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Computer monitor recycling and its importance


									A computer has many toxic materials that can make more harm to the environment if
not disposed of properly. Even the computer monitor contains toxic materials that has
to be recycled for more reasons than one.
  The main reason for the importance of computer monitor recycling is that the older
computer monitors were CRT or cathode ray tubes monitors. The important
components like lead in the monitor required for its operation is also hazardous and
toxic. This lead is mixed into the monitor glass to provide a radiation shield to the
electron gun for maximum optical quality of the glass.
  However if not disposed of properly, this lead can seep into the soil and groundwater.
Through computer monitor recycling, the lead can be reused to minimize mining of
the materials and consequently, protect the environment.
  Computer monitor recycling methods
  There are various options available for computer monitor recycling and to prevent
your monitor from reaching a landfill.
  1) Before you actually think if recycling the computer monitor, if it is in working
condition, you could donate it to a charitable organization. This is applicable only if
the monitor is in working condition and not if it is old or if it does not work.
  2) Look to your local state, city or country government for help and information on
computer monitor recycling. Some states have an environmental protection
department that can help you here. However some states also have limits on the
number of monitors they can recycle in a month while some states offer computer
recycling at a certain time every month.
  3) There are some companies that specialize in computer monitor recycling, and
which accept computer monitors for recycling purposes. Check your telephone
directory for this information.
  4) Some companies also let you recycle old computer monitors and equipment when
you buy a new one from them. Though you may have to pay a small fee, it improves
the safety of your environment.
  Once again, if you cannot afford the fee, there are some recycling agencies that are
more than ready to waiver these fees as they prefer computer monitor recycling than
letting a monitor reach the landfill.

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