Christmas gift ideas for Dad by hkksew3563rd


									Shopping for Christmas gifts for dad can be difficult! Dad rarely tells you exactly
what he wants, usually because he just isn 鈥檛 sure what he wants. Here are a few
things you can get dad for Christmas that he is sure to love.
  Tools 鈥?If your dad is 鈥楳 r. Fix-It 鈥?you can 鈥檛 go wrong with a new set of
tools or even a toolbox if you know he has too many tools to count.
  Shoes 鈥?Usually men don 鈥檛 buy shoes for themselves. So, if you buy shoes for
your dad whether it 鈥檚 tennis shoes, boat shoes, boots, or dress shoes he will be
thankful he doesn 鈥檛 have to go to the mall himself to get a new pair.
  Tech Gadgets 鈥?Most men love to be on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest
tech gadgets. Whether it 鈥檚 a new laptop, the newest iPhone, or new software he 鈥
檚 sure to love anything technology.
  Sports Memorabilia 鈥?If your dad loves sports, why not score him tickets to an
upcoming sporting event, or an autographed jersey or ball. He will be so proud and
thankful that you put so much effort into such a unique gift for him.
  In the end, dads really aren 鈥檛 that difficult to buy for after all. Just take some
time to see what your dad in interested in and go from there. Hopefully this list will at
least help you get a good head start on your shopping for dad. If you still need some
guidance, the best person to ask is Mom. And don 鈥檛 forget to ask dad about
Christmas gifts for mom too!

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