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Climbing Purple Mountain


									I wanted to play on the Purple Mountain, last Sunday this wish come true. Nine
o'clock, we came to the escape car at the foot of Purple Mountain, because the older
grandparents, and can not climb mountains, we decided to take the cable car up the
mountain. Get cable car, we are like birds, like the air, to the top Feishi away. Look up,
only to wind clear blue skies, brilliant sunshine; down and saw trees, vast woodlands.
Tramway rolling hills along the ups and downs, we seemed to sail boats in the
heaving sea. The mountain air is very fresh, sweet and sometimes you can hear the
birds singing. The gap in the trees, we can see people walking up the mountain, they
keep coming laughter. Still others shouted aloud in the trees, came the sound of an
echo in the valley. Moment, the cable car climbed a tall mountain, came to the Purple
Mountain Observatory. Then he went down the mountain continue to move forward
Chi, half an hour later we boarded the summit. Climbing is become more and more
popular, Vibram Five Fingers shoes become their favor shoes, there you could scan
many styles Vibram Five Fingers Review course, Vibram Five Fingers shoes
is the best choice for climing. Under the cable car, look down at the top of the hill,
across the water, people relaxed and happy. East side and south and saw the hill until
the horizon is connected, a green sea; Mausoleum looming white walls and green tile;
west side and saw much of the Nanjing City skyscrapers, a bustling scene; to the north,
one can see the foot of the next piece of the red roofs of new residential area, very
beautiful. At this time, I suddenly remembered the two Tang recently read: "would be
extremely Ling, list of small hills." Climbing only to long-term perspective, our study
is the same, like mountain climbing, need to keep climbing to reach a new realm.

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