybrid from the Terra Nova breeding program. Each 18" wide clump is composed of
glossy foliage that emerges red and changes to amber-yellow. The clumps are topped
by 14" spikes of red flowers in spring...sure to make a statement in the garden...look
at me! (Part Sun to Light Shade, Zone 4-7 at least, Ht. 9 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Paris' PP 18,881: What an amazing coral bell! This Terra Nova
introduction makes a small 9" tall by 15" wide clump of silvery leaves, highlighted
with dark green veins. The clumps are topped from mid-April through early July with
15" tall sturdy spikes of small rosy-red flowers. This is unquestionably the best
flowering coral bell we've ever trialed. As with all coral bells, we'd recommend a
well-drained garden site as well as dividing them every 2-3 years. (Part Sun to Light
Shade, Zone 4-8 at least, Ht. 15 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Raspberry Regal': From Busse Gardens of Minnesota comes this vigorous
growing rosette of scalloped light green foliage with silver markings. From the
clumps arise giant 36" spikes of large raspberry red flowers in late spring and early
summer that are nothing short of fabulous! Not only is Heuchera 'Raspberry Regal'
great in the garden, but it'll even make a cut flower arranger out of those of us with no
artistic ability! (Part Sun to Light Shade, Zone 3-9, Ht. 12 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Rosada': This stunning coral bell hybrid, from Bart O'Brien at the Santa
Ana Botanical Garden in California, is one of the most stunning coral bells in flower
that we have seen. In spring, the 1' tall clumps of soft light green leaves are topped
with dozens of 3' tall scapes of bright rosy pink bells...a really dramatic sight when
used in mass! (Part Sun to Light Shade, Zone 5-8, Ht. 12 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Rosamund': Lovely dark pink flowers on this selection of coral bells...a
mass of coral bells in bloom is truly a dazzling sight. (Part Sun to Light Shade, Ht. 20
  Heuchera 'Strawberry Candy' PP 12195 PVR: We have been looking for a
replacement for Heuchera 'Raspberry Regal' that would stand up better to our heat and
still present a great floral show. With Heuchera 'Strawberry Candy', we think we have
found just the plant. The vigorous, but compact, mound of ruffled green leaves with
silver veining makes an 18" wide by 10" tall mound that is topped with a stunning
floral show of 16" tall scapes of large rosy pink flowers in late spring. (Part Sun to
Light Shade, Zone 4-8, Ht. 10 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Strawberry Swirl': This vigorous hybrid coral bells is one of the best
flowering types that we have seen and has improved foliage also. The medium-green
foliage has a light silver overlay and incredible ruffling. In spring, the clumps are
topped with large numbers of 30" flower stalks with dark pink flowers. (Part Sun to
Light Shade, Zone 4-9, Ht. 12 鈥?
  Heuchera versicolor: We got the seed as Heuchera versicolor although no reference
exists on this species...nice stalks of pink flowers (Part Sun to Light Shade, Zone 4-10,
Ht. 12 鈥?
  Heuchera 'Vesuvius' PP 13215 PVR: This new introduction was the top performer in
the Terra Nova 2000 Heuchera trials...and after seeing their trial gardens, that's saying
something. The dark purple foliage is topped in early summer with hundreds of spikes
of brilliant red object d'art in the garden! (Part Sun to Light Shade, Zone
4-9, Ht. 12 鈥?
  Heuchera 'White Cloud': This lovely coral bells has white flowers instead of the
usual pink. (Part Sun to Light Shade, Zone 3-10, Ht. 24 鈥?
  Heuchera 脳 pubescens 'White Marble': This new introduction from Charles Oliver
of the Primrose Path has a leaf with a silvery white overlay and green veins, topped
with unique double white flowers on 22" bloom scapes. (Part Sun to Light Shade,
Zone 4-9, Ht. 12 鈥?
  Coral Bells of any color are a lovely addition to the shade garden.