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					The Gulf Cartel boss before him, Juan Garcia Abrego, is locked away Christian
Louboutin Pumps the legendary Supermax, where he is serving multiple life sentences.
Garcia went to trial and took his chances with a jury rather than make a deal. While as
a gangster Cardenas was known to have an arsenal of equipment, such as helicopters,
gold-plated automatic weapons and a bulletproof bomber jacket, he now has
restrictions on manolo blahnik sandals everyday existence. Guidelines note he can
have one pair of shoes, three pair of pants and three pair of underwear. Most of his
mail will be screened by prison staff, with the exception of letters sent to the media
and government officials, such as the president of the United States or a governor.
Inmates at the 108-year-old facility wear khaki uniforms, are counted at least five
times a day, Jimmy Choo let their hair grow to any length and have access to a salad
bar, according to the inmate handbook. Former Mexican drug lord Osiel Cardenas
Guillen is out of hiding for the first time in nearly four years, having reported to a U.S.
medium-security prison to serve a comparatively comfortable sentence negotiated
platform shoes his attorneys.