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					When decorating or furnishing a café, it is easy for owners to get swept up in a whirl
of ambition and creativity and lose sight of the basics.

 Indeed, with so many ideas bouncing around it can be easy for owners to overlook
the more practical side of things, and the elements of fundamental importance to

  While it may seem like stating the obvious, choosing the right cafe chairs is crucial.
If a customer feels comfortable they are likely to stay longer and spend more time -
and money - enjoying your café's finer points.

 Unlike the seating used by many fast food outlets, which are designed to get clients
in and out the door as quickly as possible, café chairs should make the customer feel
relaxed and want to visit again.

  Clearly, most customers do not go to a café actively looking to judge the comfort
levels of its chairs. However, they will notice if those chairs are uncomfortable and
that could influence their decision to return to your café at a later date.

 So, what should you look for in a café chair? Essentially, a café chair should be
inviting, comfortable yet hard-wearing, easy to clean and blend seamlessly with the
rest of the café's decor. A café's overall style usually has the greatest bearing on the
type of chairs needed. For example, metal stools may be best suited to a modern or
futuristic-style café, while wooden chairs tend to fit more classic or rural

  Comfort is always difficult to define as it varies from person to person. Nonetheless,
you should choose chairs carefully and make sure that seats are not too firm, that there
is sufficient support for the lower back and that customers are able to reach the floor
and table in front of them with ease.

 Finding the right chairs for your café can be a challenge, but it is worth making that
extra bit of effort to choose quality seating. Comfortable customers will stay in your
café longer and spend more money, which can only be a positive thing for you and
your business.

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