Convenient Miami- Airport Hotels_ Restaurants_ and Things to Do near the Airport

					There 鈥檚 a good reason that so many hotels pop up near airports 鈥?convenience
for both leisure and business travelers. And it 鈥檚 as true in Miami as in any large
city. The Miami International Airport (MIA), just eight miles from downtown, has
been praised for its location since before Miami was even a tourist destination! From
the 1930s through the 1950s, the airport was used as an Army Air Force airstrip.
Today, numerous Miami airport hotels dot the skyline near the terminals, offering
convenient access to not only the city, but Florida's major highways, as well. From
entertainment to eating, you can find everything you need without stepping through
the lobby doors.
  And whether you 鈥檙 e in town for business or pleasure, when it comes to airport
hotels, Miami has some of the best. Nightclubs, neon-lit pools, and some of the best
restaurants in town can be enjoyed within eyeshot of the traffic control tower, and just
minutes from Coconut Grove, University of Miami, the Miami Beach Convention
Center, Coral Gables and countless golf courses. But no visit to Miami is complete
without a trip to South Beach! Once home to a number of retired citizens and starving
artists, this cultural crossroads has risen to international fame as a popular vacation
  Every block is packed with restaurants, bars, shops, and - of course - dance clubs,
each trendier, more glamorous and cutting-edge than the last. One could spend days
soaking in the sights and sounds of South Beach. Take a walking tour along Ocean
Drive or down Lincoln Road, where the beautiful people come out to play. Whether
it's three in the morning or three in the afternoon, there is bound to be plenty to do.
Luckily, from your airport hotel, Miami 鈥檚 most popular hotspot is easy to reach.

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