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					The topic of these CompTIA include network security, computer networking
infrastructure, Active Directory,
  Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and other topics of both general
networking interest as well as specific Microsoft products.
  There are also specializations available for the MCSE's along different tracks. For
2003 these tracks were MCSE Security, and Messaging. To obtain these
  specializations it was required that you do an associated Elective, design and then an
extra core exam. The denotation that is usually used for these on
  resumes etc is MCSE:Security, and MCSE:Messaging.
  MCSE 2000 has four operating exams, two electives and one design exam that is a
total of seven exams. The topics include configuring, installing and
  administrating Windows 2000 professional, Windows 2000 server and implementing
and administering, Windows 2000 Network infrastructure and Windows 2000
  directory service infrastructure.
  MCSE 2003 has four networking , one design exam, one client operating system
exam and one elective exam. The elective exam can be chosen from a broad range,
  common ones being Exchange, Security, SQL and CompTIA A+ certification and
Security +. That is a total of seven
  exams. The topics include configuring, installing and administrating windows XP
professional, implementing, planning and maintaining, windows server 2003
  environment, server 2003 network infrastructure and server 2003 active directory
infrastructure. The topics also include Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft
  exchange, Active Directory, Network infrastructure, network security, and topics on
general networking and Microsoft products only.
  The CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard in terms of measuring a
technician's hardware and software knowledge. As the most popular entry-level
  certification, it is particularly popular among individuals switching from another
career to computers.
  Upward Mobility’s CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-701 Practice Exam is a handy tool
to take the first step in achieving CompTIA A+ certification. With 101
  questions and answers, we recommend this tool as a supplemental study tool or
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  In our module, each question is paired with an explanatory answer and a Key
Takeaway. The Key Takeaway is designed to ensure that the crucial learning point
  of the question is mastered. Not only that, Key Takeaways support the answer with
important insights on how to practically apply the knowledge in a real
  world situation so you can be more successful in your career. What is the CompTIA
certification? The CompTIA A+ Essentials exam is designed to measure the necessary
competencies of an entry-level free Cisco practice tests IT professional. The exam
measures your ability to support computers and install, configure, troubleshoot,
optimize, diagnose and perform preventive maintenance in the field or in
organizations 220-701 Exam.