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									                                          Dragon Naturally Speaking

OVERVIEW            Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) is a speech recognition software that enables users to transcribe
                    spoken language into a text document. First time users are advised to book 2 hours of computer time
                    to get their voice file set up to begin using the software.

Equipment           Designated computer station; scanner; headphones with microphone (to be provided by the user);
                    appropriate memory devices such as a flash drive, or CD for saving files (to be provided by the user).

Locating DNS on     From the Launch Screen
the Designated         1. Enter your 14 digit library card number and PIN (last 4 digits of your phone number)
Workstation            2. Select your preference for filtered or unfiltered Internet access and click OK
                       3. Scroll down the LIBRARY ONLINE menu to locate the Dragon Naturally Speaking icon
                       4. Double Click on the icon to open the program

                  July 2007
New Users    To begin using DNS if you are a new user:
                1. “New User Wizard” will appear

                2. Enter your name into the Name text box.
                3. Review Dictations source and if using a USB microphone, select this option from the Dictation
                   Source drop down menu otherwise do not change.
                4. Click Next. A message will appear to indicate the computer is creating a new user profile
                5. Follow the steps through wizard to make adjustments to your sound system

            July 1007
 When the “Train Dragon Naturally Speaking” dialogue box appears:

    1. Click Go and begin reading the text.
    2. ”Select Text Dialogue Box” will appear. Chose a text to read and start reading. (Note: This will
       take 5-10 minutes. We recommend that first users choose the script Talking to your
    3. When training is complete, a dialogue box appears. Click OK and wait while the computer
       adapts your file

July 1007
    4. “New User Wizard“ dialogue box appears to say you are done. Another box appears requesting
       you to adapt DNS to your writing style. As you cannot store files on the Library computer click in
       the Box that says “Skip this step” and click Next

    5. Click in the radio buttons to start a tutorial for first time users, see what’s new in the current
       version of DNS if you have used it previously, or begin dictating.

July 1007
Begin Dictation   To Start Dictating from the Dragon Bar:

                     1. Click Tools and select Dragon Pad
                     2. Click the Microphone icon in the upper left-hand corner of the Dragon Bar. (Note: When the
                        microphone is off, it is red; when paused it is yellow; when on it is green)
                     3. Begin dictating

                  To Start Dictating from other MS Applications:
                     1. Select the application you want from the Library ONLINE menu e.g. MSWord, Excel, Powerpoint,
                        and click on the icon to open the program
                     2. Click the Microphone icon in the upper left-hand corner of the Dragon Bar
                     3. Begin dictating

Dragon            Dragon Commands allow you to speak functions for the program. Here are some simple voice
Commands          commands to use. A more complete list is found in Appendix A

                     1. To pause your dictation say “Go to sleep”
                     2. To resume your dictation say “Wake up”
                     3. To avoid having to say regular punctuation say “autopunctuation on”. (Note: you will still have to
                        say some punctuation marks)
                     4. To delete word or other voice command you just dictated say “scratch that”.
                     5. If you are not sure what voice command to use say “What can I say” and it will bring voice
                        command options.

                   July 1007

Voice Files   User voice files cannot be stored on library computers. Because of the memory requirements of
              the voice profile (size of file) a memory device with a large storage capacity is recommended to
              export/save your voice file. E.g. Flash drives, memory sticks.

              Functions on the Dragon Bar can be activated by using the mouse or by speaking the name of the
              function. Both are demonstrated in this document.

              To save a voice file to a memory device:
                 1. Create your voice file. This is temporarily saved in the DNS program.

                 2. Click Naturally Speaking on the Dragon Bar and select Manage User Options

               July 1007
   3.   Highlight your voice file and click Advanced
   4.   Select Export
   5.   “A browse for Folder” dialogue box will appear
   6.   Double click My Computer and select the appropriate memory device to export the files to and
        click OK

To Open a previously created voice file:
   1. Open DNS software
   2. Click the Naturally Speaking on the Dragon Bar and select Open User
   3. Click Browse
   4. Double click on My Computer and select the memory device where the voice file is saved
   5. Select the voice file folder and Click OK

 July 1007
Dragon Pad Files   To open a Dragon Pad document using voice commands:

                      1, Click on the Dragon Bar icon that is running on the task bar
                      2. Say Tools
                      3. Say Dragon Pad
                      4. Say Open and Say the File Name
                      5. Say Open
                      6. Press Enter and begin your dictation
                   To save the document:
                      1. Say File
                      2. Say Save In
                      3. Give file a name and say Save

                      (Note: This will save the document temporarily in the My Documents Folder. If you want to save your
                      file to an external memory device you will need to use the mouse to select the appropriate drive from
                      the Save in menu.)

Word Files         To open a MS Word document using voice commands:
                      1. Go to the LIBRARY ONLINE menu, scroll down and double click on the MS Word icon.
                      2. Say File
                      3. Say Open
                      4. Say Look in (speak the name of the appropriate drive)
                      5. Press Enter
                      6. Say the File Name
                      7. Say Open
                   To Save a MS Word document:
                      1. Say File
                      2. Say Save as
                      3. Say File Name (Give the file a name)
                      4. Say Save in (the drives appear)
                      5. Say the name of the appropriate drive or memory device
                      6. Say Save
                    July 1007
                                     Appendix 1.

ACTION                                         SAY
To start a new paragraph                       NEW PARAGRAPH
To start a new line                            NEW LINE
To line up text using Tabs                     TAB KEY
To go to the stat of the document              GO TO START
To go to the end of a document                 GO TO END
To correct a recognition/spelling error        SELECT and then the word without a pause between them. If the word you want
                                               is in the Quick Correct list say CHOOSE and then the number beside it. If the
                                               word does not appear on the list you can choose to spell it by saying SPELL THAT
                                               and then say CHOOSE and the number beside the appropriate world
To select the same word in a different place   SELECT AGAIN
To change already dictated words               SELECT + word and then say the new word
To delete a word                               SELECT + word and then say SCRATCH THAT to delete
To delete backwards one character at a time    BACKSPACE
To delete forward one character at a time      DELETE NEXT CHARACTER
To delete the previous word                    DELETE PREVIOUS WORD
To add a word                                  INSERT BEFORE + word and dictate the word to add

                       July 1007
                                    Appendix 2.

ACTION                                      SAY
Note: To apply formatting your must first
select the word by saying SELECT + word,
then say what you want you want to do.

Bold                                        SELECT + word then BOLD THAT
Italic                                      SELECT + word then ITALICIZE THAT
Underline                                   SELECT + word then UNDERLINE THAT
Remove formatting                           SELECT + word then RESTORETHAT
To start a word with capital letters        SELECT + word then CAP THAT
All capitals                                ALL CAPS then say the word
To copy selected text                       COPY THAT
To past selected text                       PASTE THAT
To delete selected text                     SCRATCH THAT

                       July 1007

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