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perfect for 50 coffees per week                                   great for 50-600 coffees per week

          Both Lavazza espresso machines use innovative, state of the art capsule technology
           that guarantees a perfect coffee with full bodied flavour and a consistent crema.
            You can create an authentic Italian café quality cappuccino and latte at ease.

                   Compact, easy to use and with a great choice of Lavazza blends.

         For further information please contact your Corporate Express representative on 13 26 44
CQ: Carton Quantity                                                                                                    coffee machines & accessories
Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsule Espresso Machine

                                                                                                                                                                Coffee Machines & Kitchen Appliances
Lavazza’s stylish and compact A Modo Mio coffee capsule system is all about the perfect
espresso at the touch of a button. Two machines are available; the premium with a
“Panarello” milk frothing enhancer and programmable cup levels or the Extra which has
manual stop/start for cup level and standard steam wand.
	                                                                     	     CQ	      CE	Code
A Lavazza A Modo Mio Black Capsule Espresso Machine                           -   87257201


                                                                                                                                       32 pod start-up pack
                                                                                                                                       available with each
                                                                                                                                        machine purchased

Lavazza A Modo Mio Premium Capsule
Espresso Machine
Compact, elegant and easy to use, A Modo Mio machines have an innovative extraction                b                   C
process that ensures the very best espresso, guaranteeing a consistent crema and full-
bodied flavour. A Modo Mio uses the latest Lavazza capsule technology to make perfect
espresso at the press of a button.
b   Lavazza A Modo Mio Red Premium Capsule Espresso Machines                  -   87257202
C   Lavazza A Modo Mio Silver Premium Capsule Espresso Machines               -   18680159

Lavazza A Modo Mio Coffee Capsules                                                                                                       32 pod start-up pack
                                                                                                                                         available with each
A Modo Mio capsules contain the perfect grind and dose for café-quality espresso. The                                                     machine purchased
range includes:
• Appassionatamente: strong, velvety and full-bodied coffee
• Cremosamente: decaffeinated with full body and flavour
• Deliziosamente: medium-strength, well rounded, smooth and delicate
• Dolcemente: gentle and smooth                                                                d                   E               f
• Divinamente: distinctive character, hints of chocolate and dark roast
• Magicamente: 100% Arabica, rich, velvety and full bodied
• Intensamente: intense and full flavoured, a true café style espresso
d Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsules Appassionatamente (Red) 16x7.5g Box            16   87257203
e Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsules Cremosamente (Decaffeinated - Blue)
  16x7.5g Box                                                                16   87257204
f Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsules Deliziosamente (Orange) 16x7.5g Box            16   87257205

g Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsules Dolcemente (Brown) 16x7.5g Box                 16   87257206
h Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsules Divinamente (Purple) 16x7.5g Box               16   18679931     g           h               i                  J
i Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsules Magicamente (Pink) 16x7.5g Box                 16   18679933
j Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsules Intensamente (Burgundy) 16x7.5g Box            16   18679932

Jura Coffee Machine Accessories
Jura Cleaning Tablets are designed specifically to maintain the brewing chamber in the
Jura line. Decalcifying tablets have been designed by Jura to manage the calcium deposits
that settle in the brewing chamber over time. Auto Cappuccino Cleaner Liquid has been
specifically designed to maintain the milk frothing mechanisms in all Jura machines.
Claris Water Filter is used to reduce calcium deposits, heavy metals and other harmful
substances, as well as substances detrimental to flavour or aroma.
k   Jura/Fusion Cleaning Tablets Pkt 6                                        6   86593196
    Jura/Fusion Cleaning Tablets Tub 25                                      48   86953076
    Jura Decalcifying Tablets Pkt 9                                           6   86953199
l   Jura Cappuccino Cleaner Bottle 250ml                                     12   86953221
    Jura Cappuccino Cleaner Bottle 1L                                         6   86953222         K
    Jura Claris Water Filter                                                 20   87004679

Jura Cool Control
Durable and CFC-free, the Peltier cooling principle used in the Cool Control from Jura cools
milk to 25° below the ambient temperature. Once a temperature of 4° has been reached,
the intelligent Cool Control keeps the milk in the optimum temperature range, preventing
it from freezing but also helping to save energy.
m Jura Cool Control Milk Fridge Black                                         -   87258622                                     M
  Jura Cool Control Milk Fridge White                                         -   87258623

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                                                                                               Lavazza blue Capsule Coffee Machine
Coffee Machines & Kitchen Appliances

                                                                                               Designed by Pininfarina, the LB2300 capsule espresso machine is the ideal espresso
                                                                                               solution for offices, boardrooms or reception areas. Easy to use, producing café quality
                                                                                               espresso from a range of capsule choices, this is the ideal solution for anyone wanting
                                                                                               perfect but fuss free espresso. No plumbing required.
                                                                                               	                                                                     	      CQ	     CE	Code
                                                                                               A Lavazza Blue Capsule Machine                                                 -   18680160


                                                                                               Lavazza blue Capsule 2 group Coffee Machine
                                                                                               Capsule technology taken to a new level, a café style espresso machine that doesn’t need
                                                                                               a barista. The LB4102 is perfect for any office, reception or breakout area wanting to be
                                                                                               different. Top of the range technology and performance, compact and easy to use. Tank /
                                                                                               plumbed versions available.
                                                                                               b   Lavazza Blue 2 Group Capsule Machine 4102 (inc. installation)              -   18680161


                                                                                               Lavazza blue Capsule 2 group Coffee Machine
                                                                                               Produced by Wega, Italy’s largest espresso machine manufacturer. The LB4700 is a
                                                                                               commercial quality capsule espresso machine perfect for any lobby or staff café. Modern
                                                                                               design, robust and reliable, the LB4700 also incorporates an automatic milk frother, milk
                                                                                               based drinks and espresso couldn’t be easier. Plumbed only.
                                                                                               C   Lavazza Blue 2 Group Capsule Machine 4700 (inc. installation)              -   18680162


                                                                                               Lavazza bLUE Coffee Capsules
                                                                                               d   Lavazza BLUE Intenso Capsules 8g Ctn 100                                   -   18679936
                                                                                               e   Lavazza BLUE Crema Caffe Dolce Capsules 8g Ctn 100                         -   18679934
                                                                                               f   Lavazza BLUE Tierra Capsules 8g Ctn 100                                    -   18679937
                                                                                               g   Lavazza BLUE Dek Capsules 8g Ctn 100                                       -   18679935

                                                                       d                   E

                                                            f                      g

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Jura impressa S9 One Touch Cappuccino Coffee Machine

                                                                                                                                           Coffee Machines & Kitchen Appliances
(for usage up to 30 cups per day)
This twin thermoblock machine prepares cappuccinos and lattes at the touch of a button,
without having to move the cup. With its elegant platinum styling and upgraded design,
this high-quality model is fully in keeping with contemporary trends and exudes superiority,
solidity and competence. It impressively demonstrates these attributes with each coffee
speciality. In addition, the Impressa S9 One Touch actively assists you in saving energy.
	                                                                      	      CQ	     CE	Code
A Jura Impressa S9 One Touch Cappuccino Coffee Machine                          -   18680157


Jura impressa Xf50 Coffee Machine
(for usage up to 30 cups per day)
Approximately 30 cups per day. Thanks to four programmable preparation buttons and
improved user guidance with the Rotary Switch, it’s never been easier to create the perfect
coffee. The new Impressa XF50 doesn’t just grant your wishes for espresso and coffee, but
also those for cappuccino and latte macchiato.
b   Jura Impressa XF50 Coffee Machine                                           -   18680158


Jura impressa XS90 (for usage up to 50 cups per day)
A touch of a button is all it takes to make one of the seven individually programmable
specialties that can be prepared with the Impressa XS90 One Touch. Use the professional                        C
cappuccino frother to take the hard work out of making special cafe favourites like
Cappuccino, Short Black or Latte Macchiato.
• Fresh ground espresso coffee
• User friendly
• Coffee and milk poured in one position
• Stylish design                                                                                                          fRee

• 12 Month Warranty                                                                                                    1kg bag
C   Impressa XS90 One Touch Coffee Machine                                      -   87200106                           lazum of
                                                                                                                    latino c ba’s
                                                                                                                      beans ee
                                                                                                                   each m with

Jura impressa X9 (for usage up to 100 cups per day)
Treat your customers, guests, employees and yourself to coffee at its very best. The
Jura Impressa X9 distinguishes itself both by state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly
control functions and its elegant finish and design. Thanks to ultra-modern technology
and revolutionary one touch/single position cappuccino function, the Jura Impressa X9           E                    d
prepares coffee specialties just like a genuine barista or a large, expensive traditional
espresso machine, all at the push of a button. The Compressor Cooler Pro is a perfect
match for the Impressa X9. The generous container holds up to four litres of milk. A
powerful compressor unit ensures that the milk is cooled to an optimum 4°C even at
outside temperatures up to 32°C.
• Up to eight coffee specialties
• User friendly                                                                                                            fRee
                                                                                                                        1kg bag
• Fresh ground espresso coffee
• Coffee and milk poured in one position                                                                                lazumb of
                                                                                                                     latino c a’s
• Adjustable spout                                                                                                           off
                                                                                                                       beans ee
• Two grinders - two blends available                                                                               each m with
• Able to make two coffees at once                                                                                      purchasee
• 12 Month Warranty                                                                                                              d
d X9 Bean to Cup Espresso Machine                                               -   86953198
e Compressor Cooler Pro                                                         -   18681918

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                                       brewing machines & catering appliances                                                                                           CQ: Carton Quantity

                                                                                            Airpot brewing Machines
Coffee Machines & Kitchen Appliances

                                                          A                                 This vacuum pot and brewer will enhance your tearoom or boardroom while creating the
                                                                                            perfect cup of coffee and keeping it hot - right to the last drop. The station gives you space
                                                                                            for two airpots, tea, sugar, cups and stirrers. Brewer is supplied with cleaning products and
                                                                                            	                                                                       	      CQ	     CE	Code
                                                                                            A   Airpot Vacuum Coffee Pot Bravilor 2.2L                                       -   86537351
                                                                                            b   Airpot Coffee Brewer Machine Bravilor                                        -   86537352
                                                                                            C   Airpot Coffee Brewer Station                                                 -   86737037
                                                                                            d   Harris Filter Papers 1.7L Ctn 1000                                           -   86692074
                                                                                                Moccona Premium Ground Coffee 24x75g Brick
                                                                                                (suitable for Bravilor airpot brewer)                                        -   86684282

                                                  b                                     g   bravilor Mondo Pour-Over Coffee brewer
                                                                                            Easy maintenance, self-regulating hot plate, “coffee-ready” signal and glass decanter. It
                                                                                            will make 144 cups per hour with a holding capacity of 24 cups. The twin hot plate keeps
                                                                                            two decanters of coffee hot. Two decanters supplied with brewer.
                                                                                            e Pour-Over Coffee Brewer Filter Machine 1.7L                                    -   86537353
                                                                                            f Twin Hot Plate                                                                 -   86745767
                                                                                            g Glass Jug 1.7L                                                                 -   86756686

                                         C                        d

                                                                                            AromaCup beverage dispensers
                                                                                            Wall mountable multi-dispensers for use in any canteen or kitchen. AromaCup dispensers
                                                                                            can hold coffee, tea, sugar, Milo etc in ‘Office Jars’ which are provided empty. These
                                                                                            dispensers reduce ‘wet spooning’, wastage and cross-contamination, as well as keeping
                                                                                            workspaces clean.
                                                                                            • AC2000 has two dispensers for ingredients e.g. coffee and sugar or coffee and milk
                                                              h                             • AC200C dispenses cups from two chutes. The top of the chute holds stirrers
                                                                                            • AC200CT has one chute for cups, the other for dispensing tea bags
                                                                                            • AC300T features a chute to dispense tea bags + 2 ingredient dispensers
                                                                                            • AC300C features a chute to dispense cups + 2 ingredient dispensers
                                                                                            • AC600STD standard version has a cup/stirrer dispenser + 4 ingredient dispensers + tea
                                                                                    i         bag chute
                                                                                            • AC600R is a reversed version of the standard model, tea bag chute + 4 ingredient
                                                                                              dispensers + cup/stirrer dispenser
                                                                                            • AC600T has a tea bag chute + 4 ingredient dispensers + tea bag chute
                                         J                                                  • AC600C has a cup/stirrer dispenser + 4 ingredient dispensers + cup/stirrer dispenser
                                                                                            h Beverage Dispenser 2 Ingredients System AC2000                                 -   86712624
                                                                                              Beverage Dispenser Double Cup System AC200C                                    -   86639947
                                                                                            i Beverage Dispenser Tea Bag & 2 Ingredients System AC300T                       -   86639949
                                                                                              Beverage Dispenser Cup & 2 Ingredients System AC300C                           -   86639950
                                                                                            j Beverage Dispenser Cup/System AC600STD                                         -   86639951
                                                                                              Beverage Dispenser AC600STD Reversed System AC600R                             -   86639952
                                                                                              Beverage Dispenser Tea Bag/4 Ingredients/Tea Bag System AC600T                 -   86639953
                                                                                              Beverage Dispenser Cup/4 Ingredients/Cup System AC600C                         -   86639954

                                                                                            birko boiling Water Urns
                                                                                            5L	Water	Urn: Fresh new look, same great value. This quality electric urn is a standout
                                                                                            performer for personal use or small office needs.
                                                                                            10-40L	Water	Urn:	Great new contemporary look, same great quality. Top quality electric
                                                                                            urn is a proven world-wide performer. Benefits:
                                                      K               L                     • Polished stainless steel with welded joints for superior corrosion resistance and effortless
                                                                                              cleaning easy temperature contol to maintain perfect water temperature
                                                                                            • Safety cut-out switch turns off the power if the urn boils dry and non-drip tap prevents
                                                                                              accidents and mess
                                                                                            • Power indicator light, heat-resistant knobs, lifting handles and lockable lid
                                                                                            k   Hot Water Urn Stainless Steel 25-30 Cups 1800w 5L                            -   18646816
                                                                                                Hot Water Urn Stainless Steel 45-50 Cups 2400w 10L                           -   18646817
                                                                                                Hot Water Urn Stainless Steel 80-100 Cups 2400w 20L                          -   18646818
                                                                                                Hot Water Urn Stainless Steel 130-150 Cups 2400w 30L                         -   18646819
                                                                                            l   Hot Water Urn Stainless Steel 175-200 Cups 2400w 40L                         -   18646820

                                       13 26 44                                                            Coloured text represents EarthSaver or Exclusive Brand Products
CQ: Carton Quantity                                                                                       brewing machines & catering appliances
birko Percolator

                                                                                                                                                   Coffee Machines & Kitchen Appliances
The superior coffee percolator is cost effective, functional and versatile for a quick cup of
coffee. The easy-to-brew percolator brews great coffee from cold water and fresh coffee
	                                                                        	      CQ	     CE	Code
A Birko Coffee Percolator Stainless Steel 20L                                     -   87135221

birko Commercial Microwave
The stylish Birko Microwave is ideal for any office or commercial kitchen. The stainless steel    A
body with rubber non-slip feet has multi-power levels with a huge 26L capacity that makes
it ideal for a busy kitchen.
b   Birko Commercial Microwave 26L                                                -   87135223

birko Tempo Tronic boiling Water Systems
For boiling water at the touch of a tap for hot beverages and cooking, the Birko Tempo
Tronic is the perfect solution. With the choice of models delivering 8 to 60 cups of boiling
water at one time, Birko Boiling Water Systems are great for instant hot water beverages.
    Birko Tempo Tronic Hot Water Urn Wall Mounted 1.5L                            -   87003912
    Birko Tempo Tronic Hot Water Urn Wall Mounted 2.5L 125 Cups/hr                -   86745780
C   Birko Tempo Tronic Hot Water Urn Wall Mounted 5L 135 Cups/hr                  -   86745781
    Birko Tempo Tronic Hot Water Urn Wall Mounted 7.5L 150 Cups/hr                -   86745782
    Birko Tempo Tronic Hot Water Urn Wall Mounted 10L 175 Cups/hr                 -   86745783        C

birko Commercial grade food Service Equipment
The Birko Contact Grills in medium or large, have a heavy-duty stainless steel body,
machined cast iron cooking surfaces and a counter balanced top plate. The Birko Toaster
Grill is all stainless steel construction with Quartz elements and is dual control. Treat your             d                E
visitors or staff with perfectly warm pastries with the Birko Pie Warmer. Also available is
the six slice Birko Toaster or the versatile Birko Conveyor Toaster which can handle up to
600 slices per hour. Get a handle on any breakfast rush.
d   Birko Commercial Toaster Grill 10amp                                          -   87064068
e   Birko Commercial Contact Sandwich Grill Medium 10amp                          -   87064069
f   Birko Commercial 6 Slice Toaster 10amp                                        -   87064070

g   Birko Commercial 50 Pie Warmer with Glass Door                                -   87089312
h   Birko Commercial Conveyor Toaster 600 SL                                      -   87200014             f                           g
i   Birko Commercial Contact Sandwich Grill Large                                 -   87200015

                                                                                                  h                               i

Coloured text represents EarthSaver or Exclusive Brand Products                                                             
    Love a good cuppa?
    Then our Victoria Gardens tea is just for you. Exclusive to Corporate Express,
    Victoria Gardens English Breakfast tea is a full-bodied, robust tea blended to
    go well with milk and sugar. It gives you the quality and taste of a premium
    tea at a fraction of the price.

    To view the Victoria Gardens range visit page 19 or contact
    your Corporate Express representative.

Quality without compromise
CQ: Carton Quantity                                                                                               kitchen appliances & accessories
Nero Kettle and Toaster

                                                                                                                                                     Coffee Machines & Kitchen Appliances
Attractive, value for money, Black or White kettle and toaster. A welcome addition to
any office.                                                                                                               b
	                                                                       	      CQ	      CE	Code           A
A Nero Black Cordless Kettle 1.7L                                                -   87077684
  Nero Black 2 Slice Toaster                                                     -   87077685
  Nero White Cordless Kettle 1.7L                                                -   87257208
b Nero White 2 Slice Toaster                                                     -   87257209
  Nero White 4 Slice Toaster                                                     -   18680163

Nero Stainless Steel Kettle 1.7L
• Water gauge                               • 2400w concealed element
• 1.7L capacity                             • Handle activated hinged locking lid
• Removable mesh filter                     • 360º swivel base
• Illuminated on/off switch                 • Cord storage                                                C
C   Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle 1.7L                                         -   87257210

Nero Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster
Stylish 4 Slice toaster. Is cool to touch, has adjustable browning control, defrost, reheat
and cancel settings and crumb tray. Great value for money.
d Nero 4 Slice Toaster                                                           4   87205959     d                        E

Nero Sandwich Press
Make fresh café style toasted snacks in just minutes. Easy to use and even simpler to
maintain, the Nero 4 Slice Sandwich Press comes complete with a floating hinge and extra
large non-stick plates.
e   Nero 4 Slice Sandwich Press                                                  -   87205972

Sunbeam Toaster Oven
Sunbeam Compact Toaster Oven
• Functional and versatile                  • Bakes, roasts and grills
• Removable crumb tray                      • Cool touch handles for added safety
f   Sunbeam Toaster Oven 10L                                                     -   86639988

Sunbeam Coffee Percolator

• 12 cup drip filter coffee maker        • Electronic programming
• LCD 24hr clock                         • Powerful 1100w for fast, hot coffee
• Anti-drip valve                        • Easy view water gauge
• Non-stick warming plate                                                                                     f
• Permanent mesh filter with removable filter holder
g Sunbeam 12 Cup Drip Filter Coffee Machine                                      -   86639985

Coffee Machine Accessories
h Mesh Cappuccino/Chocolate Shaker 250ml                                       12    87205926
  Frothing/Water 18/8 Elegance Jug 1L                                          12    87205927
i Frothing/Water 18/8 Elegance Jug 1.5L                                        12    87205928

EXP Wooden Stirrers
Made from Plantation Australian Araucaria tree. These stirrers have no taste, odour, taint
and are biodegradable.
j   EXP Wooden Stirrers Pkt 1000                                                 -   85211500


Coloured text represents EarthSaver or Exclusive Brand Products                                                              
    Love an
    afternoon snack?
    Exclusive to Corporate Express, the Victoria Gardens range of
    freshly packaged nuts, dried fruits, savouries and confectionery
    are perfect for boardrooms, meetings and the office. They’re a
    great snack for all occasions.

    To view the Victoria Gardens range visit page 55 or contact
    your Corporate Express representative.

Quality without compromise

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