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					Having a cup of coffee in the morning is the most important thing for many.Preparing
a good coffee is not that anyone can do. However, if you have a good quality coffee
maker, you can prepare refreshing coffee in a jiffy. If you have never bought a coffee
maker, you should take some time to gather information about the features of coffee
  Though all the basic coffee makers prepare good tasting coffee, there are a few
features which makes difference in their performance and quality. Apart from basic
coffee makers, you can have coffee makers with luxury features which make your job
easier and convenient.
  The one important thing in case of a coffee maker is the type of filter you want.You
primarily have choice of two filters; cone shaped and the basket type. Both these
filters work differently as there is a difference between the duration of dipping of
coffee grounds in the water. Incase of a basket type filter, the coffee grounds should
be large. While in case of cone type filter, you can use any size of coffee grounds.
  Though color of coffee maker is not much important for taste of the coffee, you
should choose the color carefully for the sake of upkeep.White colors gets stained
very easily and start looking old very soon.On the other hand, a dark colored coffee
maker would keep looking new for a long time.One more thing to be noted here is
coffee makers with long necked pots are hard to clean often. It is important to clean
the coffee pot using soap and water every time you make coffee in it. Otherwise, your
coffee would taste stale over the time as coffee residue keeps depositing there. Look
for a broad necked coffee pot so that you can clean it easily.
  Apart from the basic features, there are some additional features also in advanced
coffee makers such as timer, attached grinder, the shape of the coffee maker and more.
If you put the entire thing required to make coffee such as coffee grounds, water in the
coffee maker and set the timer, you will get hot coffee at the time when you want. An
attached grinder crushes coffee grounds automatically as freshly ground coffee tastes
better. A burr grinder is better than a blade grinder. The shape of the coffee makers is
also important. A larger housing of the coffee pot will keep the coffee hotter for more
time. To brew the good coffee, the water temperature should reach around 200
degrees F. However, ordinary quality coffee makers do not reach that temperature.
  Make sure to purchase a coffee maker of well-reputed brand.There are several
brands of coffee makers available in India such as Bajaj Coffee maker, Inalsa Coffee
Maker, Siemens Coffee Maker and others. The coffee maker prices depend upon the
brands and features.
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