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Coach Holidays in the UK


									Holidays are so expensive these days - it is very difficult to find something that is
value for money. Coach holidays are an exception to this rule 鈥?the coach holiday
sector of the travel industry offers higher than average levels of satisfaction compared
to other types of holidays. Also, taking a coach holiday is the most carbon friendly
way of taking a holiday, compared to alternative forms such as travelling by rail or by
plane. There are several destinations for coach holidays around UK. Some of the more
popular coach holiday destinations are:
 Bath Coach Holidays 鈥?Bath is well known for its hot springs, Roman Baths, and
magnificent ancient buildings. The entire city of Bath has also been awarded as a 鈥
榳 orld heritage site 鈥?鈥?something that entire cities are rarely given.
 Blackpool Coach Holidays 鈥?Blackpool is renowned for its roller coasters, clubs,
cosmopolitan lifestyle, vibrant night life, world class shows and so on. Definitely an
excellent place for you and your partner to live it up!
 Bournemouth Coach Holidays 鈥?Bournemouth is renowned for its golden beaches,
beautiful parks and gardens, amazing views of the coastline and surrounding
countryside and of course, the Bournemouth Eye tethered balloon.
 Brighton Coach Holidays 鈥?Brighton is a historic city nestled between the South
Downs and the sea on the south coast. It is a lovely seaside city as well, and offers lots
of entertainment for the whole family. With lots of arts and culture festivals and
events, as well as iconic attractions, there is something for all to enjoy in Brighton.
 Cornwall Coach Holidays 鈥 ?Cornwall is popular for its gorgeous coastline,
scenery and wonderful beaches. It is blessed with quaint coastal towns and holiday
resorts, making it a popular destination for family holidays.
 Devon Coach Holidays 鈥?Devon is situated next to Cornwall and is one of the
most popular holiday spots in the UK. With its rugged countryside and seaside
holiday resorts with ample activities, the lovely English Riviera and more, there are so
many reasons to go to Devon.
 Eastbourne Coach Holidays 鈥?Eastbourne and the South Downs are excellent
destinations for coach holidays as there are many attractions to see and explore. With
safe family friendly beaches, a traditional pier and breathtaking scenery, there is
something for everyone here.
 London Coach Holidays 鈥?London is one of the most vibrant places to visit. It is
packed with all kinds of entertainment options, museums, galleries and architecture
(modern and historic), which has made it a magnet to visitors.
 These are just some of the many destinations of coach holidays in UK. Find out
more information here

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