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Cold Fusion web hosting by EUKHost


									If you are planning on launching a complex website, which relies on a database, and
also offers e-commerce then you will be facing a significant challenge.
  The challenge is essentially one of data management and control: you want your
users to get the best from the site, and to be able to process their transactions
seamlessly. But, to achieve this, a lot of hard work is needed under the bonnet in
terms of keeping track of changing user records, purchase data, delivery details, and
so on.
  Some site owners prefer commissioning developers to author custom solutions for
them, using scripting languages such as PHP, in combination with the open-source
MYSQL database system.
  However, an excellent compromise solution is available with "ColdFusion", a suite
of software which automates, and simplifies much of the process of constructing
complex data-driven sites. Top flight coding expertise is not required to construct a
viable commercial site with ColdFusion. ColdFusion is known as a "Rapid application
development" language; meaning that experienced users can build complex packages
in a modular way, whilst still being able to put a stamp of individuality on their work.
  For instance, ColdFusion has extensive support for the speedy construction of
e-commerce components, which could prove a real boon if you are in a hurry to get
your online business up and running.
  ColdFusion website hosting by EUKHost provides you with a Windows server
environment and all the software you need to get cracking on developing under
  With ColdFusion web hosting by EUKHost the following features, for example, will
be available to you: easy publication of websites and pages, with user-friendly site
admin features; straightforward creations of forms; image manipulation components;
ability to create dynamic online presentations.
  Additionally you will benefit from our fantastic technical support, here at EUKHost.
We will also be able to offer friendly advice on getting started with your ColdFusion
hosting account.
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