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Cool Mountain Biking Experience in Batam

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					Batam is best known as the free trade zone of Indonesia’s Riau Islands but now is
emerging as an ideal island holiday destination by global travelers. has great offers on rooms in Hotels in Batam making it
affordable for visitors to holiday in this island. Apart from clean beaches and silvery
sands one of the most popular activities in Batam is mountain biking. You can hire or
even buy a bicycle from one of the shops and start your adventure by taking the 30
kilometer path on the Nongsa peninsula. You can start from the beautiful Turi Beach
on the Nongsa Kampung and end at Tering Bay Golf Club. Visitors staying in Batam
hotels can see lush green forests which are home to some rare fauna and flora.
Tourists on a biking trail can also get to see beautiful virgin beaches and get to pass
through dirt roads which add to the challenge. This is one cycling trip which will
make remember Batam for life.
 If you are running short of time and you want to take a short day trip then a visit to
Batu Mera village is recommended. This is one of the oldest villages in Batam and
you can get to see the rural life and get to mix with the local people and experience
their culture and simple way of life. You would also be amazed by the warmth of their
hospitality and an incentive to return to Batam again.
 Experience Multicultural Batam
 Most of the ceremonies are a combination of dance, music, art and religious chants
which would expose visitors staying in hotels in Batam to its spiritual side. Some of
the popular local traditional dances are the Batam Zapin Dance, the Jogi Dance and
Persembahan Dance which are not only colorful but also melodious.
 Drama is also part of the Batam culture and the Mak Yong Drama is a very popular
one where the story revolves around a country called Riau and its wise king. Batam is
also popular for the various culinary delights that comes straight from its steaming hot
kitchens. Seafood is the specialty of Batam and you cannot afford to miss out on the
local delicacy called Gong-Gong which is a shellfish and is Batam’s best kept secret.
The best place to please the taste buds is the Nagoya, Batu Besar, Batu Merah areas
where you can find innumerable restaurants and roadside hawker stalls. with their discounts on wonderful hotels in Batam is an
ideal way to holiday in this beautiful island.
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