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   JULY 25-AUGUST 3, 2008
        GOLD COAST
    SEpTEmBER 27, 2008
Young talent time
Let	the	games	begin.	By	David	Matthews	and	kevin	sheehan.
Welcome	to	the	NAB	AfL	Under-1	                                            a	wonderful	opportunity	for	these	under-16	
Championships	on	the	gold	Coast,	                                           players	to	find	a	place	on	an	AFL	list.
bringing	together	eight	state	and	territory	                                  For	the	seventh	year,	the	AFL	welcomes	
teams	in	two	divisions,	each	aspiring	for	                                  NAB	as	the	major	sponsor	of	the	
a	national	title.                                                           championships.	The	NAB	not	only	sponsors	
  After	more	than	a	decade	of	championships	                                the	entire	NAB	AFL	Rising	Stars	Program,	
at	under-16	and	under-18	level,	the	NAB	Rising	                             but	the	NAB	AFL	Auskick	Program	and	the	
Stars	Program	is	recognised	as	one	of	the	most	                             NAB	Cup	in	the	AFL	pre-season.
successful	youth	development	initiatives	in	                                  The	AFL	trusts	the	carnival	will	be	
Australian	sport.	The	under-16	carnival	is	the	                             a	wonderful	life	and	football	experience	for	
beginning	of	the	program,	providing	most	of	                                all	the	players	and	inspire	each	and	every	one	
the	200	players	with	their	first	opportunity	                               of	them	to	pursue	their	dreams.
to	test	themselves	against	the	country’s	best	                                We	sincerely	thank	AFL	Queensland,	the	
emerging	young	footballers.                                                 Brisbane	Lions	and	GC17	for	their	support	
  This	year’s	NAB	AFL	Under-16	Championships	                               in	hosting	the	championships	and	wish	all	
have	a	number	of	enhancements,	including	                                   participants	an	enjoyable	and	successful	week.
challenge	matches	between	Division	One	and	
Two	teams	to	begin	with,	followed	by	the	
extension	of	the	round	robin	format	to	have	
Grand	Finals	for	both	levels	as	curtain	raisers	at	
the	MCG	on	AFL	Grand	Final	Day	–	a	wonderful	
showcase	for	the	NAB	AFL	Rising	Stars	Program.
  Also	of	significance	is	the	fact	that	our	
location	on	the	Gold	Coast	will	be	the	home	
of	the	new	AFL	licence	–	currently	known	as	
GC17	–	which	will	enter	the	AFL	in	2011.	This	                              David	Matthews                              kevin	sheehan
                                                                            General	Manager	                            AFL	Talent	and	
expansion	of	a	17th	team,	to	be	followed	by	                                AFL	National	and	International	             International	Manager
an	18th	licence	in	the	west	of	Sydney,	presents	                            Game	Development	

                                                                             AIS-AFL	Academy	........................................................4
  gOLD	COAsT,	JULy	25-AUgUsT	3,	2008
  MCg,	sEPTEMBEr	27,	2008                                                    Messages	from	NAB	...................................................5

  COvEr: (Left	to	right)	Cale	Morton	(Melbourne),	                                                    .
                                                                             Team	lists,	state	updates	 ......................................6-21

  Trent	Cotchin	(Richmond),	Kieren	Jack	(Sydney)	and	                        Championships	information	....................................22
  Brad	Ebert	(West	Coast)	all	found	their	feet	at	the	
  NAB	AFL	Under-16	Championships.		                                          Participating	umpires	...............................................23

  General Manager, AFL National and International Game Development:	David	Matthews		AFL Talent and International Manager:	Kevin	Sheehan
  Published on behalf of the AFL by The Slattery Media Group (03) 92 200 Managing Director The Slattery Media Group: Geoff	Slattery
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                  Youngsters reap benefits
                  Ais-AfL	Academy	advancing	future	stars.	
                  The	Ais-AfL	Academy	                                 Chris Judd is one
                  provides	an	ideal	                                   of scores of AIS-AFL
                                                                       Academy graduates to
                  environment	for	
                                                                       have lit up the AFL.
                  player	development.
                    The	elite	program	is	a	commitment	made	by	
                  the	AFL	and	the	Australian	Sports	Commission,	
                  through	the	Australian	Institute	of	Sport,	to	
                  support	our	best	young	players	in	their	football	
                  and	schooling	development.
                    In	2008,	another	30	players	will	be	offered	
                  AIS-AFL	Academy	scholarships.	Already,	330	
                  youngsters	have	benefited	greatly	from	the	
                  scholarship,	which	includes	the	opportunity	to	
                  represent	Australia	at	youth	level.
                    Past	graduates	of	the	AIS-AFL	Academy	
                  include	the	likes	of	Carlton’s	Chris	Judd	(Vic	
                  Metro),	West	Coast’s	Andrew	Embley	(WA),	
                  Port	Adelaide’s	Kane	Cornes	(SA),	Kangaroos	
                  Brady	Rawlings	(Tas)	and	David	Hale	(Qld),	
                  Hawthorn’s	Luke	Hodge	(Vic	Country),	
                  Essendon’s	Mark	McVeigh	(NSW/ACT)	and	
                  St	Kilda’s	Xavier	Clarke	(NT).
                    The	AIS-AFL	Academy	is	a	non-residential	
                  program	allowing	scholarship	holders	to	
                  remain	at	home	while	they	complete	their	             be	nominated	for	consideration	by	his	
                  secondary	schooling.	Over	the	course	of	the	          relevant	state	talent	manager.
                  year	they	will	gather	as	a	national	squad	for	      •	Be	ineligible	for	the	NAB	AFL	Draft	in	the	
                  camps	that	take	place	predominately	during	           year	of	selection.
                  school	holiday	periods.                             •	Display	evidence	of	the	appropriate	
                    Alan	McConnell,	a	former	Western	Bulldogs	          values	and	attitudes	needed	to	become	
ais-afl acaDemy

                  player	and	experienced	development	coach,	            an	AFL	player.
                  heads	the	program	and	the	selection	of	players	     •	Display	evidence	of	a	commitment	to	school	
                  under	the	following	guidelines.                       and	education	outside	their	football	interests.

                    Candidates	must	meet	the	following	criteria:        Scholarship	holders	will	come	predominately	
                  •	Display	the	potential	to	play	Australian	         from	the	NAB	AFL	Under-16	Championships,	
                    Football	at	the	elite	level.                      with	the	selectors	having	the	ability	to	
                  •	Have	represented	his	state	at	the	NAB	AFL	        add	others	who	meet	all	of	the	stated	
                    Under-16	or	Under-18	Championships,	or	           selection	criteria.

Backing generation next
                        As	part	of	our	
                        commitment	to	                                            Kreuzer starred
                        supporting	people	with	                                     for Vic Metro
                                                                                         at under-
                        ideas	and	dreams,	we’re	
                                                                                          1 level.
                        backing	Australia’s	next	
                        generation	of	footballers	
                        to	help	them	achieve	
Ahmed	fahour            their	dreams.
CEO,	NAB	Australia
                          Beginning	at	the	
grassroots	level	with	NAB	AFL	Auskick,	
continuing	on	to	recognise	the	NAB	AFL	Rising	
Star,	through	to	the	elite	level	of	the	NAB	Cup,	
NAB	has	been	developing	the	stars	of	this	
great	game	since	2002.	
  But	a	key	stepping	stone	along	the	long	
football	path	is	the	NAB	AFL	Under-16	
Championships	–	one	that	NAB	is	dedicated	
to	developing.	
  On	behalf	of	NAB,	I	would	like	to	wish	
everyone	involved	in	this	year’s	championships	
–	players,	coaches,	administrators	and	umpires	
alike	–	the	very	best	for	the	upcoming	days	of	
exciting	competition.
  Like	many	before	you,	may	this	be	a	step	
towards	making	your	dreams	a	reality.

                                       dreams	of	progressing	to	
  MEssAgE	frOM	
                                       the	AIS-AFL	Academy,	
  JOEL	sELWOOD                         NAB	AFL	Under-18	
  Throughout	my	career,	there	         Championships,	NAB	AFL	
  have	been	many	stepping	             Draft	Camp	and	ultimately,	
  stones	in	helping	me	reach	my	       the	NAB	AFL	Draft.
  goals.	In	particular,	the	NAB	          Just	a	few	years	ago,	I	was	
  AFL	Under-16	Championships	          in	a	similar	situation	to	these	
                                                                                                      naB eDitorial

  were	vital	to	my	progression	        young	players,	so	to	
  to	becoming	the	2007	NAB	            all	of	you	competing	
  AFL	Rising	Star.	                    in	the	NAB	AFL	Under-16	
    The	carnival	provides	             Championships,	keep	at	
                                                                                 Joel	selwood
  talented	young	football	stars	       it,	because	dreams	do	
                                                                          NAB	AFL	Ambassador
  the	opportunity	to	achieve	          come	true.	

                  South Australia
                  Coach:	BrUCE	WiNTEr					Team Manager:	DAviD	HiLTErBrAND

                   No	    NAME	                     DOB	       	HT	   WT	   CLUB	
                   	 1	   Dillon	HARDING	         25	Aug	92	   169	   70	   Norwood/Tea	Tree	Gully
                   	 2	   Sam	GRAY	               01	Feb	92	   173	   68	   Port	Adelaide/Rudall	
                   	 3	   Tim	MILERA	             09	Mar	92	   169	   63	   Port	Adelaide/Portland/Kooniba
                   	 4	   Stuart	BLAIR	           04	Jun	92	   175	   69	   North	Adelaide/Modbury
                   	 5	   Mitchell	TILLER	        11	Apr	92	   175	   67	   North	Adelaide/Goodwood	Saints
                   	 6	   Cameron	SUTCLIFFE	      23	May	92	   180	   69	   W’ville	West	Torr/Kadina
                   	 7	   Ben	McINTYRE	           17	Feb	92	   177	   66	   Glenelg/Naracoorte
                   	 8	   Clint	DIMENT	           30	Mar	92	   173	   79	   Glenelg/Bordertown
                   	 9	   Daniel	KULIKOWSKI	      05	May	92	   177	   78	   Port	Adelaide/Port	Districts
                   	10	   Matthew	FOX	            04	Aug	92	   178	   73	   Glenelg/Reynella
                   	11	   Mitchell	GRIGG	         02	Jan	93	   179	   79	   Norwood/Athelstone
                   	12	   Sam	BARNETT	            12	Mar	92	   183	   69	   Glenelg/Plympton
                   	13	   Hayden	JOLLY	           04	Apr	92	   183	   81	   Glenelg/PHOS	Camden
                   	14	   Callum	HAY	             20	Mar	92	   184	   73	   North	Adelaide/Salisbury	North
                   	15	   Trevor	HARVEY	          17	Oct	92	   183	   68	   North	Adelaide/Hope	Valley
                   	16	   Brayden	KAIN	           10	Jan	92	   180	   80	   Mt	Gambier
                   	17	   Drew	GALLARD	           19	Jan	93	   187	   75	   West	Adelaide/Renmark
                   	18	   Jared	POLEC	            12	Sep	92	   184	   70	   W’ville	West	Torr/Seaton	Ramblers
                   	19	   Jake	VON	BERTOUCH	      04	May	92	   187	   72	   W’ville	West	Torr/Kadina
                   	20	   Nathan	AHMAT-WATKINS	   18	Feb	92	   185	   73	   West	Adelaide/Goodwood	Saints
                   	21	   Jamie	SOLLY	            27	Jul	92	   188	   81	   Port	Adelaide/North	Pines
                   	22	   Jarrod	HALES	           29	Apr	92	   189	   82	   Port	Adelaide/North	Haven
                   	23	   Darcy	ARMFIELD	         15	Jan	92	   188	   84	   Glenelg/Plympton
south australia

                   	24	   Jack	GUY	               02	Sep	92	   194	   77	   South	Adelaide/Reynella
                   	25	   Scott	LYCETT	           26	Sep	92	   200	   89	   Port	Adelaide/Thevenard
                   	26	   Josh	WITTWER	           18	Mar	92	   174	   67	   Central	District/Elizabeth
                   	27	   Joshua	FARMER	          16	Oct	92	   175	   75	   West	Adelaide/Happy	Valley
                   	28	   Sam	MARSHALL	           09	Jul	92	   180	   80	   Sturt/Plympton
                   	29	   Nathan	PELLE	           08	Jul	92	   188	   72	   South	Adelaide/Strathalbyn
                   	30	   Jordan	LOCKWOOD	        10	Apr	92	   192	   76	   Sturt/Pembroke	

Scholarship to success
sA	under-1	team	treading	a	well-worn	pathway.	
The	sANfL	scholarship	squad	is	the	foundation	
of	south	Australia’s	under-1	state	team.
   The	SANFL,	its	clubs	and	the	Secondary	
School	Sport	South	Australia	(SSSSA)	continue	
to	work	together	to	identify	and	develop	the	
best	football	talent	in	South	Australia.	The	
under-16	scholarship	squad	is	demanding	but	
imparts	to	players	what	will	be	expected	of	
them	during	the	championships.		
   The	SANFL	and	SSSSA,	in	partnership	for	the	
last	decade,	continue	to	operate	effectively	
to	allow	all	players	with	the	correct	attitude,	
knowledge	and	skill	level	to	represent	their	
state	and	play	at	the	highest	level.	
   The	2008	under-16	training	squad	was	
selected	in	late	May	after	coaches	received	
nominations	from	SANFL	clubs	and	SSSSA	
schools.	The	squad	has	since	trained	twice	
weekly,	with	the	final	25	determined	after	         MATTHEW PAVLICH

trial	matches.	
   Bruce	Winter	again	will	coach	the	team,	
with	assistance	from	Malcolm	Greenslade	
(SSSSA	assistant),	Pitre	Bourdon	(assistant	and	
                                                    SOUTH	AUSTRALIA	TO	FREMANTLE
                                                    Matthew was destined to play AFL.
                                                    From a great footballing family, he played
                                                    two years in the SA under-s in  and
SAIS	fitness	consultant),	Chris	Smelt	(SANFL	       . His reading of the play and marking
assistant),	David	Hilterbrand	(team	manager)	       were features.
Brenton	Phillips	(SANFL	talent	manager)	and	                                 frANk	LEONArD
Mark	Rucciuto	(former	Adelaide	captain).	            sANfL	Development/Participation	Manager	
   Winter	believes	his	players	have	received	
a	thorough	preparation	and	is	hopeful	of	a	          The	South	Australian	team	wishes	all	
                                                                                                      south australia

successful	campaign.	As	always,	South	Australia	   competing	states	the	best	and	thanks	the	
aims	to	have	an	excellent	representation	          SANFL,	its	clubs,	AFL	clubs	Port	Adelaide	and	
of	players	selected	in	the	AIS-AFL	Academy.	       Adelaide	and	the	SSSSA	for	the	extensive	
Players	such	as	Brad	Symes	(Adelaide)	Kane	        support	it	has	received.	The	team	would	like	to	
Cornes	(Port	Adelaide)	Adam	Cooney	(Western	       acknowledge	major	sponsor	Coca-Cola	Amatil	
Bulldogs),	Byron	Schammer	(Fremantle),	Angus	      and	support	sponsors	the	Office	of	Recreation,	
Monfries	(Essendon),	Ryan	Griffen	(Western	        Sport	and	Racing,	and	Tip	Top	Bakeries.	The	
Bulldogs)	and	Shannon	Hurn	(West	Coast)	are	       team	also	recognises	the	contribution	made	by	
but	a	few	who	have	gone	on	to	AFL	level.	          parents	and	talent	program	officials.

              Vic Country
              Coach:	LEON	HArris					Team Manager: JOCk	WHiTiNg

               No	    NAME	                      DOB	      	HT	   WT	   CLUB	
               	 1	   Daniel	SEMMENS	         14	Feb	92	   175	   70	   Geelong/Cobden
               	 2	   Dyson	HEPPELL	          14	May	92	   182	   69	   Gippsland/Leongatha
               	 3	   Matt	SHAW	              05	Feb	92	   187	   70	   Dandenong/CPL	JFC
               	 4	   William	PATONE	         24	Oct	92	   178	   75	   Murray/Notre	Dame	College	JFC
               	 5	   Richard	BAMBLETT	       26	Mar	92	   179	   73	   Nth	Ballarat/Heywood
               	 6	   Lachlan	EDWARDS	        30	Mar	92	   178	   75	   Nth	Ballarat/Maryborough
               	 7	   Brent	MACLEOD	          03	Aug	92	   182	   77	   Geelong/Thomson
               	 8	   Rory	CAHIR	             23	May	92	   186	   69	   Geelong/Torquay
               	 9	   Billie	SMEDTS	          08	Jun	92	   185	   73	   Geelong/North	Warrnambool
               	10	   Luke	PARKER	            25	Oct	92	   180	   75	   Dandenong/Langwarrin	JFC
               	11	   Piers	FLANAGAN	         31	Mar	92	   187	   73	   Geelong/Geelong	Amateur
               	12	   Shaun	ATLEY	            13	Sep	92	   186	   75	   Murray/Wodonga	Raiders
               	13	   Lachlan	CANNING	        30	Mar	92	   185	   78	   Murray/Wangaratta	Magpies
               	14	   Mitchell	HALLAHAN	      23	Aug	92	   181	   75	   Dandenong/Sorrento	JFC
               	15	   Mitchell	GENT	          05	Feb	92	   181	   70	   Dandenong/Bonbeach	JFC	
               	16	   Luke	MAHONY	            01	Feb	92	   178	   73	   Geelong/Camperdown
               	17	   Lucas	COOK	             03	Mar	92	   193	   79	   Nth	Ballarat/Hopetoun
               	18	   Fraser	RUSSELL	         06	Jun	92	   181	   75	   Geelong/Newtown	Chilwell
               	19	   Ashley	HOLLAND	         17	Sep	92	   196	   79	   Murray/Picola	United
               	20	   Alex	KEATH	             20	Jan	92	   196	   81	   Murray/Shepparton	Bears
               	21	   Jake	WARD	              07	Jan	92	   188	   76	   Nth	Ballarat/Horsham
               	22	   Michael	O’CALLAGHAN	    15	Apr	92	   187	   75	   Nth	Ballarat/Horsham
               	23	   Troy	DAVIS	             10	Jun	92	   191	   85	   Bendigo/Kerang
               	24	   Ryan	PENDLEBURY	        02	Aug	92	   185	   74	   Gippsland/Sale
               	25	   Brayden	SALTON	         19	Aug	92	   194	   82	   Gippsland/Drouin
vic country

               	26	   Shaun	MARUSIC	          24	Mar	92	   190	   87	   Gippsland/Kooweerup
               	27	   Gus	POMORIN	            10	Aug	92	   187	   73	   Emmanuel	Hawks	JFC
               	28	   Richard	LANGHAM	        10	Apr	92	   185	   79	   Geelong/Geelong	Amateur
               	29	   Daniel	HARRISON	        23	Jan	92	   192	   91	   Dandenong/Berwick	JFC
               	30	   Jandre’	SLABBERT	       22	Aug	92	   190	   92	   Nth	Ballarat/College	Magpies	JFC

Country living large
regional	and	rural	victoria	producing	elite	talent.
Country	victoria	is	often	described	as	the	
heartland	of	Australian	football,	where	
football	clubs	are	an	integral	part	of	rural	
and	regional	communities	and	from	where	so	
many	great	AfL	players	have	been	produced.
   The	pathway	for	young	country	players	
is	well	defined,	with	the	youngsters’	initial	
development	taking	place	in	their	local	clubs	
and	talented	players	then	progressing	through	
regional	TAC	Cup	club	under-15	and	16	
development	squads,	and	ultimately	to	the	
TAC	Cup	under-18s.
   Along	the	way,	25	young	players	are	each	
year	given	the	wonderful	opportunity	to	
represent	Vic	Country	at	the	NAB	AFL	
Under-16	Championships.
   The	team’s	preparation	has	been	limited	
by	geographic	constraints,	but	extra	training	          CAMERON LING

sessions	have	been	included	in	the	program	
this	year,	in	addition	to	the	usual	AFL	Victoria	
Under-16	Country	Carnival	in	late	April,	practice	
matches	against	Vic	Metro	and	a	training	camp	
                                                        VIC	COUNTRY	to	GEELONG
                                                        Cameron was a fantastic leader at that age
                                                        group. He played with exuberance, and the
                                                        team seemed to lift when he was playing
for	the	final	squad.                                    well. He showed great ability to mark the ball
   AFL	Victoria	High	Performance	Manager	Leon	          playing up forward.
Harris	will	coach	the	Country	under-16	team	                                      sTEPHEN	WELLs	
again	in	2008.                                                         geelong	recruiting	Manager	
   “This	year’s	preparation	has	mirrored	last	year,	
with	the	additional	knowledge	and	contact	with	        the	recent	NAB	AFL	Under-18	Championships.		
the	players,”	Harris	said.	“Generally,	team	and	         The	AIS-AFL	Academy	program	provides	
player	performances	improve	over	the	course	           fantastic	support	to	scholarship	holders’	
of	the	championships,	and	it	is	always	very	           development	and	the	Country	team’s	
satisfying	to	see	the	majority	of	the	country	boys	    preparation	for	the	carnival.
                                                                                                          vic country

progressing	to	become	good	TAC	Cup	players	in	           The	Country	team	would	like	to	acknowledge	
the	following	years.”                                  the	Transport	Accident	Commission	(TAC)	for	its	
   From	the	2007	under-16	team,	Jack	Ziebell,	         support	of	AFL	Victoria’s	talent	programs,	and	
Steele	Sidebottom	and	John	Butcher	received	           the	squad	is	proud	to	back	the	TAC’s	campaign	
AIS-AFL	Academy	scholarships,	and	along	with	          of	making	120	hours	of	driver	training	a	goal	
eight	other	teammates	from	last	year,	played	in	       for	all	learner	drivers.

            Vic Metro
            Coach:	ANDrEW	JOHNsTON					Team Manager:	iAN	kyTE

             No	    NAME	                    DOB	       	HT	   WT	    CLUB	
             	 1	   Ben	JACOBS	            09	Jan	92	   184	    83	   Sandringham/St	Bede’s-Mentone
             	 2	   Andrew	GAFF	           16	Jun	92	   180	    73	   Oakleigh/Kew
             	 3	   Jack	HUTCHINS	         20	Feb	92	   189	    84	   Sandringham/Haileybury	
             	 4	   Dylan	CONWAY	          28	Jan	92	   183	    77	   Western/Williamstown	Jnrs
             	 5	   Trent	McKENZIE	        03	Apr	92	   185	    70	   Western/Williamstown	Jnrs
             	 6	   Dion	PRESTIA	          12	Oct	92	   172	    76	   Calder/West	Lalor
             	 7	   Thomas	GORDON	         19	Apr	92	   191	    82	   Oakleigh/Beverley	Hills	JFC
             	 8	   Aaron	YOUNG	           06	Dec	92	   184	    73	   Eastern/Wantirna	Sth
             	 9	   Tom	NICHOLLS	          04	Mar	92	   200	    90	   Sandringham/Cheltenham
             	10	   Kieran	HARPER	         15	Jun	92	   183	    72	   Eastern/Lilydale
             	11	   Cameron	O’SHEA	        13	Mar	92	   187	    87	   Eastern/Emerald
             	12	   Alex	RINTOUL	          23	Sep	92	   189	    79	   Northern/Banyule
             	13	   Taylor	HINE	           24	Jan	92	   182	    73	   Calder/Rupertswood
             	14	   Thomas	LIBERATORE	     16	May	92	   177	    71	   Calder/St	Bernard’s
             	15	   Jordan	TRELOAR	        12	Dec	92	   187	    73	   Northern/Banyule
             	16	   Josh	HUXTABLE	         12	Oct	92	   187	    83	   Western/Werribee	JFC
             	17	   Daniel	FARMER	         22	Jul	92	   184	    74	   Sandringham/Mordialloc-Braeside
             	18	   Dean	NOTMAN	           23	Jan	92	   187	    74	   Western/Melton	Sth
             	19	   Brad	HARVEY	           16	Apr	92	   180	    74	   Eastern/Lilydale
             	20	   Josh	CADDY	            28	Sep	92	   182	    73	   Northern/Eltham
             	21	   Tyrone	BEAN	           31	Dec	91	   179	    75	   Sandringham/Mordialloc
             	22	   Joshua	RALPH	          11	Apr	92	   188	    88	   Oakleigh/SFX-Whitehorse	Colts
             	23	   Josh	TOY	              18	Apr	92	   183	    87	   Calder/Aberfeldie
             	24	   Alex	JOHNSON	          24	Mar	92	   187	    75	   Oakleigh/Hawthorn	Colts
             	25	   Ryan	WILSON	           29	Apr	92	   178	    68	   Eastern/Scoresby
             	26	   Joshua	WOOLLARD	       01	May	92	   191	    81	   Eastern/Vermont
vic metro

             	27	   Patrick	KARNEZIS	      02	Mar	92	   188	    76	   Oakleigh/Hawthorn	Colts
             	28	   Matthew	WATSON	        16	Jul	92	   190	    85	   Calder/Pascoe	Vale
             	29	   Jack	FROST	            25	Feb	92	   189	    73	   Sandringham/Ormond		
             	30	   Luke	MITCHELL	         28	Feb	92	   193	    91	   Calder/St	Bernard’s

Metro four-peat looms
Melbourne	boys	looking	to	continue	success.
The	NAB	AfL	Under-1	Championships	provide	
a	tremendous	opportunity	for	talented	young	
victorian	players	to	compete	against	the	best	
players	in	the	country.
   AFL	Victoria	regions	work	in	conjunction	with	
metropolitan	leagues	to	ensure	youngsters	
across	Melbourne	have	a	clear	pathway	to	the	
highest	level	they	can	achieve.
   Local	leagues	play	junior	representative	
matches	at	under-14	and	15	level,	with	AFL	
Victoria	talent	programs	commencing	with	
under-15	development	squads	and	the	under-16	
metropolitan	carnival	in	late	April.
   The	next	step	of	the	development	pathway	
is	Vic	Metro	representation	in	the	NAB	AFL	
Under-16	Championships,	a	tremendous	
honour	for	Melbourne’s	outstanding	junior	
players,	and	an	important	step	towards	the	TAC	
                                                      LUKE POWER
under-18	competition	and,	for	some,	the	AFL.	
   Calder	region	development	manger	Andrew	           VIC	METRO	to	BRISBANE	LIONS
Johnston	will	coach	the	Metro	team	for	the	first	     As a -year old in , his work ethic
time	this	year.                                       absolutely stood out and he was very
   “The	program	is	an	enormous	opportunity	           coachable. On nights off, he’d be doing extra
that	very	few	players	get,	and	our	boys	              running, non-preferred skills and handballing.
recognise	the	football	development	and	                                       DArrEN	fLANigAN
personal	growth	that	lays	ahead	of	them,”	                              former	Oakleigh	Chargers	
Johnston	said.	“I	see	this	program	as	a	doorway	                           Development	Manager	
into	a	fantastic	football	journey	for	these	
players	and	I	am	confident	that	the	staff	we	        and	a	training	camp,	and	the	final	squad	of	
have	in	place	will	support	and	nurture	this	         25	players	has	genuinely	earned	the	right	to	
young	talent.”                                       represent	Victoria	Metro.
   Vic	Metro	has	a	proud	history	at	the	carnival,	     AFL	Victoria	would	like	to	thank	the	AFL	
winning	the	past	three	titles.	Eight	players	from	   and	AIS,	and	also	appreciates	the	wonderful	
                                                                                                        vic metro

last	year’s	team	were	awarded	AIS-AFL	Academy	       support	of	the	Transport	Accident	Commission	
scholarships,	while	20	of	the	2008	under-18	         (TAC).	The	Metro	team	is	delighted	to	promote	
squad	graduated	through	the	under-16	team.           the	‘L120’	message	of	encouraging	learner	
   The	Metro	squad	has	had	a	thorough	               drivers	to	complete	120	hours	of	driving	before	
preparation,	with	several	trial	matches	and	         obtaining	their	probationary	license.	

                    Western Australia
                    Coach:	TrEvOr	WiLLiAMs					Team Manager:	DAryL	MANsfiELD

                     No	    NAME	                     DOB	       	HT	   WT	   CLUB	
                     	 1	   David	SWALLOW	         19	Nov	92	    183	   78	   East	Fremantle

                     	 2	   Brandon	MATERA	        11	Mar	92	    174	   61	   South	Fremantle

                     	 3	   Scott	HANCOCK	         11	May	92	    180	   71	   East	Fremantle

                     	 4	   Jack	BRADSHAW	         03	Sep	92	    177	   65	   Claremont

                     	 5	   Cody	McILVENNY	        13	May	92	    180	   76	   Perth

                     	 6	   Justin	PEZZALI	         17	Jul	92	   183	   72	   Swan	Districts

                     	 7	   Adam	FAULKNER	         03	May	92	    176	   71	   Swan	Districts

                     	 8	   Michael	EDWARDS	       29	Feb	92	    177	   66	   Perth	

                     10	    Casey	YORK	             17	Jul	92	   183	   72	   Swan	Districts

                     11	    Reece	CONCA	           12	Aug	92	    179	   70	   Perth

                     14	    Mathew	JONES	           26	Jun	92	   196	   78	   South	Fremantle

                     16	    Jamie	CRIPPS	          23	Apr	92	    180	   70	   East	Fremantle

                     18	    Justin	MONACO	         07	Nov	92	    188	   74	   East	Fremantle

                     19	    Blayne	WILSON	          26	Jan	92	   184	   78	   Peel	Thunder

                     20	    Brendon	GULLEY	        03	Apr	92	    186	   74	   South	Fremantle

                     21	    Kieran	BUTCHER	        02	Mar	92	    180	   76	   Peel	Thunder

                     22	    Daniel	McDONALD	       19	Feb	92	    191	   80	   Swan	Districts

                     23	    Jack	DARLING	           13	Jun	92	   188	   86	   West	Perth
western australia

                     24	    Jarrad	CIESLA	         01	Aug	92	    185	   90	   South	Fremantle

                     29	    Lloyd	SKINNER	          22	Jan	92	   196	   79	   South	Fremantle

                     30	    Redmond	DOBSON	         31	Jan	92	   192	   83	   East	Perth

                     35	    Adam	FEENY	             10	Jan	92	   183	   65	   South	Fremantle

                     36	    Dylan	MURRAY	          26	Mar	92	    174	   68	   Perth

                     37	    William	WALDON	        13	Apr	92	    187	   83	   Perth

                     38	    Ryan	MALDENIS	          26	Jan	92	   174	   70	   East	Perth

Western winds of change
revamped	WA	team	strives	to	maximise	talent.	
This	has	been	a	year	of	change	for	the	
WA	state	1s,	with	a	number	of	staff	
changes	to	the	off-field	team.
  Trevor	Williams,	a	two-time	premiership	
coach	with	the	WAFL	Colts,	has	taken	the	
coaching	reins	from	Brett	Barber.	Williams	is	
a	Level	3	coach	who	has	worked	through	the	
WA	coaching	development	pathway,	winning	
the	2004	and	2005	WAFL	Colts	Coach	of	the	
Year	awards	as	voted	by	the	Department	of	
Sport	and	Recreation,	the	2005	WA	Media	Guild	
Coach	of	the	Year,	and	2006	JJ	Leonard	Medal	
for	the	WAFL	coach	of	the	year.	This	wealth	of	
experience,	knowledge	and	passion	is	an	asset	
to	the	WA	state	program.
  Joining	Williams	on	the	coaching	panel	are	
Ric	Ellard,	Craig	Henson	and	Mark	Tilbury.	
Other	new	staff	additions	include	conditioning	
coach	Justin	Brown,	team	manager	Daryl	
Mansfield,	head	trainer	Shani	Blay	and	team	
runner	Simon	Dawson.	
  These	new	faces	join	experienced	staff	
members	such	as	physiotherapists	Deb	Kounis	          DANIEL KERR

and	Dr	Lionel	Lim,	rounding	out	a	quality	group	
that	shares	the	aim	of	ensuring	the	youngsters	
enjoy	the	experience	and	maximise	their	
involvement	in	this	elite	program.
                                                      WESTERN	AUSTRALIA	to	WEST	COAST
                                                      The thing that stood out most about
                                                      Daniel was his work rate. He could maintain
                                                      this for four quarters, and his ability to get
  The	players	have	again	proven	to	be	an	             in and under the contest to win the ball
                                                                                                       western australia

outstanding	squad	of	young	men,	and	will	             was outstanding.
be	led	by	names	such	as	Jack	Darling,	David	                                      sCOTT	BALLEM
Swallow	and	Reece	Conca.	These	three	                                  former	WA	Talent	Manager	
displayed	some	terrific	leadership	traits	
throughout	the	early	stages	of	the	program	and	      and	support	staff	do	an	outstanding	job	in	
will	continue	to	grow	along	the	pathway.             developing	the	players	to	the	point	of	being	
  The	WA	Football	Commission	would	like	to	          able	to	participate	in	the	NAB	AFL	Under-16	
acknowledge	the	wonderful	efforts	of	the	WAFL	       Championships,	and	the	manner	in	which	the	
clubs	in	preparing	the	players	for	this	important	   state	conducts	itself	on	the	national	stage	is	
phase	of	their	development.	The	coaching	            a	credit	to	all	concerned.

                 Coach:	ByrON	HOWArD					Team Manager:	BArry	gABy

                  No	    NAME	                    DOB	       	HT	   WT	   CLUB	
                  	 1	   Jacob	HOWARD	          20	Feb	92	   193	   88	   North	Hobart
                  	 2	   Rhys	MOTT	             03	Jul	92	   178	   73	   Ulverstone
                  	 3	   Maverick	WELLER	       13	Feb	92	   180	   76	   Burnie	Dockers
                  	 4	   Luke	RUSSELL	          24	Jan	92	   184	   74	   Burnie	Dockers
                  	 5	   Jacob	GILLBEE	         13	Sep	92	   181	   65	   Lauderdale
                  	 6	   Sean	MacKAY	           23	Jul	92	   184	   69	   Lauderdale
                  	 7	   Zachary	HISLOP	        19	Sep	93	   176	   69	   Marist	College
                  	 8	   Josh	GREEN	            24	Aug	92	   175	   71	   Clarence	
                  	 9	   Aaron	FITZPATRICK	     28	May	92	   180	   75	   Brighton
                  	10	   Rudy	BARRETT	          14	Feb	92	   181	   70	   Wynyard
                  	11	   Bradley	COX-GOODYER	   08	Mar	93	   177	   76	   Northern	Bombers
                  	12	   Adam	GREEN	            15	Feb	92	   175	   65	   Kingborough
                  	13	   Josh	WOOLLEY	          24	Sep	92	   180	   67	   Launceston
                  	14	   Jason	MOORE	           22	Jan	92	   184	   89	   Northern	Bombers
                  	15	   Jamie	CLARK	           22	Jan	92	   184	   76	   Lions
                  	16	   Daniel	COX	            23	Mar	92	   180	   74	   Prospect	Sharks
                  	17	   Charlie	RIEWOLDT	      23	Sep	92	   184	   68	   Clarence
                  	18	   Matthew	McINTYRE	      07	Jan	92	   181	   76	   North	Hobart
                  	19	   Tommy	GRAVES	          25	May	92	   182	   76	   North	Hobart
                  	20	   Brad	COAD	             29	Jan	92	   184	   70	   Kingborough
                  	21	   Aaron	TUXWORTH	        27	May	92	   177	   81	   Smithton
                  	22	   Casey	RADFORD	         23	Sep	92	   183	   78	   Burnie	Dockers
                  	23	   Sam	RUNDLE	            09	Feb	92	   181	   81	   East	Devonport
                  	24	   Stewart	BESWICK	       24	Apr	92	   185	   89	   Latrobe
                  	25	   Larry	OWEN	            08	Aug	92	   194	   76	   Lions
                  	26	   Joseph	ROBINSON	       07	Jun	92	   176	   67	   Scottsdale

                  	27	   Jimmy	WEBSTER	         28	Jun	93	   180	   66	   Brighton
                  	28	   Sam	DARLEY	            15	Feb	93	   183	   74	   North	Hobart
                  	29	   Jed	WILLIAMSON	        07	Feb	92	   179	   65	   Brighton
                  	30	   George	BURBURY	        18	Jun	92	   180	   69	   Lions

She’s apples in the Isle
Tasmanian	talent	pathway	continues	to	bear	fruit.
The	Tasmanian	program	for	the	2008	NAB	
AfL	Under-1	Championships	has	once	again	
been	comprehensive.		
  Selection	of	the	initial	squad	began	in	
November	2007,	with	physical	testing	and	
preparation	programs	that	continued	into	2008.	
Following	this,	three	regional	squads	completed	
practice	games	and	a	state	championship.			
  The	squad	was	subsequently	reduced	to	44	
players	for	an	intra-squad	trial,	with	a	further	
three	practice	games	for	the	final	squad	against	
representative	teams,	including	a	visiting	
under-16	team	from	Melbourne’s	Northern	
Football	League.
  The	state	squad	has	now	centralised	to	
Aurora	Stadium	in	Launceston,	allowing	it	           BRADY RAWLINGS

to	train	together	fortnightly	since	April.	This	
year	will	see	2007	assistant	Byron	Howard	at	
the	helm	for	the	first	time,	assisted	by	talent	
manager	Nick	Probert,	Tassie	Mariners	coach	
                                                     TASMANIA	TO	NORTH	MELBOURNE
                                                     His ability in the air and to cover so much
                                                     ground for a  or -year-old was a feature.
                                                     His overall attitude and work ethic won him
Andrew	Mellor	and	Carl	Saunder	from	the	             the captaincy in his second year, and he
Tasmanian	Institute	of	Sport.	                       certainly led us well.
  Significantly,	to	better	manage	the	                                          gLENN	frAME
preparation	and	athletic	development	of	all	                   former	Tasmania	Under-1	Coach	
Tasmanian	talent	pathway	participants,	Michael	
Dobbin	has	been	appointed	as	strength,	               The	coaches	have	also	determined	to	‘blood’	
conditioning	and	rehabilitation	manager.            a	pair	of	two-year	players,	Zachary	Hislop	and	
  The	team	is	still	managed	by	the	capable	         Bradley	Cox-Goodyer,	which	will	ensure	that	
Barry	Gaby,	with	other	support	staff	including	     the	Tasmanian	teams	beyond	2008	are	not	
Dr	Paul	Scott,	physiotherapist	Rebecca	             lacking	experience.	
Clarke,	head	trainer	Michael	Quill,	assistant	        The	players	to	represent	Tasmania	this	year	
conditioning	coach	Jack	Wells	and	board	            are	aspiring	to	follow	in	the	footsteps	of	AFL	
member	Steve	Gillbee.                               players	such	as	Matthew	Richardson,	Grant	
                                                                                                       TA S M A N I A

  Fifteen	players	are	products	of	AFL	Tasmania’s	   Birchall,	Jack	Riewoldt,	Sam	Lonergan,	Brad	
Football	Academy	–	a	comprehensive	program	         Green,	Colin	Garland	and	Justin	Sherman.
that	focuses	on	individual	player	development,	       Coca-Cola	this	year	is	again	the	major	
with	nine	already	playing	senior	football	in	the	   sponsor	of	the	state’s	talent	programs,	and	AFL	
NTFL	and	SFL.                                       Tasmania	is	grateful	for	its	support.

               NSW/ACT RAMS
               Coach:	gUy	CANNON					Team Manager:	rEBECCA	McgOWAN

                No	    NAME	                   DOB	       	HT	   WT	   CLUB	
                	 1	   Kane	MURPHY	          01	Dec	92	   168	   59	   Riverview
                	 2	   Adam	ROWLAND	         17	Apr	92	   175	   74	   St	Pat’s
                	 3	   James	BRAIN	          05	Aug	92	   177	   68	   St	Ive’s
                	 4	   Kamen	OGILVIE	        11	Jan	92	   177	   66	   Deniliquin	Rams
                	 5	   Matthew	MAY	          12	Feb	92	   177	   71	   Tathra
                	 6	   Sam	SCHULZ	           19	Sep	92	   179	   67	   Culcairn
                	 7	   Anthony	MILES	        28	Feb	92	   179	   67	   North	Albury
                	 8	   Jay	LEWIS	            06	Mar	92	   179	   69	   Pennant	Hills
                	 9	   Tom	O’CONNELL	        25	Mar	92	   180	   58	   Osborne
                	10	   Daniel	LLOYD	         18	Feb	92	   181	   70	   Killarney	Vale
                	11	   Kaine	STEVENS	        20	Sep	92	   182	   69	   Queanbeyan
                	12	   Jack	GILLINGHAM	      27	Mar	92	   182	   79	   Sawtell
                	13	   James	WEBSTER	        12	Feb	92	   182	   72	   Terrigal	Avoca
                	14	   Wade	HANCOCK	         25	Jul	92	   183	   71	   Wentworth
                	15	   Harrie	LAHY	          15	May	92	   183	   76	   Wakool
                	16	   Josh	COLE	            28	Aug	92	   184	   73	   Pennant	Hills
                	17	   Thomas	KICKETT	       21	Feb	92	   184	   62	   Broken	Hill
                	18	   William	LANGFORD	     03	Jul	92	   184	   68	   Easts
                	19	   Trent	STUBBS	         26	Mar	92	   185	   68	   Baulkham	Hills
                	20	   Cameron	BERNASCONI	   11	Jul	92	   187	   68	   Tuggeranong
                	21	   Thomas	YOUNG	         26	Apr	92	   189	   80	   Campbelltown
                	22	   Kurt	AYLETT	          02	Apr	92	   189	   65	   Leeton
                	23	   Blake	BRAY	           07	Jul	92	   189	   73	   Camden
                	24	   Jarred	LANE	          06	Mar	92	   192	   80	   Corowa
nsw/act rams

                	25	   Jackson	MALONEY	      09	Sep	92	   193	   79	   Belconnen
                	26	   Simon	TAYLOR	         21	Sep	92	   166	   60	   Sawtell
                	27	   Joe	BRITTON	          07	Oct	92	   172	   66	   Glebe
                	28	   Jackson	FERGUSON	     23	Oct	92	   189	   71	   Holroyd/Parramatta
                	29	   Joss	WHITFORD	        27	May	92	   178	   59	   Belconnen
                	30	   Jack	MAHONEY	         07	May	92	   178	   69	   Wollongong

AFL momentum building
NsW/ACT	rAMs	program	continues	to	forge	ahead.
The	NsW/ACT	rAMs	look	forward	to	the	
challenge	of	this	year’s	NAB	AfL	Under-1	
Championships,	with	the	side	aiming	to	
continue	the	momentum	of	the	under-18	side,	
which	qualified	for	the	Division	One	carnival,	
posting	wins	over	Tasmania	and	the	strong	
vic	Country	side.	
  The	added	bonus	of	being	able	to	compete	
against	WA	in	the	lead	up	to	the	under-16	
tournament	is	a	rare	opportunity	for	the	RAMS	
to	test	themselves	against	a	Division	One	side.
  Preparation	for	this	year’s	championships	
commenced	in	April	at	the	St	Ignatius’	
Riverview,	where	144	players	representing	six	
zones	from	across	the	NSW/ACT	region	came	
together	for	trials.	In	torrential	rain,	44	players	
gained	selection	in	the	initial	RAMS	squad,	a	
well-earned	honour	given	the	conditions.	Each	
of	the	youngsters	were	guaranteed	at	least	one	
game	before	the	final	selection	of	the	squad,	
which	resulted	in	vastly	different	teams	taking	
                                                        MARK McVEIGH
on	Queensland	and	the	Northern	Territory	at	
Carrara	and	Darwin	respectively.	Despite	this,	         NSW/ACT	RAMS	to	ESSENDON
two	very	impressive	performances	from	the	              He was a standout at the carnival. He had
RAMS	raised	expectations	heading	into	an	               a leg injury, but was still a dominant player.
intense	two-day	camp	at	the	AIS	in	Canberra,	           He got tagged, but was reading the play so
where	an	internal	scratch	match	helped	                 well and still getting plenty of possessions.
coaching	staff	finalise	the	squad.                                                   rOD	CArTEr	
  The	RAMS	are	once	again	being	led	by	                             former	NsW/ACT	Under-1	Coach	
former	Eastlake	(AFL	Canberra)	premiership	
coach	Guy	Cannon,	who	is	in	his	third	year	            Under-18	team	after	an	extremely	successful	
                                                                                                           nsw/act rams

with	the	team.	Cannon	is	being	assisted	by	            campaign	with	the	RAMS’	older	squad	
former	300-game	Western	Bulldogs	star	                 in	2008.	
Rohan	Smith,	ex-Richmond	and	Sydney	Swans	               AFL	NSW/ACT	is	indebted	to	the	many	
player	Tim	Barling,	as	well	as	AFL	NSW/ACT	            people	who	support	its	program,	including	
high	performance	coach	Danny	Stevens.	                 sponsors,	staff,	family	and	friends.	It	is	their	
For	the	second	year	running,	Stevens	has	been	         unquestionable	contribution	that	allows	players	
named	assistant	coach	of	the	All-Australian	           to	progress,	both	on	and	off	the	field.

                     Northern Territory
                     Coach:	JAsON	MifsUD					Team Manager:	MATTHEW	sMiTH

                      No	    NAME	                    DOB	       	HT	   WT	   CLUB	
                      	 1	   Steven	MOTLOP	         12	Mar	91	   181	   68	   Wanderers
                      	 2	   Simon	BATES	           04	Oct	92	   173	   60	   Wanderers
                      	 3	   Scott	TAYLOR	          11	Feb	91	   184	   74	   Wests
                      	 4	   Duncan	SEDEN	          14	Oct	92	   175	   65	   Wanderers
                      	 5	   Stanley	TURNER	        30	Apr	92	   177	   69	   Souths	
                      	 6	   Jack	McEWIN	           22	May	93	   182	   72	   Waratahs
                      	 7	   Ashley	LANSEN	         29	May	92	   177	   70	   Tennant	Creek
                      	 8	   Jarred	ERLANDSON	      19	Dec	92	   184	   74	   Pioneers
                      	 9	   Leroy	O’BRIEN	         28	Apr	92	   176	   69	   Gove	Saints
                      	10	   Shannon	RIOLI	         25	May	91	   168	   65	   Saint	Mary’s
                      	11	   Dean	STAUNTON	         14	May	92	   170	   67	   Southern	Districts
                      	12	   Curtly	HAMPTON	        03	Oct	93	   187	   76	   Pioneers
                      	13	   Brenton	MOTLOP	        12	Apr	92	   183	   74	   Wanderers
                      	14	   Ben	BARRY	             13	Apr	92	   180	   72	   Pioneers
                      	15	   Keiren	SMITH	          08	Feb	91	   181	   74	   Pioneers
                      	16	   Alex	JOHNSON	          14	Jan	92	   177	   78	   Palmerston
                      	17	   Theo	ROSSIDES	         15	Aug	92	   177	   68	   Nightcliff
                      	18	   Steven	MAY		           10	Jan	92	   190	   84	   Southern	Districts
                      	19	   Liam	CARUSI	           22	Jan	92	   182	   82	   Katherine	Kannons
                      	20	   David	KRUSE	           23	Jan	92	   190	   81	   Wanderers
                      	21	   Joshua	CHAPLIN	        31	Mar	91	   192	   83	   Waratahs
northern territory

                      	22	   Lindsay	LAWLER	        13	May	92	   172	   72	   Southern	Districts
                      	23	   Deon	GORDON	           02	Apr	91	   181	   86	   Saint	Mary’s
                      	24	   Lachlan	MICHELL	       01	Dec	92	   186	   73	   Waratahs
                      	25	   Cameron	JONES	         29	Feb	92	   192	   94	   Waratahs
                      	26	   Mitch	MURRAY	          20	Feb	91	   185	   77	   Wests
                      	27	   Anthony	HALE	          21	Jan	92	   188	   88	   Saint	Mary’s
                      	28	   Jacob	SCHAPER	         19	Mar	91	   174	   67	   Waratahs
                      	29	   Chris	ALCHIN	          13	Jan	92	   180	   70	   Palmerston
                      	30	   Dylan	HAYNES	          16	Mar	92	   181	   73	   Darwin

Exciting times ahead
NT	Thunder	looking	to	rumble	on	the	Coast.
The	Tattersalls	Territory	Thunder	team	
is	excited	about	the	NAB	AfL	Under-1	
Championships.	The	squad	has	the	largest	
ever	spread	of	representation	from	across	the	
Top	End,	including	representatives	attending	
boarding	school	in	Adelaide	and	Melbourne,	
plus	a	healthy	contingent	of	players	based	
in	Alice	springs.	
   This	has	created	a	logistical	challenge	for	
the	squad	to	train	together,	however	the	
players	are	thrilled	to	get	the	opportunity.
   Thunder	coach	Jason	Mifsud	is	keen	
to	ensure	that	his	young	charges	develop	
during	the	10-day	trip	to	the	Gold	Coast.
   “We	have	already	faced	our	challenges	
getting	to	this	point,”	Mifsud	said.	“Now	that	
the	process	of	selection	and	all	the	other	
logistical	and	management	issues	are	behind	
us,	we	cannot	wait	to	play	with	the	freedom,	       XAVIER CLARKE
energy	and	effort	that	typifies	Northern	           NORTHERN	TERRITORY	to	ST	KILDA
Territory	football.
                                                    He was part of the dominant midfield that
   “Our	group	is	extremely	coachable	and	
                                                    took us to the under- title in . He had
unbelievably	team-focused;	two	great	qualities	     silky skills and uncanny awareness, and has
that	I	am	sure,	coupled	with	our	natural	talent	    been a terrific role model for our kids.
and	flair,	will	produce	some	exciting	football.	
                                                                             PETEr	ATkiNsON	
Our	continual	challenge	will	be	to	convert	                   former	NT	football	Development	
our	individual	talent	into	a	collective	team	                               general	Manager	
                                                                                                       northern territory

performance	and	that’s	why	our	attitude	and	
spirit	will	be	the	key	measurements.”              leadership	required	to	be	successful	at	the	NAB	
   Mifsud	will	be	assisted	by	former	NSW/ACT	      AFL	Under-16	Championships.
RAMS	coach	Wally	Gallio,	along	with	Gavin	           AFL	Northern	Territory	gratefully	acknowledges	
Johns	and	Kim	Beasland.	                           the	support	of	Tattersalls,	Coca-Cola	Amatil,	
   The	Thunder	squad	had	a	practice	game	in	       SpriNT	Physiotherapy,	The	Cricket	and	Football	
late	June	against	NSW/ACT,	and	a	number	of	        Shop,	Darwin	and	Kombat	Sportswear	as	well	
players	were	exposed	to	the	NAB	AFL	Under-18	      as	the	Northern	Territory	Institute	of	Sport	and	
Championships	and	also	the	TAC	Cup	by	             AFL	Game	Development.	The	continued	support	
playing	with	the	Thunder	under-18	side.	These	     of	numerous	small	businesses	through	player	
experiences	should	provide	the	group	with	the	     sponsorship	is	also	appreciated.	

             Coach:	DAviD	AsHkAr					Team Manager:	rOBiN	HULL

              No	    NAME	                     DOB	       	HT	   WT	   CLUB	
              	 1	   Mace	KIRKPATRICK	       30	May	92	   172	   66	   Maroochydore
              	 2	   Sam	USHERWOOD	          22	Feb	92	   184	   75	   Southern	Redbacks
              	 3	   William	BRADLEY	        07	Feb	92	   171	   60	   Caboolture
              	 4	   Luke	SHREEVE	           26	Jul	92	   179	   69	   Broadbeach
              	 5	   Harry	WILSON	           16	Jan	92	   179	   67	   Maroochydore
              	 6	   David	MEL-IE	           10	Sep	92	   172	   68	   PNG/Caboolture
              	 7	   Ben	McNEICE	            16	Jul	92	   180	   72	   Morningside
              	 8	   Brandon	SERAFIN-GRAY	   30	Oct	92	   169	   63	   Redlands
              	 9	   Dominic	RUSSO	          02	Jun	92	   169	   67	   Morningside
              	10	   Alex	KITCHING	          08	Oct	92	   177	   73	   Sherwood
              	11	   James	NELIS	            17	Apr	92	   186	   81	   Sandgate
              	12	   Daniel	MOWAT	           11	Jan	92	   190	   78	   Morningside
              	13	   Ryan	KIEL	              16	Mar	92	   183	   72	   Southport
              	14	   Brad	SALMON	            13	Feb	92	   185	   69	   Southport
              	15	   Jake	WOODS	             19	Jul	92	   182	   65	   Redlands
              	16	   Rex	LIDDY	              01	Jan	92	   180	   74	   Kenmore
              	17	   Adam	McKENZIE	          13	Mar	92	   179	   72	   Broadbeach
              	18	   Jake	TOOMA	             25	Feb	92	   180	   75	   Surfers	Paradise
              	19	   Tim	COLBURN	            08	Jan	93	   185	   73	   Sherwood
              	20	   Sean	YOSHIURA	          06	Aug	91	   185	   69	   Mt	Gravatt
              	21	   Liam	RUTLEDGE	          08	Mar	92	   185	   79	   Sandgate
              	22	   Jake	CRAWFORD	          05	Mar	92	   189	   81	   Pomona
              	23	   Josh	KOLKA	             23	Mar	93	   197	   87	   Mudgeeraba
              	24	   Jye	BOHM	               27	Jun	92	   191	   74	   Port	Douglas
              	25	   Lewis	MOSS	             04	Feb	92	   193	   77	   Port	Douglas

              	26	   Jacob	GREEN	            07	Jul	92	   178	   60	   Aspley
              	27	   Luke	EDWARDS	           29	Aug	92	   188	   75	   Morningside
              	28	   Thomas	HOLLAND	         15	Jul	92	   184	   78	   Scotch	College/Thursday	Island
              	29	   Joel	WILKINSON	         29	Nov	91	   180	   70	   Rookie	Search	Program
              	30	   Sam	MAGUIRE	            08	Jul	92	   191	   76	   Redlands

Scorpions pack sting
young	Queenslanders	to	lap	up	the	spotlight.
The	Australia	Post	Queensland	young	
scorpions	are	chasing	their	fourth	NAB	AfL	
Under-1	Division	Two	crown	in	five	years.
  The	Young	Scorpions	are	being	coached	by	
highly	regarded	Gold	Coaster	David	Ashkar	
for	the	first	time,	with	former	AFL	players	Ray	
Windsor	(Brisbane	Bears)	and	Beau	McDonald	
among	his	support	staff.
  The	Young	Scorpions	will	field	a	host	of	
products	of	the	Lions	AFL	Academy,	talent	from	
south-east	Queensland,	with	strong	country	
representation	and	an	exciting	prospect	from	
Papua	New	Guinea	named	David	Mel-ie.
  Rex	Liddy,	a	highly	regarded	Cape	York	
product	now	playing	in	Brisbane,	is	the	sole	
survivor	from	last	year’s	squad.
  Extra	focus	will	be	on	the	Queenslanders	as	
the	Gold	Coast	push	for	an	AFL	team	in	2011	
gains	momentum.	The	new	club	will	have	
priority	access	to	Queenslanders	of	draft	age	
next	year,	and	there	will	also	be	an	opportunity	
for	players	turning	17	from	January	to	April	in	     NICK RIEWOLDT                      ‘‘
2008	to	commit	to	the	franchise.                     QUEENSLAND	to	ST	KILDA
  The	Young	Scorpions	will	be	looking	to	follow	     He was very good for us at the carnival.
in	the	footsteps	of	an	ever-growing	number	of	       Athletically, he was pretty good and he has
Queenslanders	who	have	used	the	under-16	            obviously developed impressively since then.
carnival	as	a	launching	pad	for	an	AFL	career.	                                MArTiN	kiNg	
They	will	also	be	keen	to	replicate	the	efforts	            former	Queensland	Under-1	Coach	
of	Ricky	Petterd,	Albert	Proud,	David	Armitage,	
Brent	Renouf	and	Gavin	Urquhart	(2005),	Sam	          Thanks	also	go	to	all	junior	clubs	and	
Reid,	Brendan	Whitecross	and	Joey	Daye	(2006)	      regional	squads	across	Queensland	for	
and	Jesse	Haberfield	and	Declan	Bevan	(2007)	       their	cooperation	with	the	Young	Scorpions	

and	catch	the	eye	of	AIS-AFL	Academy	selectors.	    program,	to	the	parents	and	families	of	the	
  AFL	Queensland,	proud	to	host	the	NAB	            players,	AFLQ	clubs	Morningside,	Mt	Gravatt	
AFL	Under	championships,	would	like	to	             and	Redland,	who	played	practice	matches	
thank	Australia	Post,	long-time	sponsors	of	        against	the	Young	Scorpions,	and	the	army	
the	talented	player	pathway,	as	well	as	the	        of	volunteer	workers	involved	in	
Queensland	Government	and	the	AFL.		                the	championships.

                            NAB AFL U16 Championships
                            Gold Coast, July 25-August 3, 2008
                            MCG, September 27, 2008
                            WARM UP MATCHES                                            DIVISION TWO
                            friday,	July	25,	Carrara                                   sunday,	July	27,	Carrara
                            Vic	Metro	v	Queensland,	10am                               Match	1:	Northern	Territory	v	NSW/ACT,	11am
                            Vic	Country	v	Northern	Territory,	11.30am                  Match	2:	Tasmania	v	Queensland,	1.30pm
                            Western	Australia	v	NSW/ACT,	1pm
                            South	Australia	v	Tasmania,	2.30pm                         FOOTY FORUM AND LUNCHEON
                                                                                       (Tuesday, July 29, 10.30am-3.30pm)
                            DIVISION ONE
                            Monday,	July	28,	Broadbeach                                Wednesday,	July	30,	southport
                            Match	1:	Western	Australia	v	Vic	Metro,	11am               Winner	Match	1	v	Loser	Match	2,	11am
                            Match	2:	South	Australia	v	Vic	Country,	1.30pm             Winner	Match	2	v	Loser	Match	1,	1.30pm
                            FOOTY FORUM AND LUNCHEON                                   saturday,	August	2,	southport
                            (Tuesday, July 29, 10.30am-3.30pm)                         Loser	Match	1	v	Loser	Match	2,	10am
                                                                                       Winner	Match	1	v	Winner	Match	2,	12.30pm
                            Thursday,	July	31,	southport
                            Winner	Match	1	v	Loser	Match	2,	11am                       GRAND FINAL
                            Winner	Match	2	v	Loser	Match	1,	1.30pm                     saturday,	september	27,	MCg
                                                                                       No.	1	Qualifier	v	No.	2	Qualifier,	9.05am
                            sunday,	August	3,	Carrara
                            Loser	Match	1	v	Loser	Match	2,	10am
                            Winner	Match	1	v	Winner	Match	2,	12.30pm
                            GRAND FINAL
                            saturday,	september	27,	MCg
                            No.	1	Qualifier	v	No.	2	Qualifier,	11am

                            Ais-AfL		                                                  Championships	
                            Academy	selectors                                          committee
                            Alan	McConnell               John	Beveridge                kevin	sheehan                  Craig	Notman
                            Chairman,		                  St	Kilda	Recruiting	Officer   AFL	Talent	and		               AFL	Talent	Coordinator	
                            AIS/AFL	High	                rohan	O’Brien                 International	Manager
                            Performance	Coach                                                                         roger	Berryman
                                                         West	Coast	Recruiting	        (Championships	Manager)
                                                                                                                      AFL	Game	Development	
                            kevin	sheehan                Manager                       Bob	Batty                      Events	Manager
                            AFL	Talent	and	              scott	Clayton                 AFL	Queensland	
                            International	Manager        Western	Bulldogs	             Game	Development	
                            Blair	Hartley                Recruiting	Manager            Manager
championships information

                            Port	Adelaide	Recruiting	

                            Past	winners                                               The	medallists
                            DivisiON	ONE                DivisiON	TWO                   kEviN	sHEEHAN	MEDALLisT	      ALAN	McLEAN	MEDALLisT
                            1996		Western	Australia	    1996		Victoria	Country         DivisiON	ONE                  DivisiON	TWO
                            1997		Western	Australia	    1997		NSW/ACT	RAMS             1996	 M.	Saunders	(WA)        1996	 A	Staehr	(Vic-C)
                            1998		Victoria	Country	     1998		Queensland               1997	 D.	Headland	(WA)               S
                                                                                                                     1997	 	 .	Angeles	(NT)		
                            1999		Victoria	Metro        1999		Northern	Territory       1998	 J.	Corey	(WA)	                 &	B.	Rawlings	(TAS)
                            2000		Victoria	Country      2000		NSW/ACT	RAMS             1999	 N.	Lonie	(Vic-M)        1998	 M.	Osborne	(QLD)
                            2001		Victoria	Country      2001		NSW/ACT	RAMS                    	
                                                                                       2000	 A.	Fisher	(Vic-C)		     1999	 R.	Cole	(NT)
                            2002		Victoria	Metro        2002		NSW/ACT	RAMS                    &	A.	Sampi	(WA)        2000	 A.	Schneider	(NSWACT)	
                            2003		Western	Australia     2003		Tasmania                 2001	 B.	Goddard	(Vic-C)	            J
                                                                                                                     2001		 	.	McVeigh	(NSW/ACT)		
                                                        2004		Queensland                      J
                                                                                       2002	 	.	Willoughby	(SA)		           &	R.	Clarke	(NT)
                            2004		Western	Australia
                                                        2005		Queensland                      &	T.	Schmidt	(SA)             R
                                                                                                                     2002		 	 .	Tambling	(NT)
                            2005		Vic	Metro                                            2003	 	 .	Clark	(WA)		
                                                                                              M                             A
                                                                                                                     2003		 	 .	Hall	(QLD)		
                            2006		Vic	Metro             2006		Northern	Territory
                                                                                              &	B.	Deledio	(Vic-C)          &	L.	Noel	(TAS)
                            2007		Vic	Metro             2007		Queensland                      L
                                                                                       2004	 	 .	Jetta	(WA)	                D
                                                                                                                     2004	 	 .	Dzufer	(QLD)
                                                                                              &	G.	Grant	(WA)               C
                                                                                                                     2005	 	 .	Bird	(NSW/ACT)
                                                                                       2005	 J.	Sellar	(SA)          2006	 M.	Motlop	(NT)
                                                                                       2006	 H.	Hartlett	(SA)        2007	 D.	Bevan	(QLD)
                                                                                       2007	 T.	Scully	(Vic-M)	
                                                                                       	      &	M.	Walters	(WA)

Waiting in the wings
Budding	umpires	use	carnival	as	learning	tool.
The	2008	NAB	AfL	Under-1	Championships	          goal	umpires	from	each	state	are	brought	
are	seen	as	an	integral	component	of	the	         to	the	Gold	Coast	and	given	the	opportunity	
AfL	talented	umpire	pathway	for	officials	        to	learn	what	is	required	to	umpire	at	the	
who	are	striving	to	develop	and	potentially	      highest	level.
make	it	to	AfL	level.                               Umpires	will	receive	coaching	and	
  The	‘live-in’	experience	is	a	feature	of	the	   feedback	from	experienced	umpire	
championships,	where	field,	boundary	and	         coaches,	and	also	be	involved	in	personal	
                                                  development	sessions	aimed	at	improving	
 The under-1                                     their	ability	to	deal	with	the	pressures	of	
 championships provide
 valuable experience                              being	an	elite	umpire	and	improving	their	
 for umpires.                                     leadership	capabilities.
                                                    The	AFL	Umpiring	Department	is	
                                                  a	strong	supporter	of	the	championships	
                                                  as	a	development	opportunity	for	young	
                                                  umpires	aspiring	to	reach	the	AFL.		
                                                    “Some	of	these	guys	are	the	next	generation	
                                                  of	AFL	umpires,”	said	AFL	umpiring	manager	
                                                  Jeff	Gieschen.	“The	experiences	they	have	
                                                  at	these	championships	will	hold	them	
                                                  in	good	stead	to	achieve	their	future	
                                                  umpiring	ambitions.”	

                                                   PArTiCiPATiNg	UMPirEs
                                                   David	Armstrong	(NT),	Curtis	Deboy	(SA),	
                                                   Matt	Clarke	(TAS),	Jeff	Mann	(WA),	
                                                                                                         championships umpires
                                                   Andrew	Stephens	(QLD),	Danny	Deigan	(NSW/ACT),	
                                                   David	Harris	(VFL),	Jarrod	Burns	(VCFL)
                                                   Finley	Borgas	(NT),	Matthew	Nicholls	(SA),	
                                                   Quentin	Cook	(TAS),	Brent	Luckman	(WA),	
                                                   Andrew	Reid	(QLD),	Chris	Bell	(QLD),	Robert	Taylor	
                                                   (NSW/ACT),	Tinashe	Nyatsanga	(VCFL)
                                                   Jared	Atkinson	(SA),	Joel	Sheehan	(TAS),	
                                                   Jonno	Laycock	(WA),	Andrew	Stewart	(QLD),	
                                                   Kz	Agcaoili	(QLD),	Robert	Whitehead	(QLD),	
                                                   Cue	Indianna	(QLD),	Rose	O’Dea	(NSW/ACT),	
                                                   James	Richardson	(VCFL)

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