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					Colorado winters can be brutal not only to people and animals, but to homes and
businesses as well. Blizzards and ice storms can bring power lines and trees down
right on top of your home. Heavy snows and high winds can cause a roof to collapse
or be torn away. Spring can be just as bad with melting snow runoff, and rains causing
mudslides and flooding. Spring also brings hailstorms, which can break windows and
damage siding. Lightning strikes can cause fires. Tornados can do anything from
chipping some paint to removing your entire house.
  Whatever happens, human safety comes before property safety. The first thing that
needs to be done is making sure your family is safe, which might mean moving them
out of the home temporarily. Downed power lines is a huge risk for people around.
Keep clear of them. If your home is unstable, whatever you consider going back
inside for is not worth your life.
  You will need to call your insurance company and make arrangements to have your
home inspected as quickly as possible. You may need to get tarps, boards or some
other kind of cover to protect open areas of your home from the elements.
  If you need storm damage repair, you want to be sure you are placing your home in
capable hands. Get your home inspected right away by someone who knows what
they are looking at and what to look for. Small tears can allow water to get in causing
big problems later. Get your estimates in writing, and see if the contractor will deal
with your insurance company. Many contractors have a great deal of experience with
insurance companies and will be more than happy to file your claim and deal with the
company for you.
  Dealing with storm damage to your home can be extremely stressful, and
unfortunately some contractors may take advantage of that and press you into signing
contracts before you get all the facts. You would like to deal with someone you can
trust; someone who understands the situation you are in and will fix your home
quickly and fairly. Although it is important to repair your home’s damage as quickly
as possible, to prevent further damage, you need to take enough time to find a
reputable and trustworthy contractor.
  See who your neighbors are employing, and then check them out yourself. See what
kind of track record they’ve had after the previous storms. Are they qualified to do the
kinds of repairs you need to have done? Are they licensed or certified? Be extremely
wary of anyone who just shows up, offering to repair your home. At the same time,
don’t hire anyone until they come to your home, visually inspect the damage to be
repaired and give you the written estimate. If you can get three or more estimates, all
the better.
  Even in an emergency situation, keeping a cool head and taking the time to do a little
research will result in your home being properly repaired by a reputable contractor for
a reasonable price.

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