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					duracoat AR
    Elastomeric, flexible cementitious waterproofing coating

DESCRIPTION                                                                           dry to a damp surface. There must be
                                              TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES             no free water on the surface prior to
duracoat AR when mixed, applied and                                                   applying duracoat AR.
                                          Colour                       Grey
cured provides an impermeable                                                         The damp surface provides ease of
elastomeric, flexible waterproof and      Pot life @ 25 C            + 1 hour         application and spreading of duracoat
protective coating                        Equivalent                                  AR. More importantly, it reduces
                                          concrete cover @           > 150 m          suction experienced on porous
USES                                      3mm DFT                                     surfaces, which will impair the
                                                                                      products bonding properties. Do not
•    As an elastomeric cementitious       Chloride ion                                apply duracoat AR to a surface that
     coating to waterproof and protect    penetration                                 has standing water. Should any repair
     reinforced concrete structures.      Minimum                                     work to the structure be required, or to
•    To waterproof canals, concrete       application in
                                                                 4 kg/m for both      plug running water holes, contact
     elements below sub-soil,             2 coats + 2 mm              coats           abe's technical department for
     culverts, koi ponds and water        thick (WFT)                                 information on the durarep range of
     retaining features/fountains.                                                    repair systems.
•    Waterproofing of balconies,          Typical CO2
     showers and terraces.                diffusion                   > 50 m
                                          resistance                                  MIXING
•    A protective coating to concrete
     structures to prevent the ingress    Average density                 1,82        Ensure that the mixing equipment is
     of CO 2 and water-borne
                                          Solvent resistance              Low         clean and of sufficient volume to
     contaminants like chloride ions.
                                                                                      accommodate a full kit of duracoat
•    An intermediate layer, offering                             Positive > 80 m
                                          Hydrostatic                                 AR.
     these properties, to receive a                                (0,8 Mpa)
                                          pressure                                    The mixer should preferably be a slow-
     decorative coating.                                         Negative > 30 m
                                          resistance                                  speed heavy-duty mechanical drill
•    Flexible coating for brick and                                (0,3 Mpa)          fitted with a suitable stirrer, with the
     block structures for
                                          Static crack                                end having a helix type configuration
     waterproofing and protection.                                   < 0,3 mm
                                          bridging                                    to provide a homogeneous smooth,
                                                                                      lump-free consistency. The mixer
FEATURES & BENEFITS                                                                   should operate at 300 to 600 r/min.
                                          •      Limited crack bridging
                                                                                      First add the liquid component to the
•    Ease of application, pre-packed             properties.
                                                                                      mixing vessel. While the stirrer is
     and ready to use, applied by                                                     running, slowly add the powder to the
     brush, roller, steel float or        SURFACE PREPARATION                         liquid, ensuring that the stirrer is
     sprayed applications.                                                            rotated around the container to pick up
•    Suitable for use in potable water    The substrate must be clean, sound,         any material that may be trapped in
     structures.                          and free of any oil, grease, loose          the corners. Mixing time will be 3 to 4
•    Withstands high negative and         particles, cement laitance, algae and       minutes after the final powder is added
     positive hydrostatic heads.          other contaminants. Should                  until a homogeneous, smooth, lump
•    Elastomeric, flexible                compressed air be employed, ensure          free consistency is achieved.
     cementitious coating.                that the air is clean and oil free. The     Note: Lifting the stirrer too close to the
•    Suitable for internal and external   cleaning method may be carried out by       surface, or high-speed mixing, will
     applications – UV resistant.         light grit blasting and high-pressure       entrap air - this must be avoided.
•    Excellent adhesion to prepared       water jetting.                              Thorough mixing of the product is
     cementitious substrates.             A sound exposed aggregate surface is        essential; or the performance
•    Excellent waterproofing              desirable and the surface texture           properties will not be achieved.
     properties – external and            should resemble a fine wood float
     immersed conditions.                 finish. The profile, as in most coatings,
•    Excellent barrier against CO2        from peak to valley must not exceed
     and chloride ingress.                25% of the final coating thickness.
                                                                                      A 25,5 kg kit of duracoat AR will cover
•    Can be applied to green/damp         The substrate is required to be well                            2
                                                                                      approximately 14 m at a thickness of
     cementitious surfaces.               saturated with clean water, normally
                                                                                      1 mm.
                                          2 hours prior to application and left to

                                                                                                             Revision 02206
A minimum of 2 coats is required at a            methods, it is important that regular       4 hours at 20 C while the product is
rate of 2 kg/m per coat.                         wet film thickness measurements are         curing.
Note: Wastage and irregular surfaces             taken, normally every 5 - 10 m²             To obtain the full benefit of the
profiles will reduce the practical               depending on applicators confidence.        properties of duracoat AR, the
coverage rates.                                  The areas that were under-applied will      product must cure for a minimum of 3
                                                 need additional coats to raise the film     to 4 days at 25 C, at lower
APPLICATION                                      thickness as required.                      temperatures longer curing periods will
                                                 Cleanliness is vital in this process as     be required.
duracoat AR may be applied by                    any lumps or dried/thick material from      duracoat AR is fully compatible with
brush, steel float, and roller or sprayed        previous applications will block the        the duracote range of coatings and
onto the prepared surface.                       nozzle or equipment.                        may be overcoated as required.
Apply duracoat AR in two applications            Smooth finishes may be obtained by
ensuring that the coverage is correctly          use of a steel float if required.           TEMPERATURE AND RELATIVE
maintained i.e. a minimum of                                                                 HUMIDITY
2 kg/m coat (2 coats are required).              Joint sealing
The product could become thick and                                                           Surface and ambient temperature,
sticky and appears to drag on the                All joints are to be sealed with the                                      o
                                                                                             ideally, should be between 20 C and
application surface when applying the            appropriate sealant, related to                o
                                                                                             30 C.
first coat. If the product is still in its pot   structure and design, prior to applying     Do not apply duracoat AR at
life this will be as a result of drying of       duracoat AR. A silicone type release                                o
                                                                                             temperatures below +5 C or above
the surface which needs to be re-                tape should be applied over the                o
                                                                                             35 C.
dampened. Do not add water to the                sealant, followed by the duracoat AR        Drying times may vary due to
product in any way.                              application, and then removed while         temperature, humidity and wind
The second coat does not require                 the duracoat AR is still uncured to         fluctuation. Generally higher
priming or wetting down, only ensure             reveal the sealant.                         temperatures accelerate curing and
that the surface is kept clean.                  Note: The product's performance             lower temperatures retard curing.
The second coat may commence as                  properties are dependent on the final
soon as the first coat is touch dry and          application thickness and this should
                                                                                             MODEL SPECIFICATION FOR
will not be marred by the successive             be verified by using a film thickness
application, normally 3 to 4 hours at            gauge and measuring the quantity of
                                                 material applied to a given area.           Two-component, polymer-modified,
25 C and 50% relative humidity.
                                                 The mixed material should be applied        cementitious, anti-carbonation and
Ensure the correct film thickness is
                                                 within 1 hour of mixing, discard older      chloride ion barrier coating.
applied during the second coat
application.                                     material and mix a fresh batch.
                                                 Never add water to the surface during       The protective coating will be
The final coat must be applied in the
                                                 finishing as this dilutes the polymers      duracote AR, a two-component,
same direction to obtain a uniform
                                                 and causes it to bleed to the surface       polymer-modified, cementitious, anti-
finish. There is no maximum time
                                                 and will result in white blotchy stains.    carbonation and chloride ion barrier
required between coats although after
                                                 Never re-temper the product.                coating and will be applied at the
some time surface contamination                                                                                      2
                                                 No curing membranes are required.           minimum rate of 4 kg/m in accordance
could become a concern.
                                                 duracoat AR does not provide a              with the recommendations of abe
Pin holes and small imperfections may
                                                 decorative or aesthetic finish. A           Construction Chemicals.
be filled by mixing duracoat AR with
less of the liquid component and                 sample section is to be carried out in
skimming the surface with a steel float          order to establish acceptance for the       PACKAGING
and allowing the product to cure for             type of finish required.
approximately 2 to 3 hours at 25 C
                                       o                                                     duracoat AR is supplied as a two-
before applying the first coat.                  CLEANING                                    component, grey, polymer-modified,
For static cracks greater than 0,3 mm,                                                       liquid cementitious system, in a
cut & rake out to a depth of 15 mm by            Clean all tools with water before the       combined 25,5 kg kit.
5 mm wide and clean. Apply duracoat              product hardens. Hardened material          duracoat liquid is supplied in 5,5 kg
AR by trowel or spatula to fill the              can only be removed by mechanical           plastic containers.
cracks and allow to cure before the              means.                                      duracoat AR is supplied in 20 kg
first coat application.                                                                      polyethylene lined paper bags.
Block or long-haired brushes, medium-            PROTECTION ON COMPLETION
haired roller and steel floats are                                                           HANDLING & STORAGE
acceptable tools for application.                In rapid drying conditions caused by
Textured type finishes are generally             high winds or direct sunlight, additional   This product has a shelf life of
obtained from roller or brush                    precautions should be included like         12 months if kept in a dry cool place in
applications. The use a steel float for          sealing with polythene sheeting having      the original unopened packaging. In
finishing will provide a smooth surface          the edges taped down.                       more extreme conditions this period
if required.                                     Similarly in cold conditions, the           might be shortened.
In spray applications, trials are to be          repaired area must be protected from        duracoat AR must be protected from
conducted to ensure that the correct             freezing.                                   freezing during storage. Product that
nozzle is used and application rates             Protect the finished surface from any       has been allowed to freeze at any
are achieved. As spray applications              rain or other water for a minimum of        stage must be discarded.
cover larger areas quicker than other
                                                                                                                   Revision 02206

Cured or wet duracoat AR is non-
toxic, non-flammable but highly
alkaline. Always wear gloves and
protective clothing when working with
the material and avoid excessive
inhalation, ingestion and skin contact.
If material is splashed in the eye, wash
with plenty of clean water and seek
medical attention.
Disposable product should be allowed
to cure; it is non-toxic and may be
discarded as per non-hazardous


This data sheet is issued as a guide to
the use of the product(s) concerned.
Whilst abe Construction Chemicals
endeavours to ensure that any advice,
recommendation, specification or
information is accurate and correct, the
company cannot - because abe has no
direct or continuous control over where
and how abe products are applied -
accept any liability either directly or
indirectly arising from the use of abe
products, whether or not in accordance
with any advice, specification,
recommendation, or information given
by the company.


Where other products are to be used
in conjunction with this material, the
relevant technical data sheets should
be consulted to determine total
requirements. abe Construction
Chemicals has a wealth of technical
and practical experience built up over
years in the company’s pursuit of
excellence in building and construction

                                           Revision 02206

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