Choosing an employment agency by hkksew3563rd


									Many people from different industries and professions secure the services of an
employment agency to help them find work; yet, not everyone thinks of using them.
However, making use of an employment agency can be of great use and is certainly
worth considering. Using an employment agency can broaden your job search: there's
only so much ground you can cover yourself and an employment agency has access to
many contacts, companies and of course job vacancies. Whether you need work
immediately or are just testing the water to see what's out there; the use of an
employment agency can prove to be quite beneficial.
  An employment agency will often have access to premium job vacancies that you
might not be able to find yourself, as these are not always advertised. Some
companies will even choose an agency from the handful of employment agencies used
by their industry for all their placements. Each employment agency will specialise and
have good contacts within their industry or profession, thereby providing greater
value in finding out about jobs as soon as they become available and helping you to
get your application in early. An employment agency can also point you in directions
you had not thought about before, opening up new job opportunities at companies not
previously on your radar.
  An employment agency can help you with your CV, helping it to market you and
your skills more effectively. Employment agency staff spend their time looking for
employment opportunities for you, leaving you the time to pursue other employment
leads. Some larger companies will only see applicants represented by employment
agencies, declining direct candidate contact.
  If you do use an employment agency, make sure there is no cost to you. The
employment agency makes their money off commissions from employers. It is
important to tell an employment agency if you are also registered 鈥?or intend to
register 鈥?with a rival employment agency. This is because payment issues could
arise if both employment agencies put you forward for the same job.
  Without doubt there is an employment agency that will be able to help you find the
position you are looking for. Nevertheless, you should check a few things before
choosing an employment agency. Most importantly, when selecting an industry
specific employment agency, make sure they actually have the expertise and
experience in the industry that they claim to have and that they regularly fill jobs of
the type you are looking for.

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