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									                                        City of Punta Gorda Action Register
                                                  As of 05/26/06
**Note: Completed Items are carried at the end of the Action Register.**
             Action                  Responsible        Target Completion                         Comments
                                                          Date         Date
Hammer Construction re: City      Howard/Dennis        6/15/05              Roof repair City Hall, Bayfront Center and Water
Building Renovation                                                         Plant completed. Public Safety roof completed. City
                                                                            Clerk moved back into City Hall. Public Works and
                                                                            Utilities administrative staff moved into Bayfront
                                                                            weekend of September 24. Cooper Street roof and
                                                                            interior renovation essentially completed and staff
                                                                            back in facility. Kitchen appliances on order and
                                                                            outside building painting, gutter and indoor flooring
                                                                            renovation remains to be completed. City Hall
                                                                            façade renovation and second floor interior work
                                                                            underway. Move-in completed on March 24th.
                                                                            Working on final exterior renovations and punch list
Responses to DCA re: Comp Plan David                   11/1/05              City responded to DCA comments. Received DCA
Evaluation & Appraisal Report                                               communication and working to resolve one last issue
                                                                            pertaining to school facility construction within City
                                                                            limits. Letter from School Board sent to DCA
                                                                            responding to DCA concerns. Going to Planning
                                                                            Commission in May, Council in July.
Arcade Building area alleyway     Rick                 11/30/05             Survey completed. Design of alleyway
renovations                                                                 improvements completed. Need SWFWMD permit.
                                                                            Meeting held with SWFWMD on 1/24/06.
                                                                            Resubmitted design on 2/21. Anticipate comments
                                                                            from SWFWMD by 3/22. Milling work completed,
                                                                            not needing permit, to coincide with building
                                                                            renovation. SWFWMD permit received.
                                                                            Construction began after Block Party. Parts are on
                                                                            order. Easements for additional right of way are
                                                                            being obtained by Urban Design. Working with FPL,
                                                                            Comcast, and Sprint for relocation of utilities
                                                                            Construction began on April 24, 2006. Anticipate
                                                                            work to be completed August 1, 2006
Development of Freeman House         Dave          12/1/05        Terms agreed to by staff and Chamber/Historical
management agreement                                              Society. Terms to include monthly rental payment
                                                                  and utilities payment. Agreement prepared by
                                                                  Chamber and under review by staff and City
                                                                  Attorney. To go before City Council.
Relocate Freeman House to West       Dennis        12/30/05       Move completed on December 11. Chimney is
Retta Esplanade site                                              finished. Roof passed inspection. Dumpster has been
                                                                  delivered to clean up the site. Sheetrock going up
                                                                  inside. Sheetrock is 70% complete. Have bid for
                                                                  painting. Decorative handrails being painted. Report
                                                                  to Council when the agreement goes to Council.
Recommend affordable housing         Mitchell      1/31/06        Options went before Planning Commission in April
options                                                           and will go before Council on June 7.
Program performance outcome          Kathy         3/1/06         All departments submitted by March 1st. CM Office
measures development                                              to review and refine submittals as part of FY 2007
                                                                  budget process.
Government Center parking and        Dennis        3/31/06        All PODs have been removed to make room for
plaza improvements                                                expanded parking area. Engineers’ design has been
                                                                  received. Construction to begin in September
                                                                  pending boundary/alleyway issues.
Corrective Actions to address        Dennis/Rick   3/31/06        Lights ordered, estimate received on handicapped
PGHA Residents’ concerns                                          parking & pricing parking areas. May be few months
                                                                  for paving.
Review newspaper racks               Dennis        4/15/06        Will be moved to Marion (5-Star) when built.
ordinance and beautification ideas                                Ordinance to follow.
Formal Return to Work Policy         Phil          5/1/06         Impact will need to be discussed with unions. Draft
                                                                  policy to go out to Directors.
All Employees will get NIMS          Rob/Phil      5/31/06
Training Certificate for their
personnel files
Airport area utility master plan     Steve         6/1/06         Two proposals received. Consultant ranked by staff
proposal process                                                  on 5-19-06. Scheduled for Council in June.
Patty Avenue boardwalk repairs       Phil/Rick     6/1/06         Cost estimates being prepared by Parks.
Appraisal & Environmental            Dennis        6/1/06         Council requested appraisal & environmental review
Review of Property at 265-267                                     at 4/19 meeting. Phase I environmental review
Tamiami Trail (McGinnis Bail                                      received 5/3/06. Phase II review ordered. Appraisal
Bonds)                                                            completed and going before CRA & Council in June.
Schedule date for PW/Utilities    Dennis           6/8/06
Campus Town Mtg.
Strategic Plan Progress Report    Kathy            6/21/06
Art Around Town Plan              Kathy            7/01/06
Implementation Plan for           Kathy            8/01/06
Annexation of US 17 corridor
Implementation Plan for           Kathy            8/01/06
Annexation of US 41 enclave
Stormwater Utility Feasibility    Kathy/Rick/Dave/ 9/1/06
Analysis                          Dennis
Eichert Piling Issue – Customer   Dennis           5/6/05        5/6/05    Customer applied for permit 5/9/05
request to redo piling
Damaged Marker Response –         Rick             5/6/05        5/3/05    Marker replaced, customer notified and response e-
Customer request to replace                                                mailed to Council
damaged marker in canal
Hawkeye Roofing Research based    Dennis/Chuck     5/6/05        5/3/05    Hard copy response to Council
on customer complaints
State Road 41 Landscaping         Rick             5/6/05        5/17/05   Provide maintenance until permanent contract is let.
Interim Maintenance                                                        All interim work on medians completed
Insurance Issue re: Pond /        Phil             5/9/05        5/9/05    Covered under the City’s policies
Art Around Town Program           Sue              5/11/05       5/11/05   Art work to be presented to Council prior to
Agenda Item                                                                placement on City property
Downtown Trolley Program          David            6/15/05       6/1/05    Private Sector Initiative; Council Presentation
                                                                           scheduled for June 1
Employee ID Program               Chuck            6/1/05        6/2/05    Meeting w/MIS on May 17. Project on schedule for
                                                                           completion first week of June
ISO Rating Process                Rob              7/1/05        6/2/05    Updated maps & equipment list sent to ISO
Email Policy                      Dennis           6/1/05        6/3/05    Draft policy sent to departments 5/13
Web Site Presentation             Dennis           6/8/05        6/8/05    City Council Workshop – June 8
Project Implementation Method     Dennis           6/8/05        6/8/05    City Council Workshop – June 8
of Delivery Presentation
Emergency Management              Chuck            6/8/05        6/8/05    City Council Workshop - June 8
Presentation Road Show
Freeman House Business Plan       Howard           6/30/05       6/8/05    Initial Meetings held 5/10 and 5/12. Business plan
                                                                           input by 6/1/05. Donation agreement and grant of
                                                                           preservation easement to be considered at June 15
                                                                             Council meeting
Laishley Park – Design and           Rick            6/30/05       6/8/05    Initial Meeting 5/13/05. Timelines being developed
Permitting Application                                                       for permitting and method of delivery. To be
                                                                             presented at Council workshop in June 8.
                                                                             Contractors responding to request for additional
                                                                             information from FDEP; timelines will depend on
                                                                             acceptance of add’l info from FDEP
Public Works / Fleet / Warehouse     Ben Alexander   6/30/05       6/8/05    Team meetings 5/06/05 and 5/18/05. Evaluating
/ Utilities / Billing & Collection                                           insurance reimbursement, site configurations and
Facilities                                                                   method of delivery. To be presented at Council
                                                                             workshop on June 8
Standard Policy on Emergency         Phil            6/1/05        6/15/05   Draft policy sent to departments 5/13. Second draft
Call Back & Report to Work                                                   handed out 5/26. Council approved at 6/15 meeting
Human Resources Training,            Phil            6/30/05       6/21/05   Training scheduled for June 21
Hiring, Interview Process
Emergency Management Plan            Chuck           7/1/05        6/22/05   Plan updated and placed on web site.
Sarasota Derelict Boat Ordinance     Peggy           7/1/05        6/22/05   Ordinance reviewed and information sent to Council.
– Obtain and Initiate Review
Landscaping Requirements in          David           6/15/05       6/24/05   Memorandum prepared and sent to Council.
LDR’s Review
State Road 41 Median Replanting      Dennis          6/1/05        6/27/05   Release RFP on 5/2; Evaluation and award completed
& Renovation Contract                                                        in June
Web Site Redesign                    Dennis          7/1/05        6/30/05   Team meeting held on 5/6. Web site redesign
                                                                             underway. Information Sharing, Weekly Report,
                                                                             Council Agenda Summary, Financial Statement and
                                                                             other department items now included on Web. Status
                                                                             scheduled for Council workshop on June 8. New
                                                                             home page unveiled on 6/30
Fair Share Impact Fee Review         Dennis          7/1/05        7/1/05    RFP issued.
Community Sailing Center Site        Dennis          6/8/05        7/6/05    Meeting with center members 5/13/05. In house
Location                                                                     team to develop site analysis and recommendation.
                                                                             Presentation at City Council Workshop – June 8.
                                                                             Council selected Shreve Park (Boat Club) site on 7/6
                                                                             as preferred location.
Strategic Plan Priority Setting      Howard          7/15/05       7/7/05    Letter sent May 6 to boards, commissions and civic
                                                                             groups requesting input. Responses received.
                                                                           Workshop conducted on 7/7 and Council reached
                                                                           consensus on strategic plan priorities.
Cooper Street Recreation Center     Dennis         6/6/05        7/12/05   Delivery June 6, and set up to be completed on June
Trailers                                                                   10. Plumbing and electric work underway. Work
                                                                           completed and trailers operational.
Tropicana/Marion Corridor traffic   Rick           8/1/05        7/13/05   Developed scope of work with traffic engineering
issue analyses                                                             firm and Council approved project study. Public
                                                                           meeting was held on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 in
                                                                           council chambers by Kimley-Horn, Engineering
                                                                           Consultants for the City of Punta Gorda. Staff to
                                                                           meet with the consultant on April 25, 2006 to address
                                                                           comments, concerns and suggestions brought up by
                                                                           residents at the March 29, 2006 public meeting.
                                                                           Final report will be placed on June 2006 City Council
                                                                           meeting for approval. Target date - 6/1/06
Helen Street Housing                David/Dennis   5/2/05        7/13/05   Conference Call 5/2; Demolition and site cleanup
                                                                           processed by Procurement; Demolition permit
                                                                           request submitted and contractor ready to set; City
                                                                           Attorney sent notification (5/10) to PJ Custom
                                                                           Homes giving them 5 days to commit to completing
                                                                           project under original terms or City will release
                                                                           demolition contract. Response from Contractor
                                                                           received. City Attorney to negotiate costs to
                                                                           complete project or settlement. Council
                                                                           recommended moving forward on settlement at 6/15
                                                                           meeting. Council agreed on 7/6 to offer $25,000
                                                                           settlement. Settlement accepted and approved by
                                                                           Council on 7/13. Demolition completed 7/27.
Freeman House Management            Dennis         7/15/05       7/15/05   RFP issued.
Native American Sculpture at        Dennis/Rick    6/30/05       7/27/05   Slab at new site (Retta Esplanade and 41) completed.
Best Western, Move to new site                                             Volunteers to move sculpture by 7/27, Sculpture
                                                                           relocated to new site at Retta Esplanade & 41 S on
Reservoir Appraisals                Dennis         7/28/05       7/28/05   Average of 2 appraisals - $27,650
Reservoir Environmental &           Steve          7/30/05       7/28/05   Report showed no adverse environmental obstacles to
Survey Report                                                              overcome

Hurricane Preparedness Brochure      Chuck          7/13/05       7/29/05   Placed on City’s Web site
Employee benefits meetings           Phil           8/15/05       8/4/05    Scheduled for August 1 thru 4
Human Resources discipline           Phil           8/15/05       8/9/05    Training completed.
Retirement Health Savings Plan       Phil           8/1/05        8/22/05   Determined not to be an appropriate fit for our
Evaluation                                                                  organization since we currently offer 3 different
                                                                            deferred compensation plans and the plan may only
                                                                            benefit higher paid employees
Strategic Plan                       Howard         8/15/05       8/24/05   Draft Plan distributed to Directors on 8/4. Council
                                                                            reviewed Plan on August 17. Council accepted Plan
                                                                            on August 24.
Peace River Bridge street lights –   Rick           10/1/05       8/24/05   Explore county/city partnership to share in costs for
decorative versus standard                                                  difference between decorative and standard lights.
                                                                            Proposal received in amount of $500,000 to be shared
                                                                            equally between City and County. Council decided
                                                                            on 8/24 to not move forward on the project due to
                                                                            other funding priorities.
Reservoir Feasibility Report         Steve          8/31/05       8/26/05   Report received on 8/26 and will be reviewed by
                                                                            Council at special meeting on 8/30.
Building Fines Ordinance             Peggy          6/1/05        9/7/05    Draft ordinance sent to Building for review.
                                                                            Ordinance to go before Building Board on 6/28.
                                                                            Building Board approved on 6/28 and was before
                                                                            Council on August 24. Final adoption September 7.
Building Permit Fees Revisions       Dennis         6/30/05       9/7/05    Prepare information on revised fees and present to
                                                                            Building Board and City Council for adoption.
                                                                            Building Board approved fee schedule on 6/28. Was
                                                                            before Council on August 24 and final adoption
                                                                            September 7.
Centralized Citizen                  Sue            9/1/05        9/14/05   Information received and final report completed.
Complaint/Referral System –
Web Based
Downtown traffic                     Dennis/David   9/23/05       9/23/05   RFP issued and 6 proposals received 9/23.
circulation/parking study
Fitzhugh Street Landscaping          David          10/15/05 9/30/05        Plant material received and landscaping completed.
Freeman House Site Location          David          8/1/05   10/5/05        Three sites under consideration although Marion
                                                                            Avenue site poses significant obstacles.
                                                                           Recommendation to come before Council in October
                                                                           and will incorporate additional parking and plaza area
                                                                           for the City government center site. Received final
                                                                           cost estimates from FP&L and preferred location
                                                                           (West Retta Esplanade) approved by Council.
First Macedonia Church land        David/Dennis   10/1/05       10/5/05    Map of properties owned by church completed.
purchase analysis                                                          Options developed and information sent to Council
                                                                           for consideration.
Televise City Council meetings     Dennis         10/15/05 10/5/05         Competitive quotes received and awarded to One Pro
                                                                           Media. First meeting in October was taped for
                                                                           presentation on Channel 20.
Labor Attorney RFP                 Phil/Dennis    11/1/05       10/14/05   Two proposals received and reviewed.
                                                                           Recommendation to be forwarded to Council for
                                                                           approval in November.
Water expansion                    Steve          10/19/05 10/14/05        Developed scope of work and began preparation of
intergovernmental options and                                              analysis. Report completed and distributed to City
reverse osmosis versus surface                                             Council and Utilities Advisory Board on October 14.
water (reservoir) treatment                                                Presentations set for 10/24 (UAB) and 11/2 (City
Market Place – Analysis of         David          11/1/05       10/14/05   Analysis forwarded to Council
Submittals to-date
City credit card system            Dave           8/1/05        10/27/05   Plan in development stages. Reviewed and approved
                                                                           by Bank of America. Cards delivered on 10/27,
                                                                           placed in operation and procedures handed out.
Fireworks Ordinance research re:   Peggy          10/1/05       10/28/05   Research completed on regulation of fireworks and
how other communities deal with                                            sparklers in Florida.
Comcast Contract Review            Dennis/David   7/1/05        11/2/05    Initial meeting held and in City Attorney review.
                                   Levin                                   Council approved transfer of cable service from Time
                                                                           Warner to Comcast.
Herald Court Alleyway              Rick           9/15/05       11/04/05   Wall mounted lights delivered to warehouse 7/29.
renovations                                                                Facilities to schedule installation and electrical
                                                                           repairs. Keystone pavers will repair brick work in
                                                                           conjunction with area behind Turtle Club work.
                                                                           Ground supports completed. Furniture to be installed
                                                                           week of 8/1.
Webmaster RFP                      Dennis         11/1/05       11/4/05    RFP completed and out to bid.

Modification of Historic District   Howard/David   11/1/05       11/4/05    Meeting conducted with neighborhood on 8/22 to
Zoning                                                                      solicit input. Awaited word from property owners
                                                                            along Harvey/Goldstein. Staff drafted amendment to
                                                                            LDR’s to address neighborhood concerns and will be
                                                                            presented to Planning Commission in November and
                                                                            City Council in December. Amendment addresses
                                                                            limitation of restaurants, bars & nightclubs within
                                                                            200 feet of Neighborhood/Residential district
Management of lot mowing            Kathy          11/14/05 11/4/05         Analysis completed and recommendation for Finance
program analysis and                                                        to manage program approved by City Manager.
Palmera Drive Issue – grass area    Rick           6/15/05       11/7/05    Staff met with survey contractor and legal. Survey
right of way                                                                completed. Final invoice received from Engineer.
                                                                            Meeting conducted 10/14 to develop staff
                                                                            recommendation. Meeting held with Habitat for
                                                                            Humanity regarding plans for housing development
                                                                            in the area. Habitat will be providing the City with
                                                                            their plans for housing, if any, in January 2006 and
                                                                            that will determine our recommendation to move
                                                                            forward with improvement of the alley.
Artificial Turf/Synthetic Grass     Rick           10/19/05 11/7/05         Report completed and sent to Council. Staff
analysis and report                                                         recommendation is to continue prohibition of
                                                                            artificial turf in right-of-way.
Performance Evaluation Training     Phil           10/15/05 11/8/05         Training conducted for 11/8. Staff will use existing
                                                                            system for this year’s evaluation. New evaluation
                                                                            system will be developed in conjunction with pay &
                                                                            classification study.
Herald Court – New Project          David          8/31/05       11/10/05   Brick connection to Turtle Club outdoor patio (5/31);
                                                                            tree plantings (6/10); FPL work (6/30); irrigation &
                                                                            lighting (6/30); shrubs, groundcover and mulching
                                                                            (7/31); fountain, furniture trash receptacles (9/30),
                                                                            irrigation installation completed (7/22)
Downtown parking requirement        David          11/28/05 11/21/05        Survey completed and memorandum drafted.
survey                                                                      Council workshop scheduled for 12/14.
CRA multi year fiscal forecast      Dave           11/1/05       12/1/05    Analysis of revenues and expenditures over a ten+
                                                                            year time frame.

Strategic Plan monitoring            Kathy             11/10/05 12/1/05         Training to occur on Microsoft Project 12/13 and
program format                                                                  12/15. Format accepted for status reporting.
Residential/commercial properties    Dennis            12/9/05       12/7/05    Status report completed and distributed to Council.
receiving letters requiring repair                                              Will be updated and distributed on a weekly basis.
or face demolition status report
Banking RFP                          Dave              12/1/05 12/12/05         RFP completed and advertised.
Development of affordable            David             12/15/05 12/19/05        Survey of housing initiatives completed. Memo
housing initiatives/options                                                     prepared for Council consideration and presentation
                                                                                planned for January 2006.
Fire Station #2 Project Plan         Rob/Dennis/Dave   6/1/05        12/21/05   Met with DEP and staff. Reviewing prototype
                                                                                designs from other localities and response times in
                                                                                area to determine best design and location. Focusing
                                                                                in on a City-owned site (Acline Road) between 41
                                                                                and Burnt Store Road adjacent to Seminole Lakes.
                                                                                Site under review and first neighborhood meeting
                                                                                conducted with South County Coalition. Additional
                                                                                meetings held at Burnt Store Presbyterian Church on
                                                                                11/21 and Seminole Lakes on 11/28 prior to
                                                                                presentation before City Council on 12/21. Legal
                                                                                opinion received pertaining to deed at preferred
                                                                                location. Council approved Acline Road site and
                                                                                proceeding with selection of at risk contract for
                                                                                design and construction.
Evaluation of Insurance Plans        Phil              1/6/06        12/21/05   Study to be performed by Evergreen Consultants for
                                                                                completion in 2006.
Develop use of space vacated by      Dennis/Sue/Dave   12/15/05 12/28/05        Committee met and discussed options. Memo
Charlotte County Chamber of                                                     completed highlighting strengths and weaknesses of
Commerce in City Hall                                                           3 alternatives – billing & collection, records &
                                                                                imaging, human resources. Recommendation is to
                                                                                use space for both human resources and
Auto allowance review and            Howard            11/30/05 1/6/06          To be effective 1/1/06 in conjunction with mileage
recommendation                                                                  reimbursement review. Mileage reimbursement of
                                                                                $0.405 to remain in effect. Auto allowance review
Status updates on strategic plan     Kathy             1/6/06        1/11/06    Progress report completed and scheduled for
objectives                                                                      discussion at 1/18 Council meeting

Utility rate study                       Steve/Dave     12/15/05 1/19/06      Study underway by Burton & Associates. Draft
                                                                              report under preparation. Presentation scheduled for
                                                                              January 23rd Utility Advisory Board Meeting.
Explore high school local      Phil/Sue                 1/6/06     1/19/06    Propose City go into schools and participate in career
government day program                                                        days.
Citizen Comment/Request        Sue/Kathy                1/31/06    2/1/06     Selected Click-to-Gov as preferred system. $9,000 to
Program/Online Accounts Review                                                implement and $1,600/year to maintain. Program
                                                                              presented to Council on 2/1 and scheduled to go live
Development of options for               David          1/31/06    2/3/06     To Council in February as information. Review by
changes to downtown parking                                                   Planning Commission & Revitalization Committee in
regulations                                                                   February and March.
Develop fire station construction        Rob            1/31/06    2/9/06     Memo to Council on 2/9.
costs in surrounding area
Ranking of annexation areas per          Kathy          1/31/06    2/15/06    Criteria approved by Council on 12/7. Committee
approved criteria                                                             established to prioritize areas for recommendation to
                                                                              Council. Areas prioritized and presentations
                                                                              conducted before Planning Commission and Council.
Water plant expansion treatment          Steve          12/30/05 03/01/06     Scope of services negotiated with Wilson Miller.
analysis RFP/contract                                                         Council approved contract on 3/1/06.
Review notification process (ads,        Dennis/Kathy   2/28/06    03/01/06   Process modified.
postings, letters, etc.) for land use,
zoning, special exception,
variance cases
Speakers to be installed in              Kathy/Dennis   3/1/06     03/01/06   Speaker installed in Mayor/Council room off lobby
Department Director offices for                                               of Council Chamber.
Council meetings
Fisherman’s Village lease review         Howard/Dave    10/31/05 3/3/06       Initial meeting conducted with General Manager of
                                                                              Village. Meeting held on 10/21 and ideas for lease
                                                                              amendments discussed. Next meeting held in mid
                                                                              January and final decision by Fisherman’s Village,
                                                                              agreeing to CPI increase, received in March.
Drug Free Workplace                      Phil           1/15/06    3/7/06     Regulation drafted and reviewed by bargaining units.
enhancements – Random drug                                                    Police & Fire requested additional information.
testing                                                                       Meetings held with Police & Fire in February.
                                                                              Review with employees completed on 3/7. Policy to
                                                                              go into effect on 4/1.

Develop plan for use of fill at     Rick          1/15/06    1/15/06    Staff is working with Engineering firm to obtain
recently purchased reservoir site                                       permit to dig reservoir. RFP developed for fill and
                                                                        grading at City sites. Pre-release meetings conducted
                                                                        in February. Proposals received and evaluated on 3/8
                                                                        and 3/9. Will be presented for Council and CRA
                                                                        approval at 3/15 meeting.
Building Permits Online             Kathy         3/15/06    3/15/06    Status of permits may be viewed with a permit
Implementation                                                          number.
Organize Neighborhood Meeting       Dennis/Rick   4/15/06    3/23/06    Meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 13th at 7:00
regarding moving the Public                                             p.m. at PGI Civic Assoc. building
Works/Utilities Campus
Asset List Review for Insurance     Phil          4/7/06     4/13/06    Department asset lists due in to HR on 4/14
Financial Management Policies       Dave          1/6/06     4/19/06    Policies drafted and under review. To Council on
                                                                        April 19, 2006. Adopted 4/19/06
Explore Events Center parking       Howard/Dave   3/1/06     4/27/06    CRA approved moving forward with negotiations
garage                                                                  with Charlotte County. The County addressed issue
                                                                        on 2/28 and again at joint City/County meeting on
                                                                        3/10. County expected to discuss options at
                                                                        Commission meeting in April. Commission voted to
                                                                        add $3 million.
Revise City Manager & City          Phil          4/15/06    04/27/06   Council reviewing form for City Manager & City
Clerk performance evaluation                                            Clerk. Waiting for comments.
Automatic defibrillators (AED’s)    Rob           3/1/06     4/29/06    Meeting scheduled with representative from Team
grant application                                                       Punta Gorda who is assisting in grant preparation on
                                                                        3/13. Not many grants available. Organizations may
                                                                        purchase their own or sponsor purchases.
Develop Alternate Transportation    Mitchell      10/31/05 05/03/06     Maps completed and under final review. Sent to
Plan (sidewalks, bicycle routes,                                        Planning Commission and approved by Council on
canoe/kayak launch areas)                                               May 3, 2006.
Employee Emergency                  Chuck/Phil    6/1/06     5/18/06    Initial Director Mtg. scheduled for 5/4/06. Employee
Management Training                                                     meetings conducted May 11 & 12.
Interconnect Fiscal Impact          Steve         4/15/06    5/18/06    Met with consultant. Work completed May 18.
Interconnect w/Charlotte County     Kathy         4/30/06    5/18/06    Mtg. scheduled for May 1st.
Canal maintenance fee                  Dave/Rick   12/1/05    5/18/06   Met with Council Member and PGI/BSI Canal
methodology                                                             Maintenance Board Chairs in December to review
                                                                        methodologies. Meetings continue to take place to
                                                                        review alternatives. Meeting scheduled for Friday,
                                                                        May 5th. Canal Maintenance Boards may develop

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