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Choosing The Right Commercial Planters For Interior Decoration


									Bringing plants inside our home or office can be very refreshing as it can bring many
advantages to us. Aside from giving more beauty in our interior designs, they can also
reduce our stress, improve our productivity, and increase positive vibes. But plants
that are placed indoors would need extra care to keep them healthy and alive. So it is
also important for us to select the plants that has higher sustainability in indoor
  Cardiff-Well Big Planters
Another thing that we should consider is the contemporary planter that we are going
to use in keeping the plants healthy and making our indoor decoration more attractive
at the same time. There may be plant containers or pots available in some corner
stores in your area but you have to think wisely before buying them. Commercial
planters are a bit expensive but they are far better than ordinary planter boxes when it
comes to quality. We just need to consider some factors when choosing the right
commercial planters:
Size - Decorative modern planters should at least be an inch larger than the original
container of the plants. Also, the size of the modern planters should be in proportion
to the size and the number of the plants you are going to put in it. For example, you
can put tall plants or trees in large planters. Flower beds in some indoor landscapes
can also be put in large planters that are wide but not too high.
Irrigation System - One of the main advantages of commercial planters is their built in
irrigation system that prevents the water to drain. With self-watering planters, you can
ensure that the plants have sufficient amount of water supply in a period of time. Thus,
it will only require low maintenance on your part.
Color - If you have a motif in your interior design, you surely need to complement the
color of your contemporary planters. But if you are not really following any color
scheme, you should at least make sure that the colors of your contemporary planters
match its surroundings such as the color of the furniture, wall, or flooring.
Material - In choosing the materials, you might as well consult this to the
manufacturers to know which would go best for your indoor setting. Durable
materials such as fiberglass or stone should be used in public areas to avoid the
planter boxes from getting damaged.
Plants and commercial planters are good investments in any businesses and even in
residential homes. The plants have good benefits to us and our environment and the
contemporary planters are attractive decorations to our interiors. So too much
artworks or accessories in our interior design are no longer necessary.
Beth Delos Santos shares tips on how to make your public spaces more attractive and
inviting by using containers such as large planters, fiberglass planters, custom planters,
and other types of indoor and outdoor planters.For a complete selection of planters,
please visit or call 760-603-0888.

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