Primary Deputy Head Teacher Personal Specification - St Joseph's by dfsiopmhy6


									                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary school

     Category                      Essential                          Desirable

1   Faith            • A practising and committed           • Evidence of participation in
    Commitment         Catholic                               faith life of the community
                     • Secure understanding of the          • Experience in leading acts
                       distinctive nature of the Catholic     of worship in Catholic
                       school and Catholic education          schools
                     • Understanding of leadership role
                       in spiritual development of pupils
                       and staff
                     • Understanding of the school’s role
                       in the parish and wider community
                       and in promoting community

2. Qualifications    • Qualified teacher status             • Postgraduate level
                                                            • NPQH award or Leadership
                                                              Pathways certification
                                                            • CCRS or equivalent

3. Experience        • Successful experience of leading     • Recent experience in a
                       one or more subject areas              Catholic voluntary aided
                     • Substantial, successful teaching       school
                       experience                           • Experience as assistant
                                                            • Teaching experience in at
                                                              least 2 of the 3 key stages:
                                                              Foundation Stage, KS1 and
                                                            • Curriculum leadership in
                                                              one or more core subjects
                                                            • Experience of teaching in
                                                              more than one school
                                                            • Experience teaching mixed
                                                              age classes

4. Professional      • Evidence of continuing               • Evidence of continuing
   Development         professional development relating      professional development
                       to school leadership and               relating to Catholic ethos,
                       management, and curriculum/            mission and religious
                       teaching and learning                  education
                                                            • Experience of working with
                                                              other schools/organisations
                                                            • Experience of leading/co-
                                                              ordinating professional
                                                              development opportunities
     Category                  Essential                           Desirable

4. Professional                                          • Ability to identify own
   Development                                             learning needs and to
(Continued)                                                support others in
                                                           identifying their learning

5. Strategic      • Ability to articulate and share a    • Knowledge of the role of
   Leadership       vision of primary education within     the governing body in a
                    the context of the mission of a        Catholic voluntary aided
                    Catholic school                        school
                  • Ability to inspire and motivate      • Evidence of having
                    staff, pupils, parents and             successfully translated
                    governors to achieve the aims of       vision into reality at whole-
                    Catholic education                     school level
                  • Evidence of successful strategies
                    for planning, implementing,
                    monitoring and evaluating school
                  • Ability to analyse data, develop
                    strategic plans, set targets and
                    monitor/evaluate progress
                    towards these
                  • Knowledge of what constitutes
                    quality in educational provision,
                    the characteristics of effective
                    schools and strategies for raising
                    standards and the achievement of
                    all pupils
                  • Understanding of and commitment
                    to promoting and safeguarding the
                    welfare of pupils’

6. Teaching and   • A secure understanding of the        • A secure understanding of
   learning         requirements of the National           the requirements of the
                    Curriculum and Early Years             Curriculum Directory for
                    development                            Religious Education
                  • Knowledge and experience of a        • Understanding of
                    range of successful teaching and       successful teaching and
                    learning strategies to meet the        learning in religious
                    needs of all pupils                    education across the key
                  • A secure understanding of              stages
                    assessment strategies and the use    • Successful experience in
                    of assessment to inform the next       creating an effective
                    stages of learning                     learning environment and
                                                           in developing and
                  • Experience of effective monitoring
                    and evaluation of teaching and         implementing policy and
                                                           practice relating to
                                                           behaviour management
                  • Secure knowledge of statutory
                    requirements relating to the
                    curriculum and assessment
      Category                       Essential                           Desirable

6. Teaching and        • Understanding of the
   learning              characteristics of an effective
(Continued)              learning environment and the key
                         elements of successful behaviour

7. Leading and         • Experience of working in and           • Experience of working with
   Managing Staff        leading staff teams                      governors to enable them
                       • Ability to delegate work and             to fulfil whole-school
                         support colleagues in undertaking        responsibilities
                         responsibilities                       • Successful involvement in
                       • Experience of performance                staff recruitment,
                         managementl and supporting the           appointment/induction,
                         continuing professional                  understanding needs of a
                                                                  Catholic school
                         development of colleagues
                       • Understanding of effective budget      • Understanding of how
                         planning and resource deployment         financial and resource
                                                                  management enable a
                                                                  school to achieve its
                                                                  educational priorities

8. Accountability      • Ability to communicate effectively,    • Experience of presenting
                         orally and in writing to a range of      reports to governors
                         audiences – e.g. staff, pupils,        • Understanding the criteria
                         parents, governors, parishioners         for the evaluation of a
                         and clergy                               Catholic school
                       • Experience of effective whole-         • Leading sessions to inform
                         school self-evaluation and               parents
                         improvement strategies
                                                                • Experience of offering
                       • Ability to provide clear information     challenge and support to
                         and advice to staff and governors        improve performance
                       • Secure understanding of strategies
                         for performance management

9. Skills, Qualities   • High quality teaching skills
   & Abilities
                       • Strong commitment to the mission
                         of a Catholic school
                       • Commitment to their own spiritual
                         formation and that of pupils
                       • High expectations of pupils’
                         learning and attainment
                       • Strong commitment to school
                         improvement and raising
                         achievement for all
                       • Ability to build and maintain good
                       • Ability to remain positive and
                         enthusiastic when working under
      Category                        Essential                          Desirable

9. Skills, Qualities   • Ability to organise work, prioritise
   & Abilities           tasks, make decisions and manage
                         time effectively
                       • Empathy with children
                       • Good communication skills
                       • Good interpersonal skills
                       • Stamina and resilience
                       • Confidence

10.   References       • Positive and supportive faith          • Faith reference without
                         reference from priest where              reservation
                         applicant regularly worships
                                                                • Professional reference
                       • Positive recommendation in               without reservation
                         professional references
                       • Satisfactory health and attendance


      •   Governors are advised to focus on determining whether the candidates
          meet the requirements in relation to the ten broad categories, rather
          than in relation to the individual criteria that are used to illustrate

      •   The criteria may be evidenced across a broad continuum, ranging from
          evidence that is minimal through to evidence that is substantial and

      •   It is expected that evidence of meeting these criteria will be gathered
          from scrutinising the candidate’s application and observing all the
          various aspects of the interview process.

      •   Governors may wish to determine at the outset in which aspects of the
          selection process they will seek to find evidence to meet the above

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