Components of a Good Online Shopping Cart

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					Your web store would never be complete without a online shopping cart. It is as
essential as the checkout aisle in a local, brick-and-mortar store. Online shopping
carts allow users to continue purchasing from your online store after they've made
their initial choice. It is also the main mechanism that connects to your payment
gateway, which in turn allows you to charge buyers for their purchases.

With that, it is essential to find an easy shopping cart software that would best serve
the conversion purpose. There are hundreds of online shopping cart providers in the

First thing to consider when evaluating an online shopping cart is the cost. There are
premium services ranging between $200 to $350 which offer extended features. Then,
there are the free easy shopping cart software which you may also want to consider.
However, before you get a contract from those who offer seemingly cost-free services,
please do read the terms and conditions and make sure you understand all those in the
fine print.

Next, consider easy shopping cart use. Usability and friction are two major concepts
you need to learn not just for choosing the right online shopping cart vendor, but for
the entire development of your site. The more difficult it is for the buyer to complete a
sale (due to friction), the less likely they are to buy from you. More often than not, the
biggest bounce rates for any part of an ecommerce site is in the online shopping cart.

Still under the ease of use category, you should look for an online shopping cart that is
both easy to configure and to manage. On top of that, try looking into the customer
support the provider can offer. Not all transactions will run as smooth as you had
hoped, so might as well prepare for the worse.

Consider also other special functionalities you may need now and in the future (think:
scalability). Is cross-selling or upselling appropriate for your niche? If so, consider an
easy shopping cart that can do this.

If you often have promotions and sales, you may want to have an online shopping cart
that can accept promo codes. Promotions can become an additional marketing ploy to
use to increase the visibility of your online store. So, having an easy shopping cart
that allows promo codes is not just looking ahead, it also services your needs now.

Last but not the least, do not forget the technical aspect of the business. Your chosen
online shopping cart must be able to integrate to your payment gateway provider.

Choose an easy shopping cart to use that meets all your technical specification and
your life as an online merchant will be much easier.
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