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					                                  Enter a world
| Welcome   aboard
                     dedicated to giving you an
                     exceptional flying
                                           Service |

              Air Canada JetzTM brings you
              peace of mind and service of
              the highest quality on board an
              Airbus 320, specially configured
              for superior comfort. On the ground,
              our concierge service provides
              personalized attention to ensure
              all your needs are met.

Welcome aboard
  your own private jet
| Comfort

                                                   Unequalled comfort,
                                                         absolute privacy
            Jetz was created to accommodate
            a particular need for discretion and
            comfort. To ensure the utmost in
            convenience and privacy, you have
            the option to board your private jet
            from an exclusive terminal. Each
            of our charter planes features
            business-class seats, two tables
            and audiovisual equipment.
                                           Fine dining |

A delectable menu
         On every Air Canada Jetz flight
         you can savour a choice of
         refined dishes and a vast
         selection of wines and spirits.
                                        Our In-Flight Entertainment
                                        System is equipped with audio
                                        controls and in-seat power outlets.
                                        Video equipment comes in several
|   Entertainment                       formats and adapters are available
                                        for viewing your own video
                                        presentations or enjoying movies
                                        of your choice, as well as using
                                        portable DVD players. All together,
                                        it makes for an incredibly
                                        enjoyable flight.
| Technical   specifications

                 Manufacturer: Airbus
                 Cruising speed: 837 km/h (520 mph)
                 Range: 6 hours
                 Cruising altitude: 10,670 m (35,000 feet)
                 No. of seats: 64 business class
                 No. of tables: Two, located between
                 rows 11 and 12
                 Required runway: Minimum length 1,980 m (6,500 feet);
                 minimum width 45.72 m (150 feet)
                 Number of lavatories: Three (one at the front
                 and two at the rear of the aircraft)

                 SeRviCeS offeRed
                 Charter quote within 24 hours
                 Personal concierge
                 dedicated crew
                 on-board certified mechanic
                 Customized executive-class meals
                 and beverage service
                 Personalized head tidies and meal
                 cards with your logo

your private jet
          For more details |

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